Quinn Family Halloween Pt. 07



We all took quick showers, separately, unfortunately, but whatever. This plan required a lot of sex on my part so it was probably better I didn’t get worn out beforehand.

We all sat on the couch in our costumes as Trinity explained her ploy. The plan started out complicated but then Aunt Kim and Sara started making out as I watched and whatever Trin was saying was kind of lost. I took my cock out of my pants as they started taking their clothes off, slowly jerking it as I watched my aunt and cousin play with each other’s tits and pussies as they made out right next to me.

Trin just watched me, a lustful haze taking over her face as she forgot what she was saying about a plan. She tore her eyes away from my huge cock as she glared at Sara and Kim angrilly, “Why the hell are you two so horny for each other all of a sudden?” She asked and then, even more angry, she said, “You two are mother and daughter and I’m watching you fingerbang!”

Sara stopped kissing her mother for a moment, though she kept playing with Kim’s pussy I noticed. “Whatever Trin, you just got done fucking your own brother. I think that’s way worse.”

“Oh yes dear, like that,” Aunt Kim moaned as her daughter fingerbanged her tight pussy, but then, in a normal tone, “And Sara and I have always been open about sex and we’re both bisexaul.” Kim explained, “It just makes sense that we fuck each other to satisfy our naughty cravings.”

“Says you Mom,” Sara said, “You only get fucked once a year! I like fucking around.”

“Well, that stops now,” Kim said as she put a hand on Sara’s beautiful head and started pushing her down to her pussy, “From now on, if you feel horny, my slutty daughter, you come to mommy.”

“Okay Mom, I’ll Gwack!” Sara tried to keep talking but at that point Aunt Kim had pushed her down on the couch enough that she could push Sara’s face into her sopping wet pussy. Sara, like a good daughter, started licking away at her mother’s pretty snatch.

“Oh man,” I said, “This is so fucking hot! I Need to fuck you right now!” I stood up and lined my cock up with Sara’s hot pussy which was sticking up in the air on the couch as her mother had her in the doggy position as Sara ate her mother’s cunt.

“NO STOP!” My sister shouted and we all stopped what we were doing to look at Trinity standing next to us. I think we were all wondering if she’d come to her senses about how “incest was wrong” and all that. But then she said, “I want Fred to fuck me. I’ll lick your pussy instead Sara.”

“Oh, I thought you were too good for that.” Sara said, but then her mother grabbed her and forced her to lick her pussy once again.

“I bursa escort never said that,” Trin said, biting her lip and looking sexy. She quickly removed her cat outfit again, showing off her beautiful body and without another word, laid on her back in front of me on the couch so that Sara could lower her pussy on my sister’s waiting mouth. As cousin ate out cousin, I lined my cock up with Trin’s hot cunt and slid right in. Fuck, I know I had just got done fucking her, but I was still surprised by how tight my sister’s pussy was.

As I got into the rhythm of fucking Trinity’s amazing cunt, the sounds of three women moaning in intense pleasure driving me absolutely crazy. We heard the door open behind us.

“HOLY SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!?” Came the sound of a woman’s voice. Glancing behind my shoulder I saw it was my mother wearing the hottest Little Red Riding Hood outfit I think I’d ever seen. Complete with garter belts and pantyhose around her legs, a tight, red outfit that did nothing to hide her beautiful body, and a terrific view of her cleavage, hugged perfectly by her top, God she was breathtaking.

But I didn’t get much chance to take it in as she was obviously pissed. Mom walked into the room and saw who everyone was. “Holy fucking shit!” She shouted, “I can’t believe what I’m seeing, my own daughter with her Aunt and Cousin and you’re all fucking!”

This kind of brought us to our senses and we all kind of sat back on the couch normally, though we were all naked now aside from my mask. “HOLY SHIT!” Mom said, then threw her hands in front of her mouth, and we all caught her gawking at my huge cock sitting up straight in my lap, “That’s a huge cock!” She whispered hoarsely to herself, but we all heard it.

Jo stepped in then behind her, dressed even sluttier than my mother in what looked like a swimsuit that did nothing at all to hide anything but the most delicate spots of her body. “Well,” She said, “looks like someone was having a good time.”

Mom glared back at her, “Not now, Jo. Can’t you see who it is?”

“And that is one big cock, wouldn’t you say?” Jo said, acting cheeky as she crossed to room over to me. “Maybe you and I should…” She let the suggestion stay in the air.

Mom glared at Jo for a second but then looked back at me and looked from my eyes to my cock and then back again, “I mean, I suppose…. I don’t know.” She considered.

“It feels really fucking good when it’s in your pussy, Mom.” Trinity said next to me, giving me a sly wink.

“I don’t want to hear it from you, you little hussy!” Mom said angrily at her only daughter. But then she looked bursa escort bayan back at me and my hard dick, causing my cock to twitch a few times as she stared at it with such longing.

“Oh, sister of mine,” Aunt Kim said, and only now I noticed that she was playing with her daughter’s ass where Mom couldn’t see, “We can all see that you’re as horny as the rest of us, and this cock is obviously ready to go.” Aunt Kim was making some pretty good points, I thought.

“And what?” Mom asked, looking like she felt disgusted by what her sister was implying to her, “I just join in with this…incestuous orgy!”

Aunt Kim smiled evilly, and instead of answering, she kissed her daughter roughly. Sara was surprised by this but gave into her mother as Kim pulled away, sexilly biting Sara’s bottom lip as she drifted away. She then pushed Sara down again, and they got back into position on the couch as Sara ate her mother’s pussy. Trinity seemed to take this as a cue to do the same and laid on her back so she could lap at Sara’s cunt. I got up and lined my cock up again. The entire time this was happening, Mom just stared at us wide-eyed, as Jo just smirked at us behind her, knowing the whole time that it was me who was about to fuck his own sister.

“Wait,” Mom said as I started to plunge my cockhead into Trin’s tight cunt, “I just want to suck that huge cock first before you fuck my daughter with it.”

Awesome, I thought as I took my dick out of my sister’s pussy and Mom got on her knees in front of me. Everyone else stopped what they were doing in order to look over at my mother as she took my cock in both hands and seemed to inspect it closely, “I’ve never seen anything like it.” She said with awe, “It’s so hard and fleshy, such a huge cock. I didn’t know they could get so big!” She moaned just before opening her sexy mouth wide and taking my cock about three inches into her mouth.

My mother moaned passionately as she started to take my cock even deeper down her throat. She was obviously experienced at deep-throating someone, but needed a little time to get used to my enormous dick. This was so fucking hot, I was surprised I hadn’t cummed in my mother’s mouth already but I guess it was lucky I had an incestuous foursome before she came home.

She gagged on my cock, her tongue tracing the lengths of my dick all the way down to the hilt and then back to my cockhead once again. God, my mother really knew how to suck a dick! Who knew? Jo removed her clothes behind her and got down besides her wife as she started sucking my balls at the same time. I could see that the threesome on the couch had gone back escort bursa to work on each other’s pussies. God this was so fucking hot I could feel the cum getting ready to shoot from my cock already. I announced that I was going to cum, but Mom didn’t stop gagging on my dick, she seemed downright eager to get a bellyful of my jizz.

I grabbed her head and my eyes went cross as I let loose a gallon of sperm directly into my mother’s stomach. She just swallowed and swallowed, moaning like she was cumming too, until I realized that she was! God, I didn’t know a woman could cum from sucking a dick before! Mom was so fucking hot!

As soon as stopped cumming Mom released my cock from her mouth. “Holy shit!” She moaned as she stared at my dick, “You’re still hard! You have to fuck me! You have to fuck me right now, I don’t care who’s behind that mask! I am so fucking horny I need to fuck this enormous dick this very second!” As Mom announced this she practically pounced on me, pushing me on my back, she still had her entire costume on, the only person in the room who had any clothes on at all aside from my mask. She merely moved her panties out of the way under her skirt and sat on my cock. My dick slid all the way into my mother’s tight and obviously wet, horny pussy. It was the best feeling I ever felt, sliding back into the canal I was birthed from. So tight and hot, even tighter than my sister’s cunt somehow, despite birthing both of us from it.

Mom started bouncing on my dick, her boobs coming free from her skirt as she let the wildest part of her loose, “JESUS CHRIST! TRINITY, YOU WERE RIGHT! THIS IS THE BEST DICK I’VE EVER FUCKED IN MY LIFE! OOOOHHHHH SHHHHIIITT!” Mom moaned as she fucked me, “I’M ALREADY CUMMING! THIS IS THE BEST COCK EVER AND IT’S ALREADY MAKING ME CUM HARDER THAN I EVER HAVE IN MY LIFE! WHAT A MOTHERFUCKING GREAT DICK!” Mom then went into animalistic sounds as she came on my dick. I couldn’t hold back and moaned out too as I let loose and torrential outpour of sperm deep in my mother’s gyrating twat. This was the best orgasm I’d ever had and to make it even better I grabbed my mother by the hair and pulled her into me so we could kiss like passionate lovers, though it was so out-of-control I’m sure it looked something like rabid monkeys licking each other’s faces.

As we came and kissed, Mom ran her hands through my hair, “Jesus that was the best,” She moaned as we both came down. My cock was still buried deep inside her, still as hard as ever as our mixed orgasm leaked out of my mother’s twat and around the sides of my cock. My cock twitched inside her and Mom said, “Oh, are you ready for another round?”

But then she did something I didn’t expect. As she started to fuck me, Mom suddenly reached up and took my mask off. About two seconds later she was off of me looking absolutely petrified, “FRED! I JUST FUCKED MY OWN SON!”

Uh oh… I thought.

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