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Helen sat on the swing in the center of the garden. Her legs drifted back and forth slowly as she listlessly looked up at the clouds in the grey thick opaque sky. A glimmer of light flashed in her pale blue eyes and she turned her head, suddenly alive as something rustled in the rose bush. Out pranced her rotund calico cat, proudly displaying a small bird in its jaws. She smiled, but the brightness in her pupils faded. She stood from the swing and took a few steps towards the rose bush, kneeling to smell a huge red rose. The moss carpet covering the ground felt soft underfoot. When a breeze drifted by, she shivered as it penetrated through her thin pink silk slip. The slip covered her body but revealed the outline of all her curves: the swell of her ample breasts with her pointed nipples, the wave of her back turning into a firm perky butt.

The cat wandered away and she turned to bury her nose into another rose. So intoxicated by its scent, Helen did not notice the other woman come up behind her to embrace her body and plant a soft warm kiss on her neck. Helen burst into movement, turning around and returning the embrace. She had planned this outing for their Valentine’s Day. Her beautiful girlfriend, Chris, wore fitted pale khaki slacks and loose-fitting white v-neck. On her way in she had set down the picnic basket and blanket Helen had asked her to bring. The hugs turned into kisses. They took pleasure in the feel of each other’s bodies, pressed together, but soon Helen pulled them apart.

“Isn’t this garden amazing?!” Helen exclaimed. bostancı escort bayan “My sister and I used to come here all the time.”

“It really is,” Chris remarked, looking around. Helen noticed a Chris’ expression hardened a bit at the mention of her sister. She probably shouldn’t have told her about how close she and her sister used to be. It made Chris jealous and uneasy thinking about that.

Trying to change the subject, Helen skipped over to the picnic basket and began to spread the blanket on the moss in front of the swing. “What did you bring?” she asked.

“Oh. Something special for you of course,” Chris smiled and leaned to open the basket. Her tight pants showed off her long legs and when Chris leaned over Helen could see a small lacy bra under her white tee.

Chris brought out a bottle of wine and corkscrew and handed them to Helen.

“Mmmm! Thank you so much!” Helen gasped. “It’s an expensive one!” She began to open it.

Chris held out two glasses and Helen poured them full. Setting the bottle on the top of the basket, Helen took her glass and cuddled into Chris’ lap, her head on her chest, and sighed deeply. They both drank and watched the bees buzzing and butterflies fluttering about the radiant flowers.

Bounding out of the bushes after a squirrel, the calico ran into Chris’ arm, spilling the entire contents of her wine glass onto Helen.

“Behave kitty!” Helen shouted angrily, sitting up straight. A dark red stain began to spread on the front of her dress, the fabric ümraniye escort clinging to her breast where it was moistened.

Helen looked down at her ruined dress angrily. “I got this just for today, for Valentine’s Day, for us…” She shouldn’t have been in a bad mood, but she felt as though there was hardly anything to get excited about anymore. She had loved the feel of the silk on her body and thought that it flattered her well and that Chris definitely noticed it.

“Here, let me help,” Chris got a towel out of the basket and reached to mop up the mess on Helen’s chest. The blot grew larger and soon the towel was soaked as well. “Here,” Chris grabbed onto the hem of the dress and lifted it up over Helen’s head.

Besides her long brown wavy locks of hair, Helen sat completely nude in front of Chris. Her skin prickled at the contact with the cold air. The dress and the spill and the task at hand forgotten, Helen felt Chris lightly kiss the top of her breast. She moaned softly as Chris kissed the top of the other and then wrapped her mouth around Helen’s left nipple. Chris’ soft tongue lapped and sucked on the nipple until it stood pointed hard. She took the other nipple now, sucking, her hand cupping Helen’s breast. Helen began to breathe hard, feeling herself getting wet between her legs.

Chris paused, lifting her face from Helen’s chest to sit back and pull off her top and slide out of her pants. They kissed: Helen naked and Chris in her white bra and tiny panties. Chris pushed Helen onto her back, straddling escort kartal to lay over her. They each reached a hand to arch to the other’s pubic mound. Helen began to rub softly then circled her fingers focusing on Chris’ clit. Chris followed her movements and they both began to breathe hard and grind their hips against each other. Helen slid her hand down to feel Chris’ wet opening, slipping a finger in and then slipping it out to again press on the clit. She heard Chris gasp with pleasure and continued faster. She was getting close, her hips bucking against Chris’ hand.

Moving together, neither noticed they had moved towards the rose bush. Helen stuck her fingers in Chris again, hard, and Chris moaned, leaning up, coming hard. Her back arched into the bush, pricking her skin with a dozen tiny thorns. Breathing, coming down from the orgasm, Chris gained control of her hand again and thrust it hard, deep into Helen. Helen cried out, her legs spread wide. Drips of blood tickled from Chris’ back onto Helen’s stomach. Chris pounded hard, rough and fast into Helen. Helen’s hands clung down behind her, gripping moss in her fists.

As Chris thrust deep again, Helen could not control herself anymore and came. Juices covered Chris’ hand and Helen screamed out, shuddering and shaking.

Chris pulled her fingers out of Helen and their lips met in a passionate kiss. Their tongues fought for space and control, their mouths working on each other, their breaths hot from the exertions. Helen and Chris’ bodies pressed together, wrapping around each other, the blood that had dripped down smearing between them, messy and slick and red.

So close to the bushes they could both smell the fragrance of the roses wafting around their bodies. They lay intertwined, sleepy, and the blood on them dried into a dark brown.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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