Noisy Neighbour Ch. 02


I didn’t go back upstairs that morning. It would have challenged my guilt too much. What I did do was run a bath. And there, in the relaxing warmth of the water, I touched myself.

I did it with the sounds of my neighbour’s lovemaking still fresh in my mind. I was no stranger to the solo stuff, I had and still do have a very keen appetite that john occasionally struggles to keep up with.

At that time john was unaware of my ‘solo sessions’ of which, I used to be ashamed.

The next day my morning routine was overshadowed by excited thoughts of what might happen later. Would he be back?

I hoped that he would because this time I knew what I wanted to do. After sleeping on it I found that the guilt had all but disappeared. Replaced by a creeping, mischievous anticipation that increased as the morning went on.

After John and the boys had left i cleared the breakfast things away and got on with a bit of housework, all the time my mind filled with thoughts of mary……and him.

The previous day, after getting out the bathroom I went back upstairs, curiosity is a powerful thing. I didn’t go back in the bedroom, didn’t have to, I could hear them from the top of the stairs still going at it.

In fact, he stayed for another 2 hours. Oh it would go quiet now and then and I thought they’d finished. Then off they would go again. It appeared that this young man could not get enough of her.

Around mid morning it was time for my walk.

Going out the back way as usual there was no sign of mary or her new friend. I remembered his car from the other day, a little white peugeot, there was no sign of it in the car park as I walked through and out down the narrow lane that leads to the bridleway.

For the first time that morning I felt doubt begin to creep in and with it, disappointment. I realised, with a little embarrassment, how much I’d been looking forward to this. Shaking my head a little and mumbling to myself as I strolled along

“How sad am I?”

Getting excited about Escort Sarıyer my neighbour’s affair. Getting myself all worked up about listening to their antics through the thin bedroom wall while……doing that.

It was true, I was excited and turned on by the prospect.

A lot, apparently.

I could feel the wet spot on my knickers while I walked.

How sad indeed… But so what? I didn’t care. It was my secret, I wasn’t hurting anyone. And if they put on a show I was going to enjoy it and that was that.

The morning was another beautiful one. A gentle breeze blew through the trees, moving new leaves and creating a wonderful whispering noise.

Up above high in the clear blue sky the larks were up, twittering away happily. Spring is my favourite season, everything coming back to life after the harsh winter. All new and raring to go, getting busy with the business of life.

My usual walk was approximately 3 miles and circular.

That morning was no different. It took about an hour before I found myself walking back through the car park.

And what should be there to greet me? A little white peugeot no less.

On seeing this otherwise innocent object my heart almost leapt up into my throat.

He was here.

I picked up the pace, glancing into the car as I went past. Empty….good. He was already inside, probably in more ways than one, I thought grinning to myself.

Going through the gate, reaching into my pants pocket for the house key. Getting it ready. I could feel it, that hot exciting sensation welling up from deep within.

Fumbling the key, dropping it even. The excitement was getting to me. Eventually getting the door open I quickly kicked my shoes off and headed for our bedroom remembering to keep quiet. Careful movements up the stairs.

Upon entering the bedroom I curse inwardly as the door makes a loud squeak….

But don’t have to worry, they don’t hear it. Far too busy with each other. Once again our Silivri escort bayan bedroom is filled with noises of hot illicit sex. The sounds greet me and inflame the excitement already there, smouldering.

Walking over to the wall my bare feet making no noise on the carpet.

Being careful not to bump into anything or make any sudden noise which could give me away, carefully pressing my ear to the wall.

Loud moaning noises fill my mind. But this time they’re coming from the young guy. His gasps and moans of delight are interrupted now and then with desperate sounding words, I listen intently.

“Oh god yes”

He says.

More moans accompanied by a curious wet rhythmic noise.

“Ooh shit……fuck….fuck me your good at that”

The guys words are blurted out through quick shallow breaths. I quickly realise what the wet sticky noise is…..she’s sucking him off.

My hand once again wanders down to my crotch, this time slipping straight down between my pants waist band and into my knickers….. fingers gently probing my moist slit.

It feels so good that I let out a little gasp of my own. Closing eyes and absently licking my lips…..the images begin to fill my mind….

Imagining myself there with them in the bedroom, perhaps knelt on the bed watching mary suck him or maybe I would be kissing the guy while awaiting my turn on his big hard lolly.

Oh god it felt so naughty, having these dirty thoughts just inches away from them….. letting out another gasp as my finger slides up inside me….my goodness I’m so wet!

More groans of delight from him then suddenly, words from mary, she sounds different her voice thick with lust

“Oh god…. I could suck on that all day but……”

She stops talking for a brief moment mid sentence and I hear the bed creaking as she moves around on it. When mary speaks again her voice is much closer to the wall. I can hear the excitement and anticipation in her words.

“get Topkapı escort behind me…..that’s it…..”

Another second or two of bed creaking as her young friend obeys…..then.

“Oh yes…..oh fuck YES….that’s it….fuck me….fuck me like a bitch….”

The bed begins that rhythmic creak…bang…creak…bang…creak bang…it was doing yesterday.

Mary’s loud gasps and moans sound so close, like I could reach out and touch her.

My excitement reaches fever pitch, moving position I get down on my knees on the bedroom floor, top half resting on the bed….my right hand firmly entrenched between my legs…. rubbing my soaking wet slit….I can feel it coming…. welling up from deep within….it’s going to be a big one.

I can hear them perfectly clearly without having my head pressed against the wall.

My climax approaches just as Mary’s does….I’m absently aware of a question at the back of my mind…. will we come at the same time?

I’m also acutely aware of something else…..mary’s words ‘fuck me like a bitch’ echoing through my imagination….

My climax rushes upon me and washes me away into that world of bliss. Wave after wave of pleasure…..I am lost in that exquisite sea….

I ‘come to’ shaking like a leaf, breathing hard, vaguely aware of my neighbours screaming obscenities as she too is taken off to somewhere very special.

Lifting my head up off the bed, noticing I’m sweating, catching my reflection in the dresser mirror my face and neck are flushed red, hair stuck to my face. It’s a sobering view, a slap in the face reminder of what I have just done.

That dirty thing.

Quickly looking away and beginning to move, trying to stand up but….I’m soaking wet down there….and my legs have turned to jelly. I need a moment to recover, it was a bigger one than what I thought.

Laying my head back down on the bed, getting my breathing back to normal. I really am soaked. I can feel it running down my thighs. I occasionally gush with john but hardly ever solo and not in recent years.

Clearly I’ve enjoyed myself, listening to my middle aged plain Jane neighbour getting fucked….like a bitch.

As i lay there resting those lust filled words keep coming back to me.

Fuck me like a bitch….

End of chapter 2.

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