Road Tripping Pt. 17

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Readers, this a fictional road story set in the 1980’s, before cell phones and the internet as we know it today. There is pot smoking and use of “Magic Mushrooms” in this story. All sexualized characters are fictional and over 18. This is part seventeen of a many part series. I hope all have enjoyed it so far. Any constructive feedback is appreciated, Thank You S. L.

Molly and Katy woke up at the same time to see Lou still sound asleep between them. Katy got up to check her folding alarm clock which was set to go off in twenty minutes. She shut it off on her way to the bathroom while Molly did some stretches and looked around for the heavy shirt from last night. She had the stove going by the time Katy was out and Molly took her turn.

“I think we can let Lou sleep for a little longer.” Katy said, as the water went on for coffee and toothbrushes were passed out after a fun night. They kissed on the couch a few more times as the sun began to paint a lighter blue in the sky outside their window. Soon the coffee was ready, and Lou began to stir.

Half an hour later all had taken quick and barely warm showers, dressed and did everything else they needed to get ready for the day. Lou and Molly cleaned up all they could find in the cabin and put all the trash and all their stuff in Andromeda after another quick ice scraping.

They had picked up some pastries in town after dinner and all enjoyed them with two strong cups of coffee each and some more fun talk. Katy could not smoke before work, and she had told Lou and Molly that there would be heavy machinery around them, and they could not smoke or smell of weed working today.

Lou and Molly agreed and made a point of putting all of their pot and the hash from Katy under the hood except for two joints hidden in an interior secret compartment. They offered Katy some of theirs, but she said she had some at home and was going to get a more before the show on the ninth.

She was going to call her daughter Gwen tonight and tell her about the show in Berkley and that she had tickets for both of them.

They all kissed and hugged deeply on the porch of this beautiful cabin Molly had taken a dozen pictures of in the dawn and dusk. She never wanted to forget this lovely place. Too soon and way to early at twenty of seven in the morning they followed Katy down the road to the main roads and told her as she closed the road gate, they would say hi at her entrance gate on the way out later and would call her from Irv and Hailey’s if not before.

With zero early traffic on the frosty morning, they were at the restaurant to meet Doug at twenty past seven and decided to go in for a quick hot breakfast and more coffee and juice for the busy morning they may have. Molly was glad to have the warm car and restaurant to warm her stiff back from the three hours sleeping oddly positioned on the couch with Katy and the coolness of the cabin in the morning.

Molly also knew her period was only a short time away and her back almost always gave her a day or two of achy warnings.

Doug had pulled into the lot at 7:45 and saw the white station wagon near the restaurant entrance and he parked next to them and went in for a coffee and hot bagel. He came over and sat with them eating and chatting quickly about what they had to do. The trees had been bagged and moved to their new permanent grove. They would be helping him hand shovel in dirt in a balanced way, so the trees were straight and strongly set.

He paid for their breakfast on the way out and again thanked them for their help. “You two working with me will give me time to get a bunch of shit and paperwork done this afternoon in my office, so you are more help than you know. Thank you again.”

They followed his park service truck for fifteen minutes until they turned onto another gated road and another five miles drive to a valley with hundreds of Sequoias that were just babies, and all had been planted within the last twenty years aside from two dozen that had been growing naturally for the last hundred years as the only survivors of illegal logging in the past. In places there were still huge stumps everywhere, over a hundred of which would have been large enough to easily park Andromeda on.

Doug led them on a mile walk from where they had to park to the planting sight. “Only the park employees and some school groups ever get to see this valley, but it is ok for you to take pictures and tell everyone about it. We just won’t be ready for visitors here for another two or three hundred years when all of the trees we plan to plant over the next fifty years will be mature enough for tourists. You two will have your names added to the friends of the grove list for those tourists to see three hundred years from now.”

The smile inside both of them was wider than the ones on their faces at being told that for many reasons they could not explain to anyone but Star. “When we are back this way in the future, we will have Katy check Ordu Escort with you if we can help you again.” Lou told Doug.

Once at the site they were given, hard hats, orange vests, and long handled shovels and told to stay a certain distance away while the machine operator got the tree positioned. Once it was set where Doug and the operator wanted, it all was locked down and Lou and Molly were called over to help shovel the dirt in evenly and do everything they could to keep the tree straight for the next few thousand years. Almost half of the wild ones that were a hundred years or so old were growing at wild angles and would not live to see as long a life as some of the upright ones.

It was hugs and high fives just before noon when the last tree was in place and straight at all sides with the level. Doug promised them that if they brought their children to the park in the future and he was here he would let them take their kids to see the trees they helped to plant as Molly had them take their picture in front of the new quartet in the rebuilding grove.

Doug led their car to a park employee building where they could wash and change their clothes after their morning of planting. He gave them a special window sticker, for those that volunteered in the park, for Andromeda. Soon they went to see Katy on their way out of the park for a quick hug as she was just getting back from her lunch break and happy to hear all had gone well in the new Sequoia grove.

Molly took the first shift driving out of the park looking for a good spot to eat and relax a bit before heading in the direction of San Francisco. They figured they would get past Fresno and look for a nice out of the way hotel or if not head for one from the chain Lou usually used. An hour out of the park a Chinese restaurant looked good for a late lunch, and they pulled into the nearly empty lot.

They split a poopoo platter and a pot of very good tea while looking at the maps and figuring out a backroad way to travel today. They talked with the staff about any cool places heading north and avoiding the main highways.

Lou had driven about a hundred miles after lunch on the usually forty mile an hour side road heading north when they passed through a small town that had a motel with little log cabins for rooms and a good looking and clean pool on the now warm day.

Only two other cars were in the lot when they pulled in at 4:45 and soon they had a room and the clerk told them that the pizza place across the road was good and there was a diner in town, which they had noted passing through, was excellent for breakfast.

Molly asked about the two antique stores she had seen in town and the woman said they were good and now was a good time to go being off season. She was happy for the customers too and made sure they got one of the better log cabins in hopes they would return.

Within thirty minutes of arriving, they had gotten all they wanted unloaded and were in their bathing suits heading for the pool.

“I’m glad this will be warmer than the one we were swimming in yesterday, but I am sad I can’t go skinny dipping with you again today, Lou.”

“I agree Molly and I will miss our cabin high in the mountains with Katy, but I will be glad to wake up in a room that is above forty degrees. We would have to stay up in shifts to keep the fire going in winter or you could freeze up there.” Lou made shivering motions as he opened the gate to the pool for Molly and they jumped into the deep end to relax and swim a few laps.

Molly’s back liked the warm water, and she was looking forward to a long hot bath before some hot fun with Lou later tonight. Soon they were in some shorts and t-shirts over their suits and getting some sandwiches for now and a pizza to snack on later and for the ride tomorrow.

Both picked out one of the books from Marta, and Molly headed to take a long hot bath for her back and just to relax after several fun and busy days. Lou watched the local news and read a quick fifty pages before Molly called out asking if he wanted to join her for a shower before they went for a walk in the field behind the motel and shared a joint and looked at the stars with their binoculars. They figured they were about halfway to San Francisco and could be there for the afternoon, after some breakfast and shopping at the antique stores.

It had cooled outside by the time they went back to the room, but it was a lot warmer than the cabin had been shortly after sunset. Lou was happy not to have to tend a fire tonight and only change channels on the TV. He packed one bowl of weed with some of the hash mixed in for them to share as they enjoyed having a quiet night of watching some bad tv and then part of a Giants baseball game.

As the ten o’clock news came on Molly got off the bed saying I have to pee want to share another shower and see if you can hit my clit after I soak you cock down and have some fun tonight. I bet I’ll have Ordu Escort Bayan my period in the next day of two and my pussy will miss you tongue for a few days.

“I will miss drinking from you to Molly, but I will do whatever you like to help get your period over as fast as possible.” Lou added with a smile as he got off the bed and got checked the door lock and curtain one more time before he was joining her naked in the bathroom while the shower warmed. Lou took the moment to brush his teeth as she finished stripping and got hers done before they shared a deep kiss and went into the shower.

Lou got in the shower first and went to his knees to make it easy for her to target him.

Molly had been holding her pee for the last half hour of TV hoping Lou was up for some shower fun, and she had hardly closed the shower door before she unleashed a torrent on his chest and worked her aim down his belly and was soaking his quickly rising cock under her warm, light-yellow rain.

As she slacked to a dribble, he did not hesitate to ram his mouth into her still dripping pussy and begin to tongue her clit and hole furiously for a minute. She held onto his head and balanced herself with her other hand on his shoulder. It was only a few seconds before she let out a deep moan and felt herself really lean on him for balance with her legs going a little week and his mouth getting a deeper flavor from her pussy for the first time this night.

Once she had calmed down after a moment Lou got up and after did a quick rinse of his mouth in the shower with the mix of pussy, pee, and toothpaste might not work for her before he kissed her deeply and held her while taking his cock and putting his head next to her clit and hitting her directly with a powerful jet of his own pee.

They were deep in a kiss when the warm pee hit her clit with a force she had not experienced there before. Again, her knees buckled a little as Molly moaned into his mouth and sucked in breath from him as the warm shock and awesome feeling went throughout her whole body. As his stream slowed, she broke the kiss with him to go and renew the deep purple spot on his shoulder with a new set of teeth marks to freshen his hickey.

Once Molly had recovered, they began to wash the other slowly as she paid special attention to his now rock-hard cock, jutting out to her and longing to fill her and satisfy her and further strengthen their bond.

They got out and quickly dried the other and began to kiss again before going to the bed, with one of their towels to try and save this set of sheets. Lou had Molly sit near the edge of the bed with her legs dangling off to the side as he grabbed a pillow for beneath his knees.

Molly smiled brightly as he went between her thighs and began his usual slow tease of her fresh and lovely pussy. By the third slow pass of his tongue, she was squirming on the bed and beginning her soft love song, also happy she was not freezing her tits off in the room!!

“Oh God Lou! You do that so good. Lick me deeper and then get up here and fuck me good. I love you, Lou.”

His fingers began to tease her hole while his sucked on her clit and got her moaning deeply before her legs wrapped around his head had his mouth was filled by three strong pulses of her cum. It seemed the more they joined the stronger her orgasms became with their increased knowledge of what felt best to the other.

She released his head as soon as the waves had stopped crashing in her and he was on his feet with his over seven-inch cock jutting out at her as she rose and took him in her hand and then her mouth as she moved to the edge of the bed and was on her side licking and making him quiver in anticipation of her having him fill her with his cum in moments.

She was smiling up at him as she licked him like a popsicle all along his shaft and cleaning all the pre-cum dripping from his head. “I would love to drink you tonight, but My pussy is hungry for you Lou. Get on this bed and fuck me good and fill me with your cum.”

Molly kissed his cock head again and put the towel out before rolling onto it and beckoning Lou to join then again tonight, alone again after a pair on nights with Katy. Tonight, was only the second night in a very fun and busy week they had slept alone together, although they did not actually share a bed with Hailey and Irv.

Lou joined her on the bed and was kneeling above her spread legs as she again took ahold of his cock and guided him to her wet and now throbbing like his cock, pussy, in anticipation of their becoming one.

“Fill me again Lou! Fuck me now and don’t hold back. I will ride you later after I get you hard again.” She smiled up at him as her hand put him an inch into her and he just slid in her with a slow motion and began to steadily work his cock almost all the way in and out with each thrust and soon was increasing his speed.

Molly did not take long to cum from his thrusts into her, rubbing Escort Ordu all her sensitive spots as her hand joined in playing with her clit before her pussy stopped clutching and spitting all around his resting cock.

Molly’s eyes and crystals were alight with love and pleasure as Lou began to work his thick cock in her again. Soon he was back at the pace before she came again, but he did not let her rest this time but kept up his pace in her and making her orgasm stretch out and spread out further beyond their joined bodies and began to soak their towel.

When he felt her body relax, he picked up his pace further and thrust his tongue into her open mouth and they wrestled in her mouth until he leaned back and shouted, “I’m going to cum Molly!!”

She furiously rubbed her clit and exploded with the first rush of his semen deep into her. His tongue was back in her mouth as they kissed softer now and let the waves fill and wash out of them.

For a minute they stayed together before Lou began to sit up so she could get out from under him and moved around so Lou could lay back on the bed and she could rest herself upon his face and let all that had filled her flow into his mouth to share with her after she had cleaned his cock and balls for a moment.

Lou’s tongue was soon all around her licking from her clit to past her ass and tickling the crack of her ass with his tongue. Molly squirmed and moaned while she used her tongue and fingers to gather all their mixed cum from all over him. Her wet fingers were stroking and soon probing his easily penetrated ass. His tongue was soon embedded in her ass and causing a wave of their mix cum to splash out from her into his mouth after the first two waves coated his neck and chest.

His cock had not gone soft with all the continued play between them and soon Molly was back sitting on him and feeding his hard cock back into her wet and still cum coated pussy. Her fingers began to meet his gathering the stream she had shot out onto his chest when she came twice with them during their sixty-nine joining.

“You feel so good in me Lou. If we are up for it, I hope you can fill my ass with your cum later. I like having you all to myself again.” She added with a smile and leaned down to kiss him as they slowly made love and she came softly for the first time in this position.

They talked softly as she rode him for over ten minutes. Lou had cum many times in the last few days and all of this practice was adding to his stamina. They talked of how much fun they had being with Katy and in a little over a week all might get to meet and stay and have fun together at Hailey and Irv’s before the show.

Lou’s hand found its way to her clit and began to slowly stroke her as she played with her breast and told him about what she and Katy had done on the couch after he had fallen asleep on the. “No more wine for you after a long day like that. You were out like a stone Lou, and you didn’t even hear me cry out when she had me cum hard. We passed out before we could even light the bowl we had packed, and if you hadn’t woken us up, we would have slept there until dawn and frozen to each other.” She laughed and pinched her nipples and came again all over his hand and embedded cock.

Lou began to work himself into her faster and she was soon trying to hold back the scream she wanted to let out as she kissed him and pinched his nipples and they both filled her with their cum again and laid there, catching their breath for a few moments.

Molly straightened up and looked down at him with her smile spread out across her face to match his. “I Love you Lou and that was wonderful. I love how you make me feel when we make love together either as just the two of us or with our dear friends.”

“I love you too Molly, Lou answered as he withdrew his fingers from between them and offered them to her to suck on first. I have loved all who we have joined with and all we have explored together, but it is you I love most of all to come together with you Molly.” He drew her down to him so they could kiss deeply for a moment before he lifted her off of him and invited her to sit upon his Fu Manchu again.

She moved up to his face and held herself an inch above him and spread her lips so all their mixture could roll out straight to his open mouth.

Molly felt several distinct globs of their mixed cum flow out to him as he held it in his mouth. Lou tapped her hip when he had a good amount in his mouth, and she moved back so they could kiss deeply again and share all the magic they had make in her this night.

After kissing for a moment, they worked their way back into a Sixty-nine again on their sides and spent a few minutes cleaning and leading Molly to cum hard again as his fingers probed deeply for any more cum and his lips sucked on her clit some more.

“I need to pee again Molly. Do you want to take another shower?”

“Sounds like fun to me and don’t you do anything until I’m ready for you.”

They were off the bed and brought the soaked towel with them to rinse and Lou got the water warming as Molly got put another of their towels on the bed and tossed the two vibrators onto the bed for some more fun after the shower.

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