Our First Time

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It’s late at night and you are finally alone, everyone is sleeping. You strolling to the couch, you are carrying several sheets of paper. You had been waiting all day to have some time to read my story to you. You could have read it when you first received it, but the anticipation only built up your desires. Over the past several months our correspondence has increasing turned up the heat. My stories and thoughts are passionate and contain a level of yearning you find very refreshing. Alone in the room you sit back and read my latest story of our mutual adventures.

The story describes in intimate detail one our first time together. You push yourself into the sofa, open your legs and gently stroke your soft silk, while you begin to read.

We agreed to meet at a hotel which I booked online. Arriving in Pa, I am getting more excited as I near your house. As I drive, my thoughts went to our upcoming meeting. My mind drifted to imagining myself sliding between your legs and running my tongue along your soft lips as I feel a chill pass through your body. Without thought, my hand drifted between my legs raising my skirt. My fingers lightly touched my pussy, which was soaking wet with just this simple thought of you. My fingers moved in just the way I needed. I dreamt of you licking me and sliding your tongue from my clit to my ass. My fingers worked feverishly on my clit and I knew my orgasm would not take long. Seconds later the first wave of my orgasm racked my body as I rubbed my clit with force. Oh, it felt so good.

I have never met you in person, but feel I know you intimately, because of what we have shared. You have sent me several pictures over the past few months of increasing intensity. We started with very simple ones and then quickly moved to pictures of ourselves masturbating with thick dildos and vibrators. I still can’t believe I sent that to anyone. Lost in the moment I suddenly released I was at your house. You emerge from the front door and I am awe struck. Pictures did not do you justice. You are spectacular, a vision, breathtaking. I feel the heat rush immediately to my face and the moisture rushing between my legs. As I get out of the car, I turn to face you and I can see that you are equally excited. Dropping my suitcase, we slowly approach each other. I can feel a wall of doubt and fear, as we get closer. “Should I really do this? Do I really want this?” Then just as suddenly I am face to face with you. If we had hesitated a moment I am not sure of what would have happened, but we did not hesitate.

My lips met yours and we locked perfectly. The softness of your mouth against mine was transcendent. We kissed deeply and passionately, moving to nibble and lick each other’s lips gently. My tongue slipped cautiously inside of your mouth, but was quickly embraced by your own. They danced and slid up against one another. I could feel every inch of your mouth as I spiraled around your delicious tongue. My arms held you firmly and I could feel your breast pressed tightly up again mine our nipples extended. Then at the same moment, we pulled away from one another breathless. “Uh, I think we better put your stuff away and get in the house.”

We made some talk trying to get our minds off what we really were desiring. You said Jamie Beylikdüzü escort would be coming home and he was excited they we all finally got to me. You said with your sexy grin “We are all alone here”.

I looked at you with a mischievous smile. “We are all alone hmm.”

You reached over and touched my lightly on the shoulder. “Can I be honest with you now, Sweet pea?”

“Of course”

“All I want to do right now is kiss you. May I?” You looking right into my eyes, as you took the glass from my hand.

I didn’t really think about my answer…I knew that all I wanted right at that moment was to feel your mouth on mine. I reached up and ran my fingers gently down the side of your face, giving you a half smile and you leaned towards me.

You groaned softly and brought your lips down to meet mine. My lips parted opened slightly at the first touch of your lips. Our breath mingled as we kissed, gently at first. Your tongue flicked at my mouth, I opened my lips further inviting you in.

Suddenly You drew back from me, searching my eyes for response. “Are you alright with this? I don’t want to do something that may offend you?”

“I’m fine…that was really nice…if I hadn’t wanted you to kiss me I would have said so.” I leaned my face back towards your and kissed you cheekily on the tip of your nose.

We couldn’t hold ourself back any more. You pulled me roughly into your embrace, one hand on my breast as you brought your mouth down again. Our kisses became more urgent and demanding…the feeling of your hand on my breast exciting me. I could feel my body responding, my nipples were hardening, the familiar ache that could only be eased with fervent sucking and nibbling. My pussy was certainly telling me that this was something U wanted, needed. I could feel the wetness…

Your fingers were fumbling with the buttons on my shirt. I pulled back from our kiss…not to stop you but to allow you more room. I reached to stroke your breast through the layers of your clothes. “Oh yes, please touch me there…” you sighed deeply, as my fingers brushed over the rigid nipples I could see straining at the fabric. A shudder passed through me as I felt your nipple respond to my caress.

You stopped your fumbling. “Sweetie, are you all right? Are you sure you’re ok with this?”

“Oh I’m sure.” I grinned at you “I would have stopped you if I wasn’t. I just liked the feeling of you getting hard like that.” I couldn’t believe how my pussy was throbbing, I had never felt so high on the idea of having sex with someone…there was absolutely no way I was going to stop you now. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to stop myself, anyway.

You had all my buttons undone now. You opened my shirt front and gazed at my breasts under my black bra. A little groan of desire escaped as you lean towards me and cupped each of them gently, your thumbs flicking over the nipples. Your mouth met mine again in a frenzy of kissing, licking and biting as the need overwhelmed us.

My hands were seeking their own delights as I pulled your shirt away…my fingers sought your nipples,…I recognized the need in me to have my mouth sucking them, my tongue licking them, nibbling at them.

One last reasoned thought flashed through Beylikdüzü escort my mind…”This is what I want, I need. Why have I waited so long?”

The feeling of pleasure at the touch of your hands on my breasts and your mouth on mine was enough. I let go…my responses became more frenzied, more passionate. You reacted quickly to the change you felt. My clothing was quickly undone and tossed on the floor of the lounge room.

Your lips met mine again then you began to kiss down my body. Firstly you gently kissed the base of my throat. I had never had anyone do that in quite the same way before…shivers ran down my spine. I flexed and raised myself to meet your lips as they skirted round my breast.

“Oh suck me, please before I die from frustration…” You chuckled as you drew my nipples into your mouth.

“Oh, god, suck them,…please suck them… harder!” Your hands were tugging at my nipples as I squirmed with delight. My breath rasped as you flicked your tongue over my sensitive buds. The feel of your breath, your teeth delicately nipping at me, the powerful reaction to your strong suck. I couldn’t believe just how I was reacting to this attention. Could you make me cum just from this? I could feel the orgasm beginning deep within me.

My fingers worked their way over your body…The feel of your skin, the soft smell that arose, the flick of your hair as my head moved over your breast…I wanted it all for myself. I wanted to bury my face into your skin, into your pussy, feel your clit under my tongue.

Your hand sought to find my slit…a small groan escaped my lips as your fingers touched my wetness for the first time. I responded by nipping you gently…the wave of pleasure that coursed though me I could not have imagined possible.

You gently rubbed your fingers up and down my slit…searching, exploring, seeking the entrance to me, encountering my throbbing clit. You wriggled your hand a little under my body, giving yourself a little more reach as your fingers slid into my pussy.

I groaned with pleasure and arched my back…”That feels so good, Doll…let me return the favor.” I let your breast go and reached down towards your pussy.

“Oh yes, please…” you gasped as my finger’s grazed gently over your outer lips.

“Sweet pea, you are sooo wet…let me in there…” You parted my legs lightly as your searching fingers found their way into in my wetness.

“Aahhhh! That feels wonderful…” We lay together on the couch, our fingers pleasuring each other’s sopping pussies, working each other towards orgasm.

You looked at the me beside you…”Sweet pea, let me take you all the way…”

“MMMmmmm, please do”. You lifted yourself way from me, and began to trace your way down my body with your lips, first kissing each breast, flicking your tongue over my navel, licking and nibbling at the line between skin and hair. I groaned half in anticipation, half in pleasure at the feeling of your lips.

Your hands gently parted my thighs, the whisper of your breath over my slit sent shivers up my spine. You could see how wet I was. You teased me a little by sliding a single finger up my pussy and across my clit…a little shudder coursed through me.

The first flick of your Escort Beylikdüzü tongue over my clit was like a flash of fire through me…I sobbed. You began to gently lick my clit, continuing to tease me with one finger in my pussy, sliding it in and out slowly. I arched my hips attempting to push myself closer to you. I reached for your head just as you slipped your finger out and plunged your tongue right up in my pussy. The feeling of your tongue buried in me, flicking, licking, was like no other. It was enough to push my orgasm to its peak as I ground my pussy against your face, the waves of sheer delight flowed over me, the tremors shook my body as my juices flowed over your face.

“Ohhhh, fuck…I’m exploding!” I cried out as the peak of my climax washed over me. You licked and kissed me repeatedly as the shudders gradually subsided.

My breath came in short gasps as I subsided back down to the couch…

“Oh…my…that was indescribable…I can’t believe how I’m feeling…” I reached to stroke the side of you face, “Come here..” I took your hands and drew you back up to me and kissed you deeply.

I tell you I want to taste you. I knew I have never tasted a woman before but I do wanted to please you as you did me. I start kissing down your neck, licking kissing and sucking my way down to your breasts. I start nibble you hard nipples thru you bra. I look at you and tell you lets get rid of this. My mouth watered as you took your bra off. I loved how hard your nipples got from me nibbling them thru your bra. It took me no time to take one of you nipples in my mouth. As my other hand pinched the other one.

Completely out of control now, I ran my hands down to your panties and slid them rapidly down your legs. I have been waiting to taste you for so long. You help me by spreading your legs in front of me. I lick and nibble my way down your body. I love how your body is responding to my touch. My tongue slides down your inside right thigh, then I kiss and nibble near your patch of heaven. I am so wet and so eager to taste you, but I am trying to regain my control. My tongue slides down your other leg as I reach my hands up to your breasts. This is the first time I have ever felt breasts other than my own. You begin to raise your hips and push your self towards me. I can tell that you are needing me.

Wanting to satisfy you, more than I have ever wanted to satisfy anyone, I move between your legs. You smell incredible, better than I ever dreamed. Your clit is already engorged and you are so wet. As my tongue touches the tip of your hood, we feel a charged ripple pass between us. I must have you.

My lips wrap around your clit and my tongue begins to softly stroke it. It is exactly what you would have done. I instinctively lick you as only I can. My tongue slides between your lips and pushing your legs apart, it continues on to your ass. My tongue circles around your back button and penetrates inside. I then slide back up to your clit and back to a circular spin around it on an even pace.

I go back down on you and suck hard on your clit. Before long, you can feel my finger at the entrance to your pussy. You let out a powerful sigh as I slide two long fingers deep into me. My fingers fuck you in time with my tongue’s strokes across your clit. My fingers pound into you as deep as I could and sucking your clit all the way into my mouth and swirling my tongue rapidly around it. It is not long before your powerful orgasm takes over your body. You explode and I suck your juices out of you.

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