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The following story is a work of fiction depicting acts of consensual incest. All characters, while fictitious, are adults of at least eighteen years.


I was a typical angry teen; short fuse and not wanting to be held back by anything like family. After dad passed, I grew even more distant. I would stay out late, my grades suffered, and family talk was reduced to complaining and yelling. Mom grew concerned.

She tried different self-help books, but the problem with most of them is that they relied on sitting down and talking with each other. I had nothing to say to her and she had nothing to say to me that I wanted to hear.

I got used to coming home to unusual sights; things designed to throw my guard off and start talking. It worked for the first couple of times in a limited way, but as time went on, I only grew more polarized against such foolishness. Nothing could prepare me for mom’s latest scheme.

I came home after a really late Friday night – Saturday morning to be exact. Mom was up late, obviously waiting for me to come home. She was in the living room, cleaning up, except this time she was naked – completely naked except for a bandanna covering her hair in back.

My mother has a ‘mom’s body’: soft, but not too chunky; a good set of hips and an ass to match; breasts that have nursed a few children. I have never really noticed her body before, but I have never seen her full on naked before.

“Hi,” she said as I stood there dumb. Mom was noticeably nervous about her nudity and that ‘hi’ sounded like she had rehearsed it several times in her head. She had trouble keeping eye contact and talking in general, but she was trying hard to show her resolve.

“We have been drifting apart,” she began, “and now, with your father gone, we are at a point where we really need each other. I need us to be closer … to make an emotional connection.” Mom paused to switch from caring mother to scholarly psychiatrist. “I had read that if you remove your clothes, you remove any barriers you have to communication – nothing to hide, so to speak. To this end, I am going to remain undressed for you around the house. When you feel like connecting again you may do the same.”

She went on her way and I went on mine. After the initial disgust of seeing my mother naked wore off, I kinda enjoyed it – especially since most of her work around the house consisted of low reaching places, requiring her to bend over a lot. Looking from behind, I could almost forget that she was my mother.

Her ass was looking ripe and full with her plump pussy lips showing just a bit when she bent over. Her legs were long and shapely and a little bit veiny (but I wasn’t complaining). Swaying and jiggling with every move were mom’s full breasts, which were somehow more enticing catching a glimpse of them from the side than looking at them bare head on.

Mom, sensing that I was staring, stopped what she was doing and turned to look at me. “You’re being awful quiet,” she said, then saw the reason why in my pants.

Mom approached me slowly and I felt like I was being accused of something. “Ah,” she said, “the bulge in your jeans is evidence that you are ready to open up to me.” Mom pulled my shirt from my pants and lifted it over my head. Paralyzed by fear, I was helpless to stop her. It was when she was undoing my pants that sheer terror struck me and I ran; having a noticeable hard on in front of your mother is one thing, having your mom see your fully erect dick is something else entirely.

It was a little awkward walking around the neighborhood shirtless, but fortunately it was a warm day and it was simple enough to borrow a t-shirt from a nearby friend. When asked why I didn’t have a shirt on, I just said that mom kicked me out for just lazing about and that she should cool down by dinner time. I spent the rest of the morning there thinking about my situation.

My mom was naked. After seeing her naked, I found that I was okay with that. Mom was comfortable enough with my state of arousal that she was willing to help me with my pants; so why shouldn’t I walk around with my dick straight up for her?

I was hard just thinking about it. I wanted to jack off over her right then – and that is what made me think. What would happen if I jacked off for mom? It would certainly bring things to a head one way or another. She would either see what a mistake this naked thing was or I would be given free reign to masturbate right in front of my naked mother. Win-win.

“Okay mom,” I said, stepping in the house, “I’m ready for whatever kind of togetherness exercise you have for me.”

Mom appeared from the kitchen, looking pleased. With each step, her breasts swayed enticingly. I was getting a woody just witnessing that; I had serious second thoughts about pulling out my cock at that moment.

Mom saw my reluctance. “Baby, would you like me to pull it out?” she asked. “Part of getting used to each other’s nudity is getting used to the tuzla escort occasional ‘reaction.’ That is especially true for a young man of your age,” she explained.

“I can take my pants off myself,” I said as I undid my belt. I pulled my pants down and pulled my cock out, letting it poke over my briefs. I took a deep breath to cement my resolve and started stroking it.

“What do you think you are doing?” mom asked, nervously.

“If you think that it’s so natural to have a hardon while your mother parades around in the nude,” I replied simply, “then it is even more natural for me to take care of it.”

Mom just stood there, not sure what to say or do.

“Turn around,” I commanded, knowing that I was pushing her.

Mom gave a shocked look. “I hardly think that it is appropriate,” she said.

“Mom, you are the one who is walking around naked in front of your teenaged son,” I explained, “if I’m to take care of this as quickly as possible, then I would like to see your ass, please.”

She reluctantly turned around. I got even harder bossing my naked mom around.

“Now bend over,” I commanded. That was met with a dirty look, but mom didn’t see any alternative so she complied.

“Now let me see your tits.” I was really testing her.

Mom got a little upset. “That is no way to talk to your….” She realized that there was no point in complaining to me and just complied.

I was definitely getting used to it all. You never really think of your mother as attractive, but I’ll bet, if you see her naked and posing however you command, you might see things my way.

I had already gotten over the fact that I was masturbating to my mom, that fact alone made it all the more exciting. I was quickly approaching a huge orgasm. Mom was looking worried.

My cum exploded out with a heckuva lot of recent pent up feelings. It shot out, almost hitting her in the leg. Mom looked mortified. Her own son actually masturbated and came while looking at her naked.

“Well, I suppose that’s healthy,” she rationalized, not making eye contact, “that is, getting it out of your system and all.”

Mom went to get something to clean up my mess. I didn’t know what to do, so I went to my room. We didn’t say anything about it for the rest of the day.

The next morning was met with the pleasant smell of fresh waffles. Guided by the smell, I had forgotten about mom’s naked thing that she was doing – until I got to the kitchen.

“Good morning,” mom said pleasantly, wearing only an apron and her round ass in full view. “I thought that you were open to joining me in the nude,” she said, commenting on my pajamas. Mom set some freshly made waffles on the table, letting her breasts dangle as she bent down. “I suppose that you’re waiting because you have another pesky erection,” she said, stopping to look me over, “that’s fine, because I was hoping that we could move on to the next phase.”

I was starting to pull off my t-shirt when the dread of what she was saying hit me.

“Come on,” she encouraged, “this one will be nice.”

I wasn’t sure about what she meant by ‘nice’ or ‘next phase,’ but I continued to undress.

“Our next milestone,” she said, approaching with open arms, “will be to attempt a prolonged hug.”

Whatever partial erection I had from watching mom putter around the kitchen in the nude was destroyed by the frightening thought of having my mother’s private parts rubbing up against me. This was further compounded by the thought of my uncontrollable cock, that has been showing a liking to mom’s crazy ideas, rubbing up between me and my mother.

Yes, I know that only yesterday I was jacking off to her, but mom was accelerating things way too fast.

Mom stepped up to me and simply helped me remove my shirt and pull my pants down. “Five minutes,” she said, reaching her arms out again.

Before I had time to think, I was locked in a tight embrace with my very womanly contoured mother. My cock was stirring and hardening fast. She had already removed her apron, so we were making skin to skin contact on every possible body part.

Her skin was soft and fragrant from having just showered. Her body was warm – even more so between her legs. Even though her breasts were tender and squishy, I could feel a little poke from her firm nipples. My semi was getting hard fast and it was trapped against mom’s belly.

I bent my legs to angle my cock below her pussy to give it a little freedom. Mom, not knowing what I was attempting, bent her knees to match me. My cock sprang up into the opening she gave. The surprise was met with an nervously giggly “oh” from my mother.

My cock making contact with soft, wet pussy lips and making friction with two firm thighs – I had never felt anything like it in my life. I assumed that was exactly what sex was like and my hips shifted into automatic.

“What are you doing,” mom protested, “stop.” There was little fight in her and she was getting worked up and tuzla escort bayan breathless. “We can’t be doing this, it looks too much like…” Mom stopped mid sentence, jerking her head back and screaming like she stubbed her toe. As her scream faded, mom collapsed to the ground, crying. I could see her body still shaking from orgasming as she balled herself up on the ground, crying. I wanted to say something to her, but she angrily sent me away.

I didn’t know what to make of what just happened. I was doing what she asked. Sure, things got out of hand, but she seemed to enjoy herself. I don’t know what made mom angry the way she was. Mom interrupted my thoughts with a knock at my bedroom door. I opened the door.

“I apologize,” mom said, trying to keep herself together as much as possible, “what happened between us was too…”

I could tell that mom did not want to say the actual words. “I know, mom,” I said, rescuing her.

She smiled. “Thank you. Why don’t we start over?” Mom took a step back and ran her hands over her body. “If you want to masturbate,” she said, trying to look as confident as possible, “then here I am.”

Her posing for me looked forced and stiff. I wasn’t convinced, but I was not going to refuse such a choice offer.

“Could you play with your tits for me?” I asked starting my rod.

Mom gave me an asking look; and to be fair, I knew that she was pushing her comfort zone with her togetherness plan. I walked back my request. “I’m not asking for anything weird, just hold them together.”

It didn’t take long. My cock was still remembering jacking off between mom’s legs and my eyes were watching my naked mother trying to look seductive. She actually seemed pleased at my gratifying orgasm.

“Now that you got that out of your system,” mom said as if she was giving us both a pat on the back, “why don’t we move on to the next activity?”

“I’m going to touch you down below,” she said, motioning towards my cock, “and you may touch me in one of my… private areas.” Mom pointed to her top and then to her hips.

I didn’t have the nerve to grab her in the pussy and I didn’t feel too strongly about feeling her ass, but her breasts were full and round and bouncy; something I was very much interested in.

Mom waited for me to make the first move and I went right for her tits, like I just reasoned. They were soft and heavy in my hands with just the right amount of squeeze to them.

No sooner did I make contact with her breasts, I felt mom’s hand at my cock. I may have recently rubbed one off between mom’s thighs, but I was not prepared for the gentle touch of mom’s soft hands. Nobody had ever held my dick before except for me. I felt my spent rod stiffening again.

Feeling that, mom tried to pull away. I knew that she would, so I held her hand to my cock.

“Please hold on to it for just a few more minutes,” I pleaded, pumping her loose fist.

Mom was frozen by the situation, which gave me just enough time to cum in her hand. She gasped at how my cock throbbed in her clutch, so powerful I came. Warm stickiness filled her palm, what little I had left.

At first, she put her hands to her face in surprise, but she realized right away about my cum all over her hand. I enjoyed seeing my cum on mom’s face – I only wish that it came directly from my cock.

“I think that we both had enough excitement for one day,” mom said nervously while cleaning off her face with her other hand, “let’s continue this later.”

I was ready for more, but I could see that mom needed time to recover. I went to the living room to watch a little television, to wait for mom. It was less than an hour later that she appeared again.

“We are going to have to work at our current level for a while,” mom said.

I asked what was wrong. “I looked ahead for our program,” mom replied, having difficulty continuing, “I don’t think that we are ready.”

“What is it?” I asked, curious.

“Masturbating,” mom said, “together.”

Mom turned to leave.

“Mom,” I said, stopping her, “you have seen me come more than once. And I’ve seen you in orgasm… and it’s fantastic. It’s something that we have done and I enjoy it.”

“Well, none of that was supposed to happen,” mom said, looking away, “besides, the key is ‘together’ – we are supposed to do it together, at the same time.”

I took her by the hand. “I think that this whole thing has been working out well. Let’s try it. Try it in the spirit of the program. We will take it slow and see where it goes.” I was mostly trying to make mom feel better, but I was hoping we could continue with the nudity and jacking off. “I feel that we have grown so much closer in the past few days,” I said, trying to seal the deal.

It worked. Mom smiled warmly. “Okay,” she conceded, “we will try to continue.”

Mom led me down to the floor and sat herself down just a foot away, her legs on top of my own. She couldn’t help but look away.

“I’ll escort tuzla start,” I said, breaking the ice.

Mom took a deep breath and turned back to look me in the eye, trying not to look at me jacking off. I compensated by putting all the acting in my face. As I started stroking, I made that heaving breaths look in my face. Mom was right there with me, matching my breathing. As my orgasm was building up, I made a serious, concentrated look – that got mom a little worked up. I didn’t look down, but mom was definitely fingering herself hard and fast.

As I was approaching orgasm, I saw that mom was too. I decided to put a finishing touch to my act.

“I’m gonna cum, mom,” I say with impending urgency, “it feels so good to be cumming with you.”

A wave of shame dropped across mom’s face. At the same time she came with the most physical orgasm I could have ever imagined. Her hips bucked a couple of times followed by a full body spasm and that lovely screech of mom’s that she has when she cums. Her whole body tensed for a few moments, relaxed for half a second, then tensed again. After a minute, the waves of orgasm faded, but mom was still furiously fingering herself, moaning happily.

It took a while for the fog of her orgasm to dissipate. When she realized what had happened, mom gave a look both of fear and shame and she started crying again.

“Oh my God, that was a mistake,” mom said pushing away the tears, “that really crossed the line.”

I tried to comfort her, to put my arms around her. She was soft and warm and everything a mom should feel like if their sons were to be so fortunate as to hold them naked.

Mom stood and brushed me away as she walked out, her bare ass bouncing in time to each determined step. I knew not to push her when she was vulnerable.

I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to talk to her, but she obviously needed her space. I tried to think of what I could say to get her over her shame of orgasming around her son. I needed her to know that I was okay with her, that there was nothing wrong with what we were feeling. I don’t know why, if it was so traumatic, that she would continue with such an unconventional program.

There was a knock at my door. I had been stewing over mom’s reaction for a while.

It was mom. She had a robe on. Her head was down and she was looking embarrassed.

“I have to apologize,” she said, having trouble with the words, “after what just happened, I had to question this therapy that we have been participating in. It turns out that it’s a couple’s therapy technique for married people with intimacy issues, not family therapy for a mother and son with familial intimacy issues.”

“So now what?” I asked, not knowing what to say.

“What indeed,” mom said, trailing off and looking away.

“I kinda like seeing you naked,” I told mom, trying to make her feel better.

“Thank you,” mom replied, “but I don’t think that is appropriate now.”

“I meant what I said earlier,” I said, still trying to draw her out, “this whole thing has drawn us real close. Maybe we don’t have to take things so far, but it could only be a good thing if we could maybe continue with the naked hugs.”

That got me a genuine smile out of mom. She slid her robe off and opened her arms out.

We hugged like we haven’t seen each other for years. My hands grab at whatever flesh I can get away with, including her hips, legs, and a good latch on her ass.

Mom feels my growing boner come between us. “It’s okay if you would like to masturbate right now,” she said demurely into my ear.

We separated and mom helped me down to my bed. I started stroking my already hard cock. Mom awkwardly looked away. Her nervousness only made her more attractive – like a reluctant virgin.

As I continued, her cheeks reddened and her breathing became short. I moaned to goad her more. She played with her hands at her sides, trying not to touch herself.

I stopped madturbating to lead mom down to the bed with me. “It’s okay, mom,” I reassured her “it’s better to have someone to do it with.”

I put my hands on her knees and gently tried to spread them. Mom resisted, but I eventually coaxed them open. Her legs spread, mom nervously held her hands to her thighs, trying not to give in. I take her hand and put it on her pussy, hoping that she would take it from there. With apprehension, she takes one finger and gently nudged her clitty. It built up slowly, but in time, mom was fingering herself, two fingers wide, furiously.

“No,” mom protested through clenched teeth while still fingering her clit, “mommys don’t do these things with their boys.”

I kept on stroking my cock, mom watching every motion. “Only mommys who are involved with their boy’s lives,” I encouraged, “only mommys who take a part in their interests.”

“So, I’m one of your interests now?” mom asked with a smile, still fingering her pussy.

“You’re my main interest,” I replied, still stroking.

“More than video games?” she questioned further.

“Way more than video games,” I said, looking over her naked form again.

Mom smiled, stopped and spread her legs for me. “If your hands are clean, you may touch me down there.”

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