Punishment or Reward


Janey didn’t like floating at other apartment complexes in the company. It wasn’t that she minded helping out, it was just that the extra driving time and then working at a place she was unfamiliar with caused her extra stress. It wasn’t the big stuff. It was not knowing where the paper clips were or extra printer paper. It was getting a phone call from a tenant wanting to know if the paperwork they asked for was sent off last week. How should she know?  On the way there Janey called the supervisor of the property. She thanked her profusely for helping out and answered the questions she had about the day’s work. Right before she hung up the supervisor said, “Oh, by the way, Janey, a small package came for you yesterday just before we were locking up. I knew you’d be here today so I left it on the desk for you.” She was puzzled why someone would send a package to the property where she’d been filling in for only a couple days, but didn’t really think too much of it. She finished the drive and unlocked the doors. She noticed the package on the desk almost right away, but decided to get other things in order before before opening it up. More work probably. She straightened up the desk where she’d be working. She put away a few stray papers that had been left out. It was warm, so she went over to the wall unit air conditioner and flipped the dial from one to two. Not high enough to be a noisy distraction, but a little bit better at keeping out the LA summer heat. She smoothed the wrinkles from her blouse and skirt, and got herself a bottle of water to sip on at her desk. Finally, now that everything was in order she remembered the mysterious package she had yet to open. A brief glance at the address slip showed very clearly that it was addressed directly to her. A small incision on the packing tape indicated that someone had started to accidentally open it, and then realized that it was for Janey at the last second. She cut open the packaging with desk scissors and opened the cardboard shipping box. Inside she found another small box, wrapped neatly in silver paper with a purple ribbon, and a sealed card with just the letter “j” on it. As she began to open the card, the phone rang. She sighed and answered with the envelope in her hand, unopened. Before she finished her carefully practiced professional Escort Acıbadem phone greeting a familiar voice interrupted her. “Janey. you’ve told me that you like being a submissive, but we’ve never gotten a chance to explore that in our relationship. Today is the day. I want to see if you have what it takes to truly obey me. I sent you presents. There is more to it, but it completely depends on how you handle yourself. Wear what is in the box all day long. The envelope has the rules of the game, as well as her first instruction.” She started to ask him a question, but he cut her off. “No questions. I’ll send you instructions throughout the day. Your reward or punishment is entirely up to you. Now open the card and then the box. I’ll be in touch.” And then he hung up without her even saying a word. Janey’s mind was reeling. They had talked about D/s relationships before, and while her boyfriend seemed interested and perhaps even curious, she never really expected him to want to participate with her. They had experimented with light bondage once or twice and it had really turned her on. She never imagined that he could be her Dom. Her Sir. So she never brought it up to him. He was sweet, caring and attentive, but had never really shown any tendencies towards the “lifestyle” as she called it. The sex was good, even fulfilling though she still occasionally yearned for something more. In either case she loved him enough to not make it an issue. With her heart racing she ripped open the envelope. Inside was a card with a short note. It read: j- You will wear what is inside the box all day long. No one is to know that you are wearing this. You will keep your cellphone on your desk all day long. When a message comes you will check it and follow the instructions immediately. You will also receive other messages and instructions from me throughout the day which you will follow. Some of these messages will be hidden or disguised. Whether you are punished or rewarded at the end of the day depends entirely on you. Under NO circumstance are you to climax before you have permission. Your first instruction is this: Open your present. Wear it now. Your first number is the number that the air conditioning dial is set to. -SHer hands were shaking with excitement and she could Kaynarca escort barely contain herself as she ripped open the package. Inside was a small button shaped device, a series of straps, a tiny box with numbers on it that ranged from one to five, and a note. She snatched out the note and read it. “If you opened the wrapping paper that I worked so hard on neatly, you may put this on in the privacy of the ladies’ room, and you may put you panties in you handbag. If you were an overexcited slut and ripped the paper, you will put this on right here, in the middle of the office and you will keep your panties in the top desk drawer all day.” She bit her lip. He had never once called she a slut. It was just unlike him. But she couldn’t deny that it excited her. And she had been an eager little slut by ripping open the paper like she had. She quickly peeked out the window and saw no one near the door. She slipped back behind the desk, and began following instructions – before someone could walk in and see! As quickly as she could she slid her lacy panties down her thighs and to her ankles. She fastened the device to the straps, and put it on, finding that it rested right up against her sensitive clit. She obediently turned the dial to “2” since that’s what the air conditioner dial was set to. She wondered now if she would only be at “1” if she hadn’t insisted on making it cooler in the room. The sensation on her clit was extraordinary, but the vibrator was exceptionally quiet. She took a deep breath. She could handle this for one day. Just then she heard the door swing open. She yanked her skirt down as quickly as possible and straightened it up. Her first client was here for his appointment, ten minutes early. She stood up to shake his hand, and realized with horror as she stood up that her panties were still pulled down around her ankles! She stepped out of them as discreetly as possible, and kicked them carefully under the table. She blushed, hoping he didn’t notice, and stammered a greeting as she shook his hand. My god that was close! Fortunately it was a quick appointment. She was distracted as the vibration built on her clit during the conversation, but he was only here to sign a lease, and she was able to get him out the door quickly. As soon as the door Aydınlı escort bayan closed she flushed bright red and retrieved her panties from the floor, putting them obediently in the top drawer as she was told. Seconds later a text message came through on her phone. It said simply “3”. She inhaled, and turned the dial, ramping up the vibrator. How was she possibly going to make it through a whole day like this? She made it through several appointments and phone calls without any other close calls or incidents. A few messages came through switching her between one, two and three. At one point one of her residents stopped by the office to use the microwave that was set up in the common area for anyone to use who needed it. It was used most often for the employees of the property to heat up lunch, but occasionally residents used it too. The resident came in in a big rush with a cup of coffee in a styrofoam cup. He stuffed the coffee in the microwave and punched the quick key that was set to “reheat”. After a few seconds he yanked the door open grabbed his cup, slamming the door. As he rushed out he rattled off an apology and said “Sorry, big hurry. I left some time on the microwave for you.” She got up to clear it for him, and as she did, she noticed that the seconds remaining were 4. Was this a sign? Had he found some way to arrange for a guy to leave a number on the microwave to torment her? Was it merely a coincidence? Was she going to be punished if it was a message from him and she ignored it? What if it wasn’t a message and she obeyed? Would she be punished for that? After some mild deliberation she decided that ignoring a message would be worse than obeying one that wasn’t intended. She turned the dial to 4. The sensation was incredible. By this point her clit was throbbing and her body was aching with desire. She no longer cared about punishment or reward, all she wanted was release. As she sat back and let the sensation nearly take over another text message came through. “Good.” How did he know? She quickly regained composure (as best she could) and looked at the appointment book. She was almost done for the day, and except for routine paperwork there was only one more thing on the books. She gasped as she realized that the next and last appointment was a guided tour of one of the apartment units! How on earth was she going to manage that while completely under his control? She was at the point where all she could think about was the sensation streaming through her body from the pulsing vibrator on her clit. The time ticked by and no instructions to reduce the number came through.

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