What can one say about revenge. Famously that it is a dish best served cold. Yes, cold, but also hot, as you will see.

I had met Simone at work, we both had temporary jobs in the admin department. After a week or two we got chatting in the canteen, we seemed to have lots in common and I asked whether she would like to go for a drink after work on the Friday. She had said that she lived alone and had no children so I thought she would probably be free. She agreed eagerly and we arranged to meet up at the wine bar.

I actually felt a bit nervous picking out my outfit for the evening. I know it was only to meet a new friend but she was quite glamorous, always having her hair just right and dressing in smart, expensive looking, matching jackets and skirts. Blonde and slim she was definitely a mark above me, the men always followed her with their eyes as she walked across the room, something that I certainly hadn’t noticed for myself. I did wonder whether she had had some enhancement as her breasts were just a little too full and maybe just a little higher than they might have been had mother nature been the only one involved.

I searched through my limited wardrobe picking, discarding and picking again. I finally settled on a stretch green dress tied off with a belt at the waist, it showed off my figure well but certainly emphasised my smaller breasts and slimmer hips than Simone.

I took a taxi down to the wine bar and walked in, scanning the room for her. She was sitting by the bar in a simple skirt and white polo necked jumper which was straining a little to contain her chest, a fact that the barman was trying hard not to notice. She turned, waved and got up

“Julie”, She enthused, “so good of you to arrange this, I’ve been hoping to meet friends at work but just haven’t found any yet.”

She hugged me, which took me back a little. She seemed so much more tactile outside of work.

“Drink?” She asked.

“Shall we get a bottle?” I asked, “White?”

“Yes, absolutely.” She replied, “It’s the weekend, let’s get in the mood.”

We grabbed the proffered bottle and two glasses and retreated to a cosy little corner. Two bottles and a whole lot of chatter later we were both a little tiddled and were starting to open up maybe more than we should.

“Go on then”, Simone said, “what sort of men are you into?”

“Oh, slim, trim, not too muscular.” I said.

“I like them bigger,” She responded with a throaty laugh, “you know what I mean.”

I stared at her, “Really? no, give me average but with a good style!”

That had us both laughing until the barman scowled at us which made us laugh all the harder.

“What about?”, I started, “what are you into, you know in the bedroom.”

She laughed again, “In the bedroom? how delicate. Do you know, I like a strong dominant man.”

“Like what?” I asked a bit confused.

“You know”, She said “one that’ll take control. A bit of tying up, a bit of spanking, you know.”

I looked at her, wide eyed and then we burst out laughing again.

“Hang on.” I said.

I reached into my bag and pulled out the local paper.

“Have you seen this?” I said, pointing her towards one of the headlines.

She leaned over and read out quietly.

“Corporal punishment re-introduced for minor offences.”

“Corporal?” she asked, “Is that?” She stopped, looking up at me.

“Yes”‘ I whispered “It’s a spanking! Can you imagine it.”

Simone had gone quiet and her breathing had become a bit ragged.

“Oh, yes.” She said, “I can”. She looked at me a little coyly.

Understanding dawned on my face and I leapt at the idea.

“I dare you.”

“What?” She asked with a puzzled look.

“I said I dare you. Go on. Do something”

She seemed to get the idea and her eyes widened, a slight smile starting to form on her lips.

“What?” She replied.

“I don’t know, maybe break something. Push something over when there’s someone there to see it.”

I poured the last of the wine taking a long gulp, Simone copied me. I could feel my head starting to spin and I could imagine Simone must be feeling the same.

“I couldn’t.” She said. “I’ve never done something like that in my life.”

“Oh well.” I said, but there was definitely a thoughtful look on her face.

“Come on ladies” said the barman, a bit annoyed at our not leaving earlier, “Time you were on your way, I’ve got to shut up.”

We got up, a little unsteadily and arm in arm walked off towards the taxi rank. I could see a police car across the road, Simone hadn’t.

“Here.” I said, “Here’s your chance. What about that hanging basket, can you reach that?”

I pointed her towards a basket outside a little cafe. Simone laughed, ran forward, reached up and pushed it hard making it swing back and forth. She ran forward a little and seeing a pot on the floor, blocked from the police view by a sign board I kicked it, the sound of shattering pottery ringing around the road.

At that sound Simone staggered to a halt and the Police car sidled across the road, flashed it’s blue light, stopping next to us. A big policeman climbed out.

Simone sobered üvey kız kardeş porno up rapidly. “I only pushed it.” She said. She obviously thought it was the same pot she had pushed. I wasn’t going to admit to it.

“Ladies.” Said the tall policeman.

Simone, too much wine doing the talking for her said again, “I didn’t mean to, I only pushed it.”

“Ok.” said the policemen. “That’s good, I can deal with this here and now then.”

“You can either go to Court for damaging it or you can take part in the new corporal scheme, which means you get no record.”

“Yes, yes”, She gushed “I don’t want this to go to Court, put me down for that.”

I don’t think she really appreciated what he was saying, I kept quiet as a ticket was written out. She signed it and was given a copy.

“Ladies.” He again said, then addressing Simone He said “Two weeks time, report to the station at 8pm.”

He got back in the car and drove off.

Simone sagged.

“I’ve never been in trouble before.” She said.

“That’s alright.” I said. “You’re not going to court, and at least you’ll win the dare.”

“What dare?” She still hadn’t really grasped what was happening.

“You’ve got the spanking you always wanted”, I said, “and quicker than we could have thought.”

“Oh no”, She said. “I never really expected to do it for real, it was only the wine talking.”

She looked a bit worried now and I sat with her until a taxi pulled up and took her off to her home.

I waved her off telling her we would chat at work.

I thought back to the pictures I’d seen on Tom, my boyfriend’s, phone. The tall blonde in various naked poses, each progressively more suggestive, ending with a bared bottomed pic with her coyly looking over her shoulder at the camera with a very red and sore looking bottom. He denied that he had spanked her of course saying he had chatted with her on one of his deliveries but She had then sent these photos through to him. He swore that nothing was going on and that she must have got his mobile number from the delivery note. I wasn’t so sure but he was so apologetic and attentive that after a few days I tried to move passed it. The fact that he had kept the photos, though, was enough to keep him on his toes for longer.

The next fews days at work were a whirlwind, but a week later Simone called me in and told me she really needed to talk to me about the Police station situation.

“So what’s up?” I said when I met her outside.

“I’m beginning to regret that I ever did this. I’m not sure whether I can go through with it.” She replied.

“I don’t think you’ve got much choice, have you? You can’t go to Court, you could lose your job.”

“I know, I know. What do I do?”

“I’ll tell you what. My boyfriend got me a couple of passes at the Spa, let’s use them this Saturday, chill out and relax. You’ll feel loads better for it.”

“Oh, thank you so much.” She said, ‘It’s so good to have a friend I can rely on.” She beamed at me gratefully.

“And”, I added with a grin, “Just think of that big burly Policeman putting you over his knee!.”

“Oh, you.” She shoved me aside but grinned back.

So that’s how we ended up at the Astoria Spa being pampered and lying in fluffy gowns by the pool.

“Have you tidied up?” I asked Simone between sips of wine.

She looked up from her magazine.

“Tidied up, what does that matter, I’m not even thinking of housework.”

“No.” I said pointedly, looking down to her middle, “Have you had a trim or anything. You’re going to be on display, don’t want to be”, I paused, “Untidy.”

“Oh my God, I hadn’t even thought about it.” She said. “I’ll have to get booked in after work this week.”

“Don’t worry about it.” I said. “It’s one of the treatments here, I can book you in if you like.”

The relief on her face was immense.

“Oh thanks. I don’t know what I’d do without your help.”

I turned away smiling, but inside I was mentally ticking off another task accomplished.

An hour later I walked down with her to the appointment.

I was about to sit outside but She said “Can you come through and sit next to me, these things are always embarrassing but If I can talk to you it’ll go so much quicker.”

“Ok, you are only booked in for a trim and tidy”, I said ‘so it shouldn’t be too bad.”

We were ushered through to the treatment room. I sat next to Simone’s head as she lay down and her feet were maneuvered into the stirrups by the blue gowned woman.

Simone put her hand out and held mine as she lay back. A few moments later She let out a shriek and her nails dug into my palms.

“Oh my sweet fucking.” She started,sitting bolt upright. “I asked for a trim, not a full wax!”

The beautician backed away in alarm.

“That’s what you asked for.” She said. “Look on the sheet.” She pointed to the clip-board.

There, in clear writing, was a tick in the box marked “Full wax”.

“I’d swear I ticked the Trim area.” I said. “Oh I am so sorry, I must have got the boxes mixed up.”

I looked so contrite that Simone was apologetic and agreed to let the beautician xnxx porno finish off, although there were a few more squeals along the way as the wax strips were whipped off.

And there she was, red and bald as a baby, eyes watering from the pain and breathing hard.

“I am really sorry.” I began again.

“No, no don’t worry, mistakes happen.” She reassured me.

“Only,” I said, “You’re going to give that copper a right eyeful next week.”

“Oh no.” She cried. “I hadn’t thought of that, I’m going to look light a right tart.”

We both paused and pondered that image. Then shaking it off I said “Well there’s nothing to be done about it now, we might as well get a drink and try to put it out of our minds.”

I walked next to Simone as we climbed the steps of the Police station that Thursday evening. It was 7.30pm, we’d decided to give ourselves plenty of time.

Simone was dressed quite sensibly in work skirt jacket and white blouse. We had discussed how she should look, not too casual or radical, an outfit to indicate she realised her mistake and was treating the situation seriously.

We signed in with the desk and took a seat. There on the wall next to us was a poster outlining this new process of corporal punishment.

I read it through and said “Simone, there’s not just the one level of punishment here.”

I pointed to the bullet points and Simone read through them.

Level 1 – for minor damage or non payments.

Level 2 – Minor Thefts.

Level 3 – Drugs possession or Violence.

“Well, I’m glad that it’s just level 1.” Simone said with relief.

Next to each Level was the punishment to be administered, starting with 1- Spanking, private, 2- Spanking/caning – Public, 3-Spanking/Caning, in public, and any further Humiliation seen fit to deter the offender.

Simone shivered.

“I really, regret this now, even if I am only here for Level 1. Just the thought of the other 2 levels would have me inside my house with the doors locked never coming out again.”

“Just as well that’s all you’ve done then.” I said. I squeezed her hand.

We talked quietly with the time ticking by so slowly. Just before 8pm Simone got up and said “I’m really nervous, I’m just going to go to the toilet.”

“Don’t do anything silly like climbing out of the window.” I said. She almost looked ready to take up my idea but shook her head and rushed off.

When the door closed and no one was left in the waiting area I slowly put my hand down between our chairs and dropped the small bag of white powder into her coat pocket.

I smiled reassuringly as she came out of the toilets and took her seat again.

“Simone Davidson.” The voice called out. Simone almost jumped out of her skin at the sound.

She stood and walked over to the desk and was shown through a door to one side. She looked back briefly and I smiled and nodded in what I tried to make a comforting as well as confidence building way.

I was shown through to a viewing area with several other members of the Public who had clearly turned up to see what this new process was all about.

On the wall in front of us was a screen that showed us the Custody area where Simone was being booked in. A female officer was carrying out a pat down search and I held my breath as she began to search Simone’s coat pockets.

Her hand reached in, there was a pause and then she carefully removed the packet. I could see Simone go stiff as it was shown to her, a look of disbelief on her pretty face. The face I had recognised immediately from Greg’s phone. The one I had pictured for weeks as I worked on my revenge.

There appeared to be no sympathy for Simone’s protests from the Officers and shortly after that she disappeared from view.

There was some muttering among my fellow viewers debating what had been found. There were some 12 of us, a mixed group of age and sex. We sat in two rows facing a curtain which began to open. Before us was a long window into a white room where a padded bench took centre stage. The bench was table height and had open cuffs at one end. There was a raised pad 2/3rds of the way along that reached around 12-18 inches high, it was hard to tell.

A door in the room opened and there was Simone flanked by 2 female police officers. She was in what appeared to be a hospital gown with her hands clasped together in front of her. On closer inspection I could see that these were handcuffed together. She was looking about wildly and stared up at us through the window. Her eyes were wide and startled, this was clearly not going as she had planned.

Simone was led forward as one of the Officers faced the group through the viewing window. “There has been a slight change to today’s administration of justice.” She stated. “As you are aware Justice must be seen to done, which is why you are all here. This was to be a Level 1 punishment for a minor damage offence, however this has now been raised to Level 3 due to the offender being found in possession of a Class A drug. The potential of a Court sentencing on these could result in a Custodial sentence.”

She turned to Simone. “You are aware of the possible zenci porno sentence at Court, are you still decided to have these offences dealt with today via corporal punishment.”

Simone looked ready to collapse but he stammered out a “Yes” loud enough for us to hear.

“Duly noted.” responded the other officer.

She reached up and pulled the gown from Simone revealing her naked underneath.

She was led forward to the bench and a box on the table next to her was opened.

A gag was removed and held up to her mouth, reluctantly Simone opened her mouth wide and the black ball was pushed into her mouth with the straps tied behind her head holding it in place.

I could see the viewers in the room with me were leaning forward and there was a sense of anticipation along with slightly ragged breathing from some.

“Justice.” I thought, “This is going to become a massive spectator event if these people are anything to go by.”

They seemed just a little too eager for the so called impartial witness idea.

Simone was helped onto the bench, her hands fastened to the cuffs at one end so that she was leaning on her forearms. The large pad under her waist thrust her buttocks into the air. Her legs were positioned in a kneeling aspect but tucked tightly forwards. A further set of cuffs, at either corner of the bench, were fixed around her ankles

One of the officers tied a belt, attached to the bench, around the base of her spine and pulled it tightly down so that she was firmly held down with her bottom raised up further, almost obscenely so.

Simone’s head was on a small pillow that forced her to look directly at us through the window.

I could imagine the sight of those 12 overly-eager faces peering in at her must have been awful.

I looked back at my fellow viewers. If they had been dogs they would have been drooling, even some of the women, who appeared very prim and proper, were breathing deeply. I kept my face calm and still, I didn’t want her to know that I was anything to do with her predicament.

The officers seemed all calm efficiency and I guessed that they were selected so that they were not emotionally involved during these punishments.

One of the officers pulled a stiff black leather belt out of the box, she shook it to make sure it was straight, and I could see it was not a full belt, but about half as long and with a braided handle. The officer looked at her colleague and nodded. It appeared that Simone was no longer being consulted. The officer stood facing towards us and swung the belt so that it cracked against Simone’s buttocks. There was a muffled shriek from the room and answering gasps from those viewing. Simone jumped in her bonds but she was tightly secured and was not going to be able to move.

The other officer walked forward as if she had forgotten something and pushed the end of the bench round slightly. I could now see it was on wheels, and this angled Simone diagonally to us. We could still see her face but now her bottom closest to us and was exposed to our gaze. We could all see the red mark crossing both buttocks. There was some muttering between a couple of women in our room and it was clear that they had noted Simon’s newly waxed pussy. They tutted to themselves in disapproval at this clear exhibitionism.

The officer with the belt waited for what seemed an age before she again raised her arm. We all held our breath as she paused and again brought the belt around in an arc connecting with that firm flesh stretched taut by the pad and straps. Simone jerked again in her bonds and cried out against the gag. I could see moisture in her eyes and inwardly grinned to myself.

Another four swings of the belt marked Simone’s bottom with six overlapping stripes before the officer put the belt down on the table.

The other officer addressed us through the window.

“Normally, this would be the end of a level 2 punishment, however due to the extra drugs offence having been committed we are instructed to carry out more severe and humiliating actions in the hope that this treatment will prevent the offender ever considering these actions again.” She turned back and I could see Simone’s eyes wide as, I am sure, she tried to imaging what they might be planning.

The officers set to work purposefully. There was a section of the bench that we hadn’t seen, in the region of her chest, that was now removed, which allowed Simone’s breasts to hang down. They looked heavy and the nipples were large and dark. They were clearly sticking out erect, probably from the exertions she had endured. The other officer took out a bar that appeared approximately 24 inches long which she attached with other cuffs to behind Simone’s knees, pushing them apart to match the width of the bar.

She removed the ankle cuffs and attached cords to the knee cuffs and those on Simone’s wrists. She pulled these inexorably tighter together and I could see this lift her buttocks higher, plainly spreading her cheeks wide. Her pussy was now revealed to it’s fullest and was even parted slightly, showing the pink, delicate, inner flesh. Above was the denuded bud of her anus, likewise stretched by the pull of her strained buttocks. A quiet murmur spread through the watchers who seemed to be holding their collective breath. I risked a sideways glance and could see some distinct bulges in the crotches of the men and even the women were flushed. I looked back quickly, not wanting to be caught out.

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