Pay It Forward Ch. 03


Pay it forward CH 3

It had been two weeks since Cassie and Chris had gotten their nipples pierced. Chris’ nipples no longer hurt and she had to admit she thought they looked sexy in the mirror. Cassie had fucked her with her strap on twice, to “relieve her tension”, once in her bed and once bending her over her dining room table in the middle of the day. She was pretty sure it had more to do with Cassie exerting her control over her than concern for her tension, but she did have an orgasm both times whatever the reason. She had also resigned herself to the fact that unless Cassie came up with someone for her to share it just wasn’t going to happen.

Chris was sitting on her couch drinking her morning coffee when she heard a knock at the door. She got up thinking it was just Cassie and wondering why she didn’t just come in as she usually did. She opened her front door and was surprised to see her younger sister Donna on the front porch.

Donna thirty-five, tall, slim, same dark hair as Chris but blessed with a larger bust smiled at her and said, “Morning Chris, how are you?”

Chris said, “Fine, Donna. I wasn’t expecting to see you.”

“Just in the neighborhood and thought I’d check up on my big sister.” she said as she came in the house.

Chris led her into the living room and said, “Let me get you some coffee.”

Chris joined her on the couch and Donna asked her, “How are Jeff and Allie?”

Chris said, “Oh fine, Jeff’s working and Allie’s away at college, but they are doing well.”

The sisters continued to talk and catch up when Chris heard the back door open and Cassie call out, “Chris, where are you?”

Chris replied, “In here Cassie.”

Cassie entered the living room and stopped, saying, “Oh, I didn’t know you had company.”

Chris, half afraid of what Cassie might say, said “this is my sister Donna, Donna this is Cassie, she’s Allie’s best friend.”

Cassie looked at Donna and smiled “Since Allie left, Chris and I have become such good friends. We do all kinds of things together.”

Donna noticed a worried look on Chris’ face. Donna, curious as to what they might do considering the age difference, looked at Chris and asked, “Like what?”

Chris went blank as Cassie stared at Donna, grinned and said “C’mon Chris. Tell her.”

Chris trying to think of what she could admit to that would satisfy Cassie, looked at Donna and said, “Cassie and I got our nipples pierced!”

Donna sat up and said, “You did what?”

Cassie laughed and pulled up her top and bra at the same time and said “See, Chris show her yours.”

Chris looked at Cassie and reluctantly pulled her t shirt up showing Donna. Braless, her nipples with the barbell piercings were erect.

Donna was stunned. She couldn’t help but reach out and touch Chris’s barbell, twisting it and said, “Woah, I never would have thought.” Chris was bright red but Donna said, “They’re pretty”.

Cassie smiling and kartal escort looking back and forth between Chris and Donna said, “Tell her what else Chris.”

Chris looked trapped as Cassie smiled at her and Chris trying to minimize any damage blurted, “I had sex with a woman”. Donna glanced at the grinning Cassie then back at Chris and said, “Did you enjoy it?” Chris was surprised at the answer and just looked at her.

Donna said, “What? You got married, I went to college. That particular ship sailed long ago for me, so, was it good?”

Chris mumbled, “Yes, it was.”

Cassie laughed and said, “I like your sister, Chris.” Chris felt doomed as Cassie said, “Tell her what else.” Chris looked at Cassie with a pleading look on her face. Cassie stared at her and said, “Tell her.”

Chris looked down and said, “I was in a threesome.”

Donna stared at Cassie and said, “You?” Cassie grinned. Donna asked, “Just once?”

Chris angrily replied, “yes because he won’t…” then she stopped.

Donna said, “he won’t what?”

Chris looked at Cassie and said, “Please, no.”

Cassie stared at her and said, “Chris, tell her.”

Chris looked at the floor and said, “He won’t do it again.”

Donna was intrigued. “Won’t do what again?”

“He won’t fuck me, dammit!” Chris exploded.

“Why not?” Donna asked.

At this point, Cassie replied. “My boyfriend and I play a game. We call it ‘pay it forward’.” “Chris joined us and if she wants to join us again, she needs to bring in another friend.”

Donna looked at Chris and asked, “was it good?”

Chris looking down said, “it was the first time I ever had an orgasm. It was incredible.”

Donna looking at Cassie asked, “Is he hung?”

Chris said, “What?”

Cassie looked at her and grinning said, “Oh yeah.”

Donna looked at Chris and said, “Okay, I’ll help you out.”

Cassie hopped up and down and said, “Awesome!”

Chris looked at Donna and said, “Oh, well, it’s complicated.”

Donna looked at her and said, “Complicated how? You need someone to help you out to get great sex with a hung male. I volunteered.”

Chris looked at the grinning Cassie who said, “It’s the perfect answer.”

Chris said, “But Cassie.”

Donna said, “I wouldn’t mind getting laid, what’s the problem?”

Cassie stared at Chris who looked at her sister and said, “Its Jeff.” Donna confused said “What about Jeff?”

Chris looking down said, “He’s the guy.”

Donna’s eyebrows shot up. She looked at Chris then grinned, “Chris, you slut.” Chris went pale and started to cry when Donna said, “I’m just kidding. Hell, he’s twenty-two and gorgeous, and if this one is involved, looking at Cassie I’m doubly in.”

Cassie was hopping up and down “This is so awesome. Jeff is going to flip.” Cassie ran around the table leaned over and kissed Donna long and slow as Donna cupped the back of her head.

Donna said, “When?”

Chris cumhuriyet mahallesi escort said, “Tomorrow night, six o’clock, and Donna, I get to go first.”

Donna said, “Now I need to go home and take care of an itch.”

Cassie replied, “No need for that. Chris owes you a big one.”

Donna said, “What do you mean?”

Cassie looked at Chris, “Your sister has an itch.”

Chris looked at her, “Please, Cassie.”

Cassie looked at Donna and asked, “Do you need an orgasm?”

Donna looked at her sister and seeing the control the younger woman had over her said, “Oh, yeah.”

Cassie said “Chris.” and looked at her. Chris a look of resignation on her face went to her sister got down on her knees and started to unfasten her pants. Donna just watched.

Chris looked up at her sister, “Please.”

Donna raised up as Chris pulled her pants and panties down. Chris looked at Cassie who nodded at her. Then Chris leaned in and began to eat Donna’s pussy. It started reluctantly but soon became gentle then frantic. Chris heard her sister’s moans and wanted to please her and by pleasing her, please Cassie too. Donna was grabbing Chris by the back of the head and grinding up into her mouth when she suddenly came hard crying out. Chris continued to lap at her pussy and thighs trying to get everything.

Donna leaned down and kissed Chris hard on the mouth and said “You’re very good Chris. Thank you, Cassie.” Chris blushed and Cassie smiled.

The next day Cassie told Jeff his mom had finally found a friend and to be home by six. The ladies were sitting on the couch chatting when Jeff sailed in with a happy look on his face. He saw his aunt Donna and stopped.

He looked at Cassie and his mom then said “Hey, Aunt Donna how are you doing?”

Donna looked back at Jeff, eyeing him from head to toe. “Great sweetie, good to see you.”

Jeff sat down with a disappointed look on his face. Donna looked amused. His mom and Cassie were dressed in shorts and tanks and his aunt in a short tennis skirt and a tight sleeveless blouse.

“What’s wrong Jeff, you don’t look happy to see me.” Donna said.

Jeff said, “No, it’s something else.”

Cassie giggled and said, “He thinks his momma’s surprise disappeared.”

Donna said, “Is that what you think Jeff?”

Jeff was totally confused when his aunt pulled her tennis skirt up to show her bald pussy. His eyes went wide. “Aunt Donna.”

“Surprise kid.” Donna said.

He looked at Cassie and said, “Really?”

She laughed, “We’re going to have a great time.”

Chris jumped up and grabbed his hand, “Come on honey, momma has waited long enough.” Chris was pulling him into her bedroom and pulling her clothes off at the same time. By the time Cassie and Donna made it into the room, Chris had her clothes off and was frantically pulling at Jeff’s pants. “Dammit, Jeff, help me!”

“Mom, wait a yunus escort second and I’ll be there.” Jeff said. Chris lay down as Jeff finished stripping.

Donna saw his half hard cock and thought I should have gone first.

Chris grabbed him as he pulled his pants off, “Come here baby, I’m already wet.” Jeff was ready by now as well, having waited for a second time with his mom for weeks. He covered her as she spread her thighs and with a frantic moan, she grabbed his hard cock and pulled it to her pussy. Jeff gave a slow push and Chris spread her legs as wide as she could and said “Fuck me now. I can’t wait any longer.” Jeff gave a long thrust and buried his cock in his mom. She looked like she had grabbed a live wire.

Donna watching said, “Jesus!”

Cassie said, “Come on Donna. We can play while Jeff takes care of Chris.” Cassie and Donna leaned in and kissed deeply, Cassie started stripping Donna and unsnapped her bra. “Oh, Donna you’re so pretty.” she said as she captured a light brown nipple suckling on it as Donna watched her sister.

Jeff had buried himself in his mom. He was just grinding slowly. He was trying to make love to her. She was so wrought up she was gasping for breath and started throwing her hips at him. “Please honey. Mommy needs it hard, please, please.” Jeff grabbed her under the knees pulled her legs over his shoulders and started to pound her. He kept going for minutes until she screamed “Oh my God I’m cumming! I’m cumming, don’t stop!” He gave one last thrust and exploded into her. They lay there both gasping for breath. Jeff rolled off her and she lay there, thighs spread with his cum seeping from her.

Cassie said to Donna, “Excuse me, there’s my pie.”

Cassie lay down between Chris’s thighs and began to clean her pussy.

Donna looked at Jeff. His cock softening and said “Hell no.” She knelt at his hips and continued, “you let Aunt Donna take of you now.” His cock was covered with his and Chris’s combined juices as she began to lap at it. She kept her eyes locked on his and slowly felt him start to harden. She took him fully into her mouth and heard him groan. Then she straddled him, “You just lay there and rest, I’ll take care of this.” She lowered herself onto his shaft slowly stopping halfway. “You have one sweet cock, kid.” she said. Then dropped the rest of the way down and groaned. She sat a moment then started rotating her hips.

Jeff having come once was in no hurry. He reached up and captured his aunt’s large tits. He leaned up suckling at her nipples causing her to moan.

She was moaning “Oh that’s so nice.” while grinding. It seemed to go forever when she started throwing her hips up and down wildly. She came with a cry, flooding him with her juices then collapsing. She whispered in his ear “You were always my favorite.” and he laughed.

Suddenly Cassie was at their joining, lapping at them both. Donna rolled over to make it easier for her. Cassie stayed with Donna and suddenly Chris was at Jeff’s cock, sucking and licking at it, staring up at him.

Chris told him, “Cassie said now that I brought Donna, we can do this whenever you want baby, and momma’s counting on you to take care of her.”

He smiled at her and said, “I love you Mom.”

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