Really Nat?


Really Nat…

Just like many guys that have grown up with sisters, one of them will sometimes be a really big pain in the ass. I have two of sisters, but through the years, only the youngest has caused me any grief.

I am the middle child in a family of three kids. Dee is my oldest sister at 27, Bryan (that’s me) just turned 20 and Natalie, the youngest of the bunch, is 18. With the span of years between Dee and the rest of us, she usually didn’t or doesn’t spend that much time hanging around us. There were family times when Dee was and is around, but normally I was forced babysit Nat, and with her, there was always something to contend with.

Growing up, Nat always took great pleasure in complaining, especially if it got either Dee or myself into trouble. Even to this day, she will tell anyone that will listen, that she was biologically cheated. My older sister and myself took the best genes from our mother’s side of the family. Dee has the looks, and a great body. She is, and always has been, a pure and simple beauty. Myself, I have been gifted with some athletic ability, a great metabolism, height and what some may say are semi good looks. Unfortunately for Nat, she fell head-first into our father’s gene pool, has never had any of those things gifted to her. Luckily, she didn’t get his overly hairy face.

Let me start by saying that Nat isn’t ugly. Ugly personality, maybe, sometimes. She has some quirks about her that tend to be off-putting to most people. She has / had a very nasally voice and laugh. Nat’s hair is arrow straight, and it does nothing to hide her larger than normal ears from sticking out. And the reddish, brown strands make it look as if it were dyed that color, by design, but it isn’t, it’s her regular color. Nat’s face is clear of any blemishes. It is also as pale as pale can be, but it is clear. What she hates about it is that her lips are thin and the protruding upper canines that push her lips forward. She has heard enough Vampirella jokes to last her a lifetime. She took some teasing along the way, but not much. Simply because I wouldn’t allow it.

I mentioned metabolism earlier because I eat everything. Anytime, anywhere. There is never a worry because it has zero affect on me, but Nat wasn’t as lucky. When she was around 13 years old, she started gaining a bit of weight. Chunky, but by no means fat. It bothered her so much that no one in our family has seen her in anything but oversized clothes and sweats since she turned 16. And at just under 5′, she is also the shortest one in the house.

And, just like most days, she always tags along with me and my friends.

“Fuck man, does Nat always gotta come with us.” It was I question that didn’t need to be asked, because the answer hadn’t changed since we started grade school. Yes. Nat went everywhere that I did.

We were inseparable, but not by choice. In the early days it was an older brother looking out for his little sister. She was a tattletale, a liar, a crybaby and generally a pain in the ass. In short, she was the bane of my existence, but she was my sister. Then I turned 16 and started to drive, but if I even wanted to go to the store in mom or dad’s car, she tagged along. The car and Nat became a package deal. Do you want the car? Take Nat. It was something that I could live with.

And then it all turned around for me, by the time I was 18. Even though Nat was the world’s biggest cock-blocker, I brought her with me without being asked or told to. She didn’t have many friends. I mean none that she actually hung out with, and she always looked so sad when I left her behind.

The retainer and braces. The weird haircuts that mom would give her to try and hide her ears. Then the bandages that made her look like a Doberman puppy when she had her ears pinned back. Sometimes, she looked like a science project that had gone wrong. I could live with all these things because, she was my sister and I loved her.

Nat’s life started to change when the braces finally came off, and she picked a suitable hair style. At some point, she officially looked like every other cute high school girl.

By the time Natalie had turned 17-years old, she started to jog with me. For the first month or so, we stopped every 300 yards to rest. For the next couple of months, she had weights strapped to her when she ran and there was never much of a complaint and only a few stops along the way. Then it seemed like every run after that, I was the only one complaining. I needed her to slow down. She was tiny compared to me and didn’t have to carry the weight that I did. I knew that she was eating right and that she was dropping pounds, but no one could never tell by what she wore, because it was still oversized. But she was fast, and being that fast, I should have guessed how much she had trimmed down, because speed is always the biggest give away.

“She’s coming. Ask again man, and I’ll…” Dylan didn’t live far from our house and he and I have been friends since the early years of grade school.

“Bry, Magosa Escort calm down. I was only joking. I fucking know that “she’s coming”, but 5’s a crowd man. Tonight, could be the night, for both of us. They’re twins brother. They do “everything” together. And I do mean everything.” Dylan kept throwing his fingers in the air to show me quotations.

“Don’t worry, she’ll stay out of the way.”

“You say that all the time man. She just…”

“Shut it. Here she comes.”

The back door of my father’s quad cab opened, and my younger sister pulled herself up into the seat. With the usual slap of her hand lightly on the side of Dylan’s head, Nat said hello.

“Dill Pickle.” It is her nickname for Dylan. She has called him that since she heard his mother call him “Dilly”, many years ago.


With the niceties out of the way, I pulled out of our driveway, and headed toward what I hoped would be a smooth, fun night. But as most of our nights go, Nat has a way of turning things around.

“You guys honestly think that you’ll get your dicks wet with the Ice Princess’s?”

Dylan turned sideways in the front seat and looked back at Nat.

“Look Midget, don’t fuck this up for us. We’ll put up with your shit for the rest of the year if you can see it in your heart to let us have tonight.”

“HA!!! Have tonight? I hate to be the bearer of bad news Pickle, but these girls belong to daddy and the church. Their names are “Chastity and the Virgin Mary”, for fuck sakes. You really believe that you have a chance with them?”

“Honestly,Shrimp. I think our chances jumped into the gorge as soon as you set foot in this truck. And for the fucking record, their names are Faith and Grace.”

“Same freakin difference numb nuts.”

The Dutch twins were waiting for at the designated pick-up stop. Nat was correct, even though they were 19-years old, they weren’t allowed to date. At least not anyone from outside of their church circle. Dylan and I had put in 3 months of work with the twins, and every time we got together, things seemed to heat up. So, we were hoping to turn the dating thing around.

Dressed in jeans and light fall sweaters, their long, curly blonde hair hung down over their shoulders It formed a waterfall like effect as it cascaded down their back. They were hard to tell apart, but once you knew which was which it was simple, because luckily, they never wore matching attire around us, so they were easy enough to tell apart.

Slowing my dad’s truck, I felt obligated to say something.

“Nat, please play nice. Dylan and I like these ones.”

“Yeah, these ones, the ones before them and all the other ones. I swear Bry, you try to dump me somewhere tonight and I’m squealing.”

Dylan spun in his seat for the second time.

“You always squeal Dwarf. Why the fuck would tonight be any different?”

“Look Pickle Dick, keep your big yap out of our family’s business.”

My best friend was out of the truck before it even came to a stop.

“Baby.” He picked up one of the girls by the waist. In his arms was Grace. At that point, I knew I was safe, Faith had on a pink sweater. Faith ran to me when I got out and together, we hugged as her strawberry lips rubbed against mine.

Dylan would have liked to get in the backseat with Grace, but Nat wasn’t about to give up her normal spot.


In unison the twins gave a sarcastic, “Natalie”.

When they were all seated in the back, it was an amusing sight. Nat looked like a small bush set between two tall pine trees. Both Faith and Grace had to be a good 7 or 8 inches taller than my sister.

“You don’t have a date tonight Natalie?” Grace was just trying to be nice…I think.

“Not really Grace. I’m chaperoning and I might pick-up some of the leftovers from whatever carnage happens here tonight.”


“The 7:30 movie or 8:15 in 3D?” I had to do something to stop them from going any further down that road. The trio that voted, picked the 3D showing.

The theatre was relatively empty and that worked in our favor. Loaded up with the prerequisite popcorn and cola, we made our way to our seats. Nat sat against the wall in a side row. I sat a row behind her, and Faith sat next to me. Dylan and Grace were in the row behind us.

Before the lights even dimmed, I could hear my friend making out with his date. It was sending the correct vibe, because as soon as the lights dimmed, Faith and I started touching each other. By the time the upcoming movie previews and ads were done, she had undone my belt, yanked down my zipper and eased my cock out of my pants. She placed her sweater over my lap while she stoked me. For the first 30 minutes I thought that it was going to just be another hand job, but when the movie progressed into a darker than normal space scene, Faith moved to a different position. On her knees, she leaned over, lifted her sweater and took me into her mouth.

The feel of her lips and throat caressing my shaft Kıbrıs Escort made me lurch forward, kicking Nat’s chair as I did. She spun back to look at us. Her red and blue glasses focused on me and what I was up to. In disgust, she looked away.

Faith allowed my hands, free range to roam anywhere that they wanted. By the time that I was ready to cum, I had a tit cupped in one hand, with a finger curled into her pussy from the other.

Her hips bucked up against my fingers. She was fucking herself with my hand and her excitement was very evident. My hand was soaked and the suction from her mouth around my dick had increased. I gave fair warning that I wasn’t far from finishing and Faith couldn’t have cared less.

A blast of goop flew up my shaft, filling my dates mouth. 10 seconds later, no one other than a DNA specialist would have been able to prove that I had cum. Faith had licked, sucked and swallowed every bit of the evidence and cleaned the entire area.

With my hand still buried in her crotch, Faith had other plans for the still hard cock in front of her. Slipping out of her seat and closer to the floor, she lowered her jeans to her ankles and moved so that she was almost sitting in my lap.

Reaching between her legs, she grabbed what she wanted and guided it to her waiting hole. Sitting back, she made tonight’s movie the best one that I had ever been to.

Faith’s mouth had felt great, but her pussy felt incredible. It was silky, wet and tight. I was surprised that she wasn’t a virgin. There had been rumors of it, but it didn’t matter to me. This was also the very first time that I was ever in a woman without a condom. Amazing. I put my finger back on Faith’s clit and grabbed at her smooth hip with the other hand. Plunging as deep into her as I could, Faith bent forward until her head was resting on the back of Nat’s seat.

“Hey cum breath, stay in your own seat.” Normally those were words that would have ruined or ended my night, but Faith was too close to the finish line. I could almost hear her hissing when she spoke to my sister.

“What’s the matter Natalie, I thought that you said you wanted the sloppy leftovers.”

“Not yours bitch.”

Faith came with a grunt and a growl. I could feel her clenched up around my shaft, trying to milk another load out of it, but it didn’t happen. One of the ushers was doing a routine check down the other aisle and would soon be heading our way.

With the usher walking right toward us, the Preacher’s daughter had no intention of being caught with my cock in her.

Everyone was dressed and sitting in their seats when the kid passed by us. She didn’t look like she gave a shit what was going on, but we still decided it was in our best interest to just cuddle and enjoy the rest of the movie.

I reached my hand over the back of my sister’s seat and asked her to share her movie treats. “Hey Nat, lay some of those Goobers on me.”

“She pulled the box away from my hand and said, “No”.

“Why not?”

“Cuz, you’ve got cunt snot all over your fingers.”

That was the last time that anyone spoke until the final credits rolled across the screen, and the lights came up.

“Oh my god. That movie was incredible. The scenery was beautiful.” Apparently, the twins enjoyed the parts of the movie that they had seen.

“It stunk. Who ends a movie like that? Now we have to wait 2 years for the sequel. That’s bullshit.” Apparently, Dylan wasn’t a fan.

“Bryan?” Faith was asking what I thought.

“I loved every second of the 2 and a half hours.” Nat huffed out an “I bet you did”, but I wasn’t finished saying what I wanted. “That said, I hate having to wait that long for the next one. Nat, what did you think?”

It took her a while to speak, almost as if deciding if it were worth it to do so. When she finally did, I wished that she hadn’t.

“I was actually very surprised. I’m even more surprised that I agree with the knob-gobblers. It was a cinematic masterpiece. It was filmed beautifully, and I for one, have no problem waiting for the next chapter.

Dylan and I stood mouths open at the knob-gobbler comment. Faith and Grace stood there like it had gone directly over their heads.

Back in the truck we headed home so that the twins could meet their parental curfew.

“I’m so thirsty. I think I ate too much of that salty popcorn.” Dylan looked at me and cringed. He had been a family friend for years and had been around long enough to know that my little sister wasn’t going to let a juicy fast ball like that slide by without taking a swing at it.

“Yeah, I think it’s safe to say, from where I was sitting, that wasn’t the only salty thing that you swallowed tonight.

The rest of the drive was silent. We dropped the twins off in the very same spot where we had started.

Faith snuggled into me and told me, “your sister is really mean”, I tried to re-direct, and told her that she would change once they had met under more favorable conditions.

With lots Lefkoşa Escort of kissing and groping, some small talk and promises to text later, we were on our way.

“Really, you sick bastards let those bitches put their tongues in your mouths after you nutted in there. What the fuck is wrong with you guys?”

Nat had been on lots and lots of dates with us. She knew that Dylan a I sometimes got lucky in the sex department, but this was probably the first time she ever had front row seats, pardon the pun.

“It’s called being affectionate. Girls like it. You’ll see one day.” I tried to calm the waters.

“Doubt it. I watched mom give dad a blowjob on our last camping trip. They thought that I was asleep, but nope. They came back to the trailer all drunked-up, and I had to endure the whole fuckin thing. And guess fuckin what? Dad didn’t want any part of mom’s lips after she blew him. I’m scarred for life by the whole ordeal.”

Dylan spit Dr Pepper into his hand and I almost crashed into a parked car.

“Jesus Nat.”

“Easy on the Jesus shit. If you pair of asshole’s knock-up the evil twins, your Sundays will be fucked forever. You’ll be watching their old man preaching, instead of watching sports.”

“Holy fuck, what is wrong with your demented munchkin of a sister?” Unfortunately, I didn’t know the answer.

And that was the end of another fun filled night with Nat.

Luckily, I had to work, so I avoided Nat and didn’t see her for the next few days. I knew that she had said something to our mother about what had happened, because every time I walked past her, she gave me a cocked eyebrow or a dirty stink eye. But by Wednesday my younger sister was looking for a jogging partner.

We did the usual 5-mile trek along the bluffs that lead directly to the point. It gave us the perfect view of land and water. Normally, we would have a quick rest and start back, but today, Nat wanted to sit and talk.

“Bryan, do you even like any of those girls?”


“The ones that you have sex with.”


“Do you love any of them?”

“Love…I guess in a strange kind of way. But I really do like Faith a lot.” Her scrunched up nose showed her disfavor. “What about you kid, anyone for you? There has to be some guy that you like?”

“No.” The answer came way too quick.

“Really Nat? Come on. It’s just you and me. You know that I’d never tell anyone.” She looked around the grassy area of the park as if someone might overhear.

“The only boys that I’ve ever spoken with are you and Pickle.”

“Don’t tell me that you haven’t played 7 minutes in Heaven when you were at a party.”

“Well…I never did.”

“Why not?”

“Why not what? I’m not letting some puke faced punk finger me just for the sake of saying that I let some asshole finger fuck me. Obviously, I have far higher standards than you and Dee.”

“Dee, how the hell did she get mixed up in this?”

“Guilty by association I guess.”

“How so?”

“Well, if you ever got a look at her dildo collection, you’d be surprised.”

“How do you know she has a collection?” Here had to be a shocked look on my face.

“She let me pick one out to use.”

“Bullshit.” I couldn’t imagine one of my sisters pleasuring themselves with a plastic phallus. I mean, I could, I just didn’t want to.

“Well big brother, if you spent more time with her, you’d know that she was a perv too.”

“What do you mean, “perv too”? Do you think that you’re a perv?”

“Jesus, dipshit. I mean you. I’m not the one getting sucked off during a movie.”

“First of all, that doesn’t make me a pervert. Second, maybe you should let someone go down on you. You might learn to lighten up a little bit. And you wouldn’t need to be playing with Dee’s toys.”

“It wouldn’t help, and maybe I like Dee’s toys.”

“Really Nat, it certainly wouldn’t hurt for you to have the human touch.”

Our fiery conversation went into quiet mode. Sitting with my back to a shade tree I couldn’t help but envision Dee’s dildos and Nat using them. As sick as it was, the more I thought about it, the more it turned me on a bit. It’s not something that a brother should be thinking about his sisters doing, but I didn’t bring it up, nor did I start the conversation. Too much time had passed, it was time to head home.

“You ready?”

“I have been for a very long time.”

“Then why didn’t you say something?”

“I’ve been waiting for the right person.”

“What?” I didn’t understand what she was saying.


“Nat, what the hell are you talking about?”

“Nothing, just let it go…” Her feet kicked up stones as she raced away from our resting spot on the point. For the entire run home, she never let me catch up to her, not even once. The whole time I was behind her, I was watching her ass bouncing under her gray sweatpants, right up until she was so far ahead of me, she disappeared from my sight.

By the time I got home Nat was nowhere to be seen and Dee was reading a book on the front porch. She had a look on her face when I showed up.

“What’s up with her?”

“Like I know. Some kind of hormonal shit. One minute she’s given me shit about my girlfriends, the next she’s asking me about love, the next she’s telling me about you guys sharing dildos.”

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