Nursed By My Mother Part Three


Being confined to my bed gave me lots of time to lay there and think. That’s about all I could do considering that both my arms were immobilized. Of course the topic utmost in my mind was that of my mothers transformation from a strict prudish and non sexual matron, to an exuberant, erotic and almost nymphomatic sex monster. It was inconceivable to think that her complete turn around occurred in just a few short weeks. When her carnal urges struck, at any given time of the day, Mom would come into my room, strip off her clothes and begin masturbating for mine and her pleasure. No words said, just a raw sexual act. As soon as she came, Mom would then suck me or jerk me off till I reached my own climax, do a quick clean up then leave unannounced the same way she had entered.The biggest reason for her new sexual awakening had to have been as a result of the shock she experienced when she walked in on me as my topless home care worker Sheila was giving me the best hand job I had ever received. The unbelievable sight must have brought back all those terrible memories she had of walking in on her husband (My dad.) fucking our next door neighbor. All the name calling and terribly cruel things he was yelling must have really done a number on her. It’s no wonder that when she burst into my room that day that she went so berserk yelling and screaming. Bad enough that she even kicked Shiela out of the house. Then to top it off, much to my total surprise, she then tears off her upper garments and tells me that she is not about to loose another man. If it was a slut that I wanted, then gawd dammit it would be her.She had mentioned to me that when she was younger, before she was married, that she was always horny, and continually masturbated. Till she was caught by her mother that is. She was then verbally berated and severely punished. The suffering she endured must have been traumatic enough for her to be repulsed by any thing istanbul travesti remotely sexual. The events that took place after my caregiver left the house must have rekindled her old flame of desire and ignited a storm of lust and passion that coursed through her like a wild fire that could not be extinguished. “Holy crap.” I chuckled to myself. “I got to get out of this bed, I’m starting to sound like a poet. Too much time on my hands.”Every time that my mother and I were sexual, she would make me promise on my life that I would never, ever let any one know of our experiences. It would absolutely ruin the both of us she would say and every time she made me promise. I would reassure her that I would never destroy the special thing we had. That would ease her guilt and worry enough to allow her to continue satisfying our sexual needs.Well, the day had finally arrived. I had an appointment to have my casts and knee brace removed. I could hardly wait for the freedom restricting lumps of plaster to be gone. Mom helped me out of the bed I had been imprisoned in for these past five weeks. I leaned heavily on her shoulder and grabbed a quick hand full of tit as I stood. Mom teasingly slapped my hand away. “Hold on there tiger. We have to get you to your appointment.” she scolded.”There, you look steady enough to stand on your own now.” she said some what disappointedly.”I suppose you aren’t going to need or want your old Mom any more for any thing now that you are almost healed.” she said sighing.I could sense her nervous tension. “Mom, don’t talk like that. I promised you, I wont ever leave you. How could I when we have so much more to experience with each other.” I said trying to comfort her. “I tell you what, the second that we are alone after these casts are removed, I am going to thrill you till you scream.” I promised giving her my most sincere smile.”Would you like that?” “Hrumpf.” istanbul travestileri Mom replied. “We will see if that is how you really feel after your are free.” Mom said still feeling dejected. I moved forward and pressed myself against my Mom’s back as she straightened the bed. I was able to pivoted my crotch forward nudging my stiffening cock against her huge supple ass. She reached around and took hold of my member and began moving it up and down through my sweat pants. My cock was totally hard after the second stroke. “You want me don’t you.” Mom said lustily.My actions caused her to relaxed and melt her worry away as she continued stroking my cock. She quickly glanced at her watch then pulled a pillow off the bed and threw it on the floor beside her.”We still have time enough for me to suck you before we leave. Would you like that Robbie?” Mom asked turning and dropping to her knees.”Fuck yeah.” I replied. “Suck my cock for me Mom.” I ordered.Mom hooked her thumbs in the waist band of my sweat pants and quickly slid both them and my boxers down till they lay on the floor at my ankles. As she pulled them off my waist, my hard on became entangled with the elastic band at the top of the pants and was stretched down along with the boxers. Once they were lowered enough, my rock hard cock sprang back up with enough force to slap against my belly with a loud resounding SMACK.”Oh baby, did mommy hurt you? Does my baby want me to kiss it better?” asked my mother with all sincerity.”Yes, make it feel better slut.” I said in a controlling voice.Mom let our a low almost inaudible sigh as she shivered with lust at my use of that dirty word. The same terrible mean word her mother had called her years before, The sound of it instantly had her passion boiling.Mom took my cock in her hand then began kissing down the left side of the shaft till she came to my balls. She continued kissing travesti istanbul my cock all the way back up on the right side till she got to my knob which she then promptly popped into her open mouth. Her alternate sucking and licking brought on the desired effect. I knew I couldn’t last much longer. Mom pulled my cock out of her mouth and between licks muttered.”Cum for your slut Robbie. Cum in mommy’s mouth.”With that said, she promptly slid her mouth back over my knob, took my shaft in her soft hand and began quickly jerking me up and down.Mom knew exactly how to please me. She knew that I absolutely loved it when she jacked me off into her mouth. As the speed of her stroking increased, so did my impending orgasm.”Ohhhh, arrrrrrgh. Fuck,” I shouted. “Fuck, I’m cumming.”Just as I let out my first spurt, my hips involuntarily bucked backwards pulling my cock out of Mom’s mouth. The first stream of cum landed across her face. This was some thing that never happened before.”Oh oh, she isn’t going to like this.” I thought.Boy, was I ever wrong. Mom started jerking my cock even faster so my second glob of fuck juice landed in her hair, then more on her cheeks and open mouth. She then started rubbing my cum spewing cock all over her face.”Oh fuck yeah. Squirt it at me, give me all your seed. You bad boy. Make your mommy dirty.” My mother shouted as I continued washing her face with my sperm.I finally had spilled my whole load all over her then sat back on the bed. Mom, still kneeling on the floor squatted back on her haunches.”I am such a dirty girl. So dirty.” Mom mumbled as she rubbed my cum into her soft skin with her hands.”Oh gawd Mom.” I said. “You are the sexiest woman alive. How could I ever want more then you.”Then all of a sudden, Mom jumped up and re assumed her motherly role.”OK young man, we had better get a move on or we will be late. I am going to go clean up then help you out to the car.” she said as she hoisted up my pants. Two hours later I was a free man. The examination had very favorable results. I had healed perfectly and the cast removal went without a hitch. I was still required to use a sling for my right arm for a period of time yet, but my left arm and knee was functioning perfectly.

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