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Recently I had gotten restless. I love my husband, we have an amazing marriage and our bedroom life is sweet, passionate, even mind blowing at times. It was just that I wanted to try something different. My husband and I are both very open minded people and after talking to him about this new need, he suggested browsing craigslist personal ads for fun at least. We looked online together, browsed through one after another in many different categories- seeking a man, a woman, or a couple that caught our eye. There were a few ads that stood out to me with higher potential. I responded tentatively to three different people and with nothing more I could do, went on with my evening. The next day, when my hectic schedule lessened, I jumped on our email account to see what had come in today. I was surprised that I had a couple responses from the craigslist ads already. I was excited to respond even if this didn’t go anywhere, flirting is always good for the soul. I wrote back to each with more detail about myself and what I wanted to experience sexually, what turned me on and what didn’t. I attached a pic to each and sent them back out into cyber space.

As the day progressed, I found myself checking my email more and more frequently. In the late afternoon I got an answer back from a young lady who wanted the same thing I did, to spice it up. She was married with children as well but was looking for fun on the side without her husband’s consent. I thanked my stars that I had a man I could be open with throughout this process, I was already excited to tell him all about my correspondence from this day. This woman had sent a picture back and although she wasn’t a size 1 supermodel, she was absolutely stunning. She was native american and had long shiny black hair. Her waist had a little more padding on it from childbearing but I found that extremely attractive since I was in the same boat. She was 5’5″ and looked to have c cup breasts, all in all she had a very sweet yet sexy look to her. I wrote back right away to tell her how beautiful she truly was and answer some of the questions she had asked me in her email. I had been scared that she wouldn’t even respond to me after I had sent her my photo. I’m not unattractive but I do have self esteem issues since my body wasn’t back to it’s pre baby state. I have b cup breasts, a narrow physique other than the 7 extra pounds that seems to never leave my midsection, dark brown hair and eyes, and at 5’2″ my husband likes to call me travel sized.

I was lost in self analysis when an email popped into my inbox. She had written back with specific details of what she’d like to do with me, I have to say I needed a cold shower or a good fuck soon with the images that were building in my head. She poker oyna wanted to know my real name since so far we hadn’t exchanged our private information. Also she wanted my number so we didn’t have to keep using email. I tried to stay calm but my heart was racing a million miles an hour as I typed in my name and number. As I hit send I knew there was no going back now. I almost expected a call right away and tried not to be too disappointed when that didn’t happen, after all we are both mothers with hectic schedules and her husband was probably home so she wasn’t free to pursue our little tryst at the moment. I reluctantly got back into my normal routine of homework, housework, and dinner.

After the kids were in school the next morning and my husband was off to work, that’s when I got a call. I almost didn’t answer since I didn’t know the number but then my email from the day before flashed through my mind. I was immediately nervous and excited when I heard a woman’s voice on the other end of the line. As I talked I paced the room. Her name was Natalie and she lived about two hours away from me. Her husband wasn’t quite as attentive to her needs as mine was, so she had started looking outside the home for what she needed. We talked for so long that I was afraid my cell phone would die on me. It was an easy going conversation, we talked about every mundane thing you could think of, but it was relaxed and genuine as we chatted. We could both tell there was a strong connection and before we got off the phone the conversation had turned a bit steamier. Mostly we repeated things we had said in our emails to each other about what we wanted to get out of this, what turned us on and so on. As we talked, images of this sexy woman ravishing me kept playing in my head.

As soon as the phone was hung up, I rubbed my clit like it was life or death and I climaxed within a couple minutes while replaying her sultry voice in my head. We had ended up setting a meeting time for a couple weekends later. Natalie was going to drive halfway and I would meet her for lunch and see how our chemistry was in person. I became more and more nervous as the time grew near but as soon as we met face to face and she gave me a big hug, I was able to fully relax. Lunch went great and we ended up walking and talking all afternoon. Then instead of meeting up later to take this to the next level, we decided to seize the chance we had right then. Natalie had told her husband she was meeting an old friend to catch up, so when she called to get out of going home that day, she told him we were still catching up and decided to make a weekend out of it. I told my husband the truth and he was all grins, even on the phone I could tell that.

We got a cheap motel room canlı poker oyna and locked ourselves inside with the do not disturb sign hanging on the door. My nerves struck up again but she was gentle and patient with me. She had been with a girl before years back so was experienced. We took things almost at a crawl, one step at a time, just enjoying each other and our time together. We started by sitting together on the bed and lightly kissing. The kisses were soft and warm and soon my body seemed to be on fire. Her lips became more aggressive as time went on and her tongue made its way into my mouth. I immediately responded in kind and our kissing became passionate and full of the need we were feeling. Our hands moved up and down each other’s bodies, exploring each inch of the other woman. As our mouths parted, hers lowered down to start kissing my neck. A trail of kisses was left from my neck to my breasts to my stomach then my thighs and slowly onto my wet crotch.

Natalie sat back up, letting her hands trail over my back roughly. Then we were making out again. The next time we broke apart I took advantage of exploring her body with my lips. I made the same trail she did but lingered longer on each spot, loving the feel of her. As I sat back up, she took the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head, tossing it to the side. She pressed her body against mine as she reached behind me to unclasp my bra. As it fell away, I felt extremely exposed. Before shyness could overtake me though, Natalie leaned close to my ear and told me how beautiful I was, then she sucked gently on each nipple, circling them with her tongue. I removed her shirt and bra after that and let my hands massage her breasts, playing with each darkened nipple. I decided to keep going since my courage was holding up and I leaned her back on the bed to get her shoes, socks, pants and underwear all off.

I let my hands trace up her legs, enjoying the smooth feeling of her skin. She was incredibly soft and I couldn’t get enough of feeling her body from top to bottom. As my hands roamed they would pass her pussy which was mostly clean shaven, just a small patch of hair left. I let my hands rub over her pussy the first few times, then I let a finger slide in ever so slowly. She was very wet for me and just that thought got me going even more. I moaned with her as I pushed my fingers inside of her folds. I let my finger pump in and out, then I pulled my finger out and tasted it. It was different but nice and I sucked my finger clean. Natalie sat up and pulled my shoes off next, she continued till I was fully naked before her. She didn’t rub my body or finger me, she leaned down and let her mouth start to pleasure me right away. I gasped with the first sensation of her internet casino soft lips on my sensitive clit, then laid back and let the sensation wash over me as she devoured my wet cunt like a pro.

I came quickly and I came hard. My hips bucked up against her face as she continued to eat me out and I let everyone within three doors of us know how pleased I was. I sat up and wrapped my arms around her neck and we kissed deeply. I could taste my own juices on her tongue. She pulled me up so I was practically sitting on her lap, then moved one of each of our legs so we were tangled together. We rocked back and forth as we french kissed, our pussies rubbing together so hard they could start a fire. I had never felt anything to compare with this new sensation and my body responded with loud wet noises as we pressed into each other. She came first this way, but we just kept going. I came next but neither of us stopped. We were drenched in sweat and grasping each other to keep going as our fourth orgasms hit us in this position.

We fell back on the bed and held each other as we drifted off to sleep. Sometime during the night I woke up to a pussy on my face while her mouth was eating me out. I held her hips and started working her over with my tongue at first, then I would suck hard on her clit and repeat this process all over again. I came hard and she licked me the entire time I did. She came twice which made me feel good about my new found skill. When we were side by side again with our heads on the same pillow, our mouths connected and our hands seemed to have a mind of their own. We made out like teenagers in that motel room. For well over an hour we enjoyed each others bodies this way. Our kissing got slower and gentler as time went on and we grew tired. We ended up falling asleep with our lips still pressed against each other.

Morning came quickly and I awoke first. I lay there looking at her naked body in the light and admiring her female form. Then I took the initiative and went down on her. She woke up moaning and was soon clutching the pillow as she orgasmed to my tongue exploring her wetness. We went in to shower together and ended up fingering each other for most the time. Natalie knelt down and pressing her face hard against my aching pussy let me cum three different times as I ran my hands through her hair with my eyes shut and head thrown back. I tried to return the favor but she wouldn’t let me, just wanted to give me that pleasure. We had to check out soon after and for the next few hours we spent talking over lunch. As we separated to head back to our own lives we decided to do this again as soon as we could. She agreed to come to my house next time and let my husband watch while our kids would be at a babysitters. She even promised to bring a strap on she had from her previous relationship with a woman. I drove back home in pure bliss hardly able to wait to tell my waiting husband every detail and jump his bones.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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