Roommates Get Acquainted Pt. 03

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The apartment had transformed from a place where 3 acquaintances lived their separate lives to a place of shared intimacy, at least between 2 of them. Hailey and Sheela rarely wore more than panties if Alex was not around. They would often touch themselves or each other, though they were not like a couple and made out very little. Experimentation, like when they ate sushi off each other, continued playfully and often drunkenly.

On a Friday Sheela came home to an empty apartment with a new toy. This was something different from the others, because it was made to stay in and controlled by remote. The advertising suggested giving control to a partner some fun. She could do this with Hailey if the mood struck her, but the main purpose was use it on herself, and this was the perfect chance. Hailey was out for the night in Baltimore, and Alex was not expected until Saturday from San Diego.

She prepared. First, laundry was put into the machine, including those she had been wearing. Then the new vibe was unpackaged, washed, tested, and set with lotions, and a towel spread over the couch. Next, dinner – a burrito with a Pacifico – was cooked. The anticipation and the frequent caressing of her nude body, made her vagina slick and ready for action. She switched on the vibration while she worked it in, but turned it off after it had settled.

Sheela wanted the feeling of the toy sitting inside her while she did other things. She would eat dinner, casually stroll around the apartment, and do the laundry, occasionally turning on the vibration.

Halfway through eating she turned it on a low hum. It felt good, though the effects of mixing it with food were mildly confusing – not that she was going to give up trying. It was funny trying to fold the laundry while turning it all the way up.

Its movement inside her while she walked was more immediately pleasurable. She was a little embarrassed when she realized she was checking herself out in the mirror as she walked by – and turning herself on. She was happier with her appearance than she was a few months again, and certainly a few years ago. Her body had not slimmed much, but it did appear more feminine and seductive. The blotchiness on her shoulders and legs even seemed to have given was to a deep golden color. Was she looking at herself with beer goggles, she thought?

Sheela crouched and ran her fingers over her clit, while turning the vibe up to 75%. In the mirror as she squeezed her left breast. She was worked up and slowly heading towards orgasm, when the sound of keys at the door interrupted. Her first instinct was to cover up with a long tshirt from the pile of clean clothes and slip the unused toy into a pile. The lotions on the table were out of place but not incriminating. The inserted toy was still buzzing and driving her crazy when she finally grasped for the control, turning it off. By the time she went to pull it out it was too late.

Alex burst into the apartment talking on the phone and tugging her roller bag. “Yes, finally home and ready to unwind. Talk to you later.” When she smiled and mouthed “hey”, Sheela, still tense, could only manage a forced smile. She stayed very still as Alex ended call and sat on the couch.

“So good to be back home! Those tacos smell so good. I grabbed some Malaysian food and a half bottle of Cava. You should have a glass. It’s not going to last after it is open and downing the bottle would go so wrong for me… I used a couple drink tickets on the flight.”

“Uh, sure, yea.” Sheela was still dazed and Alex was surprisingly chatty.

“It made the flight easier, but it is so long. I’m just glad I got a direct flight. The weather is so nice now, almost like San Diego. I’ll be home for a week!”

Alex left most of her stuff where it fell when she walked in. She opened the take-out and was picking at it as she grabbed glasses and opened the sparkling wine. Once everything was moved to the coffee table, she sat down again.

“Doing laundry?” “Um, yes. Folding. Just out of the dryer… Oh I think this is yours, but it somehow got into my stuff.”

“Here, trade,” Alex said as she swapped the second glass of wine for the thin tshirt, one of her favorites. “I love how soft this is. I should get as comfortable as you are.”

This shocked Sheela, who was still frozen in her seat. Alex did not know she was wearing nothing but a shirt, assuming there were panties underneath. Sheela tried to slide back further to pull the shirt down, but inadvertently pressed against the protruding toy sending a sensation up her spine.

Alex went to her room to change quickly without closing the door. She continued talking about the flight and the food in California as she did so. Sheela managed to stand up and lift her foot onto the couch, allowing her to see the bedroom door and attempt to remove the toy. The effort was unsuccessful, leaving her more bostancı escort turned on again when Alex walked briskly back in wearing the tshirt and a pair of short, soft athletic shorts.

Sheela started to think more clearly: “Ok, she does not know and she seems to be a little drunk. I need to get this thing out of me… and maybe take care of myself. I am so horny now. Oh my god, having this in me in front of her is a huge turn on. She is kind of hot in those little shorts and I can see the outlines of her bra-less nipples through the shirt. Alright, I got this toy to wear, right. So I definitely need some underwear, but as long as she is oblivious I am not going to take it out. I will take the laundry.”

With that she picked up a pile of laundry and the remote fell out onto the floor. The vibrator turned onto a low but thankfully inaudible setting.

“What was that?” “Oh, uh nothing. It is the remote to my, um, floor fan that no longer works. I thought it was just the battery or something.” She swiped it, rushed to her room, and turned it off.

Her whole crotch was soaked and thighs slick with fluid. She briefly turned the toy all the way up then back off. She used a dirty shirt to clean herself up and pulled on a cute pair of purple boyshorts panties that could keep things together.

Meanwhile, Alex was wondering about her roommate’s odd behavior. Sheela was not the drug experimenting type – maybe weed, but nothing more. Anyway, who does coke to stay home and do laundry. Someone on meth might stay up all night cleaning… Her mind wandered down this line of thought though it was fanciful to consider it for her nerdy roommate.

She was obviously tense and did not seem to know what she was doing. The most plausible reason that occurred to Alex was that she had taken some of her clothes off to do laundry and got shocked and embarrassed to be almost caught. It seemed somewhat doubtful that the most conservative roommate would be partly nude in the living room, but it could be an effect of Hailey’s influence in the apartment. Alex noticed that she was not wearing pants and probably not bra either, though she wouldn’t have believed that the shirt was her only article of clothing.

She returned a few minutes later wearing what looked like the same attire.

“Sorry if I barged in on you. I know I was not due back tonight.”

“Um. No, what do you mean? I wasn’t doing anything.” (This gave her a jolt of panic and excitement.)

“Oh, nothing, it’s fine. I thought maybe that you had taken your clothes off…”


“Yea, I mean, it makes sense that you’d want to wash them all at once.” “oh, ye-yea.” “And if no one else is here that is fine. Well, I mean, you could if you want anyway, I guess. Hailey doesn’t seem to mind not having clothes on, so why not, right?”


A few moments of awkward silence passed before Alex, drunk and quite relaxed started again. “You use a lot of moisturizers. Do they help?”

“They definitely do, ha. I get used to get dry skin sometimes, you see.” Sheela was starting to chill and enjoy herself, and the toy inside her. “They are great. They feel good going on too.”

Pushing the envelope, she started massaging some lotion into the leg further from Alex. Her hands began at the calf and slowly made their way to her thigh. The side of hand brushed up against her crotch under the shirt on the last pass. She sipped her wine and glanced at Alex who was watching as she drank her own.

The other leg got an even slower treatment. Sheela made more of a show of it as she started feeling the alcohol kicking in. Hers hands moved in deliberate patterns up past the bottom of the shirt. Pushing aside the shirt revealed the purple lace of the side and top of her panties. She slid the outside hand under it and around the outside of her thigh, while the other brushed repeatedly against her crotch.

At first Alex only stared at what would have been surprising from either roommate. The sexy thighs and the skin now visible on above and below the cute panties she saw were quite a sight. Then she picked up the lotions herself and timidly smelled each. “Do you mind? A little skin care would feel pretty good.”

“Please. Join me.” Encouraged and bemused, Sheela continued to her arms with less showmanship but more sensuality. This was seriously turning her own and soaking the fresh underwear. The toy settled in her and she almost forgot it was there. It would not be noticeable unless Alex got full view of her crotch.

What Sheela did not know was that Alex was getting wise to her game. All of it started to make sense: awkward behavior, flush face, clammy hands, and that smell! After finishing her food, all she could smell was the scent bellowing out of Sheela’s vagina. Alex had experiences with girls – once with a sorority sister and another time with an ümraniye escort bayan Italian student backpacking in Ireland. Also, her freshman year roommate introduced her to masturbation, which they did together a number of times their first semester. She did not tend to think of herself as bi, despite this, just willing when the moment – and her BAC – were just right.

Sheela was exhilarated by being the one leading after only following Hailey’s direction. Breaking out of her shyness was intoxicating, and her horniness pushed her along. Now her shirt was rising above her waist as she rubbed the lotion into her tummy. She smiled at Alex who was not shy about reaching under her shorts to the very top of her thighs.

As Sheela was getting to the bottom of her breasts, Alex asked, “So did you cum before I got home or are you torturing yourself now?”

“What?” Sheela felt the sense of control drain immediately.

“You look like you just got out of a sauna. And what about that smell? You going to try to tell me that you have wet vagina scented essential oils? ‘Eau d’pusse’?”

“Well I guess I am a bit … but I didn’t do anything.”

“Were you naked?”

“Well, yes, but…”

“Were you watching porn?”


“Ok, fine. But you were masturbating.”

“Um, yea.”

“Well you’ve got me all hot now too and you are already half naked again. Let’s finish together.”

Sheela was shocked. Not only had she been figured out, but the control she had was swiped away from her by her astute roommate. Is this something women often end up doing when they lived together, she thought. This would not stop her – not at this point. The excitement and the orgasm were what she ultimately desired. The ability to answer escaped her for a moment.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Alex wiped the remaining lotion onto her tummy and took her shirt off. Her usually way in this and most other things was straight to the point. This time, however, she went for more moisturizer to rub into her upper body, as her horniness had not reached Sheela’s level. She gazed at the other girl, who had her hands on herself, but was still staring back in shock. Alex gave her a pouty look as she pinched her nipples.

Sheela’s surprise was dissipating as her horniness grew again. Her roommate was sexy as hell topless, with her little pink nipples and tight tummy. She finally pulled her own shirt off, giving Alex the chance to ogle her bare breasts for the first time. Her hands immediately shot to her chest and thighs.

“Those panties,” Alex said, “super cute. Sexy too.” She then noticed something strange in the front.

“Oh, thanks,” Sheela replied. Seeing the direct stare at her crotch, it was clear the toy had been found out. She put her hand on it and shuddered slightly. “So there was, um, one other thing.”

Alex’s eyes went wide.

“I got something today that I was super excited to, um, try. I… have a toy in my vagina right now. It’s been in the whole time.”

“Ohhhhhh! That makes sense. What is it?”

“Well, it’s a vibrator. The remote is what fell on the floor earlier.”

“Ha ha. You had me fooled on that one. So this controls it remotely, eh?” She picked up the remote.

Sheela looked with a tinge of horror, but felt very turned on. The idea that her hot roommate had control of her pussy in her hand.

Alex turned it on and watched her jump. She toyed with it a little more, turning it up then down again. Enjoying the show, her own hand slipped into her panties. “Show it to me.”

Without thinking Sheela pulled her underwear off and spread her legs. She ran her fingers over her clitoris as she felt an orgasm approach. She looked back at Alex who was attempting to take off her last piece of clothing while keeping a finger in herself. The first orgasm washed over her whole body, and she cried out “ohhh god” nearly adding “Hailey”.

Alex, drunk and soaking wet, pleasured herself wildly, adding 2 more fingers. She thoroughly enjoyed taking control of her roommate and watching her tanned body writhe in pleasure. Sheela had larger breasts and a sexier body than she expected. Indian girls often had attractive features, she thought, but she never saw many of them as “hot” until now. They admired each other as they worked towards their first and second orgasms, respectively.

Overwhelmed, Sheela struggled to pull the toy out. After relaxing her vaginal muscles just enough, it was free for the first time in an hour or so. She breathed heavily as she calmed herself. Alex looked on, examining the vibrator.

“You have to let me try,” she said. Sheela lazily waved her to it. She picked it up, lifted it to her face, and gave it a sniff. “That is one spicy pussy. I hope I enjoy it as much as you did.”

Sheela thought it was a little gross that she wasn’t cleaning it, but nonetheless kartal escort enjoyed it. “Here, give me the remote.”

“Nope. I keep the control. My style.”

Alex shoved it in and played with the remote. Her trimmed, but thick pubic hair encircled the end. They both watched each other. The dark hair on pale skin made a curious contrast to Sheela. Alex then got on all fours on the couch, reaching around to touch herself while still facing her roommate.

After both having another orgasm, Sheela only remembered drifting off. She woke shortly to find herself alone and naked in the living room. She cleaned up and went to bed before Hailey arrived.


The next morning all 3 girls were home. Sheela was the first up and started in the kitchen before the others got up. The smell of pancakes and sausage filled the apartment and drew the other 2 out, eventually. When Alex came into the kitchen in short yoga pants and a baby tee, she found Sheela in one of her new tank tops and barely visible black panties. Recalling the previous night, she felt a tingle at the sight of the lower part of her roommate’s ass.

Meanwhile Hailey had just finished in the shower. Hearing the other two talking, the opportunity presented itself to her to discuss groceries – and show off a bit. She entered the living room, fully visible to the kitchen, with panties and a towel wrapped loosely around her upper body.

“While I have you both here, what are we low on? What else do we need?”, Hailey said. The common groceries were running low and it was her turn to stock up.

“Moisturizer,” Alex said quietly to Sheela.

Sheela grinned knowing that each roommate thought they were the only one she had messed around with. “Um, dish soap and trash bags.”

“I thought we had more trash bags.” Alex started digging into a lower cabinet.

At this Hailey started groping herself in an exaggerated manner. Sheela watched with a smile as she lowered the towel and ran her hands from her crotch to her exposed breasts. Alex noticed her stare and looked back as she stood up. Hailey quickly pulled up the tail to appear as though she was drying her hair. The towel hung down over her chest but not in a way that showed an intention to cover.

“I see we have a more casual dress code these days,” said Alex.

“Oh dear! Really?” Hailey said, sarcastically drawing her hands to her mouth and dropping the towel. She chided Alex. “Does that mean we are not to wear bras anymore?”

None of the 3 girls were wearing bras at the moment. Sheela would have been the most noticeable with her large nipples now hard, were it not for Hailey standing there topless. Sheela had been going braless for some time now, but Alex tended to always wear one.

“French toast is ready,” Sheela cut in. “Come one, come all, come braless.”

The 3 grabbed plates, silverware, and coffee, and sat down to eat. Hailey kept the towel wrapped around her chests, but she made little effort to keep it from slipping. Across from her, Sheela’s nipples were clearly outlined and somewhat visible through the slightly wet light purple shirt. While they ate at a relaxed pace, Alex was finishing up her single slice so she could run errands and then go to yoga.

“Thanks so much for the breakfast, it was really good.” She grabbed her bag and headed for the door. “I’ll be out for a while.”

After she left Hailey looked at Sheela. “What was that supposed to mean, ‘I’ll be out for a while’? Does she know something?”

“What… about us? No. I mean, I don’t think so. What kept you out so late last night?”

“Not gonna tell, but I am surprised I am not sore today.”

“Nasty,” Sheela said jokingly.

Hailey made a show of licking a drop of syrup off her boob. She then got up to clear the dishes, leaving her towel behind. When Sheela had gotten up to do the same, she pulled her close and said mockingly, “aww, did you miss staring at my wet pussy while you fisted your own?”

Despite the tone, there was a very intimate feel to the embrace. Their faces were close together and Hailey’s nude breasts were pressed against Sheela’s with only the thin covering between.

“Well, I have a story for you.” Sheela squeezed her ass tightly and stole an unexpected kiss.

Hailey, not to be outdone, grabbed the back of her head and forced another kiss, this time snaking her tongue into her roommate’s mouth.

Sheela told her the everything that happened the night before – the toy, the excitement, being found out, and orgasming under Alex’s control.

“It was so deviously hot, sitting there talking with that vibrator… you know.”

“You little harlot! I bet it is still somewhere in you right now!” With that Hailey tugged down on Sheela’s underwear.

“Nope,” she replied as she spread her lips as if to prove it.

“What a shame. Looks like your ready for it already. Practically dripping. You can put on the show that I missed last night.”

As Hailey pulled her into the bedroom, Sheela replied, “I get a show first.”

The two girls, between them only a tank top, shuffled into Hailey’s room for some mid-morning fun.

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