Path to Our Future part 2

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Waking up the next morning with a strange yet familiar woman next to me is a sensation that I don’t get very often and considering Lajita is as soft and warm as one could hope I consider myself lucky on what started out to be a bad Halloween. Her hair is still in a long braid down to the small of her back and I’m playing with it lightly as she sleeps, I have short hair all the time and I never play with my women’s hair so I figure might as well have a little fun. I gently prod her a little at her lower back with my fingers and watch as after a few moments she rolls onto her back.

Lajita is still sleeping as she settles on her back but I’m wide awake as I slide down the bed and under the blankets. I get myself in between her legs and make sure she’s still asleep as I start to kiss her legs gently, there is a little moaning but mercifully she shifts and spreads herself wider for me. I get my face right down next to her womanhood and can smell Lajita’s musk; I take my time as I start to probe her folds with my tongue. It’s just a gentle trailing of the my tongue up and down her slit taking care to note where her clit is before working over her warm hole. Immediately as I put my tongue inside I feel Lajita stiffen and moan but I am taking my time. The taste is wonderful and how men can go without eating their women even once I will never know as I settle myself in on my stomach and have a face full of trimmed Indian bush under my nose licking with earnest. Lajita’s legs bend and snake my arms under them reaching around her hips and gripping the top of the blanket so she can’t see under the covers.

“Wha…. Guy is that…. Ohhhhh,” are Lajita’s first words of the day.

I’m digging my tongue deeper into her sweet hole and I feel her start to shift her hips to slow my work but I’m ‘hungry’ and Indian is on the menu. I can feel her struggle with the blanket being held around her waist but my grip is strong and I can feel her start to shake a little as a she could be getting close, never done anything with her pussy so I wouldn’t know. I can hear her saying something in Hindi but it sounds frantic and her hips are trying to go all over the place as I bury my face deep in her and go all out on Lajita. At first everything for her stops then I’m dealing with a shaking and moaning woman who is either biting down on something or lost her tongue. It takes a few moments but she starts to calm down as I have slowed my merciless mouth on her muff, say that three times fast. I let go of the blankets and as she stirs I note it’s lighter as the blankets part and I am dragged up by my head gently till I’m face to face with a very ready Lajita. I was getting hard during my oral work but now I’m feeling like having some fun.

“No,” is all I say rolling off of her and sitting against the head board.

“What? What no? Why no,” Lajita asks confused and a little desperate.

“If I just take your womanhood then I’m no different than Kamran,” I state being very passive despite my erection.

Lajita is confused for maybe half a second before scrambling up from her spot and onto my lap, her hips have my member pressed against me as she starts to grind the length of me between her folds. As she takes her time with my entry I lift her more than a D breasts with my hands and latch onto her nipple for the first time. As I suckle her nipple and roll my tongue across it in my mouth Lajita’s grinding against me becomes rougher and more intense on her end. She’s a nice shapely young woman and I let her keep her pace of grinding when the inevitable, at least in my mind, happens to shock her. The head of me slips inside and after two inches Lajita freezes in place and all I can hear is her heavy breathing. I expect my Indian goddess to take her time and slowly adjust, I’m so fucking wrong as she slams down and begins riding me for all she’s worth. It’s long hard thrusts of her womanhood onto my member and if I wasn’t trapped between her and the headboard I would be holding on for dear life. My own orgasm is a little ways off but at this pace and with the new texture of Lajita’s womanhood wrapped around me I won’t be long when I get a warm salty liquid in my mouth. I attempt to stop but Lajita holds my head in place.

“More, suck harder, I’m going to cum again,” She informs and instructs me.

I figure out that this is breast milk and while I am not sure I should continue woman asks man does. I go from playfully sucking to trying to deflate her breast through her nipple and the effect it is having on her is one that could probably be heard from the second floor of the building. The headboard is knocking against the wall lightly, Lajita has a death grip on it and her womanhood has one on my member, I’m almost permanently stuck to her breasts and I’m thinking this is the best morning breakfast minus food ever when I swell up and feel that I won’t last long. I want to say something but as soon as I let Lajita’s nipple go she wrenches my face towards hers passionately and I’m kissed deep and hard. I feel her tongue in my mouths and start to relax a little before uncontrollably bucking my hips against hers as my orgasm takes over. It’s all hard grinding and moaning as I flood Lajita’s womb with my little swimmers and I’m in such a head rush that I can’t tell if she came again or not. The two of us slide down the bed keeping me inside Lajita and we’re still kissing although we’re calming down from it. Finally I pop out of Lajita and she smiles breaking out kiss.

“I came so hard from you trying to get me pregnant,” Lajita whispers as we start to cuddle together.

“I thought you were pregnant for a while there,” I reply quietly.

“Two men only have ever been inside me like you were and one wore a condom. You are worth everything that Kori said you’d be and more,” Lajita tells me looking me in the eyes and smiling.

“And how long has Kori told that I’d be worth it like this,” I ask wondering at the planning of my Halloween.

“Couple years, and while I never could have planned this I can’t think of a better time for you and I,” She says quietly tucking her head against my chest.

It’s morning yes but barely and instead of getting up we settle in talking and playing around in bed. I never had the chance to play with Lajita the first time she crawled into bed with me and the second was all business but now we’re friendly, very friendly. A knock at the door an hour later has us both wondering how this is going to go since she has barely any clothing and all my clothing looks like it’s out of Ghost Rider minus a flaming head. I let her dress in what little practical clothing a belly dancer would have and then take my trench coat to wrap around her as she finally answers the door to a surprised Liz.

“Lajita?! Holy shit that was you last night,” Liz exclaims letting everyone in the state know what happened.

“And it was me this morning, could I have something better to wear this coat is itchy,” Lajita asks and I hear Liz go hurtling down the hall to find Kyle.

I shake my head with a grin, Liz and her grand plans I guess. Sure enough thankfully she comes back with some sweat pants and a t shirt for Lajita to change in and while the costume can support her girls I remind myself to get back into her chest at some point in the near future as we join Liz and Kyle who are eating cereal. I start to grab supplies from the kitchen and Lajita is already prepping to make breakfast. Kyle and Liz just stare as she cooks and I assist and when the plates start getting handed out neither one has the will to say no despite the now empty bowls in front of them.

“If you are active at night then you must have a meal to help replenish your body in the morning, the silly rabbit on the box is not a meal,” Lajita admonishes them with a smile.

We’re all eating and while Lajita and Liz are talking Kyle is staring at me a little concerned, I know what he’s worried about and I make it a point to separate myself from the girls before he tracks me down to talk.

“Okay so are we cool with last night,” He asks me and I’m really worried about him now.

“No, we are not. I must fight you again and reclaim my stepsister’s woman hood,” I tell him with a serious expression before bursting into laughter,” Kyle lighten the fuck up man, you had sex, she wanted to have sex with you. What’s the big fucking deal?”

“I screwed up what Rachael and I had, granted you came clean and we talked about it afterwards but I was driving her away with my plans last year,” Kyle starts but I’m cutting him off.

“Ben cheated on my sister rampantly, you know that, and he’s still walking and talking. Honestly I think Liz loves you,” I tell him and that’s where I see his face sour.

“I told her I loved her and she didn’t say it back,” Kyle says but I laugh and that throws him into a bit of a rage,” It’s not fucking funny!”

“Dude she barely tells me that she loves me and I’m her brother, you’ve been dating for a couple months,” I state being the reality check,” Trust me she loves you, she just doesn’t get all girly about that word.”

“You’re serious, she barely uses it with you at all,” Kyle asks now confused.

“She’ll say the things she loves about you, that is Liz in a nut shell. All the little things that make up the person but she won’t say it to that person,” I inform him as he
gets through his girl moment.

I leave him with that thought, I can tell this is going to be a big thing for him and figure I should talk to Rachael at some point and see if Kyle was always like this but she is a girly girl in her own right. Rides home are settled easily, I will take Liz with me and Kyle with take Lajita home for me. We’re actually in the door Saturday before one in the afternoon and the family is there I play that I didn’t have a great time and Liz keeps her mouth shut, my asking price as to me staying around for her sake. Dad tells me it was nice of me to help her and I shrug heading to my room to change out of my costume clothes. I decide on a shower and as soon as I’m out I’m face to face with Katy who has an upset look on her face.

“I’m sorry, we all are,” She tells me as I head to my room.

“Yeah, well it sucks to celebrate a holiday without my girls. I mean not a one of you could bite the bullet and try to be around me for a party,” I explain, I’m not super hurt but this needs to be addressed by me now apparently.

“I had studying, Kori is sick, Matty and Rachael were with parents and Imelda hates the holiday. What were we supposed to do,” She asks as we get into my room.

“I hate Valentine’s day but every year I’m doing all the sweet and loving things you like because it makes you feel better,” I tell her just wanting to set a point but she’s in full defense mode.

“Okay but you going all quiet on us and brooding because we didn’t spend one holiday with you isn’t fixing shit,” Katy states shutting my door.

“Well I had a room for the whole night, no parents and no noise restrictions. Guess what I did for the night,” I ask her and she starts to look a little downcast.

“I know we blew a good opportunity and I’m sorry you were bored,” she says quietly.

“I hooked up with a belly dancer girl,” my words get out of my mouth and Katy’s mood changes,” I mean she was hot too, breasts bigger than yours, a soft sweet accent, she even asked if I would be with her if I wasn’t marrying the five best girls I’ve ever met.”

“You got laid last night and didn’t tell us,” Katy almost yells before realizing where she is,” You got sex last night from some random girl?”

“No I had a good time an old friend who just happened to be there when you all weren’t,” My words aren’t biting but Katy hates a missed opportunity.

“And I could have been fucked hard and properly for hours last night,” she grumbles sitting down on my bed.

“Hey you and Mom chose school over fun time, besides we only had sex twice,” again my words make Katy jealous and a little grumpy.

“Who is this bitch I want her name so I can take you somewhere and we can fuck her silly,” Katy growls turning on her rage.

“Her name is Lajita; remember we helped her with Kamran? And no we are not,” I reply sitting down on the head of my bed.

Katy is on her phone immediately with Kori and I can hear them going over the details of who I was with last night. I can tell that Kori is feeling slightly better and is still sorry none of the girls were there for me but Katy is giving her the third, fourth and fifth degree for more details considering her and Lajita weren’t friends but Kori keeps it short and sweet before getting off the phone. Katy is very grumpy and put off as she pouts on my bed. She has her back to me and is wearing a tank top sports bra combo with some of the long shorts we wear in Dad’s gym. I move up behind her and pull her backwards up the bed, she follows me but she’s not happy she missed out on the chance to scream her little heart out. I have her sit in between my legs and with my arms around her waist so she can lean back against me.

“I really want to do something with my college classes and I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I know Mom kept me on the work last night but I like the holiday too,” Katy tells me using her arms to overlap mine.

“I wanted you there too, Lajita is an old friend but seriously once I found out that Liz’s fun was tied to me staying there I was trying to do something nice,” I reply kissing the back of her neck.

“Yeah thanks Liz, I could have had some fun last night if you’d let my husband come home,” Katy grumbles leaning her head forward.

“What did you say,” I ask her as I start to kiss around her shoulders.

“I said we could have had some fun last night,” Katy mumbles enjoying my soft kissing.

“No you called me something my sweet Katy,” I state moving my hands up her torso and squeezing her D cup breasts.

“I wanted my husband last night,” Katy growls leaning back and we kiss deep.

It’s not a rough kiss but she is full of need and while I was taken care of a few hours ago this is my woman and I will take care of my bad woman. I pull her top up and start squeezing her nice large D breasts as we break our kiss and she grinds her ass against my crotch. I smile and feel Katy start to get restless, we have both parents home and while she’s got time today we have to be careful. I’m thinking that immediately when a knock on my door has us both freeze and Katy fixes her top before answering it. It’s Mom on the other side and she has one of her ‘shopping trip’ looks on her face.

“Hey honey, we are heading out to start looking at dresses for Liz so she can go to the homecoming dance. Is there anything you think you’ll need that Loretta didn’t already take care of,” Mom asks with no spite or venom.

“Actually I wanted to get a cane for my tux,” I state as Mom looks at me oddly,” And a top hat and a monocle…”

“Ha ha very funny smart ass, well we’ll be gone and your father is bringing the budget with us so think about dinner tonight and don’t starve while we’re gone okay,” Mom says as Katy walks her out.

I let them get down the hall and head over to my computer, first thing is to take it off line. That means no internet and no wifi. Second I smirk and set up a couple things and then grab my phone and Bluetooth moving them over to the bed placing one on the night stand and the other on the dresser. I pull my t shirt off and am in my work out shorts only and barely seated when Katy comes back in the room with a vengeance. I’m pulled down so that I’m laying on my back as she yanks my shorts off and it’s only when I grip her hair by the head firmly does she stop and look to me.

“I’m not going to be fucking my wife, I am going to make sweet love to her ass,” I tell her as she smiles big.

I am compliant as she crawls on my bed and starts to take her time licking the whole of my shaft, rough sex is good but I’m going for hot deep love making with Katy
today. It doesn’t take long with her licking and stroking me with her hand for me to get hard and she smiles she rights herself and begins to pull her clothing off piece by piece till I have my tattooed bad woman naked on my bed. I move up on my knees and face her before pulling her in for another kiss, I’m holding her tightly and firmly but not rough and she’s pawing at my skin with an intense feeling of love and lust. I turn her away from me again and push her down so that she’s facing the foot of the bed and on her stomach. I begin massaging her ass cheeks with my hands, tenderly spreading them as I lower my face down and start to kiss each cheek gently. Katy is almost purring when I surprise her as gently start to lick her back hole, I don’t do much just a gently nudge with my tongue but the effect is immediate.

“Oh Christ that is good,” Katy groans as work her asshole over a bit more.

It makes me glad that she’s very interested in me working her asshole over gently probing and pressing with my tongue but not güvenilir bahis invading very much as I feel start to try to get me to go deeper. I take one long lick all the way up her crack, then to the small of her back, and up in between her shoulder blade. I stop when my cock is right at her ass; I do some light adjusting so that the head of me is lined up right with her before taking Katy’s hands in mine and interlacing our fingers. I press my whole body down onto hers and there is barely any resistance as Katy shifts her hips slightly and I press into her ass. Katy doesn’t even stiffen at the invasion, she welcomes it and I feel her soften as I continue to bury myself and press my body against hers. I settle for a moment and kiss her cheek causing her to turn and kiss me in earnest. I start moving but don’t break our kiss as I’m rocking myself in and out of her slowly and carefully only using four of my eight inches so that I can feel her accept me as I push back in.

I get a rhythm going and while Katy isn’t moving much she is purring and moaning while I take my time working her ass over with my cock. I’m feeling good but I remember what I started earlier and while this is fun I figure I need to give her something more. I bury myself deep and rest inside her for a moment before slowly working her up from her laying position till we’re on our knees with me still buried in her. I kiss her neck and grip her breasts with my hands while she moans and starts moving a little fucking me with her ass. It feels good and with her hands reaching back for me, one on my hips and one on my head I know we’re going to have some fun as I decide to up the ante. I leave her wonderful breasts alone and hold her hip with one hand while using the other to rub her tender pussy. Katy’s gasp is that long, surprised and almost wordless moan but her body starts to grind up against me hard and I waste no time speeding up my thrusting into her ass. I try to be soft but Katy is fighting me and finally the room fills with our groaning and a light slapping noise as hips collide with ass. I can feel Katy start clamping down on me and I’m nibbling on her ear as I feel her almost stop gripping me all together.

“OH fuck baby I’m cumming,” Katy groans loudly as she stiffens a little.

I can feel my hand on her muff become damp and then a little wet as she hits her orgasm, I don’t hold back and with a good deep thrust flood Katy’s backside with my sperm. If her orgasm before was good my own just kicked it into high gear as I feel her nails digging into my scalp and hips, I bite her ear lightly in response. We grind and moan as our orgasms subside and finally we lie back on my bed panting when she starts to kiss me deep and soft.

“That was amazing,” Katy says as I secretly reach past her and hit a button on my phone.

“I have a surprise but clean up first,” I tell her and she smiles before hopping off the bed.

I finish in her ass and not a bit of it leaks out, total control on Katy as she grabs her clothes and heads out of my room. I get dressed a little and check my computer, a couple quick edits and I’m in my chair when Katy comes back mostly dressed.

“Okay so I have a surprise for you and I hope you like it,” I tell her as she sits down on my lap.

“Alright well it’s not a present and I have an awesome ring so what is it,” Katy asks with a light smile.

I load up the screen and play the video; there I am on my bed just minutes before Katy came back in from walking Mom out. Katy watches in shock as we go through the whole act of our just completed love making. The sound is good, the video could be better from a web cam but Katy’s face on screen with mine as we orgasm was the clincher as I note she’s staring at me and not the screen. Immediately she stops the video and pulls me back to bed and I’m put in my place as Katy pulls my well used cock out of my shorts and takes her time cleaning me with her tongue and mouth. It doesn’t take long and when done she curls up next to me and I’m in lovey cuddle mode with my not so liking the cuddle fiancé.

“I think someone likes her present,” I state and I can feel her smile on my chest.

“I am the girl with her first porno of all of us,” Katy tells me quietly,” I think we all need a first and that is mine.”

I think on it for a second and she’s right there are a few first between the girls and this one is all hers. I smile and we relax on my bed, not even talking just holding and feeling a shit ton better now than an hour ago. I the day doesn’t get away from us as dinner time rolls around and we make sure we’re decent to sit with the family. We get done and the girls clear the table while Dad pulls me to the gym, as soon as we’re in he hands me an envelope.

“In is a rental receipt and a reservation on the night of the homecoming, it’s not super fancy but it’s not a motel. Those are yours for the night, don’t tell Mom,” Dad tells me with a big smile.

“Dad I could just ask Loretta for this, she’s rolling in cash,” I tell him and I watch his face go from happy to lesson time.

“I’m your father and I’ll be dead, burn and scattered before I let someone else, especially your birth mother, do everything for my son. Loretta and I talked and if she ever wants to be in this state with you at the same time she’s going to stand back and let me be Dad,” He tells me before giving me a smirk.

“Dad I have to ask something about Liz and Kyle,” My words have him pause,” She thinks she’s getting away with sex. She really doesn’t seem to realize that you know when it’s happening.”

“Like you and Katy this afternoon while we were shopping,” Dad informs me and I chuckle,” Son at this point the only thing I’m worried about when it comes to your sister and Kyle is birth control. I tell her not to fool around with him and she’ll get stupid and do stupid shit. Then she’s pregnant and we’re on a damn talk show about pregnant teens. Fuck that nonsense.”

“Alright Dad but the saying is fuck that noise,” I tell him and he looks at me.

“Nonsense is a better word,” Dad states as we rejoin the family in the house.

We joke and rejoin the family with my secret in my back pocket, we’re still weeks away from the dance and I’m going to do my job as a leader at school and continue doing my college courses online. It’s a bit of a trick but if I’m really good about it I’ll have some solid work done on my degree before I ever set foot on a campus. I hop on to my computer and bring it back online before sending a message to Loretta. We talk a little and she’s happy we’re still communicating and I promise there will be more talks to come since I’m looking at a college in between both homes. She’d like me in Texas and Dad wants me in Washington but I need to be there for both. I don’t want to look right now but I plan to do so after the New Year comes.

Sunday morning I’m sleeping soundly, it’s my day off from everything and yet someone is trying to sneak into my room. I’m quiet and calm as I feel someone crawl up on my left, as a joke I roll away mumbling.

“Heather I just wanna sleep a little more, go tell the kids to put their games away,” I grumble and hear a sharp gasp before wheeling around and scaring Imelda,” HAH, you thought you were sneaky!”

I pull her in bed and tickle her with a little mercy before we start rolling around and laughing. It’s a nice wakeup and I miss her since she has a job and it keeps her busy like nobody’s business. Apparently if a woman works at a mechanics shop men flock to the business and while she doesn’t play the token hot chick, she could mind you; Imelda does her job like everyone else. We talk and cuddle when she tells me something that I didn’t expect to hear.

“I want second baby after Kori,” Imelda informs me and I look at her with concern.

“Well Kori does have ‘dibs’ as it were but I thought you were the one other than Matty that wanted to wait,” I ask gauging the situation.

“I did, then a woman came into the shop and as I was bringing her van in the loading bay she forgot to clean it out and her baby was in the back seat. I took everything out and brought the baby in the office with her, she was grateful mind you but then she asked me if I wanted to hold her daughter,” Imelda tells me and I can see her start to well up,” Honey I cried, this baby smiled at me and now I’m feeling all mushy and I want a baby. As in I want one this year but we need to wait and I don’t know.”

She’s got baby sickness; I’d find that out later from Mom. For now I hold Imelda and we talk, we actually do a little planning on the baby front, we both agree that a girl would be best so she can be pretty like her mommy. It’s a nice feeling to actually go through the planning portion of this now and think about it without any real stress or outside tension. We stop when my stomach rumbles and I get to have breakfast with two of my girls. Katy and Imelda hug and immediately start going into tough girl subjects which has Dad and I listening but Mom and Liz wondering about Vaseline on knuckles for a bitch fight in a bar. Most of my remaining Sunday is giving Imelda some personal time and that means we ride, I take Black Sunshine and we spend so much of the day going down the roads and freeways. I haven’t rode this much in a bit usually we stop after an hour or two. Instead we set off at noon and I’m home at nine with a happy Latina on her way home aka Kori’s parent’s home.

I’d like to say that Monday and Tuesday were fun and productive days but I would be lying. What I can say is I’m not having any problems with people and school is running itself happily save for one thing, dance committee. Apparently there is a budget we have and they, the five females came to us with their plans and what they ‘expected’ us to pay for. Mercifully the voting was four to one and they were trounced out on Monday only to return on Tuesday with a slightly less offensive list and again they were burned out unanimously this time. I think the voting aid, not sure what he actually does but the guy contributes, is hard up for a date and five pretty girls makes a man desperate. We adjourn on Tuesday and I’m sitting in the room since I have naught to do till the end of the day when I get a knock on the door and find one of the five, the ringleader, on her way back in to talk to me.

“Guy I was wondering if I could have a word about the homecoming budget,” she asks plainly.

I take note of her, about 5’8” with a lean build, not big up top or in the rear but not a stick. She’s mixed I know that much being white and black by her hair which is pressed flat and around her ears. And she’s dressed conservatively with a button up shirt and a nice pair of capri pants, they remind me that Kori is sick and I need to visit her today.

“We can have several words about the homecoming budget…,” I didn’t bother to remember her name because she’d been annoying me for two days now.

“Tania,” She injects her name tah-NEE-ah in the right spot.

“But what you and your friends are asking for is going to kill at least three club budgets that have been approved and while a lot of people don’t think chess is very trendy or cool half of the people in it are tutors and they don’t usually ask for much,” I explain and I can tell she’s trying to listen.

“Okay but this is the senior dance, it sets the tone for the rest of the year,” she tells me trying to explain her point.

“And what precedence are you trying to set? That we can overspend and kill day to day clubs that have merit and worth to make the year shiny and pretty at a few points,” I’m not ‘trying’ to be mean but entitled people bring it out of me.

“Guy listen, I voted for you last year. A lot of us did, we thought you were going to break the rules and do shit in a fun way,” And now comes the appealing to my inner rebel,” but you talking about a budget is really a downer I mean we’re just talking a couple grand for the first big dance of the year.”

“Well now that you got it out of the way I can tell you that you’re fired,” I state and proceed to start checking names off the list for the dance committee,” Oh and tell the little group of friends that they are off the committee too.”

“What?! What do you mean I’m off the committee, I built this committee,” Tania yells at me getting up from her chair.

“Yes you did, and it’s failed. I’m grateful for you voting for me last year but I never, not once, asked for anyone to vote for me. I’m here now because I do things for the people, all of them. If that means I plan this fall dance myself then so be it but I will not screw the rest of the school to tend to the whims of five girls, just not going to happen,” I tell her firmly but calmly.

I watch as she grabs her bag and storms out of the room, god women tempers. I could definitely get Kori to help with this and probably Allison, Hanna and Natsuko too. I didn’t think I would bother but I start reading their list again the decorations and venue being the biggest things. I cancel out the venue and put down the gymnasium. It takes me a minute to decide on the next part when I realize its fifth period and I decide to take a stroll and clear my head, well it’s a stroll to the bathroom anyway. I’m standing at the urinal and I hear the door and the feet following them. I turn and glance to note that I have at least three members of the varsity basketball team in here with me and it looks like they’re waiting on something as I finish.

“Problem gentlemen,” I ask without turning.

“A big one and we need to discuss something with you Mr. President,” says one from behind me.

I turn, two six foot plus black guys and one white guy only a little taller than I am. They all have their fucking letterman jackets on, why live the stereotype, it’s a valid question. The two bigger guys look bored but the white guy looks like he’s the mouth piece.

“Okay so which one is first,” I ask getting very aggressive.

“Wait what,” the white guy asks as the black guys perk up.

“Fine, I’ve fought three before,” I haven’t but I’m pretty sure it’ll feel shitty afterwards.

“Dude whoa, not here to fight! So not here to fight, saw that fight last year with Kyle and I do not want a piece of you,” the white guy exclaims as the black guys hold their hands up in surrender.

“Then why trap me in a bathroom three on one,” I ask calming a little but not standing down.

“You weren’t in the meeting room and we found you here,” One of the black guys informs me.

“Okay well as much as I’d like to stay and cause a rumor mill about four guys in the bathroom I’d say let’s do this back at my office,” I mean the meeting room We’d been using but they get it.

We head back and the leader, Donny, is Italian and Native decent. I am not sure he’s actually Native but I don’t dispute as he makes light conversation and his buddies head off on their own so we can speak one on one. I get back in my seat and he sees my work with the dance budget and I can tell almost immediately what this is about.

“So Tania sent you to plead her case,” I ask getting a nod.

“Yeah, she figures you’ll speak with me since I’m not ‘entitled’ whatever that means,” Donny informs me and I sit back to listen,” She’s got her heart set on this dance being perfect, she’s set on everything being perfect.”

“Perfect for the two of you or,” I ask and get a wide eyed response.

“Oh no, step sister. Her dad married my mom, we got a little brother now but she only plays the sibling card when she can’t get something done herself. Besides my girlfriend wouldn’t like me dating a cheerleader,” Donny tells me and now I’m intrigued.

“Your girlfriend,” I ask since this is the most interesting conversation I have had all day.

“Yeah, Courtney, she was tutoring me last year so I could keep playing basketball and then I heard you talking about class bullshit and group nonsense and it was a big thing for me. I was dating a bitch at the time and broke it off. Then Courtney and I were sitting there going over fractions or something and I just asked her out,” Donny explains and I smile,” Honestly best thing I ever did was ask her out because she helps me be more than I was.”

“I’m glad I was able to inspire you but don’t look at me like some messiah or anything. I just state how stupid shit is and hope people listen. Sadly Tania doesn’t see her budget as stupid so I fired her and her friends,” I tell him plainly.

We sit and I explain how bad the budget would be if we did all that she and her little group of cronies got what they asked for and he understands but still wants me to let her help plan and coordinate it. I am seriously thinking about saying no but he’s being a man and not pulling some bullshit makes a solid case for her. I agree to speak with her one more time but today only and he accepts that and leaves. I text Matty and tell her that I’ll be busy during fifth period but I want to go over some things after school with my crew. She gives türkçe bahis me a kissy face in reply and I chuckle, she can be a girl sometimes. Sure enough home period comes around and I have a knock at my ‘office’ before I see Tania come in and quietly close the door after herself.

“Welcome back,” I greet her but she seems a little determined where as I’m friendly.

“Thanks, listen if you’re going to shoot me down now just tell me so I can go do some study hall,” Tania asks me but I gesture for her to sit.

“Here’s the thing, twice you didn’t listen to me. I know this is a big dance and for you it’s very important. I admire the passion but if I told you I could keep you from getting acne ever again it’d just cost you a foot or a hand would it be worth it,” I am trying to explain and I think she gets it.

“Okay well what are you thinking,” She asks and I smile.

I explain where we can save money and not spend money which she appears to be listening to. I start going over where we will cut things entirely, like location and decorations. Tania isn’t really understanding and I decide to focus on areas we shouldn’t cut costs.

“The biggest thing we need for a great dance is food and music, that is where the budget should be spent and we have some to spend it on,” I show her the list,” Now as for decorations we have an art club that I will speak with tomorrow to set on making sure we have supplies and they can make everything that we’re needing.”

“Okay but what is the theme,” Tania asks and I shrug,” My plan was better because everything was prepackaged.”

“I hate to tell you your way was lazy and expensive. I can guarantee you that if we source catering here as opposed to people fending for themselves we can up ticket prices. Add to that the gym is fucking huge we don’t need the best DJ, hell we could probably just have a local band or something come by and play,” I tell her and watch her face sour.

“You are killing me, a local band? What about slow dancing or even king and queen announcements? A band isn’t going to help with that,” She tells me growing frustrated.

“Okay so I’ll get a cheap DJ, can probably get one for two hundred easy,” I am seriously fucking with her but she doesn’t know it.

“My god you are killing the whole dance, bad music means no dance,” She almost yells at me before throwing herself back into her chair with frustration.

“Well at least the catering will be good,” I joke and she finally looks at me and groans.

“Are you seriously fucking with me,” She asks and I nod,” that is a dick move.”

“So is not listening to the man with the budget and authority. It’s nothing personal but you’ve kept me from relaxing for two days now and I had to give you something back in return,” I tell her chuckling.

She relaxes and we go over what the dance should ‘look’ like. She has some pretty good ideas and we only simplify a few of them to get a smile out of both of us. I show her the DJ’s and while she doesn’t pick the most expensive she does pick the one with the most positives for a high school. I discuss a flyer for the song list to see what people would like to hear and it’s agreed that no major swearing would be tolerated. It’s all coming together and I’m a little pleased with myself for working things out when I notice she’s on my side of the table leaning over and looking at my phone for catering companies. Tania smells wonderful and I must be missing some girl time because I want a female right now. I’m keeping my urge in check but she’s right here and I have a lock on the door.

“So all those women of yours keep you busy,” She asks idly, I think it’s idly asking.

“Yes and no, I make it a point to touch base constantly and being there with them is best for me. It keeps me grounded,” I reply, my women are good and will love up on me soon.

“So you don’t fool around outside them like I heard rumors of,” Tania asks still not looking at me.

“I can but I don’t always, are you offering,” it’s a long shot but I have to ask.

“I want to be back on the dance committee, hell if possible I’d like to be the whole damn committee,” Tania tells me sitting down next to me in a separate chair.

“And you’re planning to do what for that exactly,” I ask looking straight at her.

“Nothing, I’m best for it aside from budgeting apparently and its part of my final school report to plan a social function. I want to be an entertainment coordinator,” Tania tells me and I smile.

“Done but you report to me or Kori, my fiancé,” I tell her getting a surprised look.

“Wait you’re not going to make me sleep with your or something,” Tania asks confused.

“Nope, I like the fact that you said no. I mean you’re attractive and I’m kinda lonely right this minute but I can wait and go meet one of my fiancés later. Besides you have a boyfriend,” I tell her and watch her face sour.

“I don’t actually, I’m kinda the non slutty cheerleader,” She tells me and now I’m really wondering what is the point of a dance if she doesn’t have a partner.

“Never thought all cheerleaders were slutty and at least you’re using a love of partying to further yourself,” I state and the compliment doesn’t go unnoticed.

“So I have to report to Kori? Okay call her,” Tania asks and I dial up the line.

Kori sounds a shit ton better and I hand it off as she speaks with Tania, they are having a girl conversation and I wait patiently as they discuss whatever it is she wanted to talk about. They are on the phone for five minutes or so when the Tania hangs up the line and hands me back my phone.

“We’re good to go then, I’ll talk with the art club and that will get the ball rolling,” Tania tells me grabbing her bag.

“Alright then I’ll let you get back to what you need to do,” I tell her and watch as she almost leaves the room.

She’s hesitating; I know that much but why. Either she wants to do something or not but I don’t understand hesitation in a free and open situation. I mean worst that can happen is you get told no. I stand up from my chair before coming around the table that served as a meeting desk. Tania is looking at me and it’s about five hot seconds of just standing there before she drops her bag and I have her in my arms with our tongues exploring each other’s mouth. I’m ready to go and I can tell she is too but since she’s not pushing the envelope I keep myself cool and sure enough she starts to cool down as well. We finally separate ourselves a little bit and while she’s still hot she’s reining it in.

“This dance goes off, and I mean well and Kori said I have permission to see if the rumors are true,” Tania states catching her breath.

“And what rumors are those,” I ask curious.

“You’ll find out after Thanksgiving if this works,” Tania tells me grabbing her bag and exiting the room.

I shake my head; Kori even when sick is setting me up for new experiences. I’m honestly beginning to wonder if there is going to be a point where my girls are going to want other guys. I know they’ve never said anything but I figure I’ll have to bring it up around the end of the school year. I do relook at the dance planning, it won’t be too big budget but we’ll just have to see what happens.

In case nobody told you dance planning is boring as fuck. Yes we want this type of music, no we need that over there by three feet, yes we want to sit down to eat since there is catering. It’s repetitive bullshit. Mercifully over the next two weeks and few days the dance came together. All the decorations are set and we’re looking at a damn near full house with ticket sales and some of the student leadership is even doing a King and Queen voting. I’m excluded due to my presidency just like the rest of the leadership. Personally I’m getting ready and my Dad is helping me with my tuxedo, so many fucking little things and the order to put them on in is a pain in my ass. Mercifully Dad also secretly packed me an overnight bag and has made sure the reservation and my clothing is set up, Mr. Prepared has done me a solid. I am ready when I hear some light commotion from the living room and decide to join the festivities. I’m greeted by Kyle in a very sharp tuxedo with a tie, mine doesn’t have one. I have a simply onyx stone right where my tie should be.

“Guy you look good man,” Kyle greets me with and I smile.

“Yeah well this is supposed to be one of those nights to look good for,” I reply and we’re both smiling till he looks over my shoulder and stops.

I turn and see my sister, Elizabeth, all decked out in a silver dress strapless dress and I can honestly say there is a Disney princess somewhere calling her a bitch with her hair and makeup done to perfection. Kyle is actually a little speechless and finally finds himself.

“Elizabeth, wow, I’m not sure I can accurately describe that you look… wow,” Kyle manages to get out to a chuckle from me.

I let the two of them take their pictures with Mom holding the camera while I shake hands with Dad and give Mom a surprise kiss before stepping out and getting into the limo Dad rented for me and the girls. I’m inside and give the first address to the driver who nods and we’re down the road. Mathilda is first and I’m actually a little nervous as we pull up and I cross the yard to her front door. I knock and wait patiently till the door opens and I see Matty’s father standing before me only he looks a little… off.

“Come in Guy,” He mutters rubbing his eyes.

“Thank you Mr. Amdahl,” I reply closing the door after me,” Are you okay sir?”

“No boy, yes I am, fuck,” Matty’s father mutters before turning and grabbing me by the shoulder,” Boy that’s my baby girl, she’s all I got and now she’s a pretty angel and I’m losing my baby.”

Yep, single parent and he’s missing a wife like crazy right now. I get him set down and hear a voice from the back of the house tell me ‘Just a second’ before I hear footfalls and I’m standing face to face with Matty. Let me rephrase that, I’m face to face with my Amazon and she’s clad in an almost golden ball gown with her hair done up and white gloves up to her elbows. I must be smiling big before we both turn to the biggest concern in the room, her father.

“Daddy you said you’d be strong for me tonight,” Matty says to her father giving him a hug.

“Baby it’s hard, you’re so damn pretty and I’m so happy for you,” He tells her holding it in.

“Sir if I may make a suggestion that my father had for me earlier. My parents are home tonight having a get together with a couple other parents. Maybe it’ll be best if after we leave you head over to my folks house and stay with them. It’ll be better to have company if you’re feeling down tonight,” I tell Mr. Amdahl who nods lightly.

Mathilda and I let him take a few pictures before his daughter gives him another hug and we finally return to the car to go pick up Kori. On the way over I pin the corsage on Matty and she cuddles me a little bit on the way over. She’s in happy girl mode the whole trip over and decides to wait in the car while I head up to get Kori, I bring the corsage this time and almost knock as the door opens and Mrs. Patrick answers.

“Guy you are right on time, she just got done with her makeup and wasn’t waiting long,” Kori’s Mom tells me as I step inside.

I shake hands with Carl, Kori’s stepfather and Mrs. Patrick’s husband, and the three of us idly chat when we hear the door to the bathroom open and I’m quiet as all hell as Kori greets me from the top of the stairs. Matty went ball gown but Kori went evening dress. Her hair is down a bit with some braids and a little jewelry but the dress is killer, black strapless with sequins and a purple sash around her waist. It doesn’t come close to the ground and I can see Kori is wearing heels just to match my height and probably Matty’s too.

“Oh my god you look amazing sweetie,” Mrs. Patrick tells her daughter as she makes her way down to me.

I take Kori’s hand and immediately kiss the back of it as she smiles. I let her mom and Carl take about a million pictures of us doing the little things like pinning on the corsage and a couple photo before she grabs her overnight bag and we’re back in the car and down the road towards the school. I’m actually excited, I didn’t think I’d be excited for the dance but I kind of am considering something I’ve been working on with Kyle for the past couple weeks. It’s a packed house and people are arriving in all sorts of vehicles but I see we’re pulling into a spot at the front and I’m out of the limo first taking Kori’s hand to help her out then Mathilda’s before I get a kiss on the cheek from the two of them and we enter the dance.

The whole theme was done as a winter wonderland but it’s very not Christmas more like snow and ice with blues and whites being the colors. As soon as I’m in the door there are students greeting us, not like ‘hey man’ but more of ‘President, you showed up’ or ‘you ladies look wonderful’. I was having a bit of an ego boost and so was Kori but Matty, shy, tall and Amazon like Matty is beaming with joy as we wander through and find our seats. Our table isn’t one of the round tables like everyone else gets. No I get the long table facing everything with the DJ not twenty feet away from the end of the table. I shake DJ 151’s hand, it’s his name I guess, and thank him for simply making the night a little better. I don’t even get back to my chair when I’m called over by Kyle and find that the girls and I are up to get our pictures taken by the photographer. First one of myself and Kori, then one of myself and Matty, then one of Matty and Kori. That got an interesting look from the photographer but the final one was the three of us and once he figured out the positioning it was perfect and we were told we’d get the photos back in two weeks like everyone else.

Finally we get to the table and watch as some students are dancing, some are dining, some are just mingling. My table is full with Devin and Masha, Kyle and Elizabeth, me and my girls, and the only two couples that reserved the main table. One is Tracy and her new boyfriend, my Samoan loudmouth named Lou. The other is a Hideo and Vicki, by the looks of it Hideo broke the bank but I smile and nod from me and he smiles back letting me know he’ll be cool.

Dinner is wonderful, we eat and while the girls go with fish I take the lobster tail dinner. We get to the end and I’m watching as my friends all take their ladies to the dance floor and I look to my girls and watch as Kori smiles and Matty stands up. We get out on the floor and even though I have to look up to her, my Amazon is a very happy woman during a slow song. We dance a few numbers and when the beat picks up Matty steps out and Kori motions me over to her on the side but I’m not moving and I bring her over to me with a finger. She starts moving and to her surprise I’m moving with her, and well too. Kori is surprised as I’m moving with her but she’s really surprised two songs later when we’re dancing close and I not only am I not stepping on her feet but I’m dancing with her, really dancing. She’s always just let me keep my space and done most of the movement but now we’re moving and she’s giddy as we step off the dance floor.

“Where the hell did that come from? Two months ago you couldn’t dance for the life of you and now here you are holding your own with me,” Kori asks as we rejoin Matty.

“That would be me,” Kyle says stepping up to us,” He’s been practicing with me on his foot work almost since we got back.”

“And I can honestly say I’m still not sure about using my toes the whole time but I needed help,” I state and Kori laughs enough that we are all smiling.

The tables get cleared out for the most part and it’s mostly informal seating and a beverage table left save for the DJ booth and the stage where the table I ate at was. About an hour and change ticks by when Tania, who is heading the event in a ruffled white dress, steps on stage with a microphone and two members of the student leadership.

“My fellow students this is the first dance of the year and we have a King and Queen to crown so without any further waiting let’s do the drawing,” I watch as a piece of paper is handed to Tania and she reads the name,” Well I present your Queen of the Dance, Korinna Patrick.”

To say we’re stunned is an understatement but Kori is petrified because she knows I can’t win. I give her a quick kiss on the cheek. I watch as she heads up and is crowned, Matty and I are beaming as she smiles to us and Tania is handed her second piece of paper.

“And the King of the Dance is,” Tania states before doing a double take while reading,” Robert Wallace.”

I’m at a pause for thought, who the fuck is Robert Wallace. Matty is confused and I start looking at everyone around me as Lou finally comes up to me.

“Dude he’s on probation for drinking and transferred in because he can’t drive to his old school anymore,” my Samoan mouthpiece.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri watch as a guy about my height and a tux that has been worn out a little bit come staggering up and make his way to the stage. He’s got brown hair and is Caucasian like me but the big thing is that everyone can tell he’s been drinking as he snatches the crown and pops it on his head.

“May I present your King and Queen of the Dance,” Tania says trying to show enthusiasm and I start to get people to clap and cheer a little, it’s my girl up there,” Now the King and Queen will have their dance.”

This is that moment where I’m reminded that I’m in control; I am calm and will not flip out. There is a good sized spot on the dance floor and a circle is made as the ‘King’ and my Queen move to the middle to dance. It’s a slow song and Kori is leading him and keeping a safe distance as they slowly enjoy their number. I look around and note that not a single person is taking any pictures and get thumbs up from Devin and Hideo, good men I got there. It’s only a minute into the song that I watch Rob’s hand grab Kori’s ass and I’m about to come unglued when I get held in place by Matty and Masha. Kori puts the hand back where it’s supposed to go and it’s when he surprises her with a kiss that she breaks all contact and I the situation becomes clearer to me. Lou and about four of the football team start to move in.

“Hey baby, you’re my Queen… why aren’t you gonna polish the scepter,” Rob asks when it all comes down.

I watch Matty and Masha escort Kori to a seat as Devin, Hideo, Kyle and I follow Lou and the football players in tuxedos as the grab Robert and lift him out of the gymnasium. Teachers actually get the door for us and I see Coach Campbell give me a nod before closing the inner door after us. Lou and his brothers in arms deposit Rob on his feet and we watch him stagger to catch his balance before settling on me.

“Hey man, I’m King and she’s Queen that means I get boning rights tonight,” Rob slurs at me.

“And which bone would that be, a knuckle bone? A femur? How about a skull,” I ask as we surround Rob.

Rob takes his shot, sadly it’s not a good one and I don’t even move as he and his haymaker comes to an interesting end. Kyle steps in and grabs Rob’s wrist and triceps before spinning him around a few times before hurling him towards the grass. We watch Rob roll to a stop and I wait as he begins to stand up the proceeds to vomit his liquid courage onto the grass.

“Rob I’ll see you Monday after Hideo and Devin coach you on appropriate action with another man’s woman,” I tell Rob before we head back into the dance.

Coach Campbell get’s the door for us after we knock and looks to see Rob sick but not beaten, I get a pat on the back for not kicking the shit out of him and all of us men rejoin our dates. Kori is sitting in a chair holding two crowns and I simply walk up and take the one Rob had and deposit it on my head before leading her to the dance floor and we take a few spins around to cheer her up. It isn’t long before Tania has called it too late to continue and we’re all shown the door. Amazingly only a third of the students left and as we’re leaving I note some people from other schools have attended our dance. It’s a district thing that is allowed as long as there is no trouble and this night we’re all good. I get the girls to the car and give the driver the surprise address.

“Guy my folks are going to be gone tonight so we have the house to ourselves,” Kori tells me as we start down the road.

“And my Father has made sure that we will not, in any way shape or form, be disturbed tonight,” I tell her and watch as she and Matty look to each other in happy wonder.

The drive takes a bit and we’re all ready for the next big thing when we pull up to the Ramada. It’s not the best hotel but it’s definitely a lot better than Kori’s room as I lead us past the front desk and up to our room for the night. We get inside and find a single bed, queen sized and a full bathroom with a pair of roses and some chocolates that I know Mom had a hand in putting there for the girls. Kori and Matty are smiling big as I’m told that I need to change and ushered into the bathroom and ‘informed’ that I will dress ‘appropriately’ and wait till summoned. I strip down naked and check myself a little in the mirror. I feel nervous, I’ve been with both girls more times than I care to count but this is special. I feel good despite my nervous feeling and finally after what seems like forever I hear my name called and cut the light before reentering the room. The lights are off but there are enough candles lit that I don’t need a fucking lamp to see Kori and Matty. Both are lounging on the bed, both are completely naked and smiling as I approach the foot of the bed.

“We had to pick who went first and I decided that Kori get’s first turn,” Matty tells me as Kori moves up to her knees to greet me.

“I want my loving husband tonight,” Kori whispers to me and I’m about half hard as she begins to pull me down to the bed after her.

The kiss with Kori is electric and as she backs up the bed pulling me with her will and our lips connected. We finally settle in and I’m over Kori as she pulls my entire body against hers separating her legs and slowly rubbing womanhood against my member. I start to kiss around her jaw line and Kori likes it as I can feel her smile.

“I don’t need foreplay with you, I don’t even want it. I want my husband to make me feel like a woman,” Kori whispers before taking my head in her hands and kisses me again.

I don’t aim to get inside Kori, we simply rub our bodies together and when she shifts her hips and I angle myself downward I press inside and we both relax in a familiar and welcoming embrace. We’re slowly rolling our hips against each other taking our time and feeling each other out, finding all the familiar spots. Kori and I get into a groove of meeting each other’s body and our kiss is the longest standing one we’ve had to date when I get a wicked idea and stop moving fully buried inside her. Kori slows down and stops moving with me and we lie there for a moment when I make my member jump inside her and she giggles. Slowly I feel Kori start to milk me, gently flexing her muscles around me and I’m making myself move in time with her. To the outside world which literally consists of a patient Matty we aren’t moving but Kori and I know better and while it’s not franticly paced I shift my knees under me and my latest jump causes me to rub her g spot. Kori’s eyes fly open and she breaks our kiss groaning hard but her body hasn’t stopped trying to pull my seed out of me. My attention is being taken from concentrating on everything else as I open my eyes and Kori has locked onto me with her steely greys. Immediately we both shudder as the feeling is intense and both of us are still yet frantic to climax as I can feel my blood boil. I’m gritting my teeth, Kori is moaning and has a desperate look on her face when suddenly I’m the one to break and even though I’m all the way inside Kori I press forward and the rush of my orgasm. Kori must be hitting her own as I start mine because my head gets wrenched to hers and our tongues are warring for dominance and she’s digging her nails into my scalp. We rock slowly together and I can honestly say I’m probably spent for the next couple of hours as Kori starts to pull herself away from me. I get up to my knees as Kori is lying there breathing heavy with a completely satisfied look on her face.

“I hope you have some left because that was hot and I want to have the full course,” Mathilda says pulling me to her side of the bed.

I crawl a little over to where she is and immediately Matty makes sure that I’m properly cleaned as she takes my cock in her mouth and is giving me a vigorous cleaning job. I’m super sensitive right now and while I could tell Matty that you try to explain to the Amazon that let another one of her sisters go first that you need a minute, she’s patient but not that patient. I take a handful of her hair and gently start to move my hips giving her mouth the gentle version of what I’d be doing to Katy in this instance. I’m about half hard as I pull Matty’s mouth off of me and push her backwards to the bed, I get her legs apart and while I’m not fully hard yet I know a couple things that help me get there as I bury my face in her warm pussy. I am not wasting time and since she said she wanted a full course I’m sucking on her clit while working a finger in and out of her pussy. My vigorous onslaught of Matty’s womanhood fills the room with her moaning and while she’s thrashing around more than a little bit she isn’t risking any separation between us as I feel her hand holding my head in place. I move up to two fingers for a few moments and feel Matty lock up as a small orgasm hits her. I slow down and listen to my Amazon panting for breath for a few moments when I roll her over and put her ass in the air. I yank a pillow from the head of the bed and place it under her hips before rubbing my cock head against her slit. I’m teasing her a little and she’s whimpering before I press the head inside and stop so she can anticipate the next move.

“And what do we say to our husband,” I ask Matty in a playful tone.

“Fuck me,” She growls and I realize I’m in the wrong mindset.

There is no softness to my initial thrust as we can hear my hips slap against Matty’s. I grip her muscular ass in my hands and proceed to pound away at her pussy. I’ve done Katy harder but Matty has always wanted a soft firm loving and this is me taking it up a couple notches as I’m attempting to drive her hips into the mattress. I look down and can see Matty’s tight little asshole ‘staring’ up at me and with a smirk I move my thumb over it and apply a gentle pressure without penetrating. The affect is almost instant as my Amazon starts groaning with another orgasm. I smile to myself and keep the pressure on when I feel the bed shift and not Kori is rubbing my chest gently with her lips next to my ear.

“Are you giving her a good sexing Guy,” Kori asks and I nod,” I still have you inside me, it’s leaking a little but I’m using my panties to hold it in. We agreed that we were going to hold your semen in us all night. Do you like the thought of two of your wives waddling around with your cum inside them?”

I don’t so much as speak but groan a response and feel Kori’s tongue in my ear and her hand pinch my nipple which causes me to shudder and start pounding Matty faster and with a purpose. I can feel that I’m getting close but my Amazon isn’t as close as I’d like when I watch Kori’s hand reach under Matty’s hips and it’s not a second later that Matty’s pussy clamps down on me.

“OH FUCKING CHRIST,” Is the last thing to come out of Mathilda’s mouth as her orgasm washes over her whole body.

She is grunting as I keep thrusting and when my own orgasm hits I feel Matty’s body shake and accept me dumping my load while buried inside her. I’m sweating like a race horse and feeling a little more exhausted than I thought I would as I finally pull myself from Matty and Kori guides me to the head of the bed. Both of my fiancés get up and I can see Kori has some basic panties on and Matty is getting the same on herself as they head to the bathroom for a few moments. I’m lying on my back as they return and all three of us cuddle up on the bed before Kori dives under the covers and I feel her start to clean me off with her mouth. My groaning has Matty’s attention and she kisses me to quiet and calm me down till Kori finishes. My first girl comes back up with a light smile and both of them settle into me for a well deserved night’s sleep.

Waking up the next morning both my women are still cuddled up to me and I feel like we didn’t move at all as I can see light coming through the blinds. I pry myself out from in between the two of them as delicately as I can before heading to the bathroom to relieve myself. I check my body and see no major marks or damage as I head back to bed and crawl in a little before getting pulled down hard by Matty. She’s in major cuddle mode and I’m not going anywhere as I’m now on my side with her arm wrapped around me. This puts me face to face with a sleeping Kori who is quiet and content in her dream land. I doze back off only to get woken by a ringing phone and answer it to find the hotel has our check out time to be noon and we’re still in the room at eleven thirty. I rouse the girls and let them know before pulling myself out of bed and finding my bag Dad left get dressed in my own clothes. I put my tuxedo aside in a suit bag after pulling my leather jacket out. The girls have themselves changed up nicely and are in simple work out clothing for Matty and some plain clothes for Kori as we grab our stuff and check out of the hotel. Getting home is easy as our rides were waiting for us in the dining area, Kori’s parents, my parents and Mathilda’s Dad. We’re home in a couple hours and my Dad and Mom just give me some shit eating grins but ask no questions about how things went last night.

Big holiday in November being Thanksgiving and all the girls are busy with their own families while my family is busy with its own dinner and family time. I make a note that this is the last Thanksgiving I will spend without my future wives and it puts a smile on my face. The four day weekend comes and goes and we’re back to school when I’m given two pieces of news, one good and one badly weird. I’m talking with Kyle about the winter formal at his old school and he talks about how it’s a medieval style affair and I start coming up with things to do and wear when he makes a joke that I take seriously.

“So with their winter formal being the night before our football team takes on theirs you could go all barbarian and show up in skins and bare chested,” Kyle says and I smile big,” Oh no, Guy what are you thinking.”

“I’m thinking I will need to get about ten or so tickets and recruit some football players,” I tell him and Kyle just laughs.

It’s a great idea and when I pull Lou aside and tell him he’s all over the recruiting for me but when I describe what we’ll be wearing he just laughs.

“You leave that to me brother. We’ll make you tribal,” Lou tells me as I head off to my ‘office’.

I’m sitting down during the last period of the day when three people come into my ‘office’, two welcome and one needing an asskicking. Tania and Hideo have a laptop and Robert from the dance in tow. I’m standing and while Tania and Rob don’t know me as well as they’d like Hideo immediately goes into explanation.

“Before you jump across the table and kill Rob boss you need to listen to me first. I was going over the program we use to tally votes and something wasn’t right. Kori specifically insisted to me that she not be in the voting along with Mathilda since you couldn’t win. When she got called up I was confused so I spoke with Tania and then
Rob, Rob tell Guy what you told us,” Hideo says keeping the flow of information coming.

“I got a call on my cell phone from a blocked number; the person on the other end said there was a present for me in my room. I was already in my room when I discovered a bottle of vodka, a rented tuxedo and a ticket to the dance with a note telling me to have fun. I polished off the bottle and was probably not as charming as I hoped I was before you threw me out of the building,” Rob says and I’m still not happy with him.

“Yeah well you grab my fiancé’s ass and then kiss her and you’re lucky I don’t take your fucking teeth out of your head the hard way,” I growl and he’s immediately on the defensive.

“Guy I know okay, waking up in the grass in my own vomit and a couple guys from the football team poking me to see if I’m alive let me know that one and I didn’t know she was someone’s girl or something,” Rob starts in before Tania cuts him off.

“Guy someone hacked the school system to get that program and put Kori’s name on there. We tallied the votes and the program says that she and Rob won by fifteen thousand votes,” Tania tells me and I have to stare at her.

“What did the whole city vote,” I tell her and she nods,” Hideo what are we doing here?”

“I’ve got the system in front of Jun but he’s busy with college and will get me anything he can find,” Hideo sees my face darken,” But I’m still working and I have the computer club going through the code, he or she is good but we’re better.”

“That’s what I want to hear. Rob, I want you to scour that brain of yours and tell me who called you,” I state as Rob simply shrugs his shoulders.

“It was some chick, she sounded a little angry but she made sure I was awake and found the shit in my room before hanging up,” Rob tells me.

I dismiss Rob; he’s about as useful as a shit flavored sucker. A woman calls him with something in the way of a gift and he shows up to win a contest and grope my Kori. This isn’t right, someone is playing practical jokes on me and I’m not laughing. I put a message out to Ben and tell him to get his people ready; we’ve got people trying to fuck with my life and my women. Bad fucking move dipshit, bad fucking move.

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