Randy Roommates


I wiggled in the bed, trying to get comfortable, and trying not to disturb Valorie, my roommate. The air conditioner had gone on the fritz, and it was hot in our bedroom. We work in the same discount store, and don’t make a lot of money. We live in a one bedroom apartment to keep expenses down. It took a little doing, to get used to sleeping together, but it is rather cozy. We are both outspoken, and not overly modest, so we’ve seen each other naked lots of times. I loved to look at her lovely body.

We are the opposite in build and color. I’m small, dark, trim, with small firm breasts, dark nipples, and short black hair. I keep my dark pussy hair trimmed short at the top, in a small triangle, and shave below it. I like the feel of the soft skin.

Val is tall, and well built, without being fat. She has large full rounded breasts, with large areolas that are so pale they almost blend in with her pale white breasts. She has naturally blonde pussy hair that she keeps trimmed close. Her pussy lips remind me of a pouting child’s lips. She hates them, but I think they are very sexy. I sneak looks at them quite often.

Our window air conditioner broke, and the super gave us a fan to use till it’s fixed. We went to bed with just our panties on, and lay with nothing over us. The room was dark except for the glow of the city lights outside the window.

I fell asleep quickly, and awoke a little later covered with sweat. I got up and moved the fan to give us more air. I slipped out of my panties, and got back in bed naked. I could make out Val’s lovely body. I watched the slow rise and fall of her full breasts, and the mound of her panty covered pussy, for several minutes before I closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.

Some time later, I awoke again, and felt the bed shaking ever so lightly. In the dim light, I could see Val naked beside me, fingering herself. In one hand she held my panties close to her nose. Her other hand was between her thighs, and was stroking up and down her pussy. I could hear the faint squish as her fingers moved in and out of the juicy hole. I’d never seen a woman masturbating before and it was exciting. I mobil porno felt my clit swell, and my pussy juices begin to flow.

I could smell the pleasant odor of her aroused pussy. Turned my head slightly, I saw she was looking at my own spread pussy. It shocked, as well as gave me a funny tingling, to see her with my panties I’d just taken off a little while ago, held to her nose.

Watching her, I was getting hotter by the minute. I slid one hand down to my pussy and parted my swollen lips. I moved the other hand down, and slid a finger into my now sopping pussy, and began moving it in and out. Val started and pulled my panties down quickly from her face. I reached over and took them and put them to my nose and smelled them. Did she really got off on my pussy odor? I reached over and stroked her face. She pulled my still wet hand to her lips and kissed it. I smiled back at her.

“Go ahead, Val,” I urged. “Bring yourself off watching me. I want to see you cum too.”

“Oh God, yes,” she whispered her voice hoarse with passion. “Stroke you sweet pussy for me! I want to see you fuck yourself with your fingers.”

Side by side, we began to stroke ourselves harder and faster. Our fingers were a blur in the dim light, and our breathing became ragged. Val began to moan and thrash about as she became more and more excited. Her thigh brushed mine, and it was as if an electric spark had gone between us. I moved closer to her and nuzzled her large soft breast. “Oh Yes!, suck it, suck my titty. Please suck my titty, Baby! ” she cried.

I leaned my head over and began to suck her large nipple, and felt it swell and grow taut and erect. I sucked and tongued it the way I liked mine made love to. Her skin was velvet smooth and tasted so good. I sucked her nipple to full erectness, the nipple long and firm. I sucked hard, and bit gently on her erect nipple and Val exploded. Her hips shot off the bed, and her hand moved rapidly against her pussy as she climaxed violently. Finally, she fell back wet with perspiration . I ground my aching pussy against her thigh an she pressed back against me. I humped against her leg, my pussy juices alman porno wetting it even more.

“Turn on the light.” I begged. “I want to cum for you.” She reached out and turned on the bedside light. I broke away from her and slid up in bed, slipping a pillow behind my back , pulled my thighs up and spread them wide. Val moved down until her face was only inches from my pussy. I pulled my pussy lips wide, and began to masturbate for her.

I have a rather large clit, and by pulling upward on it’s sheath, I exposed it to her avid gaze. She caught her breath as the bright pink love spike slid out. I slid my fingers into my dripping pussy, wetting them, and began to stroke my swollen clit, a finger on each side. . I stroked it a few times, sending pleasure waves through my body, then put three fingers inside my pussy.

She moved still closer and I could feel her heavy breath against my exposed cunt. Her lips were parted, her tongue licking her lips. I plunged my fingers inside my syrupy hole and brought them out dripping with my juices. I put my fingers in her mouth, and slid them over her tongue. She sucked my fingers, and I felt her tongue move over them, tasting my juices. “Mnnnn,” she moaned. “God you taste so good!” She licked them again and again.

She moaned again when I withdrew my fingers. I spread my pussy wide, and pulled upward till my clit was fully exposed. I thrust my hips upward toward her parted lips. She hesitated for a long moment, then her lips closed over it. I cried out as she began to suck on my clit. I jumped as she slid one finger, then two, into my slippery love tunnel.

I couldn’t believe this was happening.. Here we lay, her head buried between my thighs, her lips sucking my turgid clit, and her fingers buried in my pussy. Her lips sucked my clit, and tongue slid over and around my clit ,and I felt my body go rigid as I came. I cried and moaned as I exploded again, and again, against her mouth. I went up and up, one climax following another, until I couldn’t stand it anymore, and pushed her head away.

Val kissed my stomach, and lay her head on my thigh. Her hand alexis texas porno went back to her pussy and moved slowly. I caught my breath quickly. I moved down in the bed and we melted together. Our hands explored and probed. I pushed her over on her back and kissed my way down her body, tasting her salty skin. I kissed her spread thighs and licked the sensitive skin at the hollow of her thighs. She moaned as I spread her pussy lips and inhaled her exciting scent. Opening my mouth wide, I covered her gleaming wet pink pussy flesh and slid my eager tongue down into her core.

I don’t know what I expected, but she tasted delicious. I wiggled my tongue deep inside her, my lips sucking her juices out. The exotic flavor of her excited sex was like no other. The scent filled my nostrils, and I felt weak from the unexpected sexual sensory flavor and scent. I savored the taste, and the smell, of her sexual being that enveloped me.

I probed her depths with my tongue, and wished it were three times as long, to plumb the depths of her pussy.. She gasped when I mashed my face hard against her pussy as if to burrow into her. Her fragrant juices coated my face. I pulled back finally, and ran my tongue over and around her opening, nibbling on her pussy lips lightly. I slid my tongue upward, and brought it to the apex of her sex to lick her clit.

“I want you too! Oh please, let me make love to you too. Oh, God, I have to! Please, oh please!” She pleaded. My pussy ached for her lips, and I lifted my face from her core.

Val moved around quickly, and her face slid between my thighs, and her mouth covered my pussy. We went into a frenzy of passion as we ate each other. Each of us seemed to want to see how hard we could make the other cum. I felt her pussy go into a spasm and my tongue and lips moved harder and faster against her. I heard her cry out, and then I climaxed, as her tongue dove me over the brink again.

I honestly don’t know how many climaxes we each had. We could not get enough of each other. Finally we collapsed, totally spent. We had to change the sheets which were wet with our sweat. Totally nude we held each other and drifted off to sleep. I awoke as dawn broke, from a delicious dream, to find Val between my thighs, her tongue moving slowly and softly up and down my pussy. We moved into a 69, and feasted on each other’s pussies.

We were both late getting to work the next morning.

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