Our Secret Diaries Ch. 02

Big Tits

Here Lucy and Jim continue their diary extracts. Read chapter 1 first.

All characters are over 18 years old.



You’ll never believe what we did last week, Sophie and me. Mum went out and I was supposed to be going out with Nick. So Sophie went round to see my Dad. Little did he know I went too. Dad and Sophie started making out and they ended up in my room. Sophie said she wanted to put the light out to make it more romantic and after they’d been getting all turned on, she said she had to have a pee. So she went out and I went in. It was pitch dark but I managed to find my way to the bed ‘cos it’s my room after all. Then I hopped into bed with my old man! God I was shitting myself. I didn’t say much ‘cos I had to disguise my voice and besides I was too nervous. But he was so randy he wouldn’t have noticed anyway.

He started sucking my tits and pretty soon he was going down on me. My God, imagine if Mum had walked in! I turned around so I could get his cock in my mouth, well part of it, it’s so thick. I could feel myself coming and as I did his cock started pumping into my mouth. I was so out of it I could barely swallow his juice, there was so much of it and a lot of it dribbled out the sides of my mouth. Then he turned me around, calling me Sophie over and over. Just as well the globe in my bedside lamp had blown because I was starting to be able to see his profile and I was terrified he’d recognise me. But after a second he started fucking me. I was so turned on I came again straight away. But he kept on going and going and I came again. I rolled over on top of him so my tits hung down over his face. I was sure he’d realise they couldn’t be Sophie’s ‘cos mine are much smaller. But he didn’t. I came again and so did he this time.

After a while he pulled out of me, still as hard and thick as ever. I thought he must have had enough. But he told me to roll over and put my bum in the air. He started fucking me in the cunt again from behind but after a few minutes he pulled out and rested his cock against my arsehole. I panicked a bit because that was about the only thing I hadn’t done before. But the thought of it turned me on and I relaxed again. He pushed gently and his huge cock slowly went inside my arse. It was pretty well lubricated so it slid in really smoothly. At first it felt like I was going to split apart but once I relaxed it started feeling fantastic and he went further and further in until he was all the way. I felt so full. My god, imagine being fucked in the arse by my old man!

Eventually I came again, a really powerful one, and he did too. It seemed to go on forever and I kept coming and coming. I was crying out loud, then panicked that he’d recognise me. I wondered what he’d do if he realised he’d been fucking his own daughter. At that stage I didn’t care and I don’t think he would have either. I could see why my Mum stayed married to him. And why Sophie kept coming back. After we lay there exhausted for a few minutes I figured it was Sophie’s turn. I just hoped he had a bit more in him. So I told him I was going to the loo and I’d be right back and not to move.

Sophie was just outside the door. She’d been coming all over the place listening to us, but she was raring to get him inside her. She handed me a cassette, and I said “What’s this?”

With a glint in her eye she replied, “I thought you might like a little souvenir.” The bitch had been taping us! Then she went back to the kaynarca escort room. Pretty soon I realised I didn’t have to worry about his stamina. They made so much noise! My God were we that noisy? The people over the road could have heard us. I listened for a while until I could hear they were getting up. Then I snuck outside and made as if I was coming home early. I walked in the front door and there was Sophie, tucking her t-shirt in and looking a bit dishevelled. Not too bad though. Dad went beetroot colour, but I pretended not to notice.

“Soph!” I cried. “What are you doing here?”

She glared at me as we hugged and she whispered “You arsehole!” Then she said out loud, “I just dropped around to see if you were home. Your Dad’s just been showing me his etchings.” Dad went purple. “But I’ve got to go now. You can tell me about your big night out tomorrow at school.” And she walked out the door.

I felt really sorry for my Dad, he was so embarrassed. But I pretended not to notice anything. “G’night Dad,” I said. “I’m exhausted. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I went up to my room. They’d made the bed again but the whole room smelt of funk. I stripped off, and crawled into the still warm bed, careful to avoid the sticky patches. I put the tape in my walkman and put on the headphones and started stroking my breasts while I listened to what Sophie had recorded. At the thought of what I’d been doing with my old man, I came again. God, I had to find a way to do it again!



My God, I can’t believe what these young girls get up to these days! I’m still reeling from what they did last night. Sophie came around while everyone else was out for the evening. We started making out as usual. Last night we went up to Lucy’s room again and after we’d been in bed awhile Sophie turned out the light, saying she felt more intense in the dark. Shortly afterward she got up to go to the loo. She came back and I lifted the quilt so she could lie on top of me. Immediately I started to feel that something was different. Firstly her smell. Then as we touched I could feel her body was different. Her breasts felt firmer, less soft, smaller. Her skin was smoother, less hair. Her hips were narrower and the hair on her pubes much softer and sparser.

This did not feel like Sophie. My first instinct was to turn on the light but I restrained myself. Whatever was about to happen I wanted to experience it to the full. Obviously Sophie had brought back one of her friends with her. Sophie had told me that she and a friend – she didn’t say who but I immediately suspected Lucy – once tricked their boyfriends by swapping partners midway and the boys never realised. And the father of one of their friends encourages sleepovers where he introduces young girls to the pleasures of sex, often several at a time. Perhaps that was about to happen to me. Whatever it was I didn’t let on and I kept calling this girl Sophie. She had a very sensual body and she knew how to use it.

She lifted herself slightly so that her breasts hung down and the nipples trailed across my chest. I could feel her long hair drift across my stomach as she moved down my body, her hands on my cock and then on my balls. Pretty soon her hair hung around my crotch like a veil, and suddenly I could feel her lips and tongue at its very tip. With the utmost gentleness she took the rounded tip into her velvety mouth. Her lips moved fleetingly over the end, while her tongue alternately licked the underside orhanlı escort and made little pirouettes around the tip. Little by little she took it further into her mouth and out again. I could feel myself starting to lose control, in fact I passed control over to her. Several times I felt my orgasm building, but she wasn’t ready for that yet and she backed off a bit. This girl was good!

I wanted to spread her legs and grt my cock inside her but it wasn’t time yet. Gradually I turned myself around until she was squatting above my face. My nose touched her mound and as I caught the delicious aroma of musk and sweat I could have fainted with pleasure. As I reached out my tongue to gently stroke her labia, I felt her give a little shudder. My tongue reached inside her vagina, my lips circled around her lips and caressed her tiny clitoris.

Meanwhile my hands cupped her arse, stroking it in rhythm with my tongue and lips. She started breathing more deeply and moving her hips around. I moistened a finger in her vagina and pressed gently at the opening of her arsehole. She breathed faster and deeper and seemed to suck my finger inside her. All this time she was sucking my cock but the more excited she got the less concentration she paid me. Nevertheless I was ready to burst and so was she!

All of a sudden she started moaning and sat harder on my mouth, tightening her legs around my head as she came with a shudder and an outpouring of breath. My cock started spasming and emptied itself into her mouth as she sucked and licked and swallowed. Just as I thought she was going to smother me she relaxed her grip and went back to the gentle undulations of before. After an hour, or so it seemed, of this ecstasy I felt the trail of her nipples up my body again and tasted her mouth, the scents of my body mingling with hers.

I wondered who this delightful girl was, feeling sure it was someone I knew. That was hardly surprising as Lucy had many friends who often came round to our house. She climbed back on top of me, her breasts hanging down over my lips. When I gently put my cock at the entrance to her vagina, she slowly undulated her muscles to gradually coax me inside. It must have taken five minutes for the head of my cock to move inside her, and every moment filled me and (I could tell) her with exquisite pleasure. Her cunt was small and snug, but it was well lubricated and my thick cock gradually felt its way in.

Suddenly her body gave a great shudder and she moaned as she came again. My cock kept moving into her as slowly as imaginable. We just lay there but imperceptibly I was getting further and further in as her muscles undulated and caressed my cock which was ready to explode again. Her cries and moans were starting to sound familiar and the shocking thought occurred to me. Her body, those breasts, the bathroom, could it be …?

The unimaginable thought stunned me momentarily. But I couldn’t deny it added extra dimensions to the pleasure. She rolled over and took me with her. As my cock moved further and further in she came twice more and I became more certain that I wasn’t imagining this. I began to marvel at her boldness and as I reached my full depth we started to come together. It was all I could do to keep calling her Sophie. While we rested, my cock still fully hard inside her, she rolled back on top of me. The darkness was becoming a little less dense and I could just see her profile against the curtain. Those delicate breasts I’d lusted after in the bathroom tepeören escort hung down, the nipples grazing my face, pointed in the dim light. As my tongue traced a pattern around those young breasts, feeling the few hairs and sucking the nipples to long points, she started riding me as if her life depended on it.

I went deeper and deeper, she opened up but gripped me firmly as ever, her vaginal muscles stroking my cock until I could hardly bear it. But it lasted and lasted until eventually, as I felt I must be splitting her apart, I felt her breath in that familiar sob and her whole body shook as she came and I did too, for what seemed like minutes.

We both collapsed, her on top of me and as I felt her weight all over me, I wondered could this really be her, could this be the same girl who years before had slept on top of me exhausted after along day at a picnic or at creche? I felt some of the same things, protectiveness and tenderness, love, tinged with remorse certainly, but with exhilaration that this girl was really now a woman, that our relationship which had slowly been changing over the years now also existed on a different plane. I still could not be totally sure that it was she, but in my mind there was no doubt. Nevertheless I could not even hint at my knowledge or the spell would have been broken. I knew she could never come to me like this if she thought I knew who she was, and now that she had come to me I had to keep that confidence. I also felt the desire to experience the full range of emotions and pleasures with her and find how far she would go and how far I could take her.

I was almost exhausted with pleasure and I felt she was too, but the thrill of the “anonymous” encounter revived me and I determined to keep pleasuring her. We talked now, I still called her Sophie but she no longer made any attempt to disguise her voice. Her innocence in believing I would not recognise her astounded and seduced me. I slid out from under her, licking her nipples her breasts, belly, labia, and putting my tongue and finger into her narrow vagina which was flowing with juices, hers and mine. Then I turned her over on her stomach and slowly put one slippery finger into her small arsehole as I slid my still hard cock against her labia. I slipped inside easily now and she started moving slowly again up and down, in and out. My cock slipped out and I rested it gently against the tight brown ring of her arse. As my finger slipped out the tip of my cock slightly stretched that opening.

She realised what was about to happen and I could feel her hesitating, perhaps with apprehension at the size of my cock, but also at the intimacy of the act. My cock and her opening were well lubricated and as she relaxed the tip started to find its way in. I decided to let her do all the moving and held myself still. She pulled back slightly allowing me to slip out a bit, but soon started relaxing again onto my hard cock. As she relaxed she moved down and I felt myself sliding in, little by little. The enormity of what we were doing stunned me, and I think she was similarly affected. Several times I felt her tense as if she was about to flee, but after a moment her relaxation deepened, sighing with ecstasy as she took me further and further inside her. At last those sighs joined together into one long orgasm slow and almost dreamy, unlike the others. My orgasm came at the end, slowly and sensuously and with wonder at the exquisite gift we had given each other. We lay for ages like that until she had to make another trip to the loo. Minutes late Sophie bounced in and it started all over again. I was barely able to move, but with the thrill of the three way secret we managed one more orgasm, while I pretended she had been here all the time.

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