Road to Glory


Road to Glory

“OK class, don’t forget that your book reports on this month’s outside reading selection are due by next Friday. Also remember that your term papers on your selected author are due in three weeks.”

Mary Ann hoped that everyone heard her despite the bustle of desks and chairs along with the drone of chatter filled the room. It was the last class of the day and of the week. The students weren’t wasting time exiting in a hurry.

As Mary Ann gathered up her books and folders, one young man lagged behind. It was obvious that Kyle, one of her better students, wanted to speak with her.

“Ma’am,” he said. Her eyes met his, and he approached her desk. “May I have a few moments to talk to you about my term paper on F. Scott Fitzgerald? I’ve been doing some reading about his time living here in Baltimore when Zelda was in the Sheppard Pratt Institution. I’ve gone downtown to see where he lived and wanted to know if you knew much about that area and the hospital since you’ve lived here all your life. My family has only been here a few years from when my dad got transferred for his job.”

Mary Ann smiled. “I’d love to talk with you about that Kyle. I do know a bit about that area of the city, but since Fitzgerald’s residence was over 80 years ago, I certainly hope you don’t think I was there at the time.

Both laughed. “Unfortunately,” Mary Ann continued, “I have an appointment this afternoon. Can you perhaps come see me Monday afternoon?”

Kyle smiled, nodded in agreement, and turned to leave. Mary Ann checked her watch. She had plenty of time for her appointment in just over a half hour as long as there were no traffic surprises. Mary Ann had kept this same appointment every Tuesday and Friday for the past year. If any of her friends or family or colleagues knew about it, they would think she was insane. Initially they probably wouldn’t believe it, but then they would just think she was reckless and flat out stupid. However, it was something Mary Ann needed in her life, and she didn’t care about potential consequences. It took her over 20 years of marriage to finally understand and accept the special fetish that she had held dear since college. However, she had not spoken about it to anyone other than a handful of people who truly understood and accepted. It was something even her husband didn’t or wouldn’t understand.

Ever since her first experiences with oral sex as a college sophomore, she had retained a special love, perhaps even obsession, with fellatio. That’s if you wanted to use the proper technical name. In the vernacular, Mary Ann was a true cocksucker who loved giving blowjobs. When she first married Frank, he seemed to understand and share her penchant for sucking cock. However, as the years passed and they had a couple of kids, he seemed to act as though she shouldn’t be such a “cum slut” as he sometimes called her when he was in one of his “prude moods”. She learned that he definitely was the poster child for the “madonna/whore” syndrome. Even though she tried to explain to him how much she loved the total sensual pleasure and intimacy of such activity, he did not seem to understand her passion for it. She adored the erotic scent of a man, the feel of a hard throbbing cock in her mouth, the taste of semen. She loved the feel and smell of it all over her face. Early on, when they were dating and first married, Frank had also seemed to enjoy this sort of sexual play. However, Marry Ann now practically had to beg Frank to allow her to suck him off. Even when he let her enjoy her special kink, he balked at cumming on her face or in her mouth. He told her he couldn’t believe any woman would truly love “facials” or the taste of semen. Wasn’t in demeaning and humiliating? He’d pull out at the last second, to cum on himself or into a tissue.

“Lord,” Mary Ann would think to herself, “What sort of man doesn’t absolutely love a good blowjob? Most men are begging wives and girlfriends to go down on them or paying hookers to get their dicks sucked. Frank has a wife who adores giving blowjobs and he pushes me away. He really has a problem.”

Despite this sexual tension that had gone on for years, Mary Ann didn’t want to end the marriage. Frank had a lot of good qualities, and there were the kids to consider. Both would need to get through college. Besides, other than this reluctance to give Mary Ann more time with his cock in her mouth, Frank was a good caring husband and was pretty good in the sack with respect to other sexual matters. He always saw to it that she had her share of orgasms. Nevertheless, Marry Ann’s frustrations were a constant frustration. As she saw it, it was one of the catalysts that had driven her into an affair with another faculty member at her former school. About six years ago, Mary Ann had begun a secret relationship with Jim, who also seemed to share her frustrations in his own marriage. It was good for nearly two years, and both seemed to enjoy each other’s oral fetish immensely. According to Jim, his own wife didn’t seem to relish giving him oral satisfaction with anywhere near the enthusiasm held by Mary Ann. He seemed to love it when Marry Ann could be downright slutty and demand that he, “drop his pants, fuck her mouth, and feed her a good load of nut nectar.” It could be anywhere, motels, parked cars, unoccupied picnic areas. Likewise, Jim seemed to truly relish iskenderun seks hikayeleri returning the oral orgasms to Mary Ann with a passion and gusto she hadn’t known for a long time.

In Mary Ann’s mind, the affair could have continued, but Jim started getting downright possessive and obsessive. He demanded more and more time with her. It got out of hand when he began suggesting that Mary Ann to divorce Frank and marry him. He even started threatening to tell Frank about their affair to cause such a divorce. Mary Ann got frightened of Jim, and in no uncertain terms informed him that if he spilled the beans to Frank, she would despise him forever. Even if Jim caused a divorce, Mary Ann would never marry him. Marriage was not what she wanted from Jim. It got to a point where she knew she had to transfer to another school completely across the county and pray that Jim would leave her alone. She knew that she would never get involved in another emotionally charged affair.

For a couple of years, Mary Ann continued to live in frustration. She’d secretly watch porno that centered on blowjobs, facials, and bukkake as she sucked on one of her vibrators while using another in her pussy or ass. Unfortunately, the pretending and fantasy was a poor substitute to the real feel of a throbbing cock in her mouth along with the taste of cum from a man in the throes of moaning, screaming orgasm.

While watching her porn, she encountered videos about “glory holes” and actually did some online research about them. She learned that many “adult bookstores” and “sex shops” that had video booths also had glory holes in the walls between the booths. She knew of a sex shop out on the highway about 20 miles from her school. She and Frank always passed it on their way to the beach. Their sign advertised sex toys, adult books, and videos. Whenever they passed, there seemed to be cars and even some big-rig trucks parked nearby. She assumed that truckers and others stopped to buy sex toys, to view some porn and jerk off. Perhaps there were glory holes used mostly by gay men or perhaps some women. She assumed that if women were there, they were most likely hookers. That line of thinking was before she finally “took the plunge” and learned otherwise.

After weeks of mental agitation while questioning good sense and her motives, she finally decided to at least go to the place and see what it was really like. She made no commitments to herself as to what she would or wouldn’t do. She simply wanted to see what the place actually looked like inside. She told herself It was just going to be a bit of exploration. It would be an innocent adventure, an erotic field trip if you will.

One afternoon when her last class dispersed, rather than going home, Marry Ann drove out to the “adult bookstore”. She carried a bottle of vodka along and took several good swallows as she drove order to fortify herself. By the time she arrived, she was feeling quite tipsy and brave. However, her heart was still pounding as she drove onto the gravel parking lot.

She was happy to see that there were not a lot of cars or trucks parked around the place. There was only one relatively conservative sedan. Rather than park next to it, she drove around to the side because she hoped that her car would be less visible from the highway. She was disappointed that there was no side entrance, only an emergency fire door. She would have to walk to the front door. Taking another swallow from the vodka bottle, she opened the car door. She walked quickly trying to keep her face turned away from the road. The odds that anyone she knew would be driving by were nil, but she still felt like there was a spotlight on her.

Once inside the building, she was surprised at how relatively innocent it looked. Yes, there were racks on the wall holding packaged dildos and vibrators. Yes, there were shelves of magazines and porno DVD’s, but by and large, it wasn’t much different than the “adult” back rooms of those old video rental stores she remembered from the 80’s and 90’s. Behind a display case on one side of the store stood a woman who appeared as old as Mary Ann’s mother. On the other side of the room, there was a middle-aged man looking through a rack of DVD’s. They made a split second of eye contact when he looked up, but Mary Ann quickly averted her eyes and moved to the side of the store closer to the old woman. She perhaps somehow assumed that the woman would protect her if the man came too close. The old proprietor asked Marry Ann if she could help her with something, but Mary Ann simply thanked her and said she was just browsing.

“Browsing for what?” Mary Ann thought to herself. “Why the hell are you here anyway?”

As she looked around, the vodka began hitting her hard, and she was trying to walk carefully so as not let her tipsiness be obvious. She saw a doorway in the back of the room with one of those beaded curtains that were in vogue back in the “hippie 60’s”. Above it was a sign that simply said, “Video Booths”.

Curiosity got the better of Mary Ann. She parted the curtain and stepped back into a dimly lit room. There were four doors which she assumed were to four booths. There was a little sign above the knob on each door similar to that on an airplane lavatory that said “available” or “occupied” depending on whether or not someone had closed a latch inside. All of the booths showed “available”. She tried door number four next to the wall and pulled it open. On the door itself, was a small built-in bench. Facing her on the wall opposite the door was a TV screen. The booth itself seemed to be a little more than three feet wide and about the same depth. The walls were thin plywood that were painted a dull gray. She stepped in, closed the door, and threw the latch. The first thing Mary Ann noticed was a menu of programs displayed on the TV screen with a brief synopsis of the content. Next to each selection was a button. There were instructions how to insert a dollar into a slot for 10 minutes of viewing. The other thing that Mary Ann noticed was a hole, well more like a slot, about three inches wide and maybe six inches long, the highest point perhaps about three feet off the floor.

“So, there it is,” Mary Ann thought to herself assuming the elongation was to account for the height of the user. “A genuine glory hole. It’s just like I’ve seen in videos.”

Her immediate thought was that they were used by gay men, perhaps even the seemingly macho truckers that sometimes parked their rigs on the shoulder of the highway.

“They must come here to hook up that way,” she thought, “because why would you shell out $6 per hour to watch porn that you can get for free on your own computer? You could even sit in your truck, watch on your phone, and jerk off if that’s all you wanted.”

For the sake of her own curiosity, Mary Ann took a dollar from her wallet and slipped it into the slot. She pressed a button for a movie titled, “Cum Drinking Co-eds” because it obviously seemed to address her favorite blowjob fetish. The movie started somewhere in the middle with a scene showing what was a set designed to look like the living room of a fraternity house. There were about eight naked young men in a circle with cocks protruding like rhino horns. In the middle of the circle was a young naked blond female making her way around the circle sucking each cock for about 10-15 seconds before moving to the next. There were several other naked women in chairs around the living room.

The men were making appreciative exclamations and lewd comments like, “Come on Sweetie. Suck it like a good Delta Sigma Beta… a good…. Dick Sucking Bitch.”

The women were urging her on too. “That’s it Linda. Suck’em like a good Delta Sig. If you really want to be a Delta Sig you’re going to have to prove your worthy.”

The movie had only played for a few minutes when Mary Ann heard a knock on the wall next to her. She turned and immediately saw an erect cock protruding through the glory hole.

“Hey over there,” a voice said. “I’m betting you didn’t come here to look at videos. I bet you’re looking for some cock to suck. I can tell you came here to suck cock, so have at it.”

Mary Ann thought that it must be the man she passed in the store looking at DVD’s. She said nothing. She was surprisingly shocked at his bluntness. The voice said again, “You can’t fool me. I know it. You know it. You want to suck it. Have at it.”

Even though a little voice in the back of her head told her to open the door and run, it had been so long since she actually sucked the cock of a man who had the guts to blatantly say he wanted her to do it. The vodka was doing everything possible to combat good sense. The “bad girl” part of her gave in to her favorite fetish. She needed to feel this hot hard cock in her mouth. Quietly, she got on her knees and took this stranger’s erection into her mouth.

“OH YEAH, that’s it Sweetie,” the man on the other side of the wall said in a loud whisper, “that feels so fucking good. Suck it. I know you love it. Fuck it with your mouth.”

Mary Ann began doing as she was told, moving her mouth along the smooth firm flesh rod. The man started to meet her motion with his own fucking action into her mouth. Mary Ann used her hand on his dick to keep it from shoving too far down her throat. She closed her eyes and continued the rhythmic action of her lips as she let her mind wander to other men for whom she had done this over the years. She began thinking of Jim and all the times she had done this for him in motels, parked cars, even once in her own bedroom when Frank was out of town on business. She remembered the guys in college and ones she met at singles bars. In the background, the words of the men and women in the video urging the young lady in the fraternity house to “suck’em all” took her mind off of what was happening in reality.

Without warning, the man on the other side of the wall moaned loudly. Mary Ann felt his cock throbbing and tasted the first spurt of semen in her mouth. Instinctively she swallowed that first volley but then began to panic. She pulled back, and the next four spurts of thick hot man cream landed squarely on her face. It was all happening so suddenly. No sooner had the man pumped himself dry than he pulled his cock from her grip.

“That was fucking fantastic,” the man said more in a loud whisper. “Fucking fantastic.”

Mary Ann said nothing. She heard the rustling of clothing, the sound of a zipper, the click of the door latch on his side, and then footsteps moving away. She remained there on her knees quivering and shaking as she realized had just transpired.


She arose slowly on wobbly legs and sat back on the bench. The taste of the man was still in her mouth. The smell of him all over her face filled her nostrils. Normally these things excited her, but today they seemed out of place knowing that the source was a total stranger. She could feel the thick goo running down her face, and it was about to drip onto her blouse or skirt. She quickly reached into her bag for a pack of tissues and wiped her face. She was still shivering and quaking. It was hard to hold her hand steady as she held a small makeup mirror, struggling to see herself in the dim light while applying a fresh coat of lipstick.

Finally. her heart stopped pounding and the nervous shaking subsided. She checked herself for possible drips and stains on her clothing as well as residual semen on her face or in her hair. Satisfied that she didn’t look like a total mess, she stood, mustered as much courage as possible, unlatched the door, and walked quickly through the store avoiding any eye contact with the old woman behind the display case.

“Thank you for stopping in,” Mary Ann heard the woman say as she pushed open the door and walked quickly around to her car. She grabbed the vodka bottle, took a big mouthful, gargled, and spat it on the ground. She felt stupid doing that remembering all the semen she had swallowed from multiple men in her life. Then she took a big swig which she swallowed to help calm her nerves. She got in the car and drove toward the exit. She was glad there was a lull in the traffic so she could immediately turn onto the main road and be out of sight of the store. She that prayed that no cop stopped her.

Fortunately, Mary Ann was able to get home before Frank arrived from work. She took a shower and started dinner. Normally she was done by the time Frank got home, but tonight she had to inform him that dinner would be about 30 minutes late. She couldn’t help feeling a bit awkward sitting opposite Frank while eating. It was strange because she had sat across from him at dinner nearly a hundred times after being with Jim. There had been so many afternoons fucking and sucking in a motel or blowing him in the back seat of his car. However, this was different. The cock she had sucked and the cum that she had swallowed came from a man she had never seen before and would probably never see again. She began worrying about STD’s. She had three glasses of wine with dinner to help stay calm.

Over the next week or so, Mary Ann threw herself into her work and tried not to think of her crazy behavior in the video booth. In order to ease her mind about STD’s, she went to see her GYN, a woman she had known for two decades and trusted fully. She made up some silly story about being at a party at the home of one of Frank’s work friends when one of the guys there, obviously feeling no pain from margaritas, began flirting and hitting on her. Mary Ann had always found him attractive but had kept her distance. However, that day she was just as drunk as he was and was unabashedly flirting back. They ended up sneaking off into a bedroom and fucking like horny rabbits. She felt like a total fool but didn’t want to make a scene with the guy’s wife. She just wanted it behind her. Unfortunately, the guy had a reputation for fooling around so Mary Ann was concerned that he might be harboring some undesirable microbes.

“Don’t worry,” the doctor said smiling knowingly. “You’d be surprised how common this sort of thing is. It happens more than you might think. As you said, it’s just best to chalk it off to the demon rum, or in your case tequila. Still, you’re wise to get checked out before you possibly transmit something to your husband. We’ll run a few tests to put your mind at ease.”

To Mary Ann’s relief, the man at the glory hole had not given her any sort of unexpected gifts other than a mouth full of cum and a messy facial. She continued to lose herself in work for the next week. However, ignoring her sensible self, the bad girl part of her was feeling the pull of her fetish for sucking dick even stronger now that she had survived her “wild child” event. Mary Ann was having a hard time resisting. She wondered why in the world she had such a need for it. Many of her friends seemed to find giving blowjobs either undesirable or something they did as a chore for their husbands as a special gift on birthdays or Christmas. Yet, there was Mary Ann craving a man fucking her mouth and popping his load down her throat. It was a strong part of her sexuality ever since college. Over the years it only got stronger. She wondered if perhaps some of it was hereditary and it came from her mom. Her mom had never said anything explicitly about this sort of behavior, but there had been hints that she had been a bit of a “wild child” when she was in college in the 60’s. They even once made a joke about calluses on mom’s knees not coming from scrubbing floors. Her mom had shown her an old photo album. That’s right. Remember when people put photos in books and not on phones? The pictures were of a now-famous weekend in mom’s junior year when she and some friends went to Woodstock. She even showed her a special picture that she kept hidden underneath others. There was her mom with a couple of other girls and three guys, all totally naked standing arm in arm soaked by the rain. Mary Ann figured that her mom had smoked more than a few joints and perhaps sucked a few cocks that weekend.

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