Quaranteam Ch. 38


Chapter 38

In a rather unusual turn of events, Andy woke the next morning on November 18th to an empty bed. It wasn’t uncommon for him to awake with only a couple of the girls still in bed asleep with him, but a totally empty bed was almost an unheard of experience at this point. He glanced at his Apple Watch and saw that it was around 10:30, which meant he’d definitely slept in a bit. Like most writers, Andy was generally a nocturnal creature, staying up late and getting up late, which had put his schedule at odds with some members of the family, but they’d mostly learned to make it work.

He slipped on some boxers, pulled on his jeans and tugged on a t-shirt — this particular one a gift from some fantasy convention he’d been a guest speaker at — and headed over to the balcony, stepping out onto it with a smirk.

Down at the pool, most of the girls were nearly finishing their morning work out, being led by Sheridan, a sea of sports bras and yoga pants, doing the last part of their high intensity section of the workout, and Andy could vaguely hear Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” being played from a portable speaker near them. (Andy still wasn’t sure which bothered him more, the fact that they were listening to Vanilla Ice or the fact that Vanilla Ice opened that song with “Stop! Collaborate and listen!” and yet there were no signs of any collaboration going on. In fact, it didn’t seem like Ice understood what the word collaborate meant. The writer in him just couldn’t bear it.)

Lauren and Taylor weren’t there as he expected they’d gone in to work today, especially since it was Taylor’s first day of working in months. He hoped that she fit in well with the 49ers organization, but at this point, he wasn’t entirely even sure who was working there.

Niko also wasn’t working out as he figured she’d gone to work at the base today. He wasn’t sure what her schedule was like these days so he trusted her to let him know when she was coming and going and when it would be important for him to know. She was more than capable enough to manage her own schedule.

It was nice to spot that both Fiona and Moira were in the group, between Ash and Sarah in the front row of three, and both seemed to be in good spirits. Moira’s unruly mass of red curls had been braided into a tightly woven tail that whipped behind her as she danced to the beat of the music, occasionally slapping against either Fi or Sarah, both of whom laughed wildly when it did. It made Moira look a little like a redheaded version of the original polygon model of Tomb Raider, now that he thought about it.

The weather was still mostly overcast, and it looked like rain might even be on the schedule for later in the day, something he didn’t mind one bit. California had mostly been in a drought for years, and any rain the state could get was seen as a blessing, particularly since they now lived in more densely wooded areas. The last thing Andy wanted was a wild fire to take his new home.

He leaned against the railing, just enjoying looking over both the estate and his family before Sheridan finally spotted him up on the higher floor balcony as the song came to an end. She pointed to Andy to draw the girls’ attention to him, as all of them turned to look at him.

The words were out of his mouth before he even knew he was saying them.

“Good morning, angels,” he shouted to them.

“Good morning Andy!” they shot back in matching cadence.

“You know, you really ought to join us some mornings, Andrew,” Emily teased politely.

“Mmmm. I’d be worried about making a fool of myself.”

“I can make sure we don’t overwhelm you on your first work out, dude,” Sheridan said to him with a wink and a grin. “Let’s give it a go tomorrow, ‘kay?”

Andy groaned a little bit. “God help me. Okay, I’ll give it a try, but no making fun of me!”

All the girls made various catty comments and gestures as he rolled his eyes and headed back into the house. He had a little bit before any of them were back inside anyway, even if they were finished with their workout. While the pool house was being converted into Tala’s workshop, it still had a large group shower room, and the girls tended to go and cool down in there before splitting off afterwards. A few of them would go and shower in their own individual bathrooms, but the majority of them enjoyed the communal experience, as it let them all continue to get to know each other.

Andy headed down to the kitchen and found that Jenny had made him a mini breakfast burrito that was waiting with a glass of pineapple juice on the little kitchen island, Katie also sort of milling around the room as both women bowed to him when he entered. He’d tried to get them to stop doing that, but he’d learned that attempting to discourage his staff of anything generally only resulted in them doing it even more than they were originally, so he was trying a new tactic now — let them burn themselves out on it and hope rus escort they’d stop on their own.

“Enjoy your breakfast, sir!” Jenny said, moving around the counter before dropping down onto her knees. “I know I’ll enjoy mine!”

Her fingertips unbuttoned Andy’s jeans and he was thankful he hadn’t put on a belt this morning, as Jenny began to lick and suck on his cock, slowly running her tongue along it while her wife watched on, although there was an unusual expression on Katie’s face, something Andy wasn’t quite sure of.

“What’s on your mind, Katie?” he said, feeling Jenny’s lips slowly push down around his length. They had told him before that they wanted to make getting their needed dose as low impact for him as possible, and had stressed that they enjoyed this sort of casual acquisition. “You look like you’re worried about something.”

The Hispanic girl sighed and nodded. “I… I wanted to discuss something with you, sir, but I wasn’t sure quite how to bring it up. Shit, I’m nervous even thinking about it now.”

Andy nodded, chewing a mouthful of his food before taking a sip from the glass to wash it down. “Look, you don’t have to tell me anything, Katie, but if something’s on your mind, you’ll probably feel better if you just get it out of your head. No matter how much worse you think it’ll be if you say it, letting it rattle around your brain like a cage full of bees is only going to be worse.”

“I suppose that’s fair, sir,” Katie said, chewing on her finger nervously. “It’s just… this isn’t the sort of thing I thought I’d ever say, sir, and it makes me feel strange. I think it’s probably just part of whatever the treatment’s doing to me, but it’s… it feels like it’s both a part of me and not a part of me, you know? Like some part of me I didn’t know about but was lingering in the dark shadows of my mind the whole time?”

Andy frowned a little. “No, I can’t say I do know what you’re talking about.”

Jenny’s mouth popped off his cock as she made an exasperated noise from his waistline. “Uuuugh! Just tell him already!” she said, frustration in her voice, before she pushed her lips back down around his dick once more.

“Sir, I think… I think I’d like for you to fuck me, maybe just the once, maybe just to see if maybe I might like it,” Katie said, her voice sounded terrified that he would reject her or yell at her.

“I mean, I don’t have a problem with if both of you don’t, but you certainly needn’t do it on my behalf, Katie,” Andy told her, as Jenny started to suck harder, as if to pull the resistance out of him. “You made it very clear to me when I arrived that you were a lesbian, though, and I wouldn’t dream of asking you to change that.”

Katie threw her hands up, her eyes widening a little bit, almost in shock at herself. “That’s just it! I am! I know I am! I’ve always thought girls were the only sexy things in the world! The idea of being with dudes just made me uneasy! I imagine I felt about guys the same way you feel about guys — I don’t want to be with that!”

“Then why–“

“I don’t know, alright?! I don’t fucking get it! Thinking about any other man just makes my stomach all queasy and nauseous, but the last few weeks, when I’ve been thinking about what it looks like when I see you fucking Jenny… I don’t feel like I do when I think about any other man, and I don’t understand what’s going on!” The woman looked like she was about to cry, and Andy reached over and grabbed her hand, pulling her over towards him, his fingertips curling around hers.

“I am never going to make you do anything you don’t want to do, Katie,” he said sternly. “But they did tell us that the serum was going to have some side effects, and that it was likely going to make some physiological changes to our bodies, some foreseen and some unforeseen.”

Jenny had eased off the speed of the blowjob a bit, but hadn’t stopped entirely.

“If you want to try actual sex with me, I’m not opposed to that, but–“

“But you don’t want me to think I’m doing it on your account. I’m not, sir, I assure you! I don’t even know where these thoughts are coming from, but I told Jenny about a week ago, I had a sex dream with you in it, and we were fucking, and in the dream, it seemed like I liked it quite a lot,” Katie sighed. “I know that doesn’t necessarily mean anything…”

“They say sex dreams generally aren’t about sex.”

“But… but when you were taking Whitney the other day? I found myself getting wet, thinking about what it would be like… what it would be like to be her… to be getting fucked by you… and… and I think I want to try that at some point… not the tying up or collaring or anything but… but I think I’d like for you to fuck me once, just to see, just to see if I really do feel differently about you than I do all the other men in the world…”

“And you’re okay with this, Jenny?” he said, reaching down to stroke Jenny’s sıhhiye escort hair back.

Jenny nodded, popping her lips off his cock with a loud smack. “I still want both of us to be there any time you dose either of us, sir, but if this is a thing she wants to try, well, it would be unfairly judgmental of me to fuck you myself and not allow her to do so as well. ‘Sides, she told me about these feelings long before she told you, and that’s all that really matters.” She smiled at him kindly, then lowered her lips back down around his shaft once more, her eyes still looking up at when she did.

“Then it’s fine with me, Katie,” he said, looking back at the Hispanic woman, one of her hands being held by him, the other being held by Jenny from below.

“Thank you, sir,” Katie said. “For being willing to do that with me, and for not judging me because of it.”

“Katie, look. If you want to try it, that’s fine. If you try it and you don’t like it, that’s fine. If you try and do like it and want it more regularly, that’s fine. If you change your mind right before we’re about to do it, that’s fine. Whatever you want here, it’s fine. I just want you to be satisfied with whatever decision you made, and I want it made because it’s what you want, and not what you think I want, okay? I am surrounded by beautiful women, and I’m just trying to do everything I can to do right by all of you. So whatever you want, you just need to tell me.”

She nodded, before looking down with a smile. “You were taking your time because I was talking to him, weren’t you, Jen?”

The curvy girl between his legs giggled a little and nodded, then started thrusting her face into his lap faster and more intently, and Andy could feel that release building up inside of him, even as he finished the last bite of breakfast.

He was more than a little taken back when Katie leaned in and whispered into his ear, “My wife’s such a good little cocksucker, isn’t she? Give us our breakfast, Master, that fucking load of hot cum right into her fucking mouth.”

The unexpected words made his cock throb and finally he pumped a few squirts of his cum into Jenny’s mouth, as she shuddered at his feet. The woman kept her lips sealed just past the head of his cock while her fingers jerked along the rest of his length, making sure to milk out the last of it before she pulled her head back, keeping her lips pursed together before standing up and immediately kissing Katie, swapping that cum between them, Katie’s form trembling as she leaned against Jenny, the Latina being held up by her wife for just a moment until the orgasm passed.

Both women pulled from the kiss, licking each others lips for just a moment before turning to look over at Andy, almost as if they were ready for a second course right now. Katie winked at him. “You know, I know it’s all chemical, but dios mio if that orgasm from tasting your cum doesn’t leave one sweet ass high…”

Jenny moved to tuck his cock back into his pants, zipping them back up and buttoning them, as she glanced over at Katie. “Don’t forget to update the Needs Board, hun,” she told her wife, who nodded in response.

“Got it, babe. Anyway, sir, let me think about it, but next time, I think I’d like you to fuck Jenny with me there… and then fuck me with Jenny there… so I have some time to let it settle in my brain that I’m going to go through with it,” Katie said to him. “You know, actually fucking a dude.”

“Whatever you want, Katie.”

“Thank you, sir. Oh, don’t forget, you have a phone meeting at 2 with that director candidate, Erica Xiao.”

He nodded. “Good. Yes. Thank you for reminding me. I might have forgotten if you hadn’t.”

Jenny snickered a little. “Em would’ve had your balls if you had.”

“She’s got them anyway,” Katie shot back.

Andy arched an eyebrow at them. “Don’t you two start.” He drank the last of his pineapple juice then pushed the plate forward. “Thanks Jenny, for everything. I’m going to head to my office. Maybe send down lunch a little after one.”

“Yes sir. Also, don’t forget that Miss Steele will be here sometime today.”

“Oh right,” Andy said, chuckling. “Sometimes everything gets so busy, I can barely remember my own name, much less who’s coming and going. Katie, can you set up a large portion of the back yard to fence off, so that Maya’s dogs will have a place to run and play without us worrying about them getting into the pool if she wants to leave them outside?”

“Miss Steele’s got dogs?” Katie said, groaning. “Great. Now I get to start having to watch the backyard for landmines.”

“That’s why I was thinking if we gave them their own area that’s fenced off, at least we’d have it clearly marked that it’s the part of the yard with occasional hazards, although Sarah insisted that Maya is known to always clean up after her dogs. Maybe put a bin outside for her to toss them all?”

Katie sincan escort nodded. “I can spend the day prepping the yard so we’re not all worried about stepping in dog shit when we’re walking in the grass.”

“Good on you.”

“Did Miss Washington said what kinds of dogs they were, sir?” Jenny asked.

“Pomeranians, I think,” Andy said.

“Those aren’t dogs, those are animated dustmops,” Katie said with an amused snort. “And here I was worried they would be Saint Bernards or Rottweilers.”

As he headed down to his office, he was starting to run through the checklist of things he needed to do today in his head. He definitely wanted to talk to Moira now that she was up, but he figured he would let her come to him in her own time, as it had been so long since they’d really talked to one another. He would need to pair with Maya when she arrived, and he also needed to check on Lexi and see how she was doing. As much as he wanted to head over to Xander’s and see his friend’s new house and meet all the rest of his partners, Xander had asked him to wait until the weekend, so he would have more of a chance to get settled, both into the house and into the household.

He was almost at the door of his office when his iPhone began to ring, and he fished it out of his pocket, surprised to see Phil The Younger a.k.a. Lesser Phil a.k.a. Phil Pak (not Phil Marcos), on the screen, as he answered it. “Heya man, long time no talk!” Andy said to him. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Nothing good I’m afraid,” Lesser Phil sighed. “I’m not going to be able to make poker night on Friday. In fact, I may not be able to make poker night for a while, I’m afraid.”

“That sucks man. What’s going on?”

“Well, me and the family were relocated, so we’re quite a bit further from you now, and the place where we’re at is very strict on quarantine procedures, so if we came and saw you and the rest of the gang for poker, we’d have to quarantine for a week before we would be allowed back in to our house, so while we’ll try and do it a couple of times a year, for the foreseeable future, it’s probably off the table.”

“Where’s they move you to that’s got such strict guidelines?”

“They’re calling the place Valhalla Shores. They decided that they didn’t want to put all their eggs in one basket and have New Eden be the only place for Level Fives in the Bay area, so they built a new one over closer to the coast. We’re where Pacifica used to be, basically, although I think they tore almost all the old city down and put up this place, like a giant gated mansion community. It’s a little snobby for my liking, personally, but you know how Brandy has always been in terms of keeping up with Joneses, so when the NSA offered to move us over to here, she made me jump on it immediately. It’s mostly just spooks and techbros over here,” he sighed. “You’d fucking hate it. I know I do, but it keeps peace in my household, and that’s about all I can ask.”

“Wait, techbros and spies crossbreeding? That sounds like a horrible idea, like, just the worst. On the other hand, if your quarantine protocols are that strict, it might mean I never have to deal with techbros again, and that might make the whole thing absolutely worth while. Hey, can I recommend a couple of dickish investors over here in New Eden to get transferred over there?”

Phil the Younger laughed. “You fuckin’ wish, dude. Whole place is fucking creepy anyway. Brandy says some of the women are kind of Stepford-ish, and she feels like they’re definitely an in-crowd and an out-crowd and she has zero interest in joining the in-crowd. They keep trying to get her to join one of their hot yoga classes, but she said they’d have to break her legs to get her to do that shit. I hope she was being figurative, but you know Brandy.”

“That I do. Well, we’ll miss seeing you guys, but I get it. You’re doing what you have to do to keep your family safe and sound. Keep us posted, but I appreciate you calling to tell me personally.”

“Copy that, man,” he said. “See you on the other side.”

After Lesser Phil had hung up, Andy wondered how many actual community hubs had formed in the Bay area since the cultural rebuilding had started. He also wondered how hard it would be for him or any members of his family to leave New Eden, even for a short while.

He’d been craving an animal style In-N-Out burger for nearly a year now, and while he could ask Jenny to make something equivalent, there was nothing quite like having the real deal. He was certain Niko would know what the current entrance/exit policy for New Eden was, and he resolved to ask her when he saw her. It couldn’t be that strict, he realized, because Lauren had been coming and going to the training camp for over a week now. Maybe he could just get in the Tesla and drive down to an In-N-Out, assuming he could find one that was open.

When he walked into his office, he saw that his two cats, Muninn and Huginn, were curled together in a bundle in his writing chair, the two forming a sort of gray-black yin yang symbol. Also, as promised, atop of his desk was a brand new laptop, a silver MacBook, with a Post-It note on top of it. It was from Whitney (he could recognize her meticulous handwriting) and said “Try it. If you hate it, we’ll get something different. -w”

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