Photo Shoot

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I remember the sense of nervous anticipation as I pulled up to the address listed on the community paper ad. I had never really done anything like this before and my tummy was full of butterflies. First of all, I couldn’t believe the size of the house in front of me. Granted, this was an extremely posh neighborhood in the hills above Malibu, but I never could have guessed that I would be visiting a mansion like this. The tasteful rolling lawn and circular fountain driveway was a dead give away that this house was paid for with either old money or a new fortune.

Not sure where exactly to park my embarrassing Ford Escort, I stepped out onto the cobblestone parkway and nervously walked past row after row of expensive looking lilies and orchids and a beautiful reflecting pool full of koi fish. As I approached the massive entryway and dark oak door, I felt like Dorothy visiting the Great and Powerful Oz.

I steadied myself and looked down at the college campus newspaper I clutched in my arms. The advertisement I had circled was simple and mysterious: “Looking to make some easy money for school or expenses? Call Victoria at (310) 555-1254! Bikini body and an open mind a must!”

As a freshman student with a humble background at the nearby Pepperdine University, I barely had enough extra cash lying around to buy a beer on cheap drinking night, must less the bulging trust funds most of my friends at the dorms seemed to have. I’m constantly either scanning the want ads or looking for some way to make a couple of bucks without jeopardizing my heavy class load.

As I hesitatingly rang the pearl doorbell, I thought of my conversation with Victoria last night. She seemed very pleasant but direct. She made sure that I understood that this was a modeling job that needed a fresh, nonprofessional look and a beautiful body. While I’m not exactly a Victoria Secret model, I am pretty confident with my proportions…those drunken fraternity boys never seem to complain. After telling me to meet at this address tonight at 8:00, she added a question that seemed rather odd; she wanted to know if I was currently having my “monthly cycle” or not. I told her that while I was on the Diprova shot, I really didn’t get much of a period and that there was nothing to worry about right now.

As I puzzled over why this woman cared if I was menstruating or not, the huge wooden door sprang open and Victoria’s smiling face appeared. I was rather surprised that she was much younger than I thought she would be. More in her mid thirties than fifties that I thought and she looked like she took good care of herself. She wore a simple white blouse and navy skirt that accentuated her womanly curves.

“You must be Allison,” Victoria said, still grinning like I was a long lost relative. “Why, you’re much prettier than you said over the phone! And what beautiful eyes you have to match that lovely auburn hair. I’m so glad you could make it this evening.”

She seemed so nice and inviting that my nervousness subsided a bit. It’s not often a total stranger complements me on my looks like that, and I instantly felt 10 inches taller. I always thought I looked rather plain jane with my pale skin and sprinkling of freckles on my face and lower arms. I could be pretty, I guess, when I fix myself up for a date or whatever.

Victoria led me into her beautiful home, which was full of tasteful art and cool antiques. She made casual conversation about whether or not I found her place all right and that she hoped I didn’t have to cancel a big night out to meet her tonight. I was still kind of blushing from her compliments and mumbled that I didn’t really have a steady boyfriend at the moment and I probably would be just going to a campus bar with some girlfriends tonight anyway.

“How old are you,” she said, spinning around in her bare feet and looking surprised. “If you don’t mind me asking, of course.”

It was her turn to blush and that I had just turned 19. I explained that everyone I knew at school had a fake ID and that the bouncers don’t really card anyway.

She commented again how pretty she thought I was and that she easily could have mistaken me for mid twenties. (There’s not much more you can say to an insecure girl like me to pad my ego.) She offered me a seat on a plush couch and padded over to her elegant bar. In mock sincerity, she said that a woman about town like me should enjoy a cocktail and I readily accepted. I’m not one to turn down free drinks these days.

“That reminds me,” I said kind of shyly. “How much can I expect to make tonight?”

“I pay all my models the standard rate of about two thousand dollars a shoot, with options to usually double that,” she said cheerfully. “I hope that’s enough for all your trouble.”

Of course, I nearly jumped out of my skin at the thought of pocketing four grand for a night’s work, but kept my poker face. I nodded that that would be fine, depending on what the work entailed.

Handing me an ample glass of red wine, she smiled and got right to the point. She explained that she poker oyna works as a sex therapist and has published several instructional aids for women who are not getting the most out of their sexual experience. Set for release later this year was her biggest and most comprehensive book on helping females reach orgasm and fulfill their sexual desires. She planned for this book to be full of beautiful women illustrating her erotic advice and technique.

I was kind of taken aback by her frankness around such a risqué subject. Sex with the three or four boys I’d been with had always been sort of rushed and confusing. I thought of images of drunken frat boys in the back of cars fumbling for my bra strap while breathing into my ear that I was their true love.

I guess I’d seen books like the one Victoria described in the “self help” section at Barnes and Noble, but I always freaked out and felt like my face was going to catch fire if some stock boy caught me browsing through one. Certainly she didn’t want me to be one of those sexy models in those manuals. I took a huge swig of my wine and waited for her explanation.

“Now, the main point is that you feel comfortable,” she said. “I can’t have you doing anything you wouldn’t feel right doing, so if you’re unsure or have personal principals against this sort of thing, feel free to say so and you will be compensated for your time without any hard feelings.”

I pondered her offer here. On one hand, I’d never done anything remotely like take my clothes off for a camera. Heck, only a handful of my closest friends had ever even seen me naked. On the other hand, four grand is a lot to lose your inhibitions over, not to mention my now empty wineglass.

Summoning all my courage, I told Victoria that I’d be willing to try some shots to see how I feel. I’m a big girl now and isn’t this what college is supposed to be about? Trying new things and coming out of my shell?

Victoria was thrilled and hopped to her feet. She led me to her spacious living room that had been converted to a portable photography studio. She had an expensive looking camera mounted on a tripod and gentle background shades in place. She even had one of those changing walls and a huge light array set up.

She told me to go ahead and slip on the robe laid out for me. With my insides doing flip-flops, I walked behind the changing wall while Victoria fiddled with her camera equipment. There was a makeup mirror mounted on the wall and a satin chair with a terry-cloth robe slung over it. I slowly, peeled off my university sweatshirt and jeans with my mind racing a mile a minute. I glanced at my form in the full-length mirror and sized myself up wearing my white cotton bra and panties. Sure, I could do a few more sit-ups, but I had to admit that my body looked pretty damn good these days.

Pulling the robe on, I tentatively peaked my head around the corner. Victoria smiled reassuringly and motioned for me to come out. After again complimenting me on how tall and beautiful I was, she explained that she needed shots for her first chapter, which mainly covered sexual anatomy and the female sexual response.

I nodded in understanding and she stated that she wanted to get some really simple shots of a woman’s body in different states of arousal. I tried to remain stoic, but my heart was beating a mile a minute in my chest.

She asked if I felt nervous, and I nodded like a schoolgirl. She smiled and said that was perfect because she guessed that I was thinking about anything but sexy thoughts. I nodded again. Which was good, she said, because she needed a woman in her unaroused state.

Victoria adjusted her lens and told me to remove my robe and lay it off to the side. My arms shaking, I did so, revealing my creamy white skin to her. Thankfully, I’m lucky to not have those damn freckles all over my body like some red heads do.

“Oh, honey, I need you to take the rest of your clothes off, too,” she said with a smile. “This is a sex manual, you know.”

I nodded sheepishly and reached behind my back to unfasten my bra. I hesitated momentarily and let the cups fall down. I wear about a C, but sometimes it fluctuates between B and D. I’ve never been a fan of my breasts in that the skin is so pale, but I guess they’re perky and about the same size. A guy told me that I had perfect “gum drop” nipples and that my boobs are the ideal size. Not too much of a handful.

Suddenly topless in the warm, comfortable studio, I looked to Victoria who nodded and zoomed in her shot. She took a couple of close-up shots of my face and upper torso and commented that I was one of the few girls she’d photographed who didn’t need gobs of makeup to look beautiful. She chuckled that most women, like her, have to hide the flaws. After a few close-ups of my breasts and upper body, she smiled and nodded toward my panties.

Hell, I thought, I’ve gone this far. I stuck my thumbs into my panties and pulled the elastic down around my ankles and stepped out of them. Thankfully, I’d warn one of my new pairs…Mom always canlı poker oyna said never to be caught dead without new underwear.

As I stood nervously in all my naked glory, Victoria clicked a few shots and instructed me to stand in different positions. First with my legs close together, then shoulder length apart. After a couple of natural shots, she asked for me to crouch down and spread my legs.

My heart nearly leapt out of my throat, but I managed to steady myself and squatted down like I was going to pee. Slowly I spread my thighs and waited.

“Oh darling, you have such a beautiful body,” Victoria said, motioning toward my quivering thighs. “We may need to clean you up down there, though.”

I blushed about twelve shades and dropped my chin down to my chest. I looked down past my full breasts at my pubic hair poking out between my white thighs. Did she not like the way my private parts looked? Were they ugly? Granted, the hair down there is a much darker shade of red, almost orange, than my head. I hadn’t really inspected myself between my legs since I was 13 with a flashlight and a mirror…

Victoria’s cheerful laugh put me at ease. “Oh, don’t fret, honey. It’s just that you have so much extra hair down there that we can’t really see you. If you like, you can stop now if you want.”

A giant green dollar sign flashed before my eyes and I managed to gulp out that I never much paid attention to my hair down there. She walked over and helped me back into my robe. With a motherly pat on the shoulder, she suggested we get some shots of me relaxing in a warm, scented bath tub for her chapter on loving your body.

The notion of bathing in this relative stranger’s bathroom made me a bit uneasy, although she did happen to be looking at me totally naked in her living room. Besides I’m a tough girl and she did mention doubling my pay with incentives. Come to think of it, a nice bath did sound rather pleasant right now.

“Ok, you talked me into it,” I said, tying up the belt on my robe.

Victoria smiled and had me follow her down the hallway to her bathroom. There was something about the way this lady carried herself that was so sensual. The way she walked with her subtle swish of the hips. And what a hard body for a lady her age. I noticed her ass muscles flex as she walked carefully over the Spanish tile of the corridor. My God am I really checking her out?

We reached her massive bathroom and Victoria knelt to draw the water, asking me if I don’t mind it very hot. I answered yes and she began sprinkling some silvery power into the water. She then poured some jasmine scented bubble bath into the tub and began lighting candles around the room. Man, this is the biggest bathroom I’ve ever seen, I thought. She must have had 25 different candles in the room lit and their combined flickering made for a hypnotic aura in the room.

“Feel free to make yourself comfortable, dear,” Victoria said, dimming the overhead light as she left the room. “Ill get my camera and be back in two shakes.”

The room was intoxicating as I shed my robe and lowered myself into the simmering water. I laid back and let the wonderfully slippery oils and scents wash over me. Ahh…

I was just starting to doze off when Victoria rose me back to consciousness. I groggily looked her way to see her happy face tower over me. To my surprise, she had not only gotten her camera equipment but had also changed into a waist length silk kimono. She sure had nice legs.

Victoria asked if I minded that she changed into something more comfortable. Of course I didn’t, after all, it was all hot and steamy in the bathroom. She handed me another full glass of that delicious wine and I nuzzled into my luxury and she snapped a couple of shots, directing me to raise my leg out of the water, above the bubbles, and such. I felt much more sure of myself, my modesty hidden under the cover of the bubbles.

“Here, I hope you don’t mind,” Victoria said, flipping a switch along the side of the tub. The water began to swirl as millions of tiny jets shot into my skin. “I just love to have the Jacuzzi going when I’m getting into the mood. In fact, there are times when I’ll just spread my legs wide and push my hips forward, letting the jets shoot up over my vulva. So soothing.”

I began to giggle at the thought, then suddenly let out an audible gasp as one jet found its mark between my legs. I pushed my hips forward as Victoria said, then suddenly blushed, feeling so wanton as the water stimulated my vagina under the water. I slid back a bit and laughed nervously. Was I getting too turned on or was it the wine?

Victoria then surprised me further by pulling the knob that drained the bath water. I looked to her in confusion, only to be reassured with that smile again. She explained that she wanted to get some shots of me with my breasts above the water level. As the water drained, she trained her lens on my face and my reappearing boobs.

“Do you mind pushing some of that foam away so I can see your bosom,” Victoria internet casino asked, snapping shots. “This will be great for my ‘solo pleasures’ section.”

I did as she asked, exposing my wet breasts to her view. I felt so slutty and tipsy touching myself in front of her like that. My breasts had that full feeling they get when I get turned on and my nipples began to harden in the cool air.

“Now, do me a favor,” Victoria said behind the camera. “Place your right hand between your legs under the water. Good. Now grasp and squeeze your breasts with your other hand. That’s it. Perfect!”

I first simply placed my wet hand on my chest, but with her encouragement, began to squeeze and cup my breasts. I felt my blood start to boil and my breathing become more and more labored as I dug my fingers into my hot, wet flesh. While she only wanted my hand between my legs for photographic effect, my fingers took on a life of my own as I slowly, then more urgently began to stroke up and down with two fingers along my slit.

With the camera clicking away, I started to pinch and pull on both my nipples and a slight moan escaped my lips. I began to fall into a rhythm, masturbating freely the way I had since I was a little girl, massaging my hard clit with two fingers in tight circles.

“That’s it, dear,” Victoria said, her own breathing coming in gasps. “Now arch your back and squeeze your eyes tight shut. Fantastic.”

I was suddenly transported back to reality and realized that this was still a photo shoot and I was openly playing with myself in front of this woman. My eyes popped open and I jerked my hand out from between my legs.

Victoria took the opportunity to reload the film in her camera and I sat up in the tub and switched the whirlpool jets off. I swallowed down the rest of my wine and tried to take stock of the situation.

“That was so incredible,” Victoria said breathlessly. “You gave me some fantastic shots for my orgasm pages. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were experiencing the real thing! That really was great.”

I croaked out a thank you, thinking how little she knew about how close I actually came to coming then and there. The effects of the candles, scents, wine and my fingers was beginning to make my head swim. Victoria commented on what a perfect subject I am for this kind of photography, so uninhibited and so free with her body. That didn’t sound like me at all, but I went with it.

Stating she didn’t want me to prune up if I stayed in the water to long, she suggested I drain the rest of the water and towel off. I could then rejoin Victoria in the living room when ready.

“Victoria, remember when you said that I needed some cleaning up down here,” I asked, pointing down to my matted pubic hair as the water drained away. “Would it help you out if we did some fix up?”

Victoria looked a bit startled by my question. “Why, yes it would, if you want to know the truth. It would save me a lot of time finding another model with beautiful red pubic hair like you. I’ve bet you’ve got an exquisite labia under there, too.”

Victoria walked back over to the tub and pushed the stopper back in just as the water level reached my hips, with me sitting in a few inches of water and my pubic hair in full bushy glory. Pulling down a flexible mirror attached to the wall; Victoria asked me if I had ever trimmed before. Of course I hadn’t, so she cautioned that I should remove as much hair from my labia lips and bottom as possible and leave the tuft of hair on my abdomen. In my drunken haze it sounded good to me, so she produced a lady Venus razor and some shave cream. I liberally applied the cream to my nether lips and left the upper half alone. Taking a deep breath, I to the razor and delicately shaved both sides of my outer labia, careful not to damage the sensitive skin.

“That’s right, now try to get rid of as much of that hair from that point down as possible,” Victoria instructed, having a seat on the toilet and leaning over the tub. “Good, now spread you legs as wide as possible and get all the hair off your thighs and behind.”

The flutters in my tummy were now like raging waters as I spread my ass cheeks and carefully removed all the hairs I could find. God, having her watch me do this with my pussy spread and wet like this is too much for me to take. I felt like my vagina was literally gushing down between my ass as her eyes were riveted on my private area. I knew that she needs me to be smooth to show up better in photos and she saw me as more of a subject than a person. But isn’t his making her fucking horny too?

Once I was done with my lower lips and ass, she commented on what a fine job I had done. She then said I was ready to ‘sculpt’ my upper hair. When I looked at her with a perplexed expression, she said, “The best way for me to explain it is to show you.”

I was expecting her to pull out a Playboy or something, but my jaw hit the floor when she stood up and hiked her kimono skirt to her waist, exposing matching blue satin bikini briefs. She quickly wriggled out of her panties and sat back down on the toilet, her pubic area now at eye level to me where I sat in the tub. My eyes must have been as big and round as saucers as she spread her legs and displayed her smooth labia.

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