Painting a Lion


The Virgin Elizabeth or Lizzie as her friends called her, was perfect. She was 5’5″, 118 lbs, blue eyes, firm round boobs, a curvaceous sweet ass, with her flowing blond hair to complete her femininity attracted males to her like a magnet.

But Lizzie didn’t possess equal confidence that matched her looks, she seamed to be frequently searching for male attention to verify her desirability. She needed a boyfriend and always was looking for the perfect one.

The problem was that Lizzie didn’t put out, she couldn’t being a devout Catholic. Her gorgeous sexuality and flowing personality easily got the blood flowing in any male she dated. A simple kiss wood harden the intentions of any healthy male but somehow Lizzie avoided spreading opening her legs to serve the breeding desires of any of her boyfriends. Lizzie was simply a good Catholic who believed in following the vows of her religion.

That meant two things were ingrained in her beliefs; holding her virginity until marriage and birth control was out of the question.

Sure she wasn’t perfect. Lizzie came very close a few times to spreading her legs when combining too much booze on a date, but she always seamed to find a way to hold off and defeat the many “Leg Opening” tactics. More than once dates had reached her panties and were able to trace the folds of her cunt, but they never found the key to the door and her purity remained intact.

Lizzie had entered her first year of University as a nineteen year old rooming with a friend from high-school Tracy. Tracy was different from Lizzie in both looks and lifestyle. Tracy was a brunette, 5’1″ 108lbs, small boobs with a tight little ass.

She had been sexually active since losing her virginity on the back seat of a Chevy while in high-school. Since that date she had never been able to say no easily. Even in high school Tracy earned a reputation of being a “sure thing” on a date. If Tracy said yes to a date, he had a great chance in getting lucky if he didn’t do something stupid to kill the mood. Simply, Tracy very much enjoyed the sensations of being a woman on her back.

After the third week of classes Sigma Sigma was holding a huge Friday Night party at their fraternity and Tracy had been invited by Steve a friend in one of her classes. Not wanting to go alone Tracy asked Lizzie to join her. It took a lot of effort, but in the end Lizzie decided she could go too. She just couldn’t let her

room-mate down.

Tracy was invited for two very good reasons. First, given that Tracy’s reputation as a slut was well known by the frat brothers, one would most likely get lucky with her. Secondly, it was as widely known that Lizzie was the strange opposite sexually to Tracy. The boys wanted Lizzie to come hoping that someone could open her legs. In fact, there was a complete Virgin Leg Opener plan in place for girls just like Lizzie if the stars and booze aligned correctly.

Never aware of why they were invited the girls got dressed in the normal college party attire. Lizzie wore her school tee-shirt, short ruffle miniskirt, and flat shoes over her matching cute pink polka dot Bra and Panty set. Tracy was well prepared wearing her shortest miniskirt and went braless under her tight tee shirt.

The girls walked the long two mile on campus trek gossiping about anything that came to mind. Finally they reached the front entrance to the Frat house. In front was a large golden lion statue. Lizzie giggled to Tracy as they passed the lion knowing the on campus rumor.

It was said that the lion was painted the color of the most recent virgin’s panties who had been deflowered in the frat house. Lizzie laughed to Tracy “What type of girl wears gold panties, I mean, well maybe a guys boxers. But I can’t remember ever seeing gold panties at any shop or even at Victoria’s Secret. I don’t believe the rumor, its crap!” she said.

Both girls giggled, as they were welcomed through the front door of the frat. Immediately they were both passed a plastic cups filled with what looked like cool aid. The girls took a sip, looked at each other shrugged whatever Beylikdüzü escort it was, it wasn’t cool aid but it tasted good with a slight bit of alcohol.

Lizzie and Tracy both were immediately joined by two of the Frat brothers, Tim and Andy. After the normal niceties the girls found themselves dancing with the boys and having lots of fun.

Tracy asked Andy “hey what’s that concoction you’ve been filling these cups with?

Andy replied laughingly “Its what we call a Glove Potion”.

“Oh” laughed Tracy.

“Nothing really bad, some vodka and a few other things nothing too bad. But we know the women always love the taste so we mix up a batch for the party every year.” Andy joked.

Meanwhile Lizzie had been dancing up a sweat and had downed her third cup of Glove to quell her thirst. But the more she drank the thirstier she got.

Lizzie had no clue that the stars were aligning perfectly for her taking.

Lizzie had no clue what she was drinking. The boys had mixed a special potion especially for her. It was never cheap but it was an effective concoction. Two parts raspberry vodka, one part Cointreau, one part Chambord and three parts Sweet and Sour mix. Women liked the drink because the sweet and sour mix masked the alcohol taste into a sweet raspberry flavored lemonade drink. Every cup had four full shots. The term GLOVE was canned two years earlier when the drink was discovered online. Great Leg Opener Virgin Eliminator.

Of course this was all part of the orchestrated plan of attack. With phase one fully on course. The hope was that Tracy would bring her unsuspecting room-mate along. Then the girls would be treated to as much GLOVE as they liked with hot dancing feeding their thirst. Lizzie was undeniably falling into the plan with every sip of GLOVE she consumed.

The next step of the plan was also well underway, that was to remove Tracy from the game. Of course this would be quite easy because Tracy was known to be more than willing to be generously fucked given the right circumstances. So the GLOVE was helping her contribute to Lizzie’s de-flowering process.

With several drinks already downed by Tracy, Chad inched his way in and was completely focused in on her. And why not considering this was as close to a sure thing as he would ever find, no virgin but what the hell, why not separate the room mates to help the cause and bang the living daylights out of this slut.

Sure enough after three cups, Tracy told Lizzie she was going on a tour with Chad and she’d see her later. Five minutes later Tracy was in Chad’s room on her back being rammed to the hilt. Tracy wasn’t going to see Lizzie until the next day.

Lizzie was well taken care of by both Andy and Tim. They made sure she danced continuously and her cup was always full. Half way through her fourth cup which was somewhere around eight shots Lizzie hit a wall and became dizzy. Dizzy-Lizzie sat down and Andrew told her “You’ve been dancing way to much and you need to drink more to keep you going. Sure enough, her thirst was quenched by finishing the fourth and then a fifth. It was all she would need.

Soon after the fifth the room began to spin. Tim suggested that she lie down a bit until Tracy returned. She agreed without much thought. Tim and Andrew took her by the arms and escorted her down some steps into a large room lit by a dozen tea lamps. In the middle was a single bed with a thin mattress. Lizzie sat on the bed noticing the room was a spinning darkness.

Eliminating Lizzie

Lizzie lay down and closed her eyes to stop the spinning, god was she wasted.

Kevin joined Tim and Andrew in the room and they discussed executing the next step. Quietly with Kevin watching Tim approached and kissed Lizzie on her lips while holding her face. At the same time Andrew began caressing her flat stomach and her body without touching her nether regions. In a first step to undress the virgin Kevin removed her shoes. Lizzie could feel six hands touching her but she wasn’t sure how and why with the attack on her senses working Beylikdüzü escort bayan she allowed Tim to slip his tongue into her mouth and put her arms around his neck.

Tim could taste the alcohol on her breath and knew the virgin Lizzie was weakened and highly vulnerable. Tim raised his hand and beckoned Kevin continue the process. Soon all three boys were kissing this virgin beauty and fondling her body. The boys moved in further and softly began running their hands over Lizzie’s breasts and her legs tracing all over her body gently. She could do nothing with all three arousing her senses simultaneously. She allowed them to kiss her deeply while fondling her body.

Kevin quietly backed off and grinned widely watching Andy and Tim remove her university tee shirt leaving her only in her bra, skirt and panties. For the first time they could see her pink-polka-dot bra. With Tim kissing Lizzie deeply Kevin gently lifted her skirt and found her matching panties. With Tim still kissing her deeply, she never noticed Kevin checking her out. Kevin disappeared for two minutes and returned to caressing Lizzie’s body.

Lizzie mumbled helplessly into Tim’s mouth but it didn’t matter, as Tim unclasped the front clip of her bra. Six hands were now once again running softly over her body and arousing her nipples, her stomach, her legs, and her neck before her bra was completely disappeared.

The boys had removed all but two articles of clothing. There was no doubt that this unsuspecting virgin was getting closer to having her cherry popped. The preparations were already in far in place as other frat brothers started to paint the lion long before the de-flowering was complete. As students left the party they saw the painting start and wondered who the former virgin might be, and if they even knew her.

Lizzie lay on her back with her senses under attack by six hands and three mouths with only her skirt and panties covering her.

Tim continued deep passionately kissing Lizzie while Andy and Kevin caressed her from both sides of the bed. Both boys moved closer and while caressing her aroused nipples they slowly started to caress her legs moving along the outsides then towards her nether regions. In unison they stroked the insides of her beautiful thighs pushing ever closer to her pussy. One of the boys lifted her skirt and slowly they worked her entire body until they reached her tight virgin hole. Gently they stroked her body over and over with occasional gentle traces over her cunt lips. Her labia swelled from all the attention and her panties were soaked.

Once again Lizzie tried to speak in her intoxicated state but Tim continued to kiss her deeply while twisting one of her nipples.

All these hands and mouths had her in an extra heated up state that she had never felt before. The room spun while her body was being caressed, and her cunt teased through her panties alternately by different hands.

Slowly and simultaneously in pure ritual Andy and Kevin looked at each other and took hold of opposite sides of her Pokka-dot panties and in teamwork they slowly pulled them down her legs, past her knees and removed them from her body.

Kevin quickly tossed the panties to a fourth individual who took them from the room. Both Andy and Tim traced her folds finding a very wet and slick pussy. As wet as Lizzie was she had to be mid-cycle and ovulating, what a perfect situation to deflower a virgin in her hottest time. Lizzie knew she was been stripped but couldn’t rationally put her thoughts together.

No longer being kissed Lizzie mumbled unintelligible sounds, but the boys only laughed while fingering her cunt and kneading her tits. She was fully prepared.

Kevin re-appeared having stripped from the waist and he stroked his member making sure that he was at his very hardest. He stood only feet from the virgin at the foot of the bed. Immediately, both Tim and Andy grabbed Lizzie’s ankles while positioned her at the foot of the bed. Both boys simultaneously lifted her legs skyward ankle to ankle. Her skirt flipped Escort beylidüzü conveniently onto her stomach.

Kevin positioned his virginity eliminator inches away from her Cunt but didn’t touch her, yet.

In tradition Kevin nodded followed by both Tim and Andy slowly bringing her feet and legs apart while caressing her inner thighs.

Lizzie was now perfectly spread eagle with her eyes shut. She knew she was in trouble but had no clue what was truly happening to her. Lizzie’s legs were brought down to a perfect ninety degree angle to hot body forming a perfect T shape with her cunt waiting in the middle.

With her beautiful legs spread completely apart, her cunt lips separated slightly leaving a perfect little target for Kevin. Kevin put both his hands on the bed bedside the curves of her body and positioned himself for his mission. Lizzie’s eyes opened wide and she shrieked when the tip of Kevin’s nine-inch rod filled that gap.

“Goodbye sweet virginity” he laughed.

“No” she mumbled as Kevin positioned his rod carefully into her cunt.

Lizzie senses instantly sharpened with the realization that she was about to get fucked.

Moments later, with Kevin’s cock entering her cunt she screamed, “my virginity” only to hear shouts of “Yes” from the spectators in the room, even one of the brothers was filming her deflowering.

Then Kevin pushed his entire 180 pound body forward plunging through her resisting hymen and drilling her womb as hard as he could. Her sweet virginity was conquered.

Lizzie mumbled an exquisite sound of sex as her fucking started.

He held his cock in its deepest penetration with his balls resting against her ass and yelled “Your are mine”.

After twenty deep hard thrusts he withdrew and wiped the blood from his rod on the sheet before quickly sticking it back into her cunt. Lizzie bucked back into her mate as he pounded her good for his pure enjoyment. Moments later he splashed baby-batter against the back of her womb making sure to shoot hard and as deep as he could into this beauty.

Both Tim and Andy stood behind Kevin awaiting their turn with Lizzie patiently. Tim was next and his ten inch tool filled her womb completely. Then Andy followed and four others who had documented the de-flowering of Lizzie. All seven came deeply inside of her womb leaving her filled with baby-batter to the hilt.


The next morning Lizzie woke alone with a splitting headache in the room to the sound of an alarm clock. Her cunt ached and she was covered in dry cum. She knew she was a virgin no more her vows had been taken from her and she inwardly sobbed. It was ten o’clock and Tim walked in. Lizzie covered her tits with her arms and coldly asked where Tracy was. Tim said she had left thinking you were gone.

“I need my my blouse, bra and panties” she asked, “well” answered Tim. “I really don’t know but we have a spare tee shirt that you can wear. ”

Her bra and panty set were already hanging in the trophy case upstairs.

“Ok” she answered doubting his answer somehow, but wanting to get out of there as fast as possible. Tim returned two minutes later and Lizzie turned beat red when he passed her the tee shirt. It was badly painted pink-polka-dot with the words stenciled on the back “I successfully participated in a virgin lion painting adventure.”

She stared angrily at him, and he offered “well another option is you could walk back to your dorm topless, if you like.” She had no choice, no choice at all.

As Lizzie left the frat house she couldn’t help but notice the lion now sported a brand new paint job. Pink-polka Dot. Oh God she thought, knowing she had her own monument and her unprotected womb was completely full of baby-batter. A sheet hung from the frat house highest window with her virgin blood stain to validate their victory and proof of the painting.

Lizzie eventually arrived back at her dorm but hundreds of students saw her along the way and knew she had been the Lion’s girl.

She finally entered her room and Tracy looked up from her bed at her knowing immediately Lizzie’s fate from the previous evening and said “oh no, not you, they didn’t”

Yes she cried, and they filled me with cum. I am not on the pill, what will I do.

Ten weeks later the poor Catholic girl Lizzie was visibly pregnant with twins growing within her body.

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