Raising Peter, Chapter 12

Alison Tyler

Raising Peter, Chapter 12 (Can I really be this lucky)
This is a total work of fiction. The story includes incest bi-sexual, group sex, and water sports, among other things. If you are offended by any of these, this is not the story for you. If you’re reading just to make smart remarks about the errors in the story, save your time, they are there. I just do the best I can and try to improve with each story. To those who have given constructive criticism, thank you for your advice and your votes.
NOTE: Sexually, this chapter starts a little slow. It is bringing the story line up to date on the other things that are going on with Peter and his friends.
We were all dressed and sitting on the couch when the others returned home. By the time they were all in the house, the doorbell rang. Alex opened the door to find Anthony stand there with his usual big smile. Evan told him they would be ready to go in a couple of minutes.

Anthony told Alex he had read over the proposal, he had talked it over with his brother, and he felt sure they had a deal and they would talk with him more about it later. I had no idea what they were talking about but they both seemed pleased with Anthony’s response.

We walked Evan, Maylea and Kamea out to her limo. It was like a shorter version of the one he drove on Friday night. We all exchanged hugs and kisses before they all loaded in the limo, Anthony backed out of the drove, and we watched they tail light as the disappeared out of sight.

Alex asked us all to return to the den for just a few minutes, that he had some things he wanted to share with us. Once we were all seated Alex explained that I wouldn’t understand some of things he would be talking about but they would all fill me in later.

He told us the four of them had been to meet Chuck and CJ to look at some property at the edge of town. There was quite few acres involved and if they could buy the land Chuck was going to move most of the construction company there.

Alex also told us that Chuck and CJ were planning to build each of them a home on part of the property. He and Susan were also considering doing the same. Evan and Maylea had liked the location and were considering building there also.

Susan told us that Kamea would be riding with us to the office after school on Monday. Evan and Maylea would be there and they had some other things they needed to talk with us about.

As we headed to our bedrooms, I could tell Kay and James were curious about Alex’s conversation but I was very confused by all of it.

Kay and I undressed and had just laid down when there was a tap on the door and James walked in. He told me he would help Kay fill in a few of the gaps for me.

James started talking first, “We may have an idea what Dad and Mom wants to talk about tomorrow but we can wait to find out for sure. Right now we just want to fill you in on the rest of the family.”

I’m sure my confusion showed, Kay leaned over and kissed me on the lips, “Fear not my darling, you’ll be included in everything that takes place tomorrow and from now on. I’m not sure you have ever noticed but all of the company signs and logo’s read Morgan Accounting and Investments. Just below that, it reads “A Division of Morgan Solutions, Inc.”

James said, “The Company was started by our grandparents when they were very young. He was in construction and she was a CPA. They had three children, Hazel, the oldest, is married to Mitch Gilmore, had three children Phil, and twins, Timothy and Tonya, they lives in Alaska. Next is Charles or Chuck, was married to Lorie, has two children, CJ (Charles Junior) is the oldest and married to Kim-Ly, she‘s Vietnamese and CJ sister Vikki. Dad is the youngest. And the last one of the children to marry”

“Now the sad part” Kay said,” A little over four years ago our Grandparents took a charter flight to Alaska to see Hazel and her family. Her son Phillip was going to come back with them and stay with all of us while he was going to collage. He wanted to follow in his Mother’s footsteps to be a doctor.
The school he wanted to go to was close by or grandparent‘s but he would be spending time with all of us.

No one knows for sure what happened but as far as the investigators could determine there was a fire on board the plane and it crashed in north-west Tennessee. Everyone on board was killed.”

We were all very quite for a few moments before James continued, “It was a tough time for everyone, three members of a loving family gone at one time and of course the families of the four crew members. Everything our Grandparents had built up almost fell apart. The three families got together and decided they owed to the ones that lost their lives to keep things going and they did.”

Kay kissed me again, “Yes, the whole family is into open family love and yes, they all know about you. You’re a first, everyone else is related either by blood or marriage, so you better be a good little boy,” she said with a smile, as she patted me on the cheek.

Every time we saw each other the nest day at school, we were discussing what Alex and Susan might want to talk with us about. Jamea seem to think part of it was about some things she and James might want to do in the future. Kay had several ideas but I was at a total loss and had no idea what it might be.

Finally, school was out and Susan was waiting at the curb. We all quickly piled in the car and Susan pulled away from the curb and headed to the office. We saw Evan’s car parked it the lot and as soon as we walked in Susan told Kay, Kamea and me to wait in the front office while James went with her to the back office.

We spoke to Margie and Jenna. They were all excited about the way things had worked out over the weekend. She took out hand, held it to her stomach, and asked if we could feel the baby. We all told her no but she said she knew it was there, that Mike had kept her pussy full of cum until late Sunday and she sucked so much cock and pussy that her lips were still tender.

Kay laughed and said she thought we had reached a new level of conversation with Jenna. We were both laughing when Susan comes and asked Kamea to come to the back office.

Kay asked Margie if she knew what might be going on in the back office. Margie told us she wasn’t sure but she was sure there were some big changes on the way. Alex had asked her if she and Jenna would be willing to take over the accounting end of the business, hire whatever help they needed and the two of them would be in charge.

Before we could ask either of them any more questions Susan called Kay to the back office. I gave Margie and Jenna a little nervous smile, “Well, I hope they will have time for me.”

Both women laugher as they wrapped their arms around me. Janna surprised me when she kissed me on the lips, “Honey, believe me, you’ll be a part of anything and everything that takes place here. It’s been make clear to both of us that we are to teach you everything we know about this business.

I was a little surprised at hearing this and even more surprised at how soon Susan had come out and called me to the back office.

When I walked in the office, I felt almost like a bug under a microscope. Alex was behind the desk, Evan, Maylea and Kamea was setting on the couch along the wall, James was setting in one of the chairs at one corner of the desk and Susan set down in the other one. Kay was setting in one of the chairs at the other corner,

Ales motioned for me to set down in the chair next to Kay. When I looked around the room, everyone was smiling and that helped to put me a little more at ease.

Alex laughed, “Been a lot going on in the past few months hasn’t there buddy?” I just nodded my head. “Can you tell us what you think is the good and the not so good as best you can?”

I thought for a few seconds then answered as best as I could, “Most of the best things in my life are setting here is this room. Kamea, my best friend for years and now like a sister to me and her Mom and Dad are like family, my other friends are more like my father, mother and brother, the girlfriend who will someday be my wife and mother of our children, friends like Margie, Mike and Janna. A job that I thought was going to be cleaning toilets and taking out trash could easily turn into a career. The love I feel from all of you and there’s Mrs. Molly Escort Kızılay Wheeler. She’s the one that got me through the early years of my live and taught me the value of hard work and being who I am. Then, there’s the family secret, all the wonderful sex I’ve had with everyone in this room. Between the love and sex, it’s a bond I never expected to have with another person, much less a room full of people. The not so good would have to be my Mom and Dad. I wish things were different with them, especially with my Mom. My Dad is kind of an asshole but there’s something about my Mom that makes me think I have never seen the real Beverley Bishop.”

Everyone laughed at that as I looked at them all in surprise. “Honey, I’ve know your Mom for a lot of years and I have always thought the same thing.” Everyone nodded and I even laughed a little them.

“Well Peter, my man, here’s how it is starting to play out and the reason for us being here today. I guess Kay and James have told you a little about Hazel, Chuck and their families. Well, the adults are getting older, kids are growing up, getting married, having babies. The company is growing, making money and we’re looking for new investments. Pete, you know things about us besides the family secret that would not be good for everyone to know. One thing is that Evan and his family is very wealthy. Kamea was correct when she said she was FUCKING RICH. She has enough money that she would never have to work a day in her life but of course, that will not be the case. She has decided she wants to pursue one of her and her Mother’s true loves and become a chief. Evan told her if she wanted to be a chief, why not have her own restaurant. She seems to be in agreement with that then informed us she intends to give James a very special gift very soon and when the time comes she would like for him to be their manager.”

I looked around the room and everyone was smiling and seemed to be very content with everything Alex had said.

“Susan, are you alright with all this,” I asked, still not sure where I fit in all of this.”

“Pete, my darling, I’m pleased with anything that makes my husband and children happy.”

It took a second for her comment to sink in, then I could feel the tears, damn I didn’t need to start crying now but she just told me I was included in all this.

Alex spoke up again, “Susan and I were hoping you and Kay would work here when you could during school and even more during the summer. James and Kames is going to work here and in the kitchen at the daycare and we’re going to talk the owner at the Rivers Bend Restaurant to see if they can work there some this summer. This will be the last year it will be open to the public. Then it’s going to be sold along with the small golf course and will be a private community, with a new 18-hole golf course and home sites along the river and around the golf course. The community will be called Rivers Bend but the name of the restaurant will change.”

“You mean there will be no more Rivers Bend Restaurant?” I asked. Kamea smiled, “The restaurant will still be there, just bigger and better than it is now but it will be called Mama Maylea’s Fine Dinning.” “NO SHIT’ was the first thing that popped out of my mouth.

Everyone started laughing and Kay leaned over and kissed me, “I love you, you silly boy.” I was too busy blushing to respond.

My head was in the clouds the rest of the day, trying to get my mind around everything. James and Kamea left with Ales, Susan, Evan and Maylea. Kay and I walked out to the front office to find out what we needed to work on.

Margie told me to work with Jenna on some of the weekly and bi-weekly accounts and Kay was going to help her with some filing. I started going over some of the accounts, getting them in order and I noticed that Jenna would snicker from time to time.

Finally, I asked her, “Jenna, what the hell are you snickering about?” “Because I’m so happy my sweet Peter, because I’m just so fucking happy.” This time I just snickered right along with her.

That night Kay and I made love, oh yes, I fucked her pussy, her asshole and her mouth. She sucked my cock finger fucked my asshole, swapped spit cum and piss but it was all much more than just sex.

Things were very busy for the next couple of weeks. I talked on the phone with Hazel, Chuck and all of the families several times and made a very special call to my old friend Mrs. Molly. We both cried a lot as I brought her up to date, then she talked with Alex and the rest of the family.

It was a Friday night, about three weeks before Kay’s sixteenth birthday. James had left from school to go with Kamea and her Mom and Dad to the lake for the weekend. Susan, Kay and I had left the office at regular closing time but Alex stayed to finish up on some files.

When Susan pulled in the drive, I noticed Mom’s car was in the drive but not Dads. Susan told me I should be sure to go see Mom tomorrow and I agreed that I would.

Alex comes home about an hour later and as soon as he entered the house, he asked me if everything was all right next door. I told him as far as I knew it was. He said as he started pasted the house when Dad backed out of the drive right in front of him and he had to jam on brakes to keep from hitting him. Then he took off down the street like a wild man.

Susan told me we should go check on Mom. I told them to stay there and I would go check on her, if I needed them I would call.

I walked across the front yards and as I approached the front door, I noticed that it was slightly ajar. I pushed it open and stepped into the foyer. The house was silent; all kinds of thoughts ran through my mind. Then I heard Mom’s voice from the den so I started walking in the direction.

I couldn’t make out what she was saying and didn’t know whom she could be talking too. As I got closer, I could see the back of her head in the middle of the couch. I waked on in and around in front of her.

She was setting there with her head laid back on the couch with a half-empty bottle of wine in her hand. She was wearing a dark blue dress that button down the front. The first three buttons were undone and I could see the top of her bra. The length of the dress would reach well below her knees if she was standing but the way she was setting, slumped down and her legs spread wide apart the hem of the dress was well up on her thigh.

I knew she was drunk and didn’t even know I was there. This was the most of my Mother’s body I had ever seen and I tried to keep my mind on what I needed to do to help her but my wicked cock had other ideas I felt it tingle and start to stiffen a little.

She waved the wine bottle in the air in a very reckless manner and slurred out, “FUCK HIM, FUCK THEM ALL.” She drank several swallows from the wine bottle. When she took the bottle down, she stared crying.

I asked her what was wrong. I could hardly make out what she was saying because she was crying so hard but I finally made out that Dad had packed his bags and left her.

I could tell she had been drinking a lot and she was really out of control. I offered to help her to bed but she refused. And raised the almost empty bottle of wine to her mouth and drained it.

She attempted to stand but fell back on the couch and her dress slid a little higher up her thighs. I knew she was fucked up and needed some help but the only thing I could see was her great looking legs.

I snapped back to the present when Mom shouted out, “THAT SORRY BASTERD, THE WHORE HOOPING, CRADLE ROBBER, and I HOPE HIS FUCKING DICK ROTS OFF.”

She raised her head and looked at me. “Get me another fucking bottle of wine from the cabinet; I’m going to get really fucked up.”

I did as she told me and when I returned and handed her the bottle, she turned it up and took a couple of big swallows then slumped back on the couch.

I noticed she had unbuttoned two more buttons at the top of her dress and her cleavage was show. I tried not to stare but I couldn’t help myself, no more than I could help my cock continuing to get harder.

She was quite for a few minutes and I thought she had passed out. Then she lifted her head and in a very slurred voice said, “All these years I had to be so proper when my pussy was burning up and my tit’s ached to be sucked and I wanted a hard cock in my mouth but NO, I had to be the proper wife, straight laced and all that bullshit. Now that sorry fucker has left me for a fucking teenage slut“.

“Just look at me now, old, falling apart and no one love me.”

“That’s not true Mom, I love you and I think you’re Kızılay Escort beautiful and still look hot.”
“What the hell do you know, you’re just a baby, you don’t know shit“.

“Mom, while you weren’t looking, your little boy grew up but this is not the time to talk about that. You need to get to bed now and we can talk about this later.”

“You’re just a kid, you don’t know shit,” she said again. She suddenly jerked open the top of her dress, pulled up her bra and let her tits drop out. “Just what the hell could a fucking boy like you do with a set of tits like these?”

“Mom, I can do more than you might think and make you cum by the bucket full but this is not the time or place for that now. If you are interested when you sober up, we can talk then. Don’t let the fact I’m your son stand in your way, we’ve never been that close as mother and child.”

“Yeah, yeah, talk your shit Little Peter. That is the perfect name for you, Little Peter,” she said with her drunken slur.

I was trying to remember she was drunk and not get angry with her but she was starting to get to me. She pulled her dress up as high as she could get it and attempted to pull her panties to one side. “See this grown woman’s pussy. Just what do you think Little Peter could do with a real woman’s pussy?”

I felt the anger swelling up inside me, my face turning red but the thing that pissed me off the most was my other head doing the thinking. Even as angry as I was, looking at her tits and getting a slight glimpse of her pubic hair had my cock rock hard.

“I need a real cock, something to feel up this hot pussy,” she said as she runs her hand over the crock of her panties. “Not a little boys wee wee.”

That was it; I jerked the front of my shorts open and let my rock hard cock pop out right before her face. “You want a real cock, well here’s one that can fill your mouth, pussy or asshole until it is overflowing with cum.” I was holding my cock with my hand, shaking it at her.

She squinted her eyes, looked at it and then leaned in for a closer look. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes were wide open. “Damn what a cock, I had no idea it was that big.” She started moving her head forward, trying to get my cock in her mouth.

I grabbed a hand full of her hair and pushed her back. “You didn’t want Little Peter’s little wee wee, you wanted a man’s cock, so this one’s not for you.”

She looked up at me through her drunken haze, “Give me that cock you little shit, you do what your Mother tells you.” That only pissed me off more. “No way, you didn’t want my Little Peter, so you don’t get Little Peter.”

“Fuck you, you asshole,” then she spit at me. I drew back my fist and started to punch her in the mouth. I caught myself just in time. I used the hand full of her hair to push her back on the couch. Then I turned and started to my room.

I looked back at her just before I started up the stairs. I was still pissed off with her for the things she had said and the way she had acted and with pissed at myself for being so weak that I couldn’t look at her half naked body without raising a hard.

When I got to my room, I called Kay on her cell phone. I told her about Dad leaving and about all the things that had happened with Mom. I told her I was going to stay there tonight and keep a check on Mom. She offered to come over and give me a hand but I told her it might be better is she didn’t come right now but I may call her later. Kay was very quite for a second, then she asked, “Pete, are you gonna fuck her?”

“Do What, I, ah NO, I, I don’t think so, hell I don’t know.” “I’ll understand if you do, hell, I’ll even join you if you want me too.” I laughter, “Thank you my friend and lover. I’ll talk with you later. Love you.” “Call me if you need me and I love you too.”

My shorts were already pulled open and my cock was still sticking straight. I dropped my shorts to the floor, stepped out of them and headed to the shower. I thought about rubbing one off but decided not to. I dried off and went too stretched out on my bed. I folded my hands behind my head, staring at the ceiling, trying to get all this straight in my mind.

I must have laid there and hour or more but couldn’t go to sleep. I decided to go back down stairs and check on Mon. I slipped on an old pair of gym shorts and headed for the den.

About half way down the stairs, I could smell it. When I got to the den, sure enough, there was Mom. Tits still hanging out, dress still pulled up and her chin dropped down on her chest. The big difference was, now she had puked all over herself and passed out completely.

The smell was awful but I knew I couldn’t leave her that way. I though out a plan of action, now I only hoped it would work.

First, I went to the kitchen, got the stepstool, took it to the bathroom and placed against the back shower wall. Then I found a sheet and several towels in the clothe hamper. I used them to cover the bed. I got a couple of clean towels, wash cloths, and headed back to the kitchen. I filled a pan about half full of warm water, and then headed for the den to get started on my project.

I cleaned her up as much as possible with the washcloths and towels. I pulled her around and laid her out on the couch so I could get a better hold to pick her up. She was like dead weight when I first started to lift her. Even though she was still out of it, she did put an arm around my neck, which made it a little easier to carry her.

When I got her to the bedroom, I laid her out on the bed and very carefully remover her clothes. She seems to come around a time or two while I was doing all this. The first time, she looked at me through wine glazed eyes she crossed her arms over her exposed breast. She soon let her arms drop back to her side and I continued to remove the remainder of her clothes.

I went back to the bathroom and adjusted the shower, got her toothbrush and toothpaste, made sure her soap and shampoo were there, and then I went back to the bedroom. I slipped off my shorts and picked Mom up again and very careful headed to her shower.

I set her on the stool and propped her up against the wall of the shower. I removed the handheld shower head from it’s holder and starting at her shoulders and going to her feet, rinsing her off good. She tried a couple of times to pull away but I used my free hand to hold her in place.

Next, I took a sponge full of soap and started washing from her face down. When I reached her tits, her eyes popped open. She just looked at me, then at her exposed tits, then back at me and her eyes softened a little as she dropped her head back down.

I continued moving down her body, bypassing her pussy and ass to start with. When I had every thing else cleaned I went back to wash her pussy. I was surprised when she parted her legs a little. As I pulled the soapy sponge up through her pussy lips, she let out a soft moan and opened her legs a little width.

I soaped up one of my hands, lifted one of her legs a little and ran my hand between her legs and back between the cheeks of her ass. This brought an even louder moan.

I rinsed everything very good and every time the waster splash across her clit, she would jump and moan. When I started washing her hair she really surprised me, ’I really enjoy having my hair washed, it feels so good and it has been so long since anyone has done it for me” she said in a very low, still slightly slurred voice.

I could tell her speech was still a little slurred but it was much calmer and she seemed to know what she was saying. As I continued to wash her hair, she rose up a little and wrapped her arms around my waist. I thought at first she was trying to get my cock in the mouth again but then I realized she had the side of her face pressed against my stomach. She continued to hold me like that until I was finished rinsing her hair.

I took her toothbrush and started brushing her teeth. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth a little for me. When I was through with that, I used the showerhead to rinse her all over again, making sure the water made good contact with her hard clit.

As I put the showerhead back in the holder and told Mon I was through, I heard her say something but she was speaking so low I couldn’t understand her, so I asked her to repeat it.

“Will it be okay if I wash you now” as she raised her head to look at me I saw there were tears in her eyes. “Mom, I just had a shower not long ago but a fellow can’t have too many showers can he?”

She slowly rose up off the stool; she was still a little unsteady, Escort Bayan so I placed my hands on her hips to steady her a little. She turned me around and just before she set me down, she put her arms around my neck and hugged me then whispered in my ear, “I’m so sorry my son.” Now, I could feel the tears building up,

Mom washed me about the sane way I had washed her, saving my cock and ass until the last. My other head was still not behaving. It was still rock hard and now it was oozing pre-cum

Mom didn’t use the sponge at all on my cock or ass but she was doing a fine job of wash both with her hands.

She didn’t stop washing but she looked me dead in my eyed, this is incest isn’t it? We shouldn’t be doing this should we?”

“Mom, if you want to know how I really feel. You’re holding the only head that knows for sure what it wants right now and the only thing I could say is that it’s long over due.”

“Peter, darling, I’ve blame you for so many thing that were really my own fault, how could you still love me?” “Mom, tell me truly, are you asking about loving you as my Mother or as a sexual lover?”

She thought for a moment then laugh a little, “I guess both, although I would understand if you told me to kiss ass on both accounts

I laughed, “Well, if that’s the case kissing ass sounds like a good start. She laughed back at me, “You have a dirty mind Peter Bishop.”

“Back to the questions. You‘re my Mother and you may make me mad, hurt my feelings or sometimes been very hard to understand, but you are still my Mother and I may love other women in my life but no one can ever replace Mothers love.”

“Next, about the sex. That would be up to you because I have no problem loving you as a Mother and also having you as a lover.”

“I’m so hungry, my son, there has been a time in my life when I was what you could call a closet slut. I’ll have to tell you I loved it. It’s a long story and we can pick a better time to talk about that. Right now I have to tell you that for the first time in your lifetime I have a warm feeling in my heart for my son. I also need to tell you that I would love to give you my body to fuck, suck, cum in or on and just have your way with me.”

“I know I’ve never treated you like a son, you have been raised by someone else and not by me. I have no right to ask anything of you, yet, you’re the one who is here, and standing by me when I’ve treated you like shit all of your life because of something that wasn’t your fault. Two things I need to tell you. First of all, I’m so ashamed of the way I’ve treated you all these years. Second, I’m so fucking horny I’m wet down to my knees but after the way I’ve treated you all these years I just can’t ask you to treat me like a Mother or a lover. You’ll have to decide that and I’ll abide by whatever you decide.”

I placed my hands on either side of her face and started to pull her to me and kiss her. She stopped me, looked me in the eyes and asked, “Will Kay and Susan be upset if we do this, I wouldn’t feel right doing this behind their back.

I could tell she was telling the truth but I knew I had to be careful how I answered. It would be up to Alex and Susan to tell her the whole truth.

“Mom, Kay knows I’m here with you and she know about the problem we had to begin with. She also know that it could go either way as far as you and I having sex and she is okay with that.

“I think Kay is a fine young lady and I’m very pleased you two are together, if I was a guy I would feel honored to have a girlfriend like Kay.”

“Mom, are you telling me you’re hot for Kay also.” “What do you mean, Hot for Kay, where do you get an idea like that?”

Gee Mom, we all know you would love to eat Susan like a candy bar,” I laugher. “Peter, do you think I would, you know, do that with another woman.”

“Of course I do Mom, you’re just all over yourself every time you’re around her and I’m sure your pussy gets dripping wet.”

Mom was blushing now but she still asked, “What do you think Son, do you think Susan would do something like that?”

It took me a couple of seconds to answer, not because of the question she had asked. I was think how good it was to hear her calling me SON. “Mom, if you’re interested in DOING SOMETHING LIKE THAT WITH SUSAN, I’d suggest you talk with her. If she’s interested she’ll tell you so.”

Mom had that deep in thought look on her face and I don’t think she was even aware she had pushed a couple of her finger into her hot pussy.

She jumped a little and looked me in the eyes as I reached down, took hold of her wrist and pulled her fingers out of her pussy. When I held them up, I could see they were soaked with her juice. I pulled them to my mouth and sucked them clean.

That was it, before I could pull her fingers out of my mouth, Mom threw her other arm around my neck, pressed her lips to the corner of my mouth and pushed her tongue inside, flicking it up and down the side of her fingers. I pulled her fingers out of my mouth and we locked into a passionate, tongue-swapping kiss.

I cupped both her tits in my hands, took her nipples between my thumb and index finger then pulled hard. Mom moaned into my mouth and her tongue started shooting back and forth as if she was tongue fucking my mouth.

I broke the kiss and asked if we could take this to the bedroom. Mom grabbed me by my hard cock and headed for the bed with me in tow.

When we got to the bed, she turned and with her free hand pushed me back on the bed. She was still holding onto my cock as she dropped to her knees and licked her tongue around the head of my cock several times.

I rose up on my elbows so I could watch. She looked up and as our eyes met I saw the tears in her eyes, then she slowly mover her lips down on my shaft. I could feel her tongue flicking back and forth on the bottom of my hard shaft as she moved down.

I felt my head reach the back of her mouth and she stopped moving down for just a second, only her tongue flicking back and forth. Then she pushed down again and my head slipped into her throat.

She started gagging but she tried to push down further. Finally, the gagging got the best of her and she pulled my cock out of her mouth. She looked up me, with tears running down her cheeks, she smiled and said, “Sorry about that honey, it’s been a long time but you so deserve the best I have to offer.

I reached down, took her by her arms and pulled her up to me. I kissed her gently on the lips then asked, “Mom, do you think this will be the last time you and I have sex?”

“I, ah, well, ah, I really hope it’s not but that would be up to you. Even if it is the last time, I hope you’ll still let me try to be the Mother that I always should have been.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her again, this time with more passion. We have plenty of time Mom and it’s gonna be better than you can imagine. We can start by you sucking your Son’s cock while your Son eats his Mother’s pussy.

She moved up onto the bed, turned around and straddled my head. She leaned down and started licking my cock from the head to the base and back again. I looked up to see much more pubic hair than I was used to seeing but I knew I could change that later and probably have some help doing it.

I used my fingers to part the hairs and pull her lips apart. I pushed my tongue between her lips at the bottom of her pussy and licked up and across her clit.

I felt her body tremble and heard a loud moan. Once again, I felt my cock slide to the back of her mouth then her soft lips and hot tongue moved back to the head. I continued to lick and suck on her pussy lips and clit as Mom bobbed her hot, wet mouth up and down on my throbbing shaft.

I managed to work two fingers into her very wet pussy and moved them until I found her G-spot. The first time I pulled my fingers over it, I bit down a little on her clit at the same time.

Mom let out a muffled scream around my cock as she flooded my mouth and face with her hot juice. I felt my cock pop out of her mouth, she quickly turned around, and as if a woman possessed, she started kissing and licking my face and lips. She pressed her lips to mine and shoved her tongue in and out of my mouth several times. Then started back licking my face and then down onto my neck.

Finally, I took her by her shoulders and pushed her back a little, “Mom, are you alright.” I could see the streams of tears running down her cheeks and the big grin on her lips. “You made me squirt my darling Son, I’ve not dome that in over twenty years. I’m sorry for the way I acted but that just sends me over the rainbow.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m very please to know I could give you that much pleasure. Now, will you get back down there and get your son’s cock back in your mouth and let me have your pussy back?”

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