One for the Road

Anal Play

I work for a national hardware chain. During the recent economic downturn I had to accept a transfer to a small interstate branch. My wife and I have no children and our relationship was in the doldrums so it was easy for her to decide to stay in Sydney. We agreed to a trial separation for six months, at the end of which she could buy out my share of the house.

I packed the car early on a Friday morning, aiming to be in a motel at Gundagai by dinner time. After that I had no definite itinerary; my new home was only 600km further to the south west. It was a long weekend so I didn’t have to report to work until Tuesday morning.

About ten thirty I had all the essentials loaded into the car. I went back into our bedroom and sat on the bed. I ran through my mental checklist one more time. It had been many weeks since my wife and I had screwed. Being a faithful husband I had gotten into the habit of pleasuring myself so I decided to leave a farewell stain on the precious bedspread. I stretched out on the bed as I unzipped my shorts. I started rubbing my penis through my underwear. I felt that familiar lump as my cock started to grow.

As usual my wife was at work so I was very surprised to hear the front door open and close. I looked out the window and saw only my own car. I sat on the edge of the bed, listening. After a few moments I heard the sound of footsteps on the kitchen tiles. I reached for the large torch I kept under the bed and stood up.

As I crept out of the bedroom I heard the rear screen door slide open. I paused before walking into the hall. I could hear the sound of familiar voices across the patio. I replied and dropped the torch. I quickly walked through the house and greeted our neighbours, Bill and Sally, walking back into the kitchen.

I reached into the refrigerator and took out two beers. I placed them on the breakfast bar. Bill grabbed his beer and sat at the kitchen table. His wife sat on a stool at the bar. They asked me if I was going to have one. I replied in the negative due to my imminent departure. I grabbed a soda water and sat on a stool next to Sally. I leaned back and thought of all the beers we had shared. The three of us had created some legendary hangovers in this kitchen.

Over the years my wife and I had gotten to know Bill and Sally quite well. They were regulars at our pool parties and had watched most of the major sports telecasts with us. My wife is a non-drinker so whenever we started getting loud Betturkey she left us to it, knowing that she could trust me not to make a fool of myself. They were a devoted couple and good friends so I never thought of them in a sexual way.

I leaned back and watched Bill. He was a decade older than me, heavier but slightly shorter. He kicked off his shoes as he opened his can. He was wearing a white t-shirt that made his arms seem more muscular than usual.

We talked about the good old days. They told me how much they would miss my companionship. I told them that I would keep in touch, but I knew I wouldn’t. They were on their third beers when Sally started to reminisce about the summer pool parties. I mentioned how much I liked the bikinis that she used to wear.

Bill startled me when he said that he had wanted us to skinny dip. He told me that he wondered what my wife looked like under her one piece. I confessed that I had often thought about hosting clothing free parties but knew my wife would have vetoed them.

Sally then asked me if I would still like to see her in a bikini. I nodded enthusiastically as I handed them more beer. She surprised me by taking a large swig, standing up and unbuttoning her shorts. She was wearing a long, loose fitting shirt that was soon piled on top of her shorts on the kitchen bench. She shook her head and stood in front of Bill. She put her hands on her hips and slightly spread her legs.

I leaned forward on my stool.

Her large breasts were a bit saggier now but they were soft and golden. Her bikini top consisted of small triangles that barely covered her large nipples. Flesh peeked out under the string that strained with the weight of her boobs. The string that ran around the back of her neck almost cut into her shoulders.

Another triangle of material covered her womanhood. Blonde pubic hairs poked out from all three sides of the material. I could see the outline of her pussy lips through the thin material. She slowly turned around to show me her beautiful soft derriere and the thin strip of bikini that disappeared into her butt crack before emerging to join the thin string that ran around her slim waist.

Sally had put on a few pounds over the years but they were all in the right place. She turned around to face me as Bill whispered that he was about to make his dream come true. He reached up and undid the knot that held the bikini top in place. He stood Betturkey Giriş up and lifted it over her head. I was amazed; her nipples were enormous, all red and swollen. There were tiny blonde hairs on the edge of her areola. She cupped her breasts with her hands. She seemed to be weighing them rather than offering them to me.

I felt my cock start to harden. I had forgotten to do up my fly when I left the bedroom so my underwear was poking through my shorts. My face flushed from a mixture of embarrassment, confusion and horniness. I reddened more when I realised that both Bill and Sally were looking at my crotch.

Bill took another sip of beer and put his hands on her hips. He grasped the sides of her bikini bottom and gradually lowered it. Sally stepped closer to me and she was naked. I admired her blonde bush and the pink slit that was just visible. Bill was now standing close behind her. He rested one hand on her hip and the other was grasping the back of her neck.

Bill slowly moved his hand from her hip to her pubic hair. He lightly ran his index finger along the edge of her pussy lips. She spread her legs a little bit more as he delved into her slit. She leaned forward slightly to open herself for him. I could see her vagina moistening. She placed one of her hands on top of his. Soon her own fingers were working inside of her, joining his fingers as they pushed in and out of her orifice.

Sally’s other hand was gradually massaging her left breast. She pinched the nipple. She half closed her eyes and her tongue poked out of the corner of her mouth. Bill tightened his grip on her neck. I shifted forward on the stool. My cock was straining against my underpants.

Bill started biting the back of her neck. He reached down and unzipped his shorts before getting closer to her. I assumed his cock was touching the soft flesh of her arse. Sally gradually leaned forward. Her face was nearly in my lap when Bill grunted. He thrust forward with his hips. Sally nearly lost her balance so she grabbed my knees with her hands. Her face was inches from cock which was still trapped in my underwear.

“That cock feels great in my pussy,” Sally whispered as she pulled my underwear down “and I want yours in my mouth.”

She moved my underpants to allow my penis to stand proudly erect through my open fly. I touched Sally’s hair as the tip of her tongue flicked across the top of my cock. Bill stopped thrusting, Betturkey Güncel Giriş craning around his wife’s sweaty body. He reached under her and started fondling her tits. Gradually her lips met my purple knob and her mouth slid down the eight inches of hard penis. She slowly raised her mouth along the length of it. She paused for a moment then started to slide her mouth down again.

I felt her tongue working on the bottom of my shaft. She sucked hard as warm saliva swirled in her mouth. I felt the tip of my cock press against the back of her throat but she just kept sucking. Her hands found my balls and I was ready to blow. I grabbed the back of her head as I jerked forward and my hot semen filled her mouth. She sucked even harder and I felt every last drop leave the eye of my cock and squirt down her throat. I groaned and fell back against the breakfast bar.

Bill kept his hands on her breasts as he resumed fucking her. The look on her face told me that she loved it as he pounded into her. He was roughly groping those boobs, pinching the red nipples until she squealed. He groaned loudly as he pushed deep into her. He stopped moving and I imagined his cum flooding her vagina.

After a few moments they separated. His cock had softened and he put it back in his shorts before I could catch a glimpse of it. Sally turned and sat on the breakfast bar. I could see their body fluids oozing out of her. I laughed, knowing that my wife would be eating dinner at that spot tonight.

Bill leaned across a barstool and spread Sally’s legs. I got a good view of her pussy as he went down on her. My cock was no longer erect but I left it dangling through my open shorts.

Sally leaned back and I grabbed a handful of tit. She was moaning and bucking as Bill worked his magic on her wet cunt. He kept her on the verge of orgasm for some minutes. I started licking her nipple and this made my cock hard again.

Bill reached over and started stroking my erection. I kept sucking on Sally’s nipple as he delved deep into her gaping hole with his tongue. She finally let out a shrill cry as she came, clamping her legs around his face.

Bill worked his hands down to my balls then suddenly wrapped his mouth around my erection. He stroked the bottom of my shaft as he sucked greedily on my knob. After about two minutes of watching his bald spot I shot my second load of cum down his throat. He swallowed every drop then wiped his mouth with a dramatic flourish.

Sally started to dress as I sat there, lost for words.

Bill shook my hand and wished me a safe trip. I walked them to the door and Sally gave me a big wet kiss as her parting gesture. I closed the door behind them and walked to the garage.

The only lump in my shorts was the car key.

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