Once Bitten, Twice Shy

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Darla practically hammered on the door to the hotel room, her body shaking with anger. Jane was in there, Darla just knew it, so why didn’t she just open the door and take her ‘angry goth girl’ medicine? She was hiding, that’s what it was. She knew that now that she couldn’t take Darla off-guard with her sneaky little hypnosis tricks, Darla would naturally assert herself as the dominant one. It was just natural.

After all, Darla had years of experience as a powerful, dominant, hypnotic vampire (five years in the Milwaukee Brotherhood of the Night, and three years of Vampire: The Masquerade campaigns before that.) She knew how to be commanding, how to take charge. It was her natural role. That whole thing a few hours ago, where she’d wound up hypnotized and curled up in Jane’s lap while getting finger-fucked, that was just a…a fluke, that was all. Once she got inside the hotel room, she’d explain that to Jane in no uncertain terms. And Jane’s ego probably couldn’t handle being the bottom, so she was hiding inside her hotel room. Well, Darla was just going to wait her out. She’d keep knocking for as long as it took.

The door opened. “Sorry,” Jane said, “I was in the bathroom. It’s good to see you again, Darla!”

“I…um…” Darla suddenly felt at a loss for words, looking down at the shorter girl. Despite the foot of difference in their heights, Jane’s eyes seemed to be staring down into Darla’s, magnified by the large glasses. With a start, Darla tore her gaze away. No hypnosis this time, she resolved. She tried to remember what Jane had just said. “It is?”

“Sure!” Jane said. “I was hoping we’d see each other again. Come on in!” She flashed a mischievous smile. “That is what you have to do with vampires, right? Invite them in?”

“I…” Darla felt a moment of panic, like she was getting in over her head. But this was what she’d come here for, right? To give Jane a piece of her mind? She wasn’t about to do that standing in the hallway. “Alright. But no hypnosis this time!”

Jane stood aside as Darla stalked into the room. “Oh,” she said, her face falling a little. “But I thought…I mean, you seemed to enjoy it, before.”

Darla’s thoughts flew back over the last few hours, to her chance encounter with the petite girl with the long brown hair. She remembered luring Jane to a secluded alcove, preparing to role-play victimizing her. She remembered Jane demonstrating ‘proper hypnotic technique’ to Darla. She remembered…

“That’s right,” Jane said, “you can remember every detail of our time together, can’t you?”

Darla nodded absently. She remembered sinking into a warm, hypnotic trance, remembered Jane’s hands on her body, stroking her, caressing her, remembered sinking deeper as Jane touched, licked, nibbled–

Darla blinked rapidly. “Hey!” she said. “You were trying to hypnotize me again, weren’t you?” She rubbed at her neck, knowing that Jane had left several large, embarrassing hickeys there over the course of their earlier encounter. It was more than a little humiliating. Vampires didn’t get hickeys, they gave them. Jane’s little stunt had cost Darla quite a bit of her ‘vamp-cred’, and while yelling at Jane wouldn’t get it back, it would make Darla feel a little better.

“No,” Jane replied, sitting down poker oyna on the bed, “but at the same time, I’m a little surprised that you’re so determined not to be hypnotized. If you didn’t come up here to be hypnotized, what did you come up here for? A banana split?”

“A what?” Darla asked. “No! I came up here to tell you that I didn’t want to be hypnotized, that’s why I came up here.” She glared at Jane in frustration, her face flushed.

Jane flashed that same impish grin again as she leaned back onto the pillows. “If all you wanted to do was not be hypnotized, you could have done that back at the con. You could probably even have gotten a banana split there.”

“Well, I thought that…” Darla took a deep breath, trying to collect her thoughts. “I mean, I figured once we’d made it clear who was in charge, that maybe, you and I…” She felt a trickle of sweat running down her back, and hot prickles all up and down her skin. She was supposed to be commanding and dominating, damnit! It wasn’t supposed to be this hard to tell a girl she wanted to sleep with her.

“We might share a banana split?” Jane asked.

“We might fuck!” Darla blurted out, surprising herself a little. “I think you’re really sexy, Jane. I’d really like to spend the night with you.” Darla was more than a little aroused already, just talking about it. “But we have to get it straight before we go any further, which of us is the top and which of us is the bottom. And hypnosis is only going to confuse the issue.”

Jane nodded solemnly. “Right. Hypnosis does that. It confuses, it distracts, it makes your brain fuzzy and foggy…”

“Stop that!” Darla snapped. She wasn’t sure if that had been an actual induction attempt or if she was just starting to get a little paranoid, but better to be safe than sorry. “I know what you’re trying, and I’m ready for you now! You’re not going to catch me off-guard again. We’re just going to…to have sex, that’s all.” That definitely wasn’t ‘all’, though. Darla could barely think about anything else. Just looking at Jane’s body was getting her hot and bothered. She hoped Jane hadn’t noticed. If she had, she might try to take advantage. And Darla was determined to do all the advantage-taking tonight.

“Sorry,” Jane said contritely. “Guess I owe you a banana split.”

“That’s, um…that’s better.” Darla sat down on the bed next to Jane. “So, do you get what I’m um…um…do you mind if I take my shirt off?”

“Not at all,” Jane said, her face a picture of triumph. “Sure beats a banana split.”

Darla slipped her shirt over her head, and had already kicked off her pants before even realizing she’d done so. “Right, so I was saying, it’s, um…it’s important to establish who’s in charge. Who’s in control.”

“Absolutely,” Jane said. “Who gets the banana split, as it were.”

“Uh-huh,” Darla said, hearing the words but not really registering them. She was too busy looking at Jane’s breasts, at the way the nipples stood out under the thin fabric of Jane’s T-shirt in a way that made it clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Absently, Darla realized that her own bra had hit the floor a few seconds ago, along with her panties, but she didn’t miss it. “So, um, I…oh, god, you just look so fucking hot…” Darla couldn’t canlı poker oyna help herself, she just lunged across the bed and started sucking Jane’s tits right through her shirt.

“Ohhh, that’s nice, Darla,” Jane sighed softly, twining her hands into Darla’s hair. “Just like a banana split…”

Darla’s breath quickened, and she pressed her cunt against Jane’s leg. Some part of her recognized that humping the other girl’s thigh like a bitch in heat wasn’t exactly the way to demonstrate her commanding, dominant nature, but she just needed it right now, needed stimulation, needed to feel Jane’s body against her own, and if that meant abandoning the idea of being the top for a little while, that was OK. She could always assume control later. Right now, she just needed to give into the sensation. And that felt so good…

Darla felt Jane’s hand pull her back for a moment, away from that wonderful nipple, and she mewled a little in protest until she realized that Jane was pulling her shirt off with her other hand. Once she understood, she started helping, undoing Jane’s fly and helping her pull the rest of her clothes off. The jeans were already damp where Darla had been rubbing herself against them, and Darla could smell Jane’s scent mingling with her own. She’d never been this horny before. Everywhere their bodies touched, Darla felt hot spiky tingles running straight into her cunt.

“Hold on a moment,” Jane said, sliding off the bed and reaching into her luggage. “You know,” she said as she pulled out a large sex toy, “I almost didn’t bring this.” She rummaged around a bit further and pulled out a harness for it. “I mean, I drove instead of flying, so it’s not like I needed to get it past security, but luggage space is always at a premium at a con.” She slipped the harness on with a swift, practiced motion, seating the dildo’s secondary prong into her own pussy. “Glad I changed my mind. You never know what’s going to happen at a convention.”

Part of Darla wanted to insist that she be the one wearing the strap-on, that she be the one to fuck the other girl, but it wasn’t the part that was elevating her buttocks to present Jane with easy access to her cunt. Something was strange about this whole scenario, though. It definitely wasn’t going the way Darla planned it to.

“What do you think?” Jane said as she climbed back onto the bed, the rubber phallus swaying between her thighs. “Looks a little like a banana split, huh?”

When she heard those words, Darla realized exactly what was so strange about the whole situation. That big black rubber cock wasn’t fucking her, that was what was strange. Darla felt like she was born for this moment, born to be screwed by a gorgeous girl, and she didn’t want to wait even one second for it to happen. She thrust herself at the dildo, whimpering with need. “please,” she said, “please fuck me please please please…”

“Good girl,” Jane said, sliding the dildo into Darla’s cunt. “Banana split,” she added.

Darla felt her pussy muscles clench around the dildo, and she almost came on the very first thrust. She tried to speak, tried to tell Jane just how good it felt, but all that came out were incoherent grunts and moans of pleasure. She was too fucking hot to talk right now, everything internet casino was just hot, red pleasure shooting fireworks behind her eyes, and she knew Jane was saying something to her but she was too busy cumming to think much about it.

Besides, it all seemed very familiar, seemed like something she’d been told before, but she’d forgotten it. That was so right, Darla realized. It was good to forget things sometimes. It was good to forget trigger phrases, because her subconscious would remember them, and would respond easily and effortlessly. She didn’t need to think about them, she didn’t even need to notice them when Jane said them to her. She didn’t need to think at all, in fact, not while she was cumming, cumming, cumming…

Eventually, Darla’s mind emerged from the fog of lust. Jane was still fucking her, but slowly now, in a smooth, mechanical rhythm that was more teasing than satisfying. The cock slid in oh-so-slowly, slid out at the same even pace, and even though Darla wanted to buck against it, something stopped her from moving. Darla thought back, trying to figure out exactly when she’d lost control of the situation, and exactly why that should bother her. “I…” she forced the words out between panting breaths. “I feel…funny,” she said at last.

“That’s perfectly normal, Darla,” Jane said, not breaking rhythm for even a moment as she spoke. “You’re feeling a lot of pleasure right now, and that can make you very dizzy.”

“Stop…” Darla gasped as Jane changed the angle of her thrusts, just a little. “Stop trying to, to hypnotize me…”

Jane ran her hand possessively over Darla’s ass. “I’m not trying to hypnotize you, Darla.”

Darla tried to focus despite the sensations in her cunt. “Yes you were…you told me, back in the convention hall, told me about…ohhh…words, how hearing hypnotic words would, would hypnotize someone.”

Jane continued petting, continued stroking, continued fucking. “What sort of words, Darla?”

“sleep…heavy…trance…down…” Darla tried to remember the whole list of words, all the things Jane had told her as she was putting her under that first time. “deep…sleepy…hypnotized…” The words seemed to get clearer in her mind, even as everything else got more distant. “deeper…trance…sleep…down…relax…” The slow, even rhythm of the dildo in her cunt made it hard to think, but she could still remember the words.

“…sleep…down…deep…hypno…tized…” Distantly, Darla realized what was happening, but it was alright. Jane had explained it to her. If she hypnotized herself, then she was still in charge. She was in command, because she was the one doing the hypnosis. She could just go into a deep trance and do whatever Jane said, knowing that it was all her idea. Jane had explained it to her, and it made so much sense. Jane was so good at explaining things. She’d be happy to keep listening to her as she sank into trance… Darla’s eyelids blinked, fluttered, and finally closed.

Jane leaned over Darla, her hard nipples pressing into the other girl’s back. “Good girl,” she whispered in Darla’s ear, before sliding her mouth down to give Darla another long, slow, kiss right where her neck met her shoulder. Darla felt Jane’s teeth nipping at her flesh, felt the warm, wet lips sucking at her, and she knew she was helpless to prevent Jane from giving her another love bite. And as another orgasm hit her dreamy mind, overwhelming her completely, she realized just how good being helpless felt.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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