Picking up Sis(-in-Law) Ch. 11


When you last heard from me, I left you in the dark about what’s been happening between myself and my sister-in-law, Debbie. Well, Deb and I have had quite a few trists over the past months, without getting caught, I might add. I’ll try to bring you up to speed in the next few chapters, starting now.

A very memorable situation occured over the summer, when Deb, who is a Senior High volleyball coach, brought six of her best girls to our city for a sports clinic. Several college coaches were attending the occasion for scouting purposes.

To save them some money, my wife offered to put all of them up at our house for the weekend, which was really fine by me. Six cute teenagers, and my sexy sister-in-law in the house sounded like a great time!

On Friday night, the school van pulled in, and the girls piled out – all dressed up from stopping at a nice place for dinner. The 2 1/2 hour drive hadn’t dampened their spirits any. They were all very upbeat and giggly. One of the girls, an 18-year old named Mallory, caught my eye immediately.

She was really beautiful. Sexy, tall and slim – an athelete’s build. About 5-10, 125 pounds, long, straight, light brown hair, and a really cute face. As I said, the girls were dressed up, and Mallory was no exception. She had on a skirt and blouse, and was one of the two girls besides Debbie, who had nylons on.

As she climbed out of the van, her legs spread. She caught me staring at them, and they were fabulous! They were exposed to above mid-thigh, and her nylons were very sheer. When I got around to looking up at her face, she just smiled at me.

Unfortunately, Debbie also caught me checking Mallory’s legs out, and after introductions were made and we were walking up to the house, she gave me a warning: “Don’t even think about it, Big Boy!” was all she said.

After the girls were assigned sleeping areas, they started taking turns in the bathrooms to prepare for turning in. About five minutes after Mallory went into the upstairs bathroom, we heard a loud noise and a scream from behind the closed door.

Deb went running up the stairs, with me close behind. She still had her dress, nylons and heels on, and the view as we charged up the stairs was very good, as usual. I could see nearly up to the cheeks of her pantyhose-covered ass, and I instantly started getting hard. Deb knocked on the bathroom door, and asked Mallory what was wrong.

“The tub door came off the track, and I can’t get it back on!” She said in a very agitated state. I knew instantly what the problem was. The tub enclosure was old, and the tracks were wearing out. I forgot to tell the girls not to slide the inside door, which was prone to coming off the track. Mallory was now trying to hold the heavy glass door, to keep it from falling into the tub.

I went downstairs and got a small nail to open the bathroom door lock. After it was open, Deb went in, and I looked over her shoulder before she closed the door. There was Mallory, in the shower, obviously naked, wet, and very, very sexy. I could see everything through the shower door that she was holding up in front of her, and again, she saw me looking.

Deb closed the door, and tried to get the shower door back into the track, but after a few minutes, she knew it was too heavy for her. “I need your help, Rick,” she called, and I opened the door. Unfortunately, she’d taken a towel off the rack, and Mallory was holding it in front of her.

I went over to the tub, and raised the glass door up and back onto the track. I told Mallory not to use that door, and to just close it with the other door. She said “Okay,” and Deb turned to leave, with me close behind her. As I closed the bathroom door, I turned my head and glanced back into the room for one more look.

Mallory had dropped the towel, and had not yet closed the tub door. She stood there, water cascading down her body, over her pert breasts, and on down through her light brown pubic hair. She was looking right into my eyes, staring me down. It was an unbelievable sight.

I reluctantly closed the door, and followed Deb back downstairs. After all the girls were bedded down, my wife, her sister and I, settled down to watch a movie. “Unfaithful” was appropriately the title.

About half-way through the movie, after my wife and her sister had caught each other up on all of the family gossip, my wife announced that she was tired and going to bed. I told her I would join her shortly, and she walked out of the room. I waited about fifteen minutes, and went in to check on her. She was fast asleep.

As I walked back into the family room, I found Debbie – standing in the middle of the room, unbuttoning her dress. When it was open, she let it fall to the floor, leaving her in just sheer-to-waist nylons and 3″ high-heeled sandals. Her hands went to her hips, and her feet were shoulder-width apart. As usual, she had no panties on under her nylons, and they were crotchless!

“Come on Rick, fuck me!” she ordered. kartal escort “I know Mallory’s got you all hot and bothered, so come and use me!” I walked over in front of her, and just stood there. She looked at me and reached out to my zipper, sliding it down. Then, she just reached in and roughly pulled my hard dick out, and went to her knees in front of me. She leaned forward to kiss and lick the head of it.

Her eyes looked up at mine as she took it in, inch by inch, until she had all she could manage – about two-thirds of my nine inches, in her mouth. In and out, back and forth, she sucked me off. As I stood there, receiving some of the best head of my life, my knees nearly buckled.

I leaned back and looked up, toward the upper loft of our house. There are two bedrooms and a bath up there, with an open hall with a railing across the front of them. There, in the shadows, partially hidden by one of the support pillars, was Mallory, watching us. I nearly panicked, but before I could jerk my cock out of my sister-in-law’s mouth, Mallory’s finger went to her lips.

“Shhhh,” I almost heard her whisper as she smiled down at me. After a few seconds, I just went back to enjoying the blow job Debbie was giving me. She’d started doing what she knew was my very favorite thing – holding the head of my cock in her mouth, her tongue probing, and her hands sliding back and forth on the shaft. After a few minutes of this, she just stopped, letting my hard, wet dick plop out of her mouth.

“Not this time, Bud! I’ve been waiting too long. This time, you’re gonna fuck me!” She leaned back and I just slid down on top of her, letting her guide my cock into her, through the hole in her nylons.

She wrapped her sexy legs around my ass, and I really started giving it to her. She moaned, almost loud enough to wake up the whole house. I quieted her with my hand, and she took the hint.

Then, she started whispering to me. “You liked Mallory, didn’t you Rick? Hmmmm?” I didn’t answer, but just kept fucking her, sliding my cock in and out of her hot, wet pussy. “Those long, legs, that short skirt, those sexy nylons and heels?” She just wouldn’t shut up!

I stole a glance up at Mallory, who could hear every word Deb was saying. Luckily, the loft was behind Debbie, and she couldn’t see her.

After listening to Debbie talk about her for a minute or two, Mallory looked right at me, and moved to the side, out from behind the pillar. She let her robe fall open and just stood there in sheer pantyhose, and 3″ high heels – nothing else.

Then, as she watched me fuck her volleyball coach, she slowly slid her hand down into the waist band of her pantyhose. She spred her legs and her fingers found her pussy. I was fucking Debbie, but all of my mind was on the 18-year old beauty who had started finger-fucking herself not twelve feet from me!

I really took off then, jamming my cock deep into Debbie’s hot pussy. She started in again as I fucked her. “Mal’s a pretty hot girl, Rick. Do you think you could handle her?”

“Oh, yeah, no problem there!” I whispered back at her.

“She’s got great legs, doesn’t she Rick?”

“Ummmm, yeah, she does….” I responded to her prompting.

“Yeah, and she’s not like most girls, Rick. She wears nylons all the time. Do you like that?”

“Oh, yeah, Deb, you know I like that!” I said. I glanced back up at Mallory again, and she was leaning against the pillar, eyes closed, her fingers working hard on her clit. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I finished in Debbie, and I quickly increased my pace.

“Oh, yeah, Rick, fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Deb ordered. I complied, sending her into a mind shattering orgasm, her nyloned legs wrapped tight around my ass, helping me achieve maximum penetration.

Then, I knew it was over for me, too. I put all of my weight into giving her one last thrust, and held it there, cumming hard as I stroked her nylon-clad thighs, stifling my moans in Deb’s shoulder.

“Yeah, Rick…. cum in me! Give it all to me!” she whispered into my ear. As I was finishing, I took another quick look upstairs, and saw that Mallory was also finishing. Her fingers were moving a mile a minute in and out of her pussy, and she was biting down hard on he robe to keep quiet.

Deb just held me for a few minutes, and then, the warning. “You know Rick, my talking about Mallory when you were fucking me was not reality. Just fantasy. You know that…. right?”

“Yeah, Deb,” I responded. “I’d never try anything with Mallory. But…. she IS eighteen, right?” I asked with a smile on my face.

Deb poked me in the ribs, saying “You better never….”

“Don’t worry Deb, I assured her. “I won’t try anything with your student….”

“You better not!” was her last admonishment as I slid off of her. I kissed her and headed for the shower, taking one last glance at Mallory. She waved at me as she quietly went into her bedroom and closed the door.

The next day, Saturday, the cumhuriyet mahallesi escort girls were up and gone before I got up, taking my wife with them. I puttered around the house, doing some yard and garage chores, but then I got an idea. I went up to the room where Mallory was staying, and looked around. On the floor, I found the pantyhose she’d been wearing last night.

I picked them up, immediately getting aroused by their silky texture. I slid my hand into one leg, pulling it tight, and felt it with my other hand. The sensation was electric, nearly making me cum as I replayed last night’s activities in my mind.

Then, I felt the crotch. It was still wet! I brought it up to my face and immediately inhaled her feminine scent. I held them there for a few seconds, causing me to get the urge to relieve my sexually charged cock. I stroked it through my pants, but quickly wised up – my sister-in-law would be back soon, so why waste it?

Then there was Mallory…. was it possible? She certainly seemed willing enough….

The van pulling into the driveway startled me back to reality, and I dropped the nylons to their previous place on the floor. I met them on the porch, and the girls were all charged up and excited from the clinic.

I’d taken my Ninja motorcycle out of the garage to do some maintenance on it, and one of the girls (not Mallory) saw it and asked for a ride.

Deb said it was okay, so I got helmets and put the cute girl on back. After a short ride, we returned to find all of the girls waiting for a ride. One by one, they all got on back, holding on tight. Taking the girls for rides had an effect on me, let me tell you. All of those cute, hard nipples pressed into my back….

By the time I got to the last girl – Mallory, I was suffering greatly. My dick was so hard it hurt, but luckily, my position on the bike kept it hidden.

Mallory slid on easily behind me, and put her hands arouind my waist. As we pulled out, I noticed Debbie staring at us – a scowl on her face. “Oh well….”

Once we were out of sight, Mallory slid closer to me, jamming her sweet tits into my back. Her hands slid down to the sides of my thighs, rubbing me there. I let my left hand drop down and back to her leg, and stroked her calf.

As I let my hand drop lower, I came in contact with her ankle below her jeans and I nearly wrecked the bike. She had sheer, sexy pantyhose on under her pants! As I stroked the sexy nylon, raising her pants leg as high as I could, Mallory held me tighter, trying to slide closer to me.

She flipped up her face shield, and said, “Rick, I want…. this!” Her right hand went straight to my dick, and stroked it through my jeans. Man oh man, I couldn’t believe it. This sexy 18-year old was really putting the moves on me!

I knew we didn’t have time now, so I asked, “How…. when?”

“Tonight. After everybody else is asleep – come to me. I want you to…. fuck me, Rick. I want to do everything you were thinking about when you were fucking your sister-in-law last night.” This girl was no dummy! She gave my cock one last squeeze as we headed down our street, and pulled into the drive way.

Since Mallory was the last girl to ride, they were all in the house. I hit the remote and pulled into the garage. As soon as our helmets were off, Mallory jumped off the bike and grabbed me and kissed me. Hard. Her hands went to my cock, and mine went to her breasts. After a steamy 30 seconds, fear took over, and we broke apart. Mallory reluctantly went into the house, and I put the bike away.

That night, my wife and I treated all of the girls to dinner at a nice tavern. All of the ladies were dressed to kill, and looked great!

Seating arrangements had us split into two groups, so Debbie sat at one table with four of the girls, and my wife and I sat at the other with two. Guess who ended up sitting next to me?

So there I was, my wife on one side of me, and the sexiest thing in this universe (as far as I was concerned!) on the other. Luckily, the table cloths were long, because all through dinner, Mallory toyed with me. Her shoes were off almost before we sat down, and her nyloned foot drove me crazy, rubbing my leg under the table.

All this, while my sister-in-law steamed at the other table! Deb had also dressed to thrill, in a short black mini-skirt, red blouse, black nylons and 3″ stilletos. My wife was no slouch either, in a red pleated dress, sheer stockings and garter belt, and her highest heels. I wondered how I was going to take care of the three females that obviously had plans for me later.

As we ordered, I slipped my left hand under the table to Mallory’s thigh, and slid the hem of her short dress up. My first experience with her nylon-clad thigh was unbelievable. The slickest, sheerest nylon ever, covering the firmest, sexiest thigh I’d ever had the opportunity to caress!

As I moved my hand up, my wife slid her hand into my yunus escort lap! She was very surprised to find that my dick was already rock-hard! Reluctantly, I released my hold on Mallory, and put my other hand on my wife’s leg. She’d already hiked her dress up, so my hand landed on her stocking, right at the expanded top where the clip of her garter belt attached.

I leanded over and whispered in her ear, “Honey, I’ve been thinking about you all day!” That seemed to satisfy her as far as my hardon was concerned.

“You just wait ’till I get you home!” she whispered back.

“Oh, boy…. the things I get myself in to!” I thought to myself.

The rest of dinner was a flurry of hands (and feet) under the table, and the toughest part was making sure Mallory and Lori’s hands didn’t meet in my lap! Both ladies had been able to sneak several feels of my hard cock, both thinking that they were the reason for it!

To tell the truth, while I really wanted Mallory, since she’d be a first for me, I’d have been happy with ANY of the eight females present.

All of them were dressed very well. Dresses, skirts, heels, nylons – all very sexy. But I really hadn’t had a chance to check any of the other volleyball players out – Mallory had zoomed in on me too quickly.

After dinner, I adjusted my dick in my pants, and we headed for the van. I’d plied my wife with three pina’ coladas, so I was pretty sure she would fall asleep on the way home. That still left Debbie and Mallory though, and I had to figure out a way to let my sister-in-law down gently.

I was right about Lori. I had to wake her up when we got home, and help her into the house. I got her to the bedroom, and she flopped on the bed, out for the night.

I went back to the family room, and all of the girls were gone, except Debbie. While at dinner, I’d pretended to drink six beers, but actually, I’d only had about one. So, I told Debbie I just wasn’t up to giving her what she wanted, and sent her to her room. She was one pissed lady, let me tell ya!

I went to our room, and changed into just a robe, and then waited for almost an hour. I was absolutely sure that everyone was bedded down for the night when I headed upstairs for Mallory’s room. I was glad we’d put her in the den, where there was just a single hide-a-bed, so only one could sleep there.

Without even knocking, I opened the door. She was sitting in the chair next to the bed, in the same short silk robe she’d had on the night before. Sheer nylons and stilleto heels completed the outfit.

When I closed the door, Mallory stood up, and with the night stand light still on, she unknotted the belt on her robe, and let it fall to the floor. I did the same with my robe, leaving me naked, my hard cock jutting straight out. We met in the center of the room, where I noticed that with her three-inch heels on, she was as tall as me.

We kissed, gently at first, and then with a passion that I’d forgotten I had in me. Our tongues clashed, and our hands explored each other. Mine on her pantyhose-covered ass, and hers on my hot, hard cock. She moaned into my mouth as her hands stroked me, measuring it’s length.

“Oh, Baby!” I whispered as she slid down to her knees, her mouth quickly enveloping the wet head of my cock. I watched as it disappeared in her face, taking more that a girl her age should be able to. It was obvious when she really got started, that this was far from her first blow job!

I let her suck me for several minutes, and then pulled her up to her feet. I sat her on the bed, pushed her knees apart, and dropped between them. She leaned back on the bed, as I kissed the inside of her nyloned knee, moving slowly upward. The sensation was electric as my lips travelled slowly upward, until I was at her core.

There, I found that she’d cut the cotton panel out of her pantyhose, and her pussy was immediatley available to my lips and tongue.

I licked her for a moment, and then just shoved my tongue into her, savoring the same taste and smell I’d sampled in her nylons earlier that day. She moaned loudly as I sucked and licked her, and I wondered which of us was enjoying it more.

Then, I couldn’t wait any longer. I moved up between her legs and slid her back on the bed. She parted for me, and I made her take hold of my cock, using her own hands to guide me in. She slid the head up and down at her entrance, and then placed it at just the right place.

Then, she put her nylon-clad legs around me and forcefully pulled me in, letting me pull back just once before again using her leg strength to pull all of my cock inside her.

After waiting just a few seconds, I knew I wouldn’t last long. This was the tightest pussy I could remember being in, and I wanted both of us to enjoy it. I pulled back, and then let her pull me back in, back and forth, in and out.

“Oh, please Rick, fuck me! Keep on fucking me forever!” she groaned as we developed the rhythm that hopefully would soon have both of us seeing stars.

I leaned back and pulled my knees up, and Mallory lifted her sexy legs up along my chest, so that her high heels were on either side of my head. I was able to stroke her legs from top to bottom, not missing an inch of the nyloned wonders at my disposal.

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