No Longer a Virgin


I simply couldn’t believe it was happening. Even as I thrust my hips forward, I couldn’t believe that those years of lusting and wanting and innuendo and flirting had come to this. I couldn’t believe that she was beneath me, her legs flung around my back, pulling me deep inside. I couldn’t believe it was HER hands stroking my back, HER fingernails digging into my flesh as the force of the initial full penetration took her breath away. I couldn’t believe when I bottomed out, my cum-filled balls resting on her swollen pussy lips, that I was finally, truly deep inside of her. Who could have foreseen when I rolled out of bed this morning that before an hour had passed I would no longer be a virgin!? I just couldn’t believe it….

I had graduated the day before (on my eighteenth birthday, no less!) and since it was two weeks before I was to ship out to boot camp, I planned on making the most of the time I had. I awoke at the crack of dawn and fairly leapt out of bed, ready to take on the world with a fresh pair of eyes. I figured I was alone in the house (everyone should have headed off to work already) so I didn’t bother putting on any clothes, just padded out into the hallway towards the bathroom, my morning piss hard-on pointing the way. More concerned with scratching my balls than where I was going, you can imagine my shock and surprise when I literally bumped into her as I stepped into the hall, the head of my cock running along the side of her thigh and across her butt cheek.

“OOPS! Excuse m…” I started to say, but the look in her eyes stopped me dead in mid-sentence. It was obvious she had been crying (not only were her eyes red and swollen, but the front of her pale blue silk nightie was dotted in wet spots), but it was also obvious she was intrigued by my crank. The way her eyes bugged out and her mouth fell open would have been comical in most other situations but this morning it was somehow very erotic – she had turned enough that her eyes could gaze at my member and the sight of my throbbing boner seemed to be taking her mind off her troubles! Without a word (or even a second thought) I put my arms out and reached for her, intending to hug her to my chest, stroke her hair, ask her what was wrong, but before I could envelop her, she was gone. Falling to her knees as if in worship, she took my cock in her hand and began a soft, gentle, slow stroking that threatened to empty my balls in a heartbeat.

“Oh baby, I have wanted you so long. I have watched you grow up and fallen in love with you over the years. Yes, I know this is wrong and you are probably going to laugh in my face, but please, I can’t stand it any longer. I want you, no, I NEED you inside of me – fuck me honey. Come into my bedroom and fuck me anyway you want. Please sweetie, tell me you’ll put your cock inside of me.”

As she whimpered these words to me and more, continuing on and on, her face looked up and down, one moment her eyes centered on my cock, watching as her own thin white fingers moved up and down the length of my shaft and the next staring me in the eye, pleading with me, begging me to give her this one thing. Ever since I had rocketed kurtköy escort through the throes of puberty I had wanted her, sneaking peeks at her when she wandered the house in her thin nightgowns, sniffing at the crotch of her dirty panties when I was left home alone, fantasizing about “doing it” with her over and over and over…. I often managed to “accidentally” bump her large bottom with my hands or rub across her full bosom with my elbow, recalling the sensation of her warm firm flesh at night as I jerked off like a madman, thinking of her, hoping that one day she would let me please her… and now it was time. All I had to do was say yes and she would usher me into manhood. Even if I hadn’t fantasized about her for the past five or six years, how could I say no to a begging woman? With a soft, horny smile, I held my hand out to her and helping her up, asked her to lead the way.

Her need for this was palpable and my affirmative response all she required. She led me swiftly to the bedroom, her nipples hardening as her breasts swung from side to side with each step. As we entered the dimly lit room, she threw on the light and tore off her nightie, the soft fabric making no noise as it settled delicately to the floor. She stood before me naked now, and while she would never make the centerfold of the Christmas issue of Playboy, I found her to be incredibly beautiful nonetheless. I had peeked at her before but being able to drink in her flawless beauty now without worrying about getting caught was an awesome feeling.

She needed me desperately, but wanted to do this at my pace so as not to scare me off and, while she seemed embarrassed about my apparent lust for her imperfect body, she lifted her arms and did a slow pirouette so that I could see her from all sides. It was almost impossible not to fill the air with long, creamy strings of cum at that point I was so enthralled, but somehow I managed to defeat the need to climax and stepped towards her, took her into my arms and for the very first time slipped my tongue into her mouth. I had kissed girls before and had, in fact, gotten “lessons” from one of my more experienced girlfriends and the softness of my kisses seemed to take her by surprise, melting her on the spot. My arms roamed up and down her back, stroking her long hair and groping her dimpled bottom. My cock had slid into an upright position as we came together and was caught between our stomachs, but my balls could feel the incessant tickle of her pubic hair as they nestled there – I was in heaven!

She broke the kiss and, taking my face in her hands whispered just one word, “Please?” and I nodded, releasing her from my embrace so that she could sit back on the bed. She hesitated a second, seemingly torn between lying down for me and tasting my stiff organ. She looked up at me as if for permission and I nodded my head again, knowing that I risked cumming in her mouth if she wasn’t careful, but not caring. She took my cock in her hand again and stroked me once or twice before leaning forward and taking it into her mouth. Her eyes half closed in ecstasy as she licked the bottom of the purple head, aydıntepe escort running her tongue along the deep groove and up over the very tip, scooping up the thick drop of pre-cum and moaning in delight.

With no further ado, she took me so deep in her mouth I could feel the back of her throat and when she didn’t gag, I groaned in desperation knowing how close I was. She felt my balls tighten up and ready themselves for emptying and as that isn’t what she wanted (not yet anyway!), she pulled her head back, sucking like a Hoover until my spit wettened cock was totally exposed again. She looked at it longingly and gave my balls a slight squeeze before lying back on the bed and maneuvering herself into the center of the bedspread. She tucked a pillow under her head, spread her legs invitingly, lifted both arms in the air and, motioning with her hands, growled, “Come fuck me!!”

I knew if I tried to get inside of her right now, I would end up blowing my load all over her thighs and belly, so I wanted to delay the entry for a moment. I stepped to the side of the bed, my legs pressing against the mattress, bent over and buried my face in her hairy twat. At this point, I caught it for the first time – the sweet, musky scent of her pussy. Yes, I had for years jacked off while sniffing her panties, but now it was hot and fresh and straight from the source and she smelled even better than I had imagined. I let her feel my breath on her thighs and on her cunt, teasing her, tantalizing her. She began mumbling incoherently, moaning and thrashing her head from side to side, so to end her torment I gently licked her dripping wet hole from bottom to top, the tip of my tongue barely penetrating those lips, tasting her sweet nectar for the very first time, ending the lick with a firm flick across her throbbing clit. When I looked up the length of her body while savoring her honey on my tongue, I could see her taking her hard nipples between thumb and forefinger and pulling them, twisting them, pinching them.

Done with the tease, I wrapped my arms around her thighs and for an instant just looked, inspecting the moist sight before me. She had thick, full labia and her arousal had caused them to swell and unfold, opening wide as they protruded from the thick nest of black hair allowing me to view the wet, pink flesh inside. Her clitty was very large and much engorged and when I finally decided to quit fucking around, I sucked it into my mouth as hard as I could and began licking it for all I was worth. She began flopping around on the bed like a fish out of water, her fists pounding the mattress, her legs encircling my shoulders and tightening down as if she was trying to push my entire head up inside of her.

Within seconds, her back arched and her head and shoulders left the mattress as she reached her first spasming orgasm. Her hands found my hair and ground my face into her mushy flesh with all her strength. Unable to breathe, I knew if I fought back she would hold me there until I suffocated so I worked her with my tongue – licking, sucking, tongue fucking, and truly devouring her for all I was worth until tuzla içmeler escort she came again, this one even harder than the first. Her head slammed back into the pillow and her hips lifted off the bed again and again as she tried for all she was worth to fuck my face. As this second climax reached crescendo and began to taper off, I used my superior strength to pull her partially off my face, gulping in the fresh air so sweetly scented with the aroma of her sex. It was time.

Her hands grabbed my hair again and she throatily snarled; “Now baby, I need you inside of me now. Oh God, PLEASE, do it NOW!!”

I pulled her legs apart (she had locked her ankles behind my back as she hit that first orgasm) and got up on the bed. I placed my arms outside of hers, holding myself up on my knees above her. Her hands lovingly found my face and she pulled me down towards her. As our lips met, I lowered my hips and felt the head of my pulsating cock brush against her wet, matted curls. My tongue entered her mouth and we began that age old tongue tango, even as I adjusted my hips and felt the warm wet welcoming entrance of her pussy. I couldn’t believe it was happening after all these years, but with a single thrust I dropped my thighs downward and sank into her right to the hilt in one fell swoop. The force of the penetration took her breath away and I had to hold myself stock still inside of her or risk shooting my load. We passed the time kissing passionately until all at once, she seemed to loosen up and warm to my presence within and I knew I could safely continue.

I pulled out only about half way and reentered her. Again I did it, only pulling out farther this time so that when I reinvaded her I could do it harder… and again, this time almost all the way out, until the ridge at the base of my head bumped the tight entrance to her hole, and in – alll the way in. Even having never had sex before, I found a rhythm that seemed to suit her fine – there was no finesse, no technique, no elegant flair, just the simple forceful animalistic fucking that is instinctive. Making love is all fine and good and one day I would make love to her as well, but this time was just plain fucking. I stopped the kiss as I pounded into her, wanting to look into her eyes as I slammed home as hard and as long as I could with no concern for her comfort or her pleasure. As I stared into her eyes, I could tell she wanted this and needed this as badly as I did. When she began to bite her lower lip, I somehow knew this was the signal of impending release.

My knees slipped a little on the bed but it merely provided for a new and exciting angle so that each time I buried myself inside of her she cried out as my cock hit The Spot. Within a few strokes, I felt her body stiffen and her cries slowed to one long erotic moan as I felt her cum all over me, wetting my cock and balls with a flood of her juices. One last violent thrust and I held myself deep inside and filled her with my own thick molten cream, spurting time and time again until I thought my balls themselves were going to be ejaculated.

Whether the exertion caused us both to pass out or if the cessation of time passing was a normal thing after sex, I didn’t know, but it could have been moments, hours or days later that I felt her hot breath in my ear as she whispered, “Thank you baby… I love you!”

I squeezed her tight and whispered back, “No, thank YOU grandma!!”

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