Pleasure in Denial Ch. 03


We half-fell into the apartment, clutching two bags of shopping. Fresh local bread, cheeses, fresh salads from the street market, yoghurt, fruit, baklava, cold white wine, and bottled beer. Oh, and she’d persuaded me to get her a pair of shoes in the market. They were only 10 Euros and had ridiculously high heels. They would probably break on their first outing, but Felicity had countered “Who said anything about going out in them?” I also insisted on getting her a small soft leather bag. “Just big enough for a spare pair of panties or two,” she’d quipped.

I was exhausted! The combination of the previous day, the excitement of having a very energetic young lady constantly around me, the ever-present arousal I elected to subject my body to. I flopped on the sofa.

Felicity cracked open two beers and handed me one. “Happy?”

“Yes Felicity, delighted.”

“I’m sorry if I’ve somewhat dive-bombed into your life. I hope I haven’t spoiled your holiday.”

“Anything but … sweetie.”

She looked out of the window for a while and I checked my phone messages. Nothing important that couldn’t wait.

Felicity turned and leaned back on the tall window, palms against the cold glass and one leg bent at the knee. She’d kicked off her trainers and she looked awesomely sexy; her puffy nipples pressed against the stretchy crop-top making themselves very obvious. Her skirt rode up to show off acres of long smooth thigh. She had her head dropped forward, so to look at me she had to raise her big blue eyes under her lids which I found mesmerising. Her bare midriff was flat, lean, and tight. She put the tip of one finger in her mouth and bit on it gently then suggested: “Fashion show?”

I almost missed what she said. My mind was racing and I was so turned on even just from looking at her standing like that. She carried the sensuality of a confident woman in her mid-to-late-twenties but the body of a teenager 10 years younger. Or so. My pussy was aching and throbbing. Juices quietly oozed from its inner folds and my lack of underwear came all the more pertinent as I felt my wetness on the upper thighs. My nipples were hard and when I moved, they brushed against the cotton fabric of my dress, arousing them, and me, to greater heights. What I really wanted to do was to slide out of my dress, lift one leg onto the back of the sofa, exposing my swollen pussy to Felicity, and finger myself as near to a crashing orgasm as my self-control allowed. Would Felicity find it strange, that I love to edge myself? To deny myself much-needed orgasms. To take myself to the brink then shudder and shake as I hold back? Or, better still, to have her lick and stroke and finger-fuck me until I was begging to cum but for her to follow my instructions and hold me just on the edge. Would she? Could she?

“Julia, you OK?”

“Oh, sorry, I was just lost in the moment.”

“Do I excite you, Julia?”

“Yes, Flix, you do. Very much so. Why?”

“Cos you excite me too. I want you to know that. I love how you look at me, and I wonder what you’re thinking.”

“You’ll learn baby.”

“Don’t leave it too long. I can’t wait”

“I can.”

“What does that mean?”

“You’ll find out”

“You’re mysterious, Julia. I like that.”

“What did you say just now?”

“Fashion Show. So you get to look at me more, and I get to show myself off. We have a win-win I think?”

“Perfect. You go get changed, and I’ll slip on something nice.”

My ‘something nice’ was a cream satin-silk half-cup bra that lifted and presented my boobs to perfection, showing plenty of smooth rounded flesh whilst hiding all the important bits. Matching knickers – the same description could be applied to them too. For modesty I thew on a contrasting navy-blue silk robe that reached the floor but exposed my legs when it swished as I walked.

A voice called from the other bedroom. “Ready?”

“Yes sweetie, I have a runway-side seat.”

Felicity appeared at the bedroom door and peeped out sheepishly. ” I hope you like it.”

“Show me then!” I insisted.

My jaw dropped as she moved slowly into view. She was wearing skin-tight silver stretch leggings that stopped well above her ankles and which clung tenaciously to the alluring curve of her perfect bum-cheeks. In fact, I’d say they improved her shape, if that was at all possible. But the real showstopper was her miniscule top. In reality it was little more than a narrow triangle of neon pink very thin cotton tee-shirt fabric. The top corner was attached to the centre of a mock-jewelled choker around her long neck. Spaghetti-thin tie-cords started from the two other corners, somewhere near the bottom of her ribcage, and she had them tied in a big bow in the small of her back. It left very little to the imagination. Her back was almost totally bare, and from the front the material struggled unsuccessfully to conceal her small breasts. An enticing glimpse of side-boob escaped from each side and her pokey nipples competed for attention through the thin fabric which only just altyazılı porno covered her areole. It probably cost about 7 Euros and on a lot of girls it would just look cheap and trashy, but on Felicity it looked stunning, and I told her so.

“I thought this outfit would look good for strolling in the late-afternoon, along the back of the beach,” she suggested. “On our way to get cocktails.”

I concurred with her idea, knowing full well who’d be buying the cocktails. But it’d be worth it, just to watch people watching her, and knowing she’s with me. And knowing I’d be as aroused then as I was now.

“Good choice baby. You look fabulous. Give me a twirl.”

She pirouetted, and pushed out her bum. “Can you see I’m wearing a thong under these? I tried them without and it was a bit scratchy.” She pulled a grouchy face.

“No baby. I’d never have known.”

“Excellent!” she exclaimed, and disappeared, only calling back: “Don’t go away!”

As if …

Watching Felicity pose, preen and pout in that top and leggings had roused a deeper desire in me and I knew I had to have her. My body felt tense and alive. My nipples here hard and nagging to escape from the confines of my satin bra. My whole pussy was by now throbbing in anticipation. I could feel how wet I’d made my knickers with my juices and I could only imagine what my labia would be looking like now. And, unsurprisingly, my clit was aching to be touched. I was reaching the level of arousal where I was beginning to lose the ability to think straight. I weighed up the options. If I don’t touch myself right now, I could miss the opportunity once Felicity reappears. But that would leave me hovering at this just-bearable level of desire and need. If I do touch myself, I risk either coming, which would be contrary to all my plans, so not an option, or taking myself to an even higher level of desperation which, pleasurable in itself, might perplex Felicity.

Barely able to control myself, the usual thought crept into my mind. ‘Go on Julia, just one won’t hurt. Just one little touch, that’s all, your poor pussy needs it.’

In my weakness I opened my robe and closed my eyes. I grasped one breast through my bra and squeezed. Mmm, that felt so good and the nipple throbbed in appreciation. I slid my other hand down over my flat stomach and inside my silk knickers. Positioning my middle finger along the length of my slit, I began to stroke upwards. I shuddered at just that faintest touch and pulled my hand away, holding it just a centimetre or two above my mound, where I could feel the heat rising.


I came back to reality with a jolt. Felicity was standing barely a metre away from me. She was wearing a very tight yet simple tube dress, in shimmery black. It started just above her titties and stopped perhaps a third of the way down her thighs. Quite simple, yes, but very, very sexy. She looked taller, and I concluded she must be wearing the cheap shoes we picked up in the market. Easily five-inch heels. But I couldn’t see them as I was leaning back on the sofa, my navy-blue robe wide open, my legs spread wide apart like a whore, one hand still cupping my boob. How long she’d been there I could not guess. What had she seen?

“Are you OK?” she continued.

What could I say? It was pretty obvious what I’d been doing. “I’m fine thanks, Flix, totally fine. Just, well, relaxing.”

“You don’t look very relaxed to me,” she observed, with a smile. “Don’t worry about it. We all do it, don’t we.”

“I’m sorry if I’ve embarrassed you Felicity …”

“Flix. Flix; call me Flix, Please Julia. I like it when you use that name. Will you? Always? Only my mother calls me Felicity. It’s a stupid, posh, sensible name, like my stupid posh sensible boring horrible mother who gave it to me. It just isn’t me.”

“OK, it’s Flix. As I was saying, I’m sorry. You must think I’m some kind of slut.”

“Not at all. I think you’re a beautiful, kind, attractive, sensual woman, all the things ‘she’ isn’t, and … I like you very much.” But then she looked down and seemed shocked. Pointing at the huge wet patch on my knickers, she gasped: “Fuck, Julia. Did I do that to you?”

“Flix, you too are very attractive. It’s not all down to you, but yes, watching you, just being with you, excites me. I’ve been turned on and wet all day, except you’ve probably noticed anyway.”

“Why, thank you. Wow, phew, that’s very flattering. Oh, and for the record, I love watching you too.”

“I think I worked that one out too,” I replied.

Felicity smiled widely so I pressed her on the subject. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, fire away.”

“Flix, my lovely, how long were you in my bedroom for in the night?”

Felicity looked shocked and awkward. “I didn’t think you knew.”

“I just saw you in the half-light, looking at me.”

“As I said, Julia, You’re a beautiful woman.”

“Enough to make you want to touch yourself.”

“Oh, I didn’t think you’d have noticed. I tried to keep very quiet.”

“You had your shirt türkçe altyazılı porno pulled up and your fingers between your legs. I could see that much. Kinda obvious what you were doing.”

Yes Julia, I was rubbing myself. I was playing with my clit, round and round in circles. And sliding my fingers between my lips. They were wet and swollen and spread soooo open wide and it felt fabulous. I want you to know that. And all because I was looking at you, Julia, in all your beauty. But I’m sorry, I was very rude and intrusive. I’ve invaded your privacy and I apologise.”

“How long, Flix?”

“Erm, oh my … this is so awkward. About, well, 20 minutes?”

“And, Flix, were you touching yourself the whole time?”

“No, not all, but most of the time yes. Look, do we have to do this interrogation? I’ve apologised already.”

“It’s OK, Flix, I’m loving what I’m hearing. At your age you could probably have come in 5 minutes, but you chose to take longer?”

“Is that so weird? It’s a nice feeling and I didn’t like to rush it.”

Felicity was getting agitated now, but I needed to understand. “Did you come whilst you were in my room?”

She shook her head.

“So then when you went back to your room, did you finish off?”

“Yes, but no, well not straight away, but it didn’t take long. I was sooo horny.”

“You didn’t think that if you lay still and maybe it just might go away?”

“Well since you asked, Julia, no I didn’t. There was no chance I’d get back to sleep, I was so tuned on. And before you ask, yes it was a good orgasm. In fact, Julia, it was fucking awesome. That’s how you make me feel. Is that what you wanted to know?” and I saw tears starting to form in the corners of her eyes.

“Hey sweetie I’m sorry, I didn’t want to stress you out, but this is important to me.”

“It’s OK, I’m just feeling very emotional, what with losing my stuff then you being so nice to me, and now all this. I’ve never spoken openly to another woman about masturbation before, it’s always been my naughty hidden secret. Totally not the kind of thing I’d ever talk to my mother about. I bet she doesn’t even know what an orgasm is. pfwahh!”

“Your secrets are safe with me … Flix.”

Felicity sat on the arm of the sofa and looked into space for a while. I pulled my robe around myself and sat watching her. All kinds of thoughts went through my mind, not all of them lascivious. I saw a rather lost and confused young lady, looking for her place in the world. And on a certain level, I cared about her, more than just wanting every tiniest part of her body. She was the first to break the silence.

“Auntie Julia, I know this is going to sound silly, but …”

“Go ahead, anything at all.”

“Julia,” (long silence) “can I rest my head in your lap? Please?”

Without hesitation, I replied “Yes, of course, I’d love that. Come near to me, Flix”

Felicity lay full-length along the large 4-seater sofa and gently lowered her head onto my lap. She let out a long slow sigh and I felt her melt into me. She kept her eyes closed and I gently stroked her hair. She drifted off to sleep for about 10 minutes; she looked so calm and trusting. When she woke up, she looked up into my eyes and, in a soft wavering voice, said: “I don’t remember my mother ever letting me do this.”

From what she’d told me, that came as no surprise. But her next request did surprise me.

“Auntie Julia … can I … may I … suck on your breast?”

I laughed, not because it was funny, but to buy myself thinking time. The very thought of the act itself excited me and my nipples gave it their vote of approval. But the implications for our embryonic relationship were immense. And very rewarding, potentially.

I brushed the side of her face with my fingertips. “yes, my lovely, you may … in principle … but not now. It’s a privilege that you will need to earn, understood?”

Felicity looked up at me and smiled. “Thank you so much. That would make me very happy. And I look forward to learning how to earn the privilege. But when, Julia? How long must I wait?”

“Later today, probably. Later today”

She smiled again, and pumped her elbows to accompany a happy “Yessss!”

I guided her head to rest on the softness and warmth of my half-covered breasts and pulled her into me. I felt her body soften as I held her tight.

Eventually I extricated myself from under her head. “Look, it’s nearly 2 o’clock and we’ve not had our delicious market-fresh lunch yet!”

Felicity looked up. “Would acting as your waitress count towards earning my privilege?”

“Well you certainly look the part in that tight black dress and heels.”

“Depends what sort of places you eat at I guess”, she responded, to which I quipped: “If you worked there, I’d eat there.”

I insisted Felicity should allow me to prepare the lunch; she needed the rest. And she still had on the cheap heels which were really not made standing and walking. When the food was all prepared, I called her over and hd altyazılı porno opened the doors to the big, secluded, shady terrace that comes with the rented apartment.

Felicity’s jaw dropped. “Wow, that’s beautiful. I love all these. Are they grape vines?” I nodded. “And, olive trees? Oh my this is beautiful.”

“Yes it is. And look, you can see the sea from here, but no-one can see you.”

I sat at the mosaic-topped table and, when I was certain that Felicity was watching, I arranged my navy robe neatly over my legs but loosened the belt so it fell open at the top to reveal my bra and the curve of my breasts. Felicity’s eyes darted back and forth between them and up to my eyes several times, then she looked away. I think I knew what she had on her mind and the same thought triggered yet another wave of arousal through my body and focussed between my legs. ‘This is going to be a challenging afternoon, pussy my darling’ I said to myself.

“Flix, bring out the food now will you please my lovely! And careful on those heels.”

Felicity made the return journey immaculately, each time bringing a tray of food or drinks. She never wobbled once, putting one foot confidently in front of the other, keeping her head up and her back straight. Oh lordy, she looked absolutely stunning in that tube dress and I couldn’t wait to find out what, if anything, she was wearing underneath. As she walked the hem rode up, and the top edged down as she didn’t have much to keep it up. But each time she reappeared she’d adjusted it and smoothed it down to perfection.

“Well done, that was beautiful to watch,” I congratulated her.

Felicity smiled. “I just kept focussed, knowing each careful step was one step closer to the promise you made me. I knew you were watching me.”

“Yes, I was, you know how much I like to look at you. You did well, and you’ve earned 10 credits.”

“10, oh OK. Thank you, Julia. But how many do I need before I get to …”

“It’s OK, I’m not really keeping score. I’ll let you know when I’m ready for you. It’s just a bit of fun”

So we sat down and ate. The weather was perfect. Warm with a gentle breeze. I’d not felt this happy for a while and Felicity was perfect company. We talked about all manner of things and as she opened up, I was impressed by her knowledge on many things – she must be a good student – but in other ways she seemed touchingly naive. Whenever my plate was half-empty she went back into waitress mode, standing to serve me. Occasionally she’d brush against me, which sent ripples through me. She served the chilled white wine without spilling a drop and insisted she make the coffee, which she did to perfection.

I asked her what had happened to her phone and she reminded me she’d dropped it and it no longer worked. She explained she’d taken it into a few different phone repair shops before she found someone willing to try to fix it on a pay-by-results basis. She assured me she could remember which shop it was and we agreed we walk down the later that day to see if it was ready. Felicity sat opposite me with her hair flowing over her shoulders and her eyes closed. A moment of calm. I wanted her so badly and the time was getting nearer.

I pushed my chair back as quietly as I could and crept around behind her. She flinched as I put my hands on her bare shoulders.

“Watch me, Flix. Watch me.” I purred, and put a finger on her lips to indicate that she needed to say nothing.

I kicked off my sandals and the stone floor felt warm under my feet. I began to walk around the table, passing behind her then circling round again. I’d touch the backs of the chairs sensually with my long manicured nails, then touch Felicity on the arm, on the back of her neck, or maybe her cheek each time I was out of her field of view. Quite deliberately I let the air billow my robe and gradually it fell further open. Then, standing facing her, I untied the belt, shrugged back my shoulders, and let it fall to the floor behind me.

Felicity looked mesmerised as I stood in front of her in just my bra and knickers. She opened her mouth but no words came out. I put my finger to my own lips this time, to indicate ‘sshhh’, words not necessary’. This particular underwear set was one of my favourites. Expensive but so well made. The cream satin half-cups of the bra lifted my boobs slightly and accentuated their shape deliciously. I loved the back too because it was made up of a number of narrow straps that all clustered together in the centre over my spine. The fastening clasp at the front was exquisite, made in the shape of the manufacturer’s logo – a pair of kissing lips. I touched it with my finger and asked Felicity if she’d noticed, and if she liked it. She nodded silently. Obediently.

The knickers were a perfect match and similarly were, at the back, little more than a series of thin straps that collected together in my bum crack and disappeared between my legs. At the front was a lace-edged triangle of cream-coloured fabric, which was very, very wet, a fact probably not lost on Felicity.

I turned my back to her then started my seductive table circuits again, feeling her eyes on me and becoming more and more aroused as I exhibited myself in front of a beautiful young woman. I do so like to watch, and be watched.

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