Pinch Hitter Ch. 03

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This is a work of erotic fiction.

All characters in the story are over the age of 18.


“Sarina?” I inquired.

“Yes, sugar?” she answered inquisitively from the other side of the bed, confirming that she wasn’t the one with her cock in my ass.

“Who’s fucking me baby?”

Sarina climbed on the bed. I heard her kissing whoever it was that had a cock inside of me. Sarina lay down next to me, her breasts pressed into my side. She extended her right hand between me and the person on top of me, wrapped her hand around my cock and began slowly jacking me off.

“You should feel how hard he is” Sarina whispered. Soon there was a second hand groping my genitals.

I heard the two kissing again before Sarina said “Go” and whoever was on top of me began slowly and deliberately sliding their beautiful cock in and out of me. It was an exquisite feeling. It wasn’t the intense fucking I experienced last night, but this wasn’t lovemaking either. This was teasing.

“Please tell me Sarina…” I begged “…tell me who she is.”

“This is my friend Mariana, the one I told you about. When I told her what an eager little slut you were she couldn’t wait to try you out.”

Only then did Mariana lower herself to me, pressing her smaller breasts hard into me and sucking my tongue into her mouth. I extended my hands down her lean body and cupped an ass cheek in each hand, pulling her into me harder with each thrust. Her teasing fuck turned into a slightly faster screwing. Mariana’s long hair cascaded over me covering all of my face while she continued to penetrate me.

Sarina released my erection and removed my blindfold. Mariana had her face next to mine, her cheek pressed to the side of my face and her breath hot and moist as she panted in my ear. Mariana’s thrusting became more intense, more urgent, yet she didn’t speak. Sweat was beginning to form on the fleshy cheeks I cupped and squeezed. Mariana’s breathing became more ragged as she continued to pump into me with long luxurious strokes.

I felt her body tense, her hips quaking as she groaned into my ear, her orgasm consuming her body. She continued to fuck me through her cum.

Mariana raised up from me and supported her weight on her arms. Her face and identity were still concealed by the long, dark hair that fell about her face. In her new position she was able to pound into me with power, and Sarina was able to reestablish her hold on my cock.

With the dual stimulation I was now experiencing, my own orgasm became a foregone conclusion. I began to moan in pleasure as I felt the pressure in my groin growing. “I’m gonna cum” I stated to no one’s surprise. When Sarina felt my cock harden even more in her hand, she whispered “Now!”

As the first of my semen blasted from my cock, Mariana swept her hair from her face with one hand.

Mariana was my daughter.

Shock registered on my face. My greatest fear and most repressed subconscious desire were both realized when I saw Krista was the one fucking me.

I gazed into the inferno of my daughter’s brown eyes as I ejaculated repeatedly between our bodies. Mariana’s wide smile spoke volumes about the emotion and pleasure she was experiencing as she continued to auger her dildo through my pulsing sphincter. Her look was one of sexual satisfaction multiplied by emotional fulfillment to the power of relief.

Neither of us spoke.

The fire in Mariana’s eyes dwindled slightly when I didn’t immediately react to the joy and satisfaction she was presently feeling. My brain was overloaded trying canlı bahis şirketleri to process what had just happened. On a moral and intellectual level I felt disgust, repulsion, at the fact that my own daughter had just topped me. Yet on a physical, animalistic level I was exhilarated and euphoric that my own daughter seemed to be exhilarated that she had just sexually dominated her dad.

When I was finally able to weigh and evaluate this surprising development, and I was able to accept the fact that what had just happened was something Krista had initiated, my baser instincts won out causing my initial look of shock to transform to one of tentative acceptance. When Mariana saw me smile and my eyes twinkle, the fire in her eyes rekindled. “I love you” she said before collapsing on top of me and smothering my mouth with hers in a passionate, intimate kiss.

My intellect may have been conflicted by the fact that my own daughter had just sodomized me, but my body wasn’t. Even though I was 42 years old and had just had an incredible orgasm, I was still as hard as a bar of steel. Mariana continued to roll her hips, forcing her dildo to continue sliding in and out of me ever so slightly.

“That was so beautiful!” Sarina proclaimed. She was still next to me, her hands now lovingly roaming Mariana’s back and ass.

Mariana broke our kiss and turned to face Sarina. “Thank you” she whispered before kissing the buxom blonde.

Sarina left my side and moved between my legs behind Mariana. As she did I took my hands from Mariana’s butt and placed them on either side of her face. We gazed into each other’s eyes for a few moments until Mariana closed hers and tilted her head back releasing a primal groan in the process.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Sarina’s eating my ass! God it feels so fucking good! Don’t stop baby!” she growled.

Mariana returned her mouth to mine and again devoured my tongue with her mouth.

I felt Mariana began to withdraw her cock from my ass, causing emotional and physical emptiness when it was completely withdrawn. Mariana began to loose the straps of her harness. “Leave it on” I implored. Mariana, nodding in understanding then positioned herself straddling me, so my still erect penis lay pinned between my lower abdomen and her very wet pussy lips through the open crotch of her harness. Mariana began sliding herself back and forth on my erection, masturbating herself against my manhood and lubricating me with her secretions while her own cock slid against my body. It was an incredibly erotic sight.

As Mariana slid forward on me, she quickly tilted her hips, captured my cock with her succulent pussy and slid herself back, impaling her body on my tool.

It happened so fast and smoothly she caught me totally off guard. “NO! Honey, we can’t…!” I protested before she cut me off.

“Yes we can daddy, trust me” she corrected before she began reciprocating and gyrating her deliciously tight pussy on my cock.

Mariana lowered herself to me and we kissed while she fucked herself on my pole. The mental taboo of being fucked by her dad, the physical sensation of a cock in her slick tunnel, and her teammate’s tongue buried in her ass set Mariana off. Her pussy spasmed around my cock producing thick creamy cum which Sarina was quick to lick up. I heard both girls gasp and moan as Mariana came.

I began to desperately pump my cock into Mariana’s clutching wetness. Sarina, still between my legs, slipped two pussy juice coated fingers into my ass and began to pump them into me in time with my thrusts. canlı kaçak iddaa The sensation was overwhelming, and I felt my second orgasm maturing in my loins.

Moments later I was dumping my seed deep into Mariana’s pussy.

My daughter’s pussy.

My daughter’s womb.

Neither of us did anything to prevent it.

“You’re cumming inside of me! I can feel it! OHHH! FU-U-U-UCK!” she cried as I coated the walls of her vagina with my semen.

My thrusting slowed as my ejaculations waned. Sarina released the straps of Mariana’s harness and pulled the device away, tossing it to the floor. Mariana extricated herself from my penetration and straddled my face. She lowered her dripping pussy to my lips and I gorged myself on the gaping, hairless slit she presented me.

“That’s it daddy. Eat my pussy” she commanded as she rolled her nipples between her own fingers. “Make me come with your tongue daddy!” I did my best to accommodate her request, lapping at the folds of her flared lips and the hooded bud of her clit. Soon her hips were jerking again as she neared another release. “I’m cumming sugar! I’m cumming!” she shouted before releasing a guttural moan. My mouth was filled with both of our creamy goodness, the sticky nectar coating my tongue. I hungrily swallowed every drop.

Krista rolled off of me and lay on her left side. I rolled onto my right so I could face her, my left leg draping over her hip. I felt Sarina straddle my right leg and slip her strap-on into my very exposed ass.

Krista and I kissed as Sarina had her way with me.

“I’m gonna cum” Sarina stated after just a few minutes of fucking me. Soon her smooth rhythmic thrusts became irregular pokes and jabs as the base of the strap-on stimulated her to a massive orgasm. She wailed as she came, cursing and exclaiming how good it felt.

Soon after I again experienced emptiness as Sarina removed her cock from my ass. She unstrapped her harness and joined Krista and me on the bed. Lindsey and Krista shared a sensual open mouthed kiss before Lindsey kissed me as well. She then positioned herself on my left, half on me, half on the bed.

We held and petted each other in silence as the reality of what had just happened began to sink in.

I had just allowed two college co-eds to take on the personas of shemale porn stars and let them have their way with me. In my mind, I had just allowed Sarina Valentina and Mariana Cordoba to turn me into a slutty submissive bottom. A fantasy come true.

But I had also just participated in incestuous intercourse with my daughter. I had just ejaculated deep inside her young, fertile womb. I had done it instinctively. I had done it without thinking. I hoped I wouldn’t regret it.

“Oh my God! Dad! That was So.Fucking.Unreal” Krista said, breaking the deafening silence that enveloped my bedroom.

Lindsey was all smiles as she lay on my left, her firm breasts pressed into me while she played with my flaccid penis.

“Why?” I asked as I gazed into my daughter’s sparkling eyes and twisted my fingers in her long brown hair. It wasn’t an accusatory question. I asked it simply so I could understand why we were at the point we were presently at.

“Because I love you. Because I wanted to give you the same pleasure mom had given you all those years. Because having watched how you dealt with everything over the last five and a half months and what an incredibly strong, caring, loving… resilient person you are, my love for you changed from that of a daughter to the kind of love a wife has for her husband. canlı kaçak bahis Somewhere… sometime… in my mourning it dawned on me that I wanted to be a wife to you, NEEDED to be a wife to you. And when Lindsey described your tryst while she fucked me last night, I wasn’t willing to wait any longer.”

“Lindsey told you about last night?”

“Oh, I knew all about it! We planned it together, she just described what you did and how much you enjoyed it. I told Lindsey about my feelings for you weeks ago. Ever since then we’ve been role playing ourselves. I knew about ‘Mia’ long before mom died and we hatched the plan for Lindsey to become your new lover, pinch hitting for Mia.”

I turned and looked at Lindsey. She was still all smiles. “Well?” I asked.

“I fell in lust with Krista the first day she showed up for volleyball practice. There was something about her that I found irresistible, and now I can’t imagine not having her in my life.” Lindsey’s voice was filled with emotion as she spoke, and her words brought a glowing smile to Krista’s face. “After Mrs. Jacobs was…” she paused “…Krista came to lean on me even more. We soon realized we were in love with each other at every level. When she told me how she felt about you, I knew I had to help her become your lover. It didn’t hurt that I’m attracted to you too.”

“So this was all planned?” I asked.

Both girls nodded in the affirmative.

“I didn’t have a chance, did I?”

Both girls shook their heads no.

Krista propped herself up, left elbow on the bed. “There is one last thing” she started. There was a very long pause as if she was searching for words, or for courage to say the words. “As part of one of our biology labs, we had the opportunity to test our DNA and analyze the results looking for ethnic markers. I thought it would be fun to see what I would find.” She stopped abruptly.

“And…?” I prodded.

Again it took her several moments to find her voice.

“My father is of Eastern European descent” she finally exhaled.

“You mean Western European. I’m English and Scandinavian” I corrected.

“I meant Eastern, dad. My father… my biological father… is Eastern European” she said in a hushed, breaking whisper.

I stared at her in disbelief. Tears were welling up in both of our eyes. “I’m not you dad?” I asked, my voice cracking.

“No! NO! You’ll always, ALWAYS be my dad!” she nearly shouted.

Krista paused as her brown eyes bored into my soul. After several minutes she was able to exhale “You’re just not my father.”

I was stunned. Krista’s revelation turned my world upside down. It felt as though I had lost my wife and my daughter in the course of less than six months. The child I loved and raised as my own wasn’t really mine.

I took several deep breaths attempting to regain my composure, but the tears in my eyes betrayed any strength I may have been able to portray. “Did your mom know?”

“I didn’t get the results back until after the funeral” she answered.

Again it was very quiet. Lindsey and Krista did their best to console me as I tried to make sense of this unexpected revelation. They kissed my face, neck, and shoulders with light, fleeting kisses. They whispered that everything would be okay. Krista reassured me that I would always be her dad, and that the news didn’t change the way she felt about me.

After about thirty minutes of heartfelt reassurance, Krista hesitantly offered “There is an upside to this, dad” she paused and waited until she had my undivided attention. My eyes silently pleaded with hers to explain what upside to this conundrum could possibly, remotely exist. Krista’s eyes dropped, as if she were a little girl caught stealing cookies. Without looking at me, and in a nearly inaudible voice she said “I can have your baby.”

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