Picking Flowers

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A yellow rose! Lydia couldn’t believe her eyes. Such a lovely flower…the nobles of Faireval would pay a pretty silver for such an adornment. With delicate hands, the young woman pulled the rose’s stem from the earth, adding the flower to the growing collection in her wicker basket before continuing through the Faire Forest.

The woods had many pointed branches, thorned plants, barbed seeds that could get caught on clothing. Yet Lydia strolled through the thick of the forest in a brown-and-white dress, her fluffy brown hair loosely contained in a ponytail. She whistled as she weaved between trees and bushes, her thick clothing and leggings keeping her safe from scrapes and cuts.

There was always a desire for flowers in the city, and many beautiful and rare ones grew deep within the Faire Forest. Most folks considered the woods to be haunted, but Lydia had never noticed anything or anyone out of the ordinary while exploring the forest. Maybe a fairy would have been an exciting discovery, despite the legends of how they toyed and taunted with humans.

Pushing aside a branch, Lydia discovered a small glade, the sunlight shining down through an opening in the canopy of leaves. In the center of the radiance, almost like it was wreathed in a divine aura, was a large and vivid dahlia flower. It had to be a foot wide, with petals of every hue of the rainbow, a dancing medley of colours and shades unlike any flower Lydia had ever seen in her life! Without any doubt, it was the most beautiful flower she’d ever known, and would surely be the most beautiful flower to some wealthy noble willing to pay plenty of coin.

She approached the flower, crossing over an unusually-soft patch of grass to kneel before the flower. It almost felt wrong to take such a flower; could she plant it, harvest the seeds, grow more of these exquisite flowers? That was what she had to do: let more and more of these flowers flourish throughout Faireval, let even the whole world know their beau—

The ground beneath her began to move, unsteadily Lydia. Just as she pushed herself up, the grass beneath her yanked itself away, just as long white petals erupted from the earth.

A sharp cry escaped her throat as she felt something coiling up her legs. The petals, each about four feet long, closed around her like the bulb of a tulip, while thin vines curled up and around her body. A heady scent wafted up from within the flower, an aroma Lydia would have found wondrous had it not been for the circumstances. She squirmed within her binds, but that only made the vines tighten around her. Small white flowers grew along them, she noticed, pretty little flowers she would have loved to make into a headband or bracelet…

“Well, who have we here?”

Lydia turned her body, as much as she could. A figure walked out from the woods, her walk slow and gentle. Somehow, the fact that this woman’s body was completely devoid of clothing wasn’t the first thing Lydia noticed.

It was her green skin. The verdant plant shade, from the tips of her toes, over the flesh of her ample bosom, to her flawless face. Her shoulder-length hair—or “hair”, as it seemed to be a medley of leaves and grass—was a darker shade, and two white flowers topped her hair as if they were decorations. Yet Lydia imagined they were part of this woman, a part of her just like the leaves and grass.

As the green lady approached Lydia’s front, the young woman began to take in…the lady’s beauty. Her body was curvaceous, her hips not too wide, yet her breasts were plump and rounded. Her face also bore gentle curves, a sly smile, and beautiful pale-green irises. Part of it was being startled by her presence, her nature, but one thing calmed Lydia more than anything, to her surprise:

How the being before her was the most beautiful woman Lydia had ever seen.

The green lady picked up Lydia’s basket. “Taking flowers from my woods, I see…” she said, her voice soft and with a playful hint to it. There wasn’t a malicious edge in her tone, either. “Did you ever think to ask my permission?”

Before Lydia could find the words, the plant-woman chuckled with a hand over her mouth. “Oh, I tease. Merely residing here does not make this forest my domain. This glade, perhaps…I see you have met my favourite flower in the woods. Both of them—the lure and the trap.”

Even as the green lady spoke of the pretty dahlia and the one she was now held in as a trap, Lydia didn’t feel any anxiety from the way she spoke. “I…I’m sorry if you disapprove of me picking the flowers here. I’m a flower seller, I gather flowe—”

“Oh, do not fret,” the green lady said. “I promise you, I don’t intend to punish you for plucking a flower here and there. Why, perhaps I should show you another of my favourites.”

From within the white flower that imprisoned her rose a rose-like flower, one with a pale-pink shade to its petals. It was the tip of a long vine, one that was curled around Lydia’s body. “Isn’t it a lovely bloom?” asked the green lady.

Lydia nodded. She couldn’t poker oyna deny that, even with it pinning her arms to her sides.

“Why don’t you take a closer look?”

As the green lady said that, the pink rose drew closer to Lydia’s face. Its sweet fragrance began to waft into Lydia’s nostrils—

—then a thick puff of purplish pollen burst from the flower.

Lydia had sniffed just as it happened, and now overpowering aroma filled all of her senses. She gasped, the wondrous scent washing into her nostrils and mouth. She could taste it even, its taste just as sweet and unique. It even seemed to flood into her thoughts, turned every process into sweetness, drowning out the anxiety and fears of her current predicament…

Out of instinct, Lydia began to inhale deeply, taking a long breath of the pollen. She exhaled with a relaxed sigh, her eyes not quite able to focus on the flower before her. She wanted more of that fragrance, that pollen…

“Isn’t it such a sweet flower?” the green lady asked, folding her arms with a wide smile.

Nodding, Lydia said, “Yes, yes it is.” She sighed again, her own smile growing so wide.

“Wonderful. So, tell me of yourself. Please share your name, lovely miss.”

“My name is Lydia. Do you…do you have a name?”

“You may call me Lotus,” the plant-woman replied. “It is a pleasure to meet such a lovely woman.”

The compliment instantly set Lydia’s cheeks ablaze. “Th-thank you… You’re…you’re so beautiful as well…”

The vines around Lydia’s body loosened a little, and the petals keeping her confined relaxed a bit as well. “You are my guest here,” Lotus said, “away from your people. You needn’t fear another coming this far. It is so rare for me to meet a human here, to have a visitor. Especially one with such a love of flowers.”

“You must get lonely here,” replied Lydia. “You must have seen me before. I visit often.”

“I’ve watched from afar, but never before did you discover my special flowers here. Sometimes humans cannot be trusted.” Lotus reached over the petals, stroking a hand through Lydia’s hair. “But I trust you, Lydia.”

The touch of the plant-woman’s soft fingers ignited something Lydia couldn’t quite explain. An excitement, a spark, a longing. It drew her smile wider, her blush deeper, her eyes narrower, and evoked a stirring lower in her body. All she could answer with was an awkward giggle.

“May I remove your dress?” asked Lotus. “So you may enjoy the freedom of nature, let the warm breeze embrace your bare skin…and so I may admire your full beauty?”

That last part brought a tremble to that lower stirring. “Yes,” Lydia replied with a nod.

One of the petals in the flower holding Lydia lowered. The plant-woman took hold of her as the vines around her loosened; somehow, Lydia found herself not quite able to keep herself upright without Lotus or her flower’s support.

Her own hands began to lift off her dress, while Lotus’s flower tugged at her leggings. A vine hooked into the front of her panties, brushing against her lower lips as it pulled them down. “Oh!” Lydia gasped, that stirring growing stronger, as if that minor graze had tempted her body with what it desired deep down. Making love to such a beautiful, amazing being? It’d be such a privilege…

With Lotus’s help, she tossed her dress aside. The plant-lady untied her bra, with the ease of one who’d undressed many a woman prior, and let one of her flower’s vines pull it loose and toss it away.

Now, Lydia’s body was as bare as Lotus’s. Her own breasts were a bit on the petite side, almost making her envious of Lotus. As if noticing Lydia comparing the two of them, Lotus’s hand stroked the side of Lydia’s breast. “Your body is lovely, Lydia. It is a privilege to gaze upon your beauty, to have you in my embrace.”

Her every word evoked a curious joy and eagerness. When Lotus wrapped her arms around Lydia, the human woman’s heart jumped in her chest, its rhythm racing as the plant-lady drew her closer. A different kind of excitement flooded elsewhere in Lydia’s body as their breasts touched, nipples gently pressing into the other’s soft flesh…or flora, in Lotus’s case.

And Lotus’s lips met Lydia’s.

Her kiss tasted of her flower’s pollen, sweet and intoxicating. It brightened Lydia’s thoughts, enticed her longing, inflamed her need. Her own hands found their way around Lotus, embracing the plant-woman, holding her tight to her.

It seemed to last an eternity, and yet not long enough when Lotus drew her lips away and uttered a single sentence.

“Kneel before me.”

Lydia lowered herself within the large flower. The vines curled around her once more, their grip on her feeling more like an embrace. Lotus remained standing, while Lydia looked up at her, her view being of the plant-woman’s face, breasts…and pussy. One that looked little different than a human’s.

“Will you please me, Lydia?”

She didn’t bother to answer.

Lightly holding onto Lotus’s legs, Lydia brought canlı poker oyna her mouth to the plant-lady’s nether-lips. Her tongue ran along the soft mound, tasting the faint hint of pollen-flavour. It tempted her deeper, using enough force to part those pussy-lips. Lotus was moist inside, her vagina laced with just as much of the intoxicating flavour as her kiss…perhaps more.

That only drove Lydia to continue her lapping, with slow and steady strokes of her tongue along Lotus’s sex. She found a small clit-like bud; teasing it certainly evoked the kind of gasps and whimpers Lydia associated with such pleasure. “I see…I see others have had the privilege of your company…” Lotus said softly, between sighs.

A few partners in the past, but none of them had stoked Lydia’s desire like Lotus had. None of them had tasted as wondrous as this. Where Lydia had always been a little apprehensive during the act, now she embraced her partner’s legs and delved deeper with her tongue without hesitation. Her lips pecked along the outer lips, the tip of her tongue toyed with Lotus’s clit, and she continued lapping up as much of her pollen-sweet moisture as she could.

Lotus’s noises were growing higher, louder, even though Lydia barely noticed. She certainly did hear Lotus when the plant-lady let out a sharp cry, her pitch shifting in an attempt to contain herself somewhat. That observation left Lydia’s mind as Lotus’s climax brought a rush of her sweet, sticky juices. Lydia practically pressed her open mouth to Lydia’s sex, continuing to lick and tease while trying to suck as much of her fluids as she could. Her own body flared with a strange satisfaction, once that only made her wish for her own pleasure.

She continued to gently lap as Lotus’s noises died down. Though her voice still was a touch higher, the plant-lady kept a composed tone as she ran her fingers through Lydia’s hair. “Why…you’re already beginning to sprout.”

Sprout? Lydia didn’t understand, until she felt Lotus touch something atop her head. It was rooted in like her hair, yet felt…thicker? More rooted-in?

“Your first flower,” the plant-lady said, her voice cheerful. “A pretty white bloom. It accents your hair perfectly.”

Lydia stopped licking, trying to picture the flower atop her head. Perhaps it looked similar to Lotus’s own flowers? Somehow, the idea of a plant growing out of her skin didn’t alarm her. She only thought about how pretty it must have looked.

“You’ll need more of my pollen if you’re going to sprout more flowers,” Lotus said, reaching down for Lydia’s hand. “Rise up.”

Lydia followed the command, standing while the vines entwined around her shifted to keep her in their embrace without constricting her movement. Standing face-to-face with Lotus again, Lydia longed to kiss her again, to embrace her, to be held in her arms while fantasizing about something teasing or thrusting into her—

“I want to thank you for the wondrous pleasure you gave me.” Her hand rested upon Lydia’s shoulder and pushed her downward, Lydia’s knees bending until she was level with Lotus’s chest.

“Go ahead, Lydia. Suckle. Taste of my nectar.”

Such a thought seemed intimidating, but it was far more enticing. Embracing Lotus’s torso, Lydia leaned forward, putting her lips around one of Lotus’s pert nipples and sucking. She started very gently at first, but began to pull a bit more when nothing came out.

That did the trick, and soon a sweet milky fluid began to flow into Lydia’s mouth. Her muffled moan couldn’t summarize its delightful flavour. It couldn’t express how this act erupted a burning need in her groin.

One hand began to stroke Lotus’s other breast while Lydia continued to suckle. She didn’t suck too hard, not wanting to hurt Lotus. Savouring the flavour for as long as she could seemed much more desirable. She couldn’t stop herself from making noises, noises of longing, noises of need, noises of how perverse this was and how much she enjoyed merely this…

“You were such a wondrous lover, Lydia,” Lotus whispered to her, “that it’s only fair that I return the favour…”

Her anticipation was soon sated, as Lotus’s fingers slipped between Lydia’s pussy-lips. Her loud muffled noise was the most erotic sound Lydia had ever heard come from her. She didn’t want to stop suckling, but every stroke almost made her choke on the nectar she was drinking down. The fluid dribbled down her chin, over Lotus’s breast, and even more spilled from Lydia’s mouth when Lotus began to rub her faster.

Chuckling, Lotus said, “Why don’t you take a break from feeding? Let yourself enjoy my touch.”

She didn’t want to, but perhaps that was for the best. Lydia instead kissed over Lotus’s breasts, letting her moans and sighs out in-between pecks. The plant-lady’s other hand soon began to turn Lydia, taking a break from teasing her to turn her body so that Lydia’s back rested against Lotus. The feeling of Lotus’s breasts squeezing against her back…

Two new flower-tipped vines rose from internet casino within the large flower. Both bore milky-white tulip heads. “These two will play with your nipples,” Lotus said into Lydia’s ear. “I usually let my guests have more of my nectar first, so that they can begin drawing my guests’ nectar. But they’ll help spread the pollen into your breasts, get you started…” As her hand returned to Lydia’s crotch, she added, “Oh, you’re already growing another flower on top of your head. Beautiful…!”

Before Lydia could ponder that, Lotus delved her hand back into her pussy, provoking a loud cry of ecstasy. The two flower-tipped vines closed in, placing themselves tight to her breasts, almost latching onto her as they began to gently pump around her nipples. The moment they started, Lydia’s gasps jumped in both pitch and volume.

Her neck craned back, her body slumping against the plant-lady’s body as she continued her work. Each stroke drew that flame closer and closer to eruption, while each squeeze and suck at her nipples built up a new rising tide within her chest. Had lovemaking ever felt this good before? She’d had partners who’d sucked on her nipples so gently, brought her to such great climaxes, and yet all of them paled in comparison to Lotus. None of them—

—she could barely think any more, with how close she was getting. Even the trail of moisture running down her thigh inflamed her senses, and Lotus’s hastening fingers kept rubbing and teasing and playing and—

Lydia couldn’t hold back her scream, and when it came out, it sounded like the most wonderful sound she’d ever made. Her entire body flooded with the kind of ecstasy her cry implied, a pleasure that made her toes curl within the flower and brought wave after wave of intense heat through her groin. Lotus’s continuing strokes only prolonged her orgasm, making it feel like it’d last for maybe even a whole minute…

It didn’t linger that long, but to Lydia, it almost felt like it. Lotus’s touch slowed, but her flower-vines continued their sucking. It felt even nicer than it had before her orgasm, bringing an even stronger warmth to her chest…

…then she felt it.

A trickle leaving her nipples, only a little, but an unmistakable feeling.

“Wonderful,” Lotus said. “I know you shall produce much nectar of your own. That is perfect. Our seeds will require nourishment.”

Seeds? Their seeds? Something about such a thought made Lydia think of children, somehow. Such hadn’t been a consideration for much of her life, given that two women making love rarely to her knowledge resulted in children.

Yet thinking of it now, with Lotus…it’d be wonderful. Every fiber of her being began longing for it, without a single thought wishing against it.

“Look at your hand,” Lotus said, taking hold of Lydia’s right arm and lifting it up. “More sprouting.” Indeed, a new violet flower had grown upon the back of her hand, with small vines wrapping around her wrist. It was beautiful, such a lovely adornment…

Gently turning Lydia back around, Lotus said, “Have more of my nectar. Drink as much as you can. It’ll prepare your body for what awaits, and it’ll help you produce more nectar yourself.”

Lydia nodded in acknowledgement, bending her knees and beginning to suckle from Lotus’s other breast. Now that she knew how hard she needed to pull, the sweet fluid began to flow immediately. Her desire had been sated, but nursing once more began to stoke that flame. She managed to keep herself from moaning and whimpering, locking her lips to the plant-lady’s teat and feeding.

She didn’t know how long she suckled, but once she felt full, Lydia lifted her lips away. Lotus’s breasts hadn’t seemed to shrink at all from the feeding. In fact…Lydia’s had grown a fair bit. Her small breasts had doubled in size—still not at large as Lotus’s, but given how they’d been prior, it was still such a stark difference. And there was a weight to them she had never felt in her chest before, and which she was sure wasn’t merely her increased size.

Gazing at her breasts and stroking them let Lydia see the new flowers growing along her arms and legs, most spreading vines over her skin as well. They were a part of her, making her beautiful. Running a hand through her hair informed her of more flowers there as well, entwining vines through her locks. She must have been so lovely now…not as beautiful as Lotus, of course, but so much more lovely than she had been before…

Taking one of Lydia’s hands, Lotus asked, “Are you ready?”

Lydia didn’t intend to say anything but yes, but still she asked. “For what?”

“To spread flowers throughout this forest. To make the world more beautiful. To bear my seeds.”

Thoughts of her being held in Lydia’s arms, her belly swollen with children, danced through Lydia’s mind. “Yes!” she said, taking Lotus’s other hand as well. “Yes, Lotus. I’ll do it. I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Lotus said, giggling softly. “Come…”

Lotus pulled Lydia’s body against hers, and soon their breasts pressed into each other, their lips met, their skin rubbed against the other’s, and Lydia’s body burned with desire once more. Breaking their smooch for just a moment, Lydia said, “Yes, Lotus…please…”

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