Nipple Mad Ch. 02

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To think that three hours ago I was fornicating with another woman in a wild and abandoned sexual frenzy; and now, here I was at home awaiting her arrival for an evening of continued lustful lesbian coupling.

Katie inhibits all that I have secretly yearned for, and yet, twenty-four hours ago I would not have considered myself in the slightest attracted to the same sex. However, I cannot think of myself as an out and out lesbian. For I still crave the feel of a good cock thrusting into my overheat sex. But maybe at best I am now a self-confessed bisexual and yet I feel no sense of remorse, or repulsion. Quite the contrary I feel liberated and fulfilled in ways, that once, I could only have dreamed about.

My greatest wish now is that Katie remains for the weekend. Who knows – we may even spend a little time getting to know one another!


I live in a converted warehouse overlooking the Thames. The walls have all been stripped back to the original brickwork and all the rooms have large windows with panoramic views across the city. A short while ago I purchased a queen sized four-poster bed. For me, this was the centre of my home. The kitchen cum dining area has a large oval kitchen worktop in the centre around which independent wooden supports reaching vertically to the ceiling, providing both a practical purpose and also giving an aesthetic look to the place.

I love my home; and if it wasn’t for the inheritance I received a few years back, I would probably be living out my life in a bed sit for the wage that I’m on.

At eight o’clock sharp my intercom buzzer sounded. My heart leaped into my mouth. My stomach was a flutter and I was as nervous as hell. For the last few hours I had wondered if Katie would come, whether she had awoken from her sexual euphoria and thought better of making the trip over. But my fears were mislaid, for there on the video monitor was her beautiful face staring up at the camera and smiling.

‘Well, aren’t you going to let me in, or have you gone cold turkey?’ Hmmm, interesting, I thought. She had obviously been considering that I might be too nervous as well.

Within a flash Katie was at the door looking radiant in a colourful summer dress and, what I detected, was a lack of underwear. My pulse raced and my desire flew off the scale. God she was sex on legs!

‘I thought you weren’t going to let me in’, she enquired smiling. ‘I’ve come prepared’, she said, letting her holdall fall to the ground.

‘Looks like you have’, I replied walking towards her, ‘I must confess I’m nervous’, she said whilst standing and wringing her hands. ‘Don’t worry’, I replied with a kiss to the lips, ‘I feel the same way too’.

‘You do?’

‘Yes… look, come on’, I said, ‘come and sit here and have some wine’. I patted the seat beside me on the sofa and Katie threw herself down next to me.

‘Why do you think we’re nervous?’, enquired Katie as she took a large gulp of wine, hands trembling slightly as she did so.

‘Well, I can only speak for myself’, I replied, ‘I’ve… never done this before… I mean, with a woman. But neither have I met someone before who seems to share my erotic desires and wishes’.

‘mmmm, I know what you mean’, replied Katie, lost in thought as she pursed her lips to one side, as if inhaling my sexual aroma. – God she was erotic!

Katie shifted one leg under the other causing her dress to ride up her thighs. I was sure I could smell her scent.

‘Have you?’, I said. ‘I mean… been with a woman before?’

Katie fidgeted around on the sofa looking a little uneasy. ‘yyyyes’, she replied.

‘Ooooh, do tell’.

Katie blushed and her breathing became noticeably heavier. She avoided eye contact. ‘I had a friend at college called Elisa. She was very attractive, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri sexy Brazilian. Taller than me, with a large rump and breasts which were always encased in padded bra’s. – The breasts, I mean’. We both laughed nervously.

‘I wasn’t into women then, or even thought about it. Men were always hitting on her, but she never took up their requests for a date. Anyway, one evening we were talking about graduation and I asked her what she was going to do after college. She told me that, in actual fact, she was a tribal leader and intended to assume her position with the tribe when she returned. She told me that they lived in a remote region of the Amazon forest and it was all the more rare, because the females were considered the dominant sex. Her parents wanted her to receive the benefits of a good education, before assuming her role, they thought it would aid the survival of the tribe. Her mother, who was the previous leader had passed away recently, so Elisa’s fate was already written’.

‘She then asked me what I was going to do after graduation. I didn’t really have any plans other than maybe to trip around Europe for a while. So, she asked me whether I would like to come and stay with her in the Amazon’.

‘What did you say?’ I asked excitedly.

‘Well, I felt I couldn’t refuse. It felt like a big sexual magnet was drawing me there’.

‘What – you mean her?’

‘Nnnno’, replied Katie nervously, ‘the tribal thing – I have always, huh, been turned on whenever I have heard tribal drumming, or chanting. I imagine primitive people dancing around, naked, rubbing against one another – sexual orgies. I find it highly erotic – and then, to cap it all, I started dreaming about it’.

I could feel my nipples erect and push against my cut off top. My breathing was becoming ragged. It was my turn to fidget. ‘I have always been turned on by the thought of primitive orgies too’, I said ‘They often drive my perverted fantasies’.

Katie smiled and replied, ‘I kind of guess you fantasised about those sort of things’. She had this hypnotic, far away look in her eyes.

She continued. ‘I went, about six months after graduating. Three airplanes and a jeep later, I was standing with my guide in thick Amazonian forest. The heat was unbearable. Then I saw her – Elisa, coming out of the undergrowth with three or four other tribal women. She looked so different, dressed in only a loincloth which barely covered her sex. She was bronzed and looking a picture of health. But her breasts Rach…. I mean, up until then I had never seen anything like them’. Said Katie, smiling and staring at my erect pair of buds trying to force themselves through my top. ‘I never realise that her breasts were so…. Large, and her nipples! Ooooh, they must have been two inches long! No wonder she always kept them covered up with padded bra’s. She would have been repeatedly felt up otherwise’.

Katie’s own hands went to her nipples as she started to idly toy with them through the fabric of her dress. I couldn’t help but stare. She pursed her lips to one side and started to inhale as she continued to play with her stiff buds. ‘mmmmmm’, moaned Katie, ‘that feels good’, as she closed her eyes, lost in her lustful memories. ‘That was the first time that I was really turned on by another woman’, stated Katie. Her fingers were now rubbing back and forth across her twin erections.

‘It was strange at the time, but Elisa’s breasts and rear seemed to have grown since I last saw her. The cloth on her bum was virtually horizontal!’.

I could not resist any longer. This erotic and lustful story had diminished my will and I could not but help as my fingers also began to play with my own nipples. ‘Oh god Katie, what are you doing to me’. I raked my fingers güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri across my own buds eager to release my pent up lustful feelings. ‘You make me feel so rude and horny’.

‘The best is, oooh, yet to come’, continued Katie pulling and twisting her elongated tips. ‘Elisa announced that she had a gift for me, and held up a loincloth. Her maidens then began to strip me of my clothes. When I was naked I could see that they marvelled at my smooth white skin. Their hands travelled all over my body, feeling and touching, rubbing their pussies against my thighs and bum, whilst they fingered and played with my nipples. God Rach, I was feeling soooo horny at this point. I can tell you that with only a loin cloth on I felt very exposed, but also liberated. It felt so good to feel their gorgeous bodies against my skin’.

‘After a days walk through the forest we arrived at the village. A series of round huts set in a circle, the entrance of each opened towards the centre. One of the huts was clearly larger than the rest – this turned out to be Elisa’s’.

‘The thing that first struck me when I arrived was that all the women seemed to have generous breasts and large buttocks, but none as large as Elisa’s’.

‘Were there any men there?’ I asked, as I continued to rub a nipple with one hand whilst the fingers of my other hand slipped up and down the lips of my sex and circled my clit.

‘Ooooh yes, I’d say Rach and their loincloths certainly didn’t cover their man hoods either. All the men seemed to have impossibly long , thick cocks which swung to and fro as they went about their business. I was beside myself with lust’.

‘I was shown to my hut and Elisa suggested that I take some rest after such a long journey. Then, she said, they would provide some ‘entertainment’ for me later that evening’.

‘Well, try as I may, I couldn’t rest. I was feeling too sexed up, and unable to resist anymore, I lay there in the middle of the hut with my legs spread, fingering my self to heaven. I was on heat, but before I could get fully into my rhythm a maiden suddenly entered unannounced, saw what I was doing, gasped and ran out yelling at the top of her voice. Well, I thought I had blown it and would be expelled from the village, or some such thing, but a moment later, she arrived back and pulling the cloth door aside, made way for a male with, what I could only describe as the biggest cock I have ever seen – and it wasn’t even erect!’.

‘He just knelt before me and offered his manhood to me, awaiting my response. I guess this was the way of the subservient male race in this village. Well, anyway, its not everyday that you get offered a humdinger of a cock like that, and I wasn’t about to turn down the offer of a lifetime, especially with the way I was feeling’.

‘All he needed was a nod from me and his cock was fully erect – all twelve inches, and he needed no further encouragement as he ploughed his thick rod into my sex starved pussy. Oooh, Rach he gave me such a good thorough fuck and I came so much, I thought I was going to pass out!’

Katie’s dress was now up around her waist and the fingers of one hand were ploughing in and out of her lust filled cavity. I couldn’t take it anymore and quickly excused myself, stripping off in the bedroom to return a moment later with a double-headed dildo.

‘I think we need this’, I said as I quickly scooted round on the sofa so that my sex was facing Katie’s gaping hole.

‘God Rach, huh, you can read my perverted mind’.

‘Yeh, well you know what they say… it takes one to know one’. And with that I pushed one end into Katie’s throbbing sex and the other into mine.

‘Oh yeh Rach, fuck me with your lust driven body – I need this man cock inside me hard. All this talk of güvenilir bahis şirketleri my horny past has driven me over the edge’.

I needed no incentive. I was well and truly sexed up and needed to express my lust by using Katie’s body as a fucking machine. She had already stripped her dress off by the time I had returned and plunging the dong into her soaking pussy was like taking a knife to butter. Her womb seemingly sucked up the rubber penis as I scissored her, grabbing her legs for leverage and rammed my juiced up pussy against her.

Our bottoms shook and quivered, our pussies mashed and rubbed constantly as we thrust back and forth in an effort to release our wanton desires. The first of many orgasms hit us hard as we thumped and ground our way to heaven.

Then Katie turned over and I followed suit, our bums high in the air as we continued our primitive fuck ritual, bottoms slapping together, quivering and rippling. The smell of our sex filled the air – it was intoxicating, earthy and primal.

We were so lust driven that our sex became more forceful – our coupling more frantic. I was experiencing a constant cum and juice was flooding down my legs. Katie, every now and again, when ramming against me would grab my legs from behind and hold our bottoms together as she ground her bum against mine, moving in a circular motion. It was so horny and rude and the feeling of her behind rubbing against mine sent me into overdrive.

‘Oh god yes Katie, don’t stop doing that, huh, its oooh…. Making me feel, huh, primitive and rude’.

‘Oh Rach I…. oooh need to be raped!’ – And with that I turned around, releasing the dildo from our swollen pussies, grabbed Katie whilst she was still on all fours and sat astride her arse as I frantically rubbed my juicy pussy against her fleshy bum.

‘Oooh Rach you… horn… y pervert, using my… bod.. y for your own lustful needs!’ I cried out with orgasm after orgasm watching her arse wobble about as I ground my sex into her as hard as I could.

Then suddenly, Katie caught me off guard, and in one swift motion she raised herself up causing me to tumble to the carpet. At the same time she followed me falling between my legs as she started to manically rub our pussies and clits together. My legs automatically hooked over her shoulders as she came down on me rubbing her nipples into mine grinding and rubbing – I was in cum bliss.

I grabbed her head as we began sliding across the floor driven by our sexual humping and holding her face close to mine I said ‘Yeh Katie, fuck me – rub my pussy and nipples with yours – lets frig clit to clit – make me your cum machine’. Her face was contorted with lust and primitive need. I mashed my lips into hers as our tongues lashed each other’s with such ferocity. And even in the centre of our sexual tornado I could hear her smelling me up.

She lifted her head and pursed her lips then brought her face to mine and smelt me. When she saw me reciprocate she let out a low throaty moan and started to attack me rubbing her nose against mine, inhaling as she went.

With my legs now wrapped around her arse and my arms around her torso I started to knead her fleshy behind with my feet as my nails raked her back. I started to rub up and down the valley between her arse cheeks with my big toe. Her cleft was slick with her juices. I paid particular attention to her rose bud, ‘oh yes Rach fuck my arse’. I probed, slipping and sliding over that most sensitive area. It resulted in releasing pure animal lust between us. Her eyes were wild, gone… her need urgent.

I rolled her over, dragged her to her knees and back to back we ground our bottoms together, we were desperate to feel our rose buds slide against one another. I held her hips and she mine as we sort out the rude sensation. She then turned, grabbed my hips and ground her pussy against my protruding bum. I thrust my arse out and gripped the floor as she repeatedly rammed and rubbed against my vibrating flesh.

‘Oh god Rach, I’m coming so much’.

‘Yes Kat, fuck me, oooh fuck me’.

To be continued….

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