Pantyhose Wrestling One on One

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Hi again. It’s been three months since my first date with Sam. And I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone, given what you know about me and my husband and me and Sam, that I have left him and I am now living with Sam. In fact it’s been nearly two months now.

And like many people that live together we share stuff. Today I borrowed Sam’s laptop, just to do some emails and banking, you know everyday stuff. But when I went to save a file I found a folder called ‘Becky wrestling’, well I knew both Sam and Gemma had downloaded some of my old matches before we wrestled but I’m intrigued to see which ones she’s been watching, so I decide to take a look.

Well that’s a bit weird, I think, as I go through the matches that Sam has saved. I mean, I made around 70 to 80 videos for the company I worked for, winning about 50 plus of them. Yet the ones that Sam has downloaded, I mean every single one, is of me losing…what the fuck? Worse still looking at the ‘most viewed’, it seems the ones she watches most often (yes, apparently she’s still watching!) are the ones I got beaten worst, mainly the few where I was forced into sexual submission!

Sam returns home and I decide to bring up the subject, not that I’m mad, just curious, that’s all.

“So Sam, I notice you have some of my wrestling videos on your laptop.” I begin.

“Yeah, but you knew that right?” Sam replies hesitantly. “Do you want me to get rid of them?”

“No, not at all, I quite like that I am in your fantasy life as well as you real life.” I answer honestly.

“OK, cool.” Sam says, somewhat relieved “So did you look at them?” she asks.

“I did. And may I ask, Sam do you enjoy watching me get my ass kicked?” I enquire.

“Ermmm, well actually I’ve always preferred watching wrestling matches where my favourite gets dominated.” Sam explains. “And I’m really sorry Becky but honestly, watching you lose really turns me on. You are so gorgeous when you submit.”

“You know, that almost makes up for the beatings I took back then. And believe me, I still remember some of those matches and they really fucking hurt.” I reply candidly.

“So does wrestling do anything for you sexually? Not including any after match forfeit.” Sam enquires like a fangirl.

“Well actually, yes. But not the matches you’ve been watching. I like matches where I dominate completely against a beautiful girl. The feeling of having her totalling under my control is definitely a sexual one.” I answer.

“Did it turn you on beating me and Gemma?” Sam presses.

“Yes, but mainly you. I don’t think any opponent ever aroused me more, and I’m not just saying that because how things have turned out. In fact that’s probably a big part of why I’m here.” I expand.

“So you’re really Ok with me keeping those videos?” Sam asks.

“If watching them makes you want me more, I’m good with it.” I answer.

The conversation moves on and turns to less remarkable subjects. Until a couple of hours later, whilst we are lounging on the sofa watching TV.

“Becky, I’ve been thinking.” Sam says out of the blue.

“Yeah?” I reply uneasily.

“I think we should wrestle again.” Sam says.

“Really? You know I would win easily, right?” I respond.

“Well I’m actually thinking of two matches.” Sam continues “One me against you, which obviously you will win. But then a second with you taking on another opponent, that I set-up, so I can watch you wrestle.”

“So who would this mystery opponent be?” I ask.

“I don’t know yet. I’ll need to find someone. And it needs to be someone capable of beating you though, obviously.” Sam chuckles.

“Let me think about it.” I say, not really convinced.

“Here’s another incentive. They will both be 30 minute matches, and as a penalty, the loser owes the winner an orgasm for every point they lose by. Obviously in the case of the second match, the other wrestler is a proxy for me.” Sam explains.

“Wow, you have been thinking about this. It’s interesting but I still need to think it through! So I’ll let you know when I’ve decided.” I say.

The subject is dropped there, for the rest of the evening.

So today is Friday and while I’ve been sitting in the office today, I’ve been mulling over Sam’s proposal and eventually I have come to a decision. What the heck, I’ll do it. Who knows, I may be a long time dormant wrestler but maybe I could win both matches and get double the reward. Either way, wrestling with Sam and the ‘prize’ in incentive enough. So I text her, as she is working at home today.

“Hi Sam, I’ve been thinking. I’m ready to wrestle when you are.” I hit send.

Seconds later I get a reply “Don’t make any other plans for tonight then!”

Sheesh, that girl doesn’t let the grass grow!!

I arrive home from work, I walk into the living room and then the kitchen and Sam poker oyna is nowhere to be found. Then I see a note stuck to the fridge ‘your outfit is in the bedroom, your opponent will meet you in the spare bedroom.’

I go upstairs and on the bed there’s another note, which simply says ‘this is all you need’, next to it is a pair of black, seamless pantyhose and silky black bra. I take a very quick shower, and dress in the ‘outfit’ Sam has prepared for me. Once ready I make my way down the hall to the spare room, and slightly bizarrely I knock.

“Go in Becky!” Sam calls to me with little laugh in her voice. She is in the bathroom, doing her final preparations.

I enter the room. My oh my Sam has been busy, she’s cleared everything out of the room, where there was once a bed and a chest of drawers there is now just a covering of soft yoga mats.

As I stand in there surveying the room Sam enters behind me. I turn and am greeted by a spectacular sight. Sam’s body is fully encased in pantyhose, white on top and black on the bottom, and nothing else except a pair of 4 inch heels. The sheer material of the hose coverage her arms, torso and breast, as well as her legs, ass and pussy. This type of outfit had been worn by a couple of my opponents in my days wrestling for a pantyhose wrestling video promotion, and was in one of the videos on Sam’s laptop. Sam walks over to me, given that she is 3 inches or so taller than me anyway, and I’m shoeless, in the heels she towers a good 6 or 7 inches above me. That might have intimidated me, if I wasn’t so certain, from experience, that I can easily beat her.

“The rules are, 30 minute time limit, submission only wrestling. After a submission the hold must be broken but as soon as there is a full break, the match can immediately re-start, as the clock continues. The winner gets a prize of an orgasm, however she wants it, for each point of the margin of victory.” Sam re-iterates.

“Okay, anything else.” I reply slightly sarcastically.

“One more thing. The loser will not be allowed any sexual gratification until the victor has claimed her entire prize.” Sam expands.

“So if I win by 5 points, and I decide to spread my prize until next week, you go without all week?” I clarify.

“Yep!” Sam replies. “Like you’ll be able to show that kind of restraint.” Sam winks at me and licks her lips.

And, then in a moment unique in my wrestling experience, my opponent leans forward and kisses me.

“Good luck Becky.” Sam says, walking away whilst kicking off her shoes, to get ready for the match.

I’m still speechless, if Sam’s idea is to distract me, she’s doing a pretty good job so far. I need to get my head in the game.

Sam starts the timer and says “Go!”

Ok, regaining some of my focus I move toward Sam. As we meet in the centre of the room, I immediately seize control, grasping her right arm, then crossing her body to swing my right leg behind hers, and sweeping her to the mat. Following up quickly, I drop down and sit straddling her chest, as I do I grab her by the wrists and pin her arms above her head. The feeling of her encased breasts beneath my crotch, with the contact of nylon brushing against nylon, is turning me on. Maybe I could just stay here and spend the next 30 minutes grinding on Sam for my kicks…ok maybe not!

I take my pinning further, sliding down Sam’s body (which the nylon on nylon contact makes both easier and more stimulating), turning my hold into a grapevine pin, wrapping my legs around Sam’s and spreading them wide apart. This feels so intense, having my beautiful young lover trapped under me, as I control her gorgeous body with wrestling holds. I maintain my hold for a minute or so, Sam isn’t really getting close to submitting to this, as it’s hard to get any real purchase on a grapevine hold if you are wrestling someone with longer, more flexible legs. But as I lie there, looking down in to Sam’s face, I am too contented to want to move. As I think that, Sam pushes her luck a bit further, craning her neck upward to stretch and kiss me. Ok, I need to stop this, as this isn’t going to get the match won or get me my prize…well maybe just a few more seconds.

I break the kiss and the grapevine hold. Not allowing Sam up, I flip her over, so she is now lying on her front and from there I move quickly to lock on a camel clutch, pulling her arms across my legs, tucking my fingers under her chin and pulling her backward. I apply the hold fairly lightly, after all, as much as I want to win, I don’t actually want to hurt my girlfriend, just have more fun dominating her. Ok, it’s more than I can resist now! I move my hands from Sam’s jaw, allowing them to wander over her arms and shoulders, thrilling at the exquisite feeling of the sheer soft material covering her body. Then after a short time I allow my hands to go lower, canlı poker oyna finding her nylon swathed breasts, copping a feel. Man they feel good.

“Eh, what are you doing perv?” Sam asks, laughing. “I thought we were wrestling.”

“Ok, you’re right.” I reply.

With that I re-apply the hold properly and with more pressure than before I start to pull, as I would in a ‘proper’ match.

“Ahhh, OK, OK, fondle my tits.” Sam calls out, still laughing but the stilted laugh of someone in discomfort.

“Nope, sorry.” I respond “If you want me to stop, you will need to submit.”

With that I apply the hold more forcefully still. Which draws a quick response from Sam.

“Ooooooh.” She moans pretty loudly “OK, please, I submit.”

Instantly I release Sam and she drops to the mat. I allow her a short time to collect herself, as I stand over her.

“Ok, you gonna get up, so we can go again” I ask.

“Why? What’s the point? I’ll only end up back here again. So just start when you’re ready.” Sam counters, passively.

Ok, I will. She’s not even really looking at me, as I take hold of her again. Moving behind her, I clamp legs around her head, sitting behind her, in a seated head-scissor, taking hold of two hands full of her hair to keep her still as I do. Once again, I don’t apply a great deal of pressure, just enough to keep her compliant.

“Why do I get this feeling of déjà vu here?” Sam jokes.

“And there’s no Gemma to take over afterwards this time.” I remind her.

“That’s okay, I’ll take my punishment solo. But when it comes to get your prize you may need reinforcements!” Sam boast. Starting to caress my thighs with her silky hands.

I’m distracted again for a moment (Sam is getting very good at that). As I drift away Sam bucks, trying to escape the hold. Honestly I hadn’t even realised I had let go of her hair, to allow me to stoke her arms as she fondled me. Her escape attempt half worked, as she bucked and wriggled, she partly freed herself, only for me to re-catch her. Thing is, this time she is face down in my scissor, her face my crotch.

“Nice try!” I say, as I squeeze a little harder.

“Nice view.” Sam replies, her voice slightly muffled.

“Now who’s the perv?” I answer with a giggle.

“Me!” Sam answers boldly.

With that, and I guess a little predictably, Sam starts to nuzzle at my crotch.

“Stop that!” I command, not that it sounded very commanding.

In fact Sam’s response is to intensify her efforts. Once she is sure I’m no longer resisting she slows becoming more meticulous, as she deliberately and seductively orally stimulates me. This is utter bliss! I a short while I’m cumming, an orgasm so intense I lose all sense of where I am. As I regain some semblance of cognisance I am aware of Sam speaking.

“Becky, Becky, I submit! I submit!” Sam is pleading.

As soon as I process the words, I release my grip.

“Oh my god Becky. I thought you were going to snap my head off” Sam says.

“Sorry Sam, I didn’t know what I was doing.” I apologise.

“Mind elsewhere was it?” Sam laughs as she rubs her neck.

“I think you deserve all the punishment you get, you naughty girl.” I answer.

I’m not sure which of us that submission took more out of, so before Sam gets the chance to take the initiative, I attack again.

“What the…” Sam says, her words trailing off.

Somewhat unsteadily I drop onto Sam, as she is still lying face down. Hoisting her legs and folding, I somehow manage to apply a Boston crab, albeit not the most stable hold ever. If Sam had any fight left in her, I think she could probably escape from here, but I think the accidental power of my head-scissors has weakened her significantly too. And as before, I am not applying the hold with full force, this time as much because I’m buying myself time, so I don’t need a quick submission. I’ll just hold her here a while.

“Are you going to let me go, or are you just going to keep groping my legs until the end of the match?” Sam asks, snapping me back into the present, as to be honest I wasn’t really aware that I had been fondling her, until she pointed it out.

“Is that your submission then?” I reply.

“No!” Sam answers back defiantly.

Ok, challenge accepted. I put some force into the hold, bending Sam’s stunning, supple body to the point where flexibility gives way to pain.

“Shit, I give, I give.” Sam yelps.

I release her, again letting her drop to the mat.

“Oh fuck.” She exclaims “Why do I keep doing that? Note to self, let Becky molest me, it’s waaay more fun than what happens when I point out what a perv she is!”

“Oh really?” I retort, chuckling “Maybe this perv should make you submit some more, so she can really have her way with you.”

I follow that with another offensive, internet casino again diving on to Sam’s back but this time wrapping my legs around her from behind and pulling her in to a seated body-scissor. Once in position I take a two dual strategy, I squeeze with my legs building the pressure slightly over time, but also with my hands free I am again able to explore my opponent’s body, fixating once more on her nylon encased breasts.

“Are you OK with this hold?” I whisper in Sam’s ear, as I knead her breasts gently. “Or do you want me to concentrate more on wrestling?”

“I’m fine with it, honestly.” Sam replies “Just good old fashioned wrestling tactics. Kind of like this!”

As she finishes her sentence Sam reaches behind her back with her right hand, and searching between my legs she begins to massage my crotch. This full pantyhose encasement is working wonders for her, her breast feel spectacular and her hands are electric.

“Now who’s the perv?” I say.

“Well you can submit if you want me to stop.” Sam replies.

“Well I’m not submitting, so I suppose you had better carry on then.” I giggle.

Sam’s attention is incredible, obviously this is not the first time she’s touched me here, far from it, but in the heat of a wrestling match, with her under my control, whilst caressing her body it feels… well, orgasmic I suppose is a fitting word for it! And after a few minutes of slow, sensual manipulation, the metaphor becomes literally true, as I hold her tightly whilst my body quivers to another magnificent climax.

“Sorry Sam, that was great but I’ve got to do this.” I purr into her ear.

At that moment I squeeze as hard as I can, which isn’t as hard as normal, as my legs are currently a little rubbery. But still, it pretty quickly gets the job done and Sam squeals another submission.

As I release the hold, for the first time in the match, my mind turns to the time limit. I need to step up the pace here, I’m guessing we are half way through and I still only have 3 submissions, where I would expect to get at least 10, probable more, in 30 minutes in a one sided match. So I crawl over to the countdown timer to check, as Sam is going nowhere at the moment.

28 minutes 40 seconds!! What the fuck? I have obviously been dawdling and distracted for longer than I’d appreciated… jeez Sam has executed her tactics well.

Having realised my error I quickly re-start my assault. Grabbing Sam’s arm, I pull her towards me, as I attempt to twist her into a hammerlock. Between my weakened, post-orgasmic state and the panic which has set in, I miss my hold, as Sam squirms free. I am still able to re-grip her, this time rolling her on the mat, pulling her head into a side head-scissor, yanking her into position, again using her hair, almost catfight style, which brings a yelp from her. But this has taken too long, by the time I get the hold applied effectively the timer beeps and the match is over.

Three submissions, wow that’s a spectacular failure, even allowing for the fact that I had two amazing orgasms during the match, that’s still much worse than I would have expected.

“Ok Becky, you win. So any plans for how and when you want your prize?” Sam acquiesces.

“Well, given that I managed a paltry three submissions I may as well get it all done here tonight.” I say, expressing my relative disappointment.

“OK, well I’ll go and get showered and changed and you can tell me where you want me.” Sam responds.

“Oh no, you’re staying dressed just like that.” I announce “Now put those heels back on and go and lie on the bed. I’m going to get the laptop. When I told Gemma about this at work today, she made me promise that I would video conference her after the match and I agree that she could direct a couple of… well you know!”

“What the fuck Becky?” Sam exclaims. “Are you kidding me?”

“No, and I think Gemma has been giving this some real thought. So prepare yourself.” I respond “Now, shoes and bed.”

With that Sam compliantly picks up her shoes and leaves the room, without another word.

I start-up the laptop and connect my call to Gemma. She looks great, she is wearing the outfit she wore last time we wrestled, the shirt dress and hose.

“Hi Gemma, you’re looking hot, I seem to remember that outfit. So are you ready for your directorial debut?” I ask.

“Oh god yes. This may be hotter than actually sitting on you face. And that’s off the scale hot!” Gemma replies.

With that I walk into the bedroom the camera pointing ahead of me, so Gemma gets a view of Sam waiting for ‘us’.

“Hi Sam, I hope you’re ready to do some stuff that will make two women cum.” Gemma teases.

“No problem Gemma, with you pair of pervs. You are the two horniest, dirty girls I’ve ever known.” Sam giggles. “I reckon I could make you cum by just licking my lips right!”

“Cool!” Gemma replies “Becky go and get a red lipstick and some rope. Because trust me Sam, you are going to be licking some lips.”

Well I’m going to go now, as I think I’m about to get quite busy.

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