One Hell of a Day Ch. 01


So, my name is Chris Mercer and if there was a phrase you could use to describe me, it would most likely have been “nice guy” before yesterday. I was the kid that held the door open for people I didn’t know, always smiled at people as I walked by, wishing them a nice day. Yesterday was without a doubt the best day of my life, and also changed everything I just wrote about myself.

I’m a grade 12 student and yesterday was the Friday before March Break. I hadn’t planned on going to school that day, but my mom had other ideas and like most teen versus parent arguments I lost. My mom was concerned because although I had decent marks, my attendance was pretty bad- I preferred staying home and reading some of my comic books or playing some video games then going to school.

I wasn’t particularly concerned with girls at the time- I loved girls, don’t get me wrong- but usually just jacked off to porn or girls that magically went nude in my head. I was kind of chubby and really tall, about 6′ 7″ and so I hadn’t really asked any girls out and still hadn’t even kissed a girl. I was so shy that all I did was go to classes and play a card game with my friends at lunch instead of talking to girls that weren’t in my friend group, and even with girls I knew, it was just casual chit chat.

I got on the bus in the morning tired and cranky, hoping there would be a few friends there so the day wouldn’t be a total waste. I was far from disappointed when I spotted Chelsea, a friend of mine was on the bus.

Chelsea was thin with what were about B-cups and legs that went on for miles, especially in the denim jean short shorts she wore. Dear god, they were gorgeous. She had brunette hair, which she usually wore up but today it was down. I thought her hair looked much better down, falling to just past her shoulders, framing her face well. She had a slightly narrow face with a slender nose which fit her face perfectly and worked with her slim body. Her eyes were just wide enough to offset the slenderness of her face and her glasses worked to equal everything out, and her mouth was just perfect and was always great looking because of her amazing taste in lipstick.

I sat on the seat across from her and we started casually talking. As we were both complaining about having to go to school on a pointless day, I realized we were the only ones on the bus other then the driver and one kid at the front playing his game boy. So, I decided now would be the best time if ever to try and get few complements in, hoping all the crappy romance movies of my life taught me something.

“Hey, you look really really nice with your hair down, you should do it more often Chelsea.”

She blushed, then responded with a polite, “Oh, thanks Chris, you’re so sweet sometimes.”

“What do you mean sometimes? I am a cute and charming gentleman all the time, am I not?” I joked.

She seemed to ponder this more then she normally would have thought of a joke. Her response was quite serious. “Actually, Chris you kind of are. You’re consistently nice to girls like me and I never really see you with any girls. Why is that?”

“Well, I guess I’m kind of shy so that would probably be why, but once I get to know the very pretty girls like you I’m more comfortable. I’m still kind of nervous around them, hence I never asked you out, Chelsea”

Chelsea started to blush again after so many compliments and then said, “I know a great cure for shyness for women. Move over to the window and open up a seat on your side.”

So I did. She then made sure that the bus driver and the kid in the front weren’t looking and quickly jumped over to my seat. “Well, Chris my cure is really simple,” she said as she reached down to my crotch area and stealthily undid the zipper on my jeans. She continued her quest into my pants as she managed to take my somewhat flaccid cock out of my pants. The actual touch of another hand on my cock, especially a girl that hot already had me semi hard by the time that she had my cock out of my pants. She put her hand around it and was just able to wrap her hand around my girth, remarking, “Wow Chris, that’s a pretty nice size.”

She then started stroking it and was barely able to keep her hand fully wrapped around my cock. The hand job she was giving me made my prick become instantly hard. “See Chris, your shyness seems to be going away already.”

I managed to mutter out during the pleasure “yeah, this radical treatment of yours seems to work great.” I had never had a hand job before, but this wasn’t a disappointing start, that’s for sure.

I quietly muttered, “Oh god Chelsea, I might come soon, oh god, oh god.” She continued to stroke my large cock with her hand while moving her lips towards mine. I barely noticed her moving her face towards mine, but when she kissed me, I wholeheartedly made out with her.

The bus driver looked back and then yelled, “Hey you kids back there stop making out back there, it ain’t allowed on the bus, do it at Beylikdüzü escort school if you have to.” We reluctantly stopped kissing. Chelsea had been stroking me the whole time, then she turned up her hot factor by giving me a peek show down her shirt. Yes, there was a bra but it still wasn’t bad, it wasn’t like she needed to do it but I wasn’t gonna object to it either. After about 5 minutes of her hand stroking my rock hard cock I was about to blow. Chelsea seemed to know what it meant as she to stroked my cock as hard and as fast as she could, causing me to cum all over the back of the bus seat in front of us.

“See Chris, getting over your shyness isn’t all that hard,” she said as she used her finger to pick some of the cum off of the bus seat and licked it off her finger before licking her lips. That was so hot that it nearly made my dick hard again. I took out a napkin from my lunch, figuring I should get rid of the evidence and wiped off the cum from the bus seat and threw it out in the buses garbage at the back, but as we got off the bus Chelsea whispered in my ear, “You shouldn’t have thrown that out, would have been a great snack for me all day.” Then she walked away with nothing but a wink behind her glasses at me. I walked in to the school dumbfounded at what had just happened, with only one dream in my mind- when it would happen again.

I saw some friends there figuring my lunch wouldn’t be a complete waste but the bus ride had made up for any potential downfall of the day in spades already so I wasn’t too concerned for the rest of the day. My friends weren’t in my first, third or fourth periods but hey, I had second to look forward to.

My first period class was gym. As a chubby kid you may be able to tell that I probably didn’t put the most effort in the class, but I am happy to say I did put in a very solid 50%. As I said earlier there weren’t that many kids at school. This class literally had only one kid in the class and that happened to be me. My teacher, the beautiful blonde bombshell Mrs. Slokar, walked into the gym in her athletic shorts and shirt, she was about 5″5′ and was absolutely gorgeous. She had at least c-cup breasts and had one hell of a terrific ass, she also had her blond hair tied up in a ponytail that made her look very serious for the workout and sexy at the same time.

As she walked in to the gym she said, “Well Chris it doesn’t look like there’s that many other kids in class, so what do you want to do?”

“Hey, Mrs. Slokar, could we play a game with some actual physical contact like football or hockey or something?” We weren’t normally allowed physical contact and that was really the only part of sports that I could shine in.

“Well, Chris you might have a leg up on me if we did that.”

“I promise I’ll go easy on you. This is probably the only chance we’ll get to have some fun in this class anyway.”

“Fine, As long as you don’t hit me too badly.”

“Let’s do this. I’ll go get the football.”

I tackled her a few times but nothing major, and they were accidents. About halfway through the game I accidentally tackled her to the ground and felt that her crotch area was really, really wet. The idea of my gym teacher getting hot of something, hopefully even me got me hard as well and although my sweatpants did an okay job hiding it for a few minutes eventually my pants looked like a tent.

“Hey Chris . . . you might want to adjust yourself,” she said as she pointed to my now obvious boner. I remembered how complements had worked on the bus and figured I’d give it a shot here. I figured the worst thing that could happen would be digging myself more into an already pretty awkward hole.

“I can’t really help it, you just look amazing in those workout clothes, and your ass is so hot right now.” Deciding it was safer not to call her on being wet, I stuck to compliments.

“As hot as I’m sure I look in these clothes, and as great as I’m sure my ass is, it just doesn’t seem appropriate.” She paused. “Now pack up everything and go get changed.”

I figured that was it, I had just bombed out the only chance I might have had with Mrs. Slokar. I picked up the Pillions and the football and brought them to the storage room at the other side of the gym. While I was in there, the thought of having sex with Mrs. Slokar came to mind. Deciding there was as good a place as any to jack off, I undid my belt, button and fly and whipped my dick out and started to yank it like never before. With the thought of Chelsea handing me off in my head and my own imagination of what Mrs. Slokar would look like nude, I was jacking off in the storage room of my school gym. When I was close, I shouted, “Oh god Mrs., oh god that feels so good, keep going.”

Of course, that’s when Mrs. Slokar wondered what was taking me so long. I had thought she would leave, but apparently she planned on talking about what I had just said to her. She walked across the gym to Beylikdüzü escort bayan the storage room. There was no way I could hear her over my shouting, I was in my own world and hadn’t heard a sound as she stepped into the room. She was about to yell at me until she saw my fully erect cock at its prime, when her more animalistic urges took over as she walked over, got on her knees and took her top off she quietly said, “Chris what are you doing with that?”

I opened my eyes to her face near my cock. This lead to the only time in my life that I have felt like I am about to both shit my pants and cum at the same time. Luckily I did neither. I then looked slightly down and noticed my teacher had taken her top off. For the first time in my young adult life I was seeing boobs in person and that was just too much as I came right there all over her face and boobs. I figured that was it and I just wasted my shot, but then she said, “Looks like you’re an early sprouter, Chris,” as she licked some of the cum off of herself and looked at me.

“We better get that hard again, but let’s not forget we all need a little pleasure, you can’t just hog it all for yourself.”

As I was quite inexperienced at the time I had no clue what she meant and stared at her with what I’m sure was a stupid looking face.

“69 Chris, I meant lets 69. Just get on the floor.”

I did as I was told and she got on top of me putting her mouth at my cock and, after stripping her pants and panties, her pussy over mine. Her pussy looked amazing, she shaved it recently and it was perfectly bald, not even a hair. I had never licked a girls cunt before but thought porn had to have taught me something. I used my fingers, first putting one finger in trying to find that sweet spot. She started sucking my dick and I was in absolute heaven, she had to stop once or twice to tell me to focus. I tried my hardest to stay focused as I had already cum once on her and didn’t want to come twice before she came. After finding her G-Spot, I put another finger in and even worked my way up to a third. I was triple fingering her for about 5 minutes and she was really close to coming. She was an expert at her part though it seemed as she was able to fit the whole thing in her mouth after a few tries. She occasionally took my cock out of her mouth so she could lick my shaft up and down a few times, then she would put my salty, sweaty balls in her mouth and suck them dry. When my cock was in her mouth she used her tongue to swirl around it and she would sometimes take it out to the tip and very slightly nibble it, it made a short burst of painful pleasure that made my nearly shoot there.

One of her hands was busy rubbing my cock while her mouth sucked it and the other one was massaging my balls while her mouth was busy with my 9 inch prick. I thought I had better start using my tongue to get her in her sweet spot to cum soon or I’d be the first one, it had turned into a contest and I was damn determined to win. I put my mouth up to her cunt and started to dart my tongue in and out while using my fingers to explore her amazing ass, once I found the anus I started to occasionally push a finger or two in it and felt her muffled yelp of pleasure wash over my hardened cock. I got more aggressive now and pushed her cunt into my face and started to suck out the sweet melon tasting salty nectar from her pussy which was oozing the juice. That was when she started to shake and her pussy juices started to squirt out into my mouth, she took her head off my cock to scream, “Oh god Chris, fuck yes, oh dear god yes.”

I had won the competition, but seeing her yell in pleasure was getting me even closer and I knew I didn’t have long before I would burst. She seemed to sense this as immediately after her orgasm subsided she flung her mouth back onto my cock and started to suck like there was no tomorrow. I felt that familiar squeezing in my balls that I had felt on the bus and I came, reaching her head and pushing it down to make sure she got all my seed and swallowed it all. Like I said, I think she was a pro because she managed to swallow every last drop.

She got up and the cum from earlier was still on her. She used her fingers to get it all and then looked at me with a look of pure lust and said, “Chris we have got to do that again SOON.”

I then quickly packed up my stuff and got dressed as I was sure that the bell had rung for second period, which meant history for me and a new class for her. I hurried to my second period.

I walked past my second period class only to see a near empty class and a teacher boring the two students there, so I decided to skip. I headed to the library figuring it would be the quietest part of the school and I would be able to actually wrap my head around the events of the day. Once I got to the library I saw my friend Jill in the corner, she was supposed to be in the same class I should have been in at that time, she waved me over and Escort beylidüzü I started to walk towards her.

As I got closer to her I started checking her out. She had long dirty blond hair that went just beyond her shoulders, was about 5’2″ and thin, and she was smiling at me. Her face was simple and kind of average other than her eyes, they were quite stunning. She was wearing a thin, white, blank T-shirt you could see her bra through; it was black and lacy and covered her B cup breasts well. On her bottom she wore an extremely tight pair of yoga pants that made me want to know what her ass looked like badly.

As I made it to the seat beside her, she was blushing and play slapped me as she said “Hey Chris, you wanna stop checking me out? Thanks.”

Jill was known as the, well I guess you could call her the innocent girl of the group. As far as we knew she hadn’t done any sort of sex, didn’t watch porn or even masturbate. So it wasn’t often a guy came over checking her out because of her reputation as a prude.

I simply responded back with, “Well what do you expect, you look amazingly hot today Jill. A guy would be crazy to not at least glance at you today.”

She blushed even more and said, “I don’t care how ‘amazingly hot’ I am or you think I am, it is not prudent to stare at a woman like that.”

“Well why not Jill? You know it can lead to some great fun, and looking at those yoga pants I bet your ass looks terrific.”

“Oh come on Chris, you’re about as experienced as me when it comes to sex- what would you know?”

“Trust me, I’m a little more experienced then you are, and trust me it can work out great for both people involved.” This was about when I started thinking about last period and started to realize that my cock was starting to get hard, I was hoping it wouldn’t show as Jill was the kind of person that would get offended.

“Whatever. Who would even want to do it with me anyway, everyone thinks I’m a prude.”

“I’m sure you can find somebody who’d be willing to give you a test drive, Jill.” My boner was now tightening my pants and becoming quite viewable as I said this.

“Like who?” she asked as she turned her head towards me, seeing my boner tenting my jeans.

“Chris, whats that?” she asked as she dropped her hand and started to rub it through the denim.

“It’s the keys Jill.”

“Looks like we’re going for a drive then,” Jill said as she rubbed my crotch even harder through the denim as moved her lips towards mine. We made out for a few minutes, as she continued to rub my crotch.

Jill broke the kiss and said she wanted to go further. I told her, “We’ll need a secluded space to go much further.”

She rubbed my crotch one final time then took my hand and told me to follow her. I followed her like a mindless zombie staring at her tight little ass in the really tight pants, it looked absolutely amazing. When we stopped I quit looking at her terrific ass to see where we were, looking around and realizing we were in the kids section.

Jill looked at me and said, “I figured this would be the most secluded space in the library right now, and it’s the furthest away from the librarians so we can get a little loud.”

“Right, no pressure” I said in a joking manner.

Jill looked at me with her innocent eyes and said, “So what should I do?”

I replied, “Your very first sexual experience should be a good one so, I think you should get naked and lay on the floor.”

As I finished saying it she started doing what I told her, almost like a puppet doll. Once she was nude, I got on my knees and put one of my hands on her pussy. I rubbed my hand along her tight little virgin cunt to get her warmed up. I then used my other hand on her one of her nipples while my mouth took care of the other one. I licked her nipple and then bit it just a little as I swirled the other in between my hand. I was no pro, but I’d like to think all the porn I’d watched and the erotica I’d read gave me a little bit of an edge at this stage. After about 2 minutes of this I heard her moaning and felt her pussy start to get wet. I thought it had been long enough, and put an exploratory finger into her pussy. It was incredibly tight because of her inexperience and I was barely able to get a full finger into her little cunt. I managed to get the finger fully in and started to finger her as intensely as I could with it, she then began to orgasm because this was the first time something had ever gone into her pussy. I then decided to try and get a second finger in as she started to moan from the pleasure, I told her to push back, and as she started to do it her moaning increased.

After intense fingering for what seemed like hours she started to scream even louder and shouted out, “Oh god Chris, Don’t stop. Oh my god, it feels so good Chris. Fuck yes.”

“Hey, that isn’t proper language for a prude,” I joked as I removed my fingers.

“Chris, no I you can’t stop! I need it.” Clearly, sex agreed with her because she didn’t seem to have a problem with it so far.

My reply was sticking my face into her pussy and licking the juices from her first ever orgasm.

She started giggling before she asked, “That feels so good, but what are you doing down there?”

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