Not Quite a White Witch Ch. 04



The City Of Angels, Summer 2008

Chapter 0. Introduction.

This is a continuing story, following a few weeks after the third contract closing that occurs in “Not Quite A White Witch – 3.” The White Witch is Samantha (Sam) Zeek, with a graduate degree in computers from San Luis plus a very up-and-down hacker life experience.

The events here are limited to the Monday and Tuesday before the extended law firm social on Labor Day weekend. Chapter 57 of “Not Quite A White Knight Book 4.6” saw Red (computer firm COO) and Phil (lawyer) married on the beach early Monday morning, then meeting with Nia and Eric Grey for a late lunch in the park.

This story, which can stand alone, details the wedding night with friends and the next morning when they each start an extramarital affair.

The focus here is on Red and Phil, mostly with others. Our Hero A.K.A. Eric Grey or Paulo Zero the Prince, is not on camera in this story, except for a brief mention. The story also makes passing references some previous events, including incest, but these are not on camera.

Samantha Zeek (Sam) the computer witch works at the Prince’s behest. Her nature is such that she will always be addicted to drugs, so her master has allowed her to become addicted to pink, a custom drug which he supplies to her at no cost.

The first 3 White Witch stories deal with the contract closings for computer service contracts between Sam the CEO of the computer service firm and David Barnes the CEO/lead partner of a law firm. The first closing was just the two CEOs. The second closing added incest when Rose Barnes was invited to share her charms at the celebration. The third closing involved Sam, Rose, David, Phil and Red with a select group of employees to celebrate a long-term contract with a gang bang.

Red, who is the

or COO at the computer firm, played “everybody’s girlfriend” at the gang bang when she enjoyed servicing the party while the others watched. Phil Townes, a lawyer, was one of the men who enjoyed Red during the gang-bang. That coupling rekindled some dormant feelings from their surfing days, when the pair were friends on the teen surfing circuit.

This re-pairing was a deliberate attempt at matchmaking by the two CEOs, and it worked quickly. Red and Phil were married less than 4 weeks later.

At the contract closing Red also made a new back-door, private contact with David Barnes, who showed her some unique skills she had not found elsewhere.

A good time was shared by all at the closing. With the success of the group sex celebration, Sam suggested replacing the usual wife exchange (where bedrooms for one-on-one sex are assigned by David Barnes) with a kind on slave auction for a law firm social. Rose Barnes also supported this idea. The idea evolved into the extended weekend combining the August and September law firm socials into one holiday weekend. (Chapter 4.7 and the upcoming 4.8 of the “Not Quite A White Knight” series.) The high point of the weekend was the auction of the participating wives to teams of lawyers, with an orgy where participant could watch their spouses pleasured, and then an overnight where the teams could enjoy the women at a more relaxed pace.

Chapters here include:

Chapter 1. Wedding Night For A Gang-Bang Slut – an introduction.

Chapter 2. Wedding Night Train Starts – Red starts to seriously entertain.

Chapter 3. Wedding Night Train Continues – after a quick hot tub stop, the wife goes on.

Chapter 4. New Day, New Affairs – the newly married couple has arrangements to start their first affairs with something special.

Chapter 5. His Affair Starts – Phil meets the woman who has agreed to have an affair with him for their first session.

Chapter 6. Her Affair Starts – Red meets the married man who has agreed to have an affair with her. They replay something they enjoyed in the past.

Chapter 7. Savoring After – after action reports with video.

Chapters 2, 3, 5 and 6 are almost all intimate action. Chapters 1, 4, and 7 and short and set the scene.

Chapter 1. Wedding Night For A Gang-Bang Slut

Monday August 25, 2008

After work, on the day Red married Phil.

After a whirlwind courtship, engagement, and honeymoon, Red and Phil were married on the beach early Monday morning. Four weeks before, Red was the official gang-bang slut of the computer service firm at the contract closing where Phil was one of the participants representing the law firm. The meeting and the subsequent sex rekindled and ignited their friendship from their teen years. Ten days before their wedding they attended the wedding off Abril and Eric. That was the final inspiration for their marriage.

Red (now 29) and Phil (now 31) knew each other from when they were both in the teens on the surfing circuit. However, because of their age difference they were just friends and occasional make-out buddies then. They kept in touch during their twenty’s, eyüp escort but never dated because one or both usually had somebody else in their life. The first time Phil put his cock into Red was during the July gang-bang, when Red’s pussy was a sloppy mess from the guys he watched fuck her before his turn came. There were more in line behind him, waiting to fuck her when he was done. But the moment together while others watched them couple rekindled fond feelings they had glimpsed a decade before. In the hours and days that followed those feelings became a bonfire.

Both Red and Phil knew who they were. Both had known broken hearts, the scars remained but they were both stronger for it. They had an experienced view of what they wanted in life and a spouse; fidelity and children were not on the list. On the contrary, they both hoped for a partner who would be happy to watch them find pleasure with another, whether they were watching or if they heard about it after. Both knew the sharp dividing line between their longing for love and their craving for peak enjoyment in sex. They each decided they wanted to stay open to recreational sex with others, because they both liked sex and they had jobs where sex with others was part of the deal.

But after the gang-bang they could not deny that they both also wanted to go to bed and wake up with the other more often than not. They loved each other as life companions in every room of the house, not just the bedroom. Also, they each understood the other’s enjoyment of sexual variety – they both liked to watch, to hear about it, even to read about it. So they agreed to get married, with the joint decision that it would be an open marriage from the start, even on their wedding night. Together they planned both shared and individual experiences to start their life as a wedded couple.

Both David Barnes and Samantha Zeek had reasons to encourage the relationship, although they were surprised at how fast the emotions flared into love and marriage. Once the couple shared news of their engagement both CEOs allowed them a few days for a honeymoon in Hawaii before the wedding. Both CEOs (along with Rose Barnes) were witnesses at the beach wedding and would have a role in opening up the sexual part of the couples married life.

Before their engagement, at Abril’s wedding, they each made the first steps in starting affairs.

Since the sexual bonfire between the two was ignited during that first gang-bang, fidelity was never a part of their courtship. Red knew all about the service girls Phil enjoyed in his office at work, while fixing a lawyer’s office computer she had seen the girls performing “coffee breaks” with lawyers in their offices. For his part Phil knew that at the computer firm offices sex between the entire staff plus some regular visitors (Nia, Brisk, Corum and Kwit) was part of the regular routine, a bedroom and shower was provided by management from day one for the enjoyment of all. Employees and spouses of both firms confined their sexual contacts to a pool of individuals who had monthly medical checks reported to their CEOs, so it was a safe pool.

In less than a week after the beach wedding, Phil was going to send a very eager Red to the auction block at a law firm social where her willing charms could be displayed, and then enjoyed by a team of Phil’s fellow lawyers in public and in private. Phil was also on a team that planned to enjoy several wives. They each expected to watch each other at the orgy between the auction and the late-night bedroom fun.

On their wedding night, the newly married couple intended to open their marriage as part of the consummation. They invited some friends to join them.

Monday afternoon Red and her boss Sam left the computer firm offices together and drove to Red’s house where they picked up clothes for Red and Phil to wear to work the next day. The wedding night was going to be spent at Sam’s home.

As they drove Sam explained a bit more about the pink pills she mentioned earlier. “They are not addictive if used occasionally, it is when you take them every day you run into problems. They are not illegal, but are not exactly FDA approved either. We call them an unregulated custom supplement.”

“Where do you get them?”

“Not in any store. Not for love or money. My connection has to stay secret, and to be honest, you don’t want to know… not from me. Maybe someday he will tell you. I can state that the pills work for guys too, but I would keep that to myself for now… your new husband really doesn’t want to know.”

Soon the women arrived at Sam’s house where both couples would spend the night.

Kwit and his relative Brisk pulled up a few minutes later. Red knew both men intimately from sexual encounters at her office. She knew that Kwit might not look handsome, but he was very well equipped and motivated at pleasing a woman. Kwit was engaged to Sam – it was semi-secret – and the couple was living together esenler escort part time. Red did not know Kwit’s relationship with anyone else.

Brisk worked with Kwit somehow, Red did not know the details and Sam told her to stop her computer searches. Unlike Kwit, Brisk was handsome and tall. She knew he was an excellent lover.

Phil was last to get there, he arrived 15 minutes late. Lawyers earn based on “billable hours” so it was hard for him to leave his office on time even on his wedding day. When he was 20 minutes into overtime his boss, and a witness at his morning wedding, sent him a note about the importance of keeping his wife happy. Phil acknowledged the value of his boss’s advice and was out-the-door five minutes later. Pushing his Maserati he made up 10 minutes on the drive.

When Phil did arrive they all sat down for dinner. During the meal the new couple talked about their history and their feelings about sex and marriage. Red said, “Given our unique situations at work, were sex is very nice fringe benefit, we want to be wide open to physical pleasure. By that I mean we both have plenty of safe opportunities at our jobs, which we both love and where we will spend a lot of time. We don’t intend to deny ourselves any of those pleasures. In less than a week my dear loving husband is going to put my naked butt up for auction so a team of the highest bidders can have their way with me all night.” She had a cheerful shiver and a smile for Phil at saying those words out loud. “I can hardly wait. I’m sure it will be wonderful and am looking forward to it. However, tonight is our wedding night, and we would very much like to celebrate how open our marriage is by sharing ourselves on our wedding night with you, our special friends.”

The Peruvian indians Red knew (Nia, Kwit, Brisk and Corum) were not employed by the computer firm, but Sam got their medical reports so they were part of the computer firm’s “medical pool.” They often stopped in for a friendly visit with Sam and her people. Red had shared orgasms with all four of them. Their cover story was that they all did contract work for the building owners. Sam made them very welcome.

Phil had met the indians at the wedding of Abril to Eric Gray. He knew that Nia was a pregnant widow far from her home who was taken in by Eric. It was telling that Hispanic Abril was very friendly with Nia, who was a slut by nature.

Chapter 2. Wedding Night Train Starts

After they finished their meal the couple began their wedding night watching Red please each of the others – pulling a train – as the rest waited their turn. They all knew that Red liked her serial sex with lots of company and very little conversation. An interested audience always improved her mood.

In Sam’s party room there were two beds, set a few feet from each other. Red had arranged the lighting and a number of cameras around the room, including one directly over the spotlit bed where she intended to fuck them all. The couple wanted something to enjoy when they celebrated future anniversaries.

Red settled on her bed and called Brisk to join her. At her request he began to undo her top. He soon found twin peaks and, as a man of the mountains, he had to show his appreciation with lips and fingers. He knew Red favored a little firmness from his fingers. With suction and careful application of teeth her incredible soft tips firmed up hard and tall.

Red spoke in a poor imitation of Scarlett O’Hara’s breathless voice in “Gone With The Wind.”

“My goodness, I have dreamed of a wedding night with company, but I had almost given up hope. I never imagined it would happen with so many delicious lovers to pleasure, and be pleasured by,”

As a child, Scarlett was Red’s favorite role. In LA there was an unwritten rule that everybody thinks they can imitate a Hollywood star.

Sam caught the hint of restraint in Red’s faux voice. “If you want to stay passive and try some restraints, we could arrange that… but I have usually found such things a bother. Although I must admit, sometimes I really crave a little tension when the right guy is having his way with me.”

“Umm… a yummy idea… perhaps another time. With the present company I am quite eager to celebrate the advent of my wedded life without any restraint.” With that Red lifted her arms so Brisk could remove her top. Then she reached for his pants. “It seems these are becoming a little tight, why don’t I help free the goodies?” she said with a eager, and somewhat lecherous, grin. Then she licked her lips. Brisk moved so it was easy for her.

After opening Brisk’s fly Red bent forward and took the tip of his cock in her mouth. He was already sticky with pre-cum, but that did not deter the horny bride. Red took his cockhead into her mouth and savored the taste. Her lashing tongue made him quiver with pleasure. It made for a very memorable, and sinfully unfaithful, first kiss to start her wedding night şişli escort celebration.

When Red lifted her mouth from Brisk’s cock there was a visible line of sticky viscous fluid stretching between her lips and the tip of his cock. It was fascinating to see how far the liquid connection stretched before it broke. For the DVD Red did a slow-motion effect of the shot so the kiss was downright pornographic. They sent DVDs to all the guests.

After Red’s kiss Brisk removed his shirt. Phil, who had not seen Brisk’s muscles, was very impressed. Brisk’s mountain-honed body was not a weightlifters bulges, but the muscles were long, strong and very well developed. His people did free climbing up cliffs as the way to travel to work or play. He could lift his entire body weight with just a finger or two on a tiny edge of rock as he climbed. For his heavy body that took muscles.

Phil watched as Red ran her hand over Brisk’s pecs. “So big and handsome…” She just had to lick his nipples, and could not stop. “Such very good taste.”

Next she pulled his lips down to her’s and, with both topless they began making out. After the first long, passionate kiss she took a moment. “Honey, a hand please?”

With that Phil came over to the bed and removed the rest of her clothes while the pair continued making out. Red had dressed with this particular moment in mind, she was in her lover’s arms on her wedding night as her husband baring her body which everyone there would enjoy. Brisk cradled Red’s upper body in one arm, running his free hand over her torso. When Phil finally untied the side strings of her fancy bikini panties and pulled them off his naked new bride Brisk ran his hands over her ass. Then she leaned back on the bed and stretched her own well-shaped muscles, presenting her entire body to Brisk and the others in a pose that left no doubts about her desires.

After losing most of one leg to a shark in her teens, Red took up the sea kayak to replace surfing, so she also had significant upper body muscles.

Brisk had to let her go for a just a moment as he slipped off his own pants.

To punctuate his naked wife’s visual statement of intent, Phil took that moment to give Red’s erect nipple a lingering kiss as he ran his hands over her body. He finished the caress by cupping her pussy and then making a show of opening her labial lips for easy entry into her body. At the same time Red’s fingers opened and lingered inside the crotch of Phil’s pants, handling his cock.

“Thank you my dear,” Red said. “We will get this into me eventually… every train needs a caboose. Until then enjoy the ride… I know I will.”

“I love you,” Phil said with another nip at her nipple, “and I love seeing you enjoy our special friends.”

With that Phil left his wife to Brisk’s carnal attentions and returned to the other bed where Kwit and Sam were quickly undressing like they were lovers who had been doing it for years. (Off and on, for over a decade.) Sam also got Phil out of his clothes so he could watch his wife in action, enjoying the view of her first carnal act after their wedding ceremony. (Both were too busy at work today for fun on the job.) With both Kwit and Phil undressed Sam held a cock in each hand as the three of them settled in to watch Red pull her train on the other bed.

The first time Red shared a bed with Brisk was about three months ago, soon after she started working for Sam. She was resting alone in the bedroom, taking a break when Sam came in with Brisk. Sam hinted that if Red was too tired for Brisk, then she would be glad to show him a good time in her bed.

Red was exhausted mentally from a problem she had been working on, but seeing the handsome male with pure lust in his eyes she perked up at the unexpected fringe benefit at her new job. (She knew she would have a steady diet of geeks, but this Adonis was something completely different.) Over the next hour Red had a wonderful time allowing Brisk to pleasure her body in the shower and in bed. She asked him to go slow and was surprised when he did just that. He surprised her by finding and prosecuting her pleasure spots, front and back, including some she did not know she had! She enjoyed repeated climaxes from him before her body finally demanded his cum. After that he cleaned her up, then had to leave.

As he dressed she asked how he became so proficient at pleasing women. He explained about his tribe in Peru where each woman in the tribe felt they had to teach each man how to please her. In tribal society “sex for pleasure” was the woman’s prerogative of where, when, how and who. Guys pleased the women when asked, or they soon went without any requests. Red thought that tribe had a wonderful idea.

After Brisk left that first night Red was relaxed and invigorated. She stayed on her computer all night and into the morning, working out a thorny issue for one of their clients that had tied her brain in knots earlier. Sam was very pleased with how giving Red an hour of pleasure with Brisk paid off with Red working like a fiend, she was inspired enough to complete a week’s work in one night. Red and the other computer employees had similar introductions to all four of the indians.

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