Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 09


Chapter 9. Phil they let it for self catering when not using the cottage themselves, and offered us the use of it. It’s a long drive for just a few days but at least it was a break.

Arriving at the cottage in the early hours of Saturday morning we didn’t do much that first day, although hubby did pop out to a nearby pub in the evening and returned in a somewhat animated state. He refused to disclose what had excited him, saying only that I’d find out tomorrow.

Naturally I was intrigued and when hubby suggested a Sunday lunchtime drink in the same pub agreed, curious to see what it was that had excited him.

Sitting with our drinks in an alcove I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary to account for hubby’s excited state on Saturday. It was beginning to fill up a bit when hubby asked if I’d noticed a couple of guys leaning on the end of the bar.

“Well yes, they seem more interested in ogling my legs than drinking.” I laughed.

“Dave and Phil, I was talking to them last night,” hubby said. “I told them a bit about our lifestyle and they’re keen to meet you, hence the interest in your legs.”

I thought I knew where this was heading; hubby wanted me to have sex with one of the guys while he watched. Wrong.

“Remember all our discussions about threesomes, now’s your chance to give it a try.”

He was beckoning them over, taking my acquiescence in his scheme for granted. I was introduced to the guys and found that Dave was a bachelor of 34 while Phil, a very slim guy of 33, was married.

Moving on a bit.

Despite it being a scenario we’d discussed and I’d fantasized about, I was feeling unusually nervous preceding the guys into our cottage, knowing they were both about to fuck me in front of hubby. Dave had complimented me on my little black dress whilst in the pub and it was he who gathered me in his arms for a kiss directly we were over the threshold. After we’d kissed he simply handed me over to Phil whose kisses were even more ardent, as were his hands squeezing and pummelling my bottom.

“Make yourselves comfortable chaps,” hubby said. “Can I get you a drink?”

They both sancak escort declined, more interested in getting to grips with me I suspect.

I sat between Phil and Dave on the settee, exchanging alternate kisses with them, and it was Phil who began stroking my legs, bare for once. They both wore shorts, the weather still warm, and I rested a hand on each of their thighs.

“You’re a fine looking girl Sandi.” Phil told me, his hand stroking my inner thighs and coaxing them apart.

“Sexy too!” Dave exclaimed when my questing hand located his penis.

“You’re right there Dave, her knickers are sopping!” Phil told him, his hand between my legs.

“Told you she’d be up for it,” an excited hubby said but the guys hardly glanced at him.

“Stand up so I can take your dress off Sandi.” Phil said.

When he lifted the dress up over my head my face was momentarily engulfed but I heard Dave say, “An obedient wife you’ve got here.”

At the same time my panties were pulled down and the dress now off I saw it was hubby removing them. He stood up with them in his hand, face red and said excitedly, “There you are chaps my wife’s yours to do as you want with. Enjoy her body the way others have.”

The guys exchanged looks and Phil said, almost contemptuously I thought, “Go and sat down over there out of the way for now.”

They grinned at one another while hubby meekly went to sit down.

With Dave’s hand between my thighs it was Phil who unclipped and removed my bra. Resuming my seat on the settee I waited for them to shed shorts and tops before rejoining me, at which time I promptly took a cock in each hand, hearing hubby gasp as I did so.

With both guys sucking and licking my nipples, Phil sliding his fingers in and out of my cunt while Dave toyed with my clit, I was almost hysterical. The feeling of all those hands, mouths and tongues working on my body simultaneously was out of this word and I looked across at hubby, grateful to him for setting it up. He was staring goggle eyed and masturbating while he watched the two guys working on me with my sarıyer escort hands juggling cocks and balls. At that moment I think we both knew I would want more of this kind of thing!

It was Phil who picked me up in his strong arms and carried me up to the bedroom, Dave and hubby following. I stretched out on the bed, spreading my legs eagerly for the two guys who were going to fuck me. But not yet. Phil knelt on the bed to lower his face between my thighs while Dave squatted by my head. I took his cock between my lips to suck as Phil’s tongue explored my cunt. After several minutes of that, and as though by mutual consent, the two guys swapped places. I could hear the creaking of hubby’s noisy chair as he sat watching the guys playing with me and then Phil said, “I thought hubby would be the first to come.”

Dave raised his head briefly to look at hubby and joined in Phil’s laughter before returning to the job in hand. The second orgasm, and a very noisy one at that, was mine.

Coming back down to earth I found the two guys standing at the foot of the bed, erect cocks in hand while they debated who was to go first. They decided to toss a coin.

I t was an highly exciting experience to watch my fate being decided by the toss of a coin, excitement augmented by the certain knowledge that whichever of them it was who fucked me first would be followed immediately by the second.

Well it was to be Phil and I spread my legs eagerly as he moved on to me.

“Yes!” It was hubby’s cry that rent the air when Phil’s cock drove into me, shortly followed by me own.

I beckoned to Dave wanting to suck his cock while Phil fucked me, so for once I was silent during intercourse instead of my usual vociferous response. Hubby circled the bed encouraging the guys, Phil beginning to grunt as he fucked me.

Hubby must have been aware of the approaching orgasm because again he yelled “Yes!” This time when Phil’s semen spurted into me.

As expected there was no respite, Dave taking his place directly the first guy rolled off. Phil lay beside us breathing heavily sefaköy escort while his friend began fucking me. I don’t know which of us was the more excited, hubby or me. Sucking my nipples Dave fucked me urgently with short sharp cock thrusts. I clung to him to begin with before instinctively reaching over to hold Phil’s cock. Feeling it hardening I was pleased to think the experience was far from over despite Dave’s cock inside me jerking as he ejaculated.

Hubby reiterated his offer of refreshment but it was again declined, Phil saying, “Your randy wife obviously wants more cock and I think I can speak for Dave and say we’d rather press on.

“Take her doggie this time so Sandi can suck Dave’s cock while you’re fucking her. I’d love to see my wife spit-roasted,” hubby urged.

Ever ready to oblige I took up the required position and Phil promptly drove into me. Dave climbed onto the bed so I could take his cock into my mouth.

“Great!” Hubby exclaimed, standing besides the bed watching and wanking.

I too was in a high state of excitement sucking on one cock while another drove in and out of my cunt. Gripping my hips the pounding of his cock went on and on. It was no good I just had to expel the cock from my mouth and give vent to wild ecstatic yells. This time he lasted considerably longer than the first, eventually coming with a groan. As before Phil’s cock had barely slithered from my cunt when it was replaced by Dave’s.

Hands roaming my thighs, fingers rubbing my clit, Dave fucked me relentlessly. Phil joined in, playing with my swaying breasts, while a feverish looking hubby stalked round the bed masturbating.

When it was over I lay on my back, legs flung wide, while the three guys stood at the foot of the bed studying their handiwork. Excited to be the focus of attention I was further excited by the limp and drained looking condition of the three cocks and to know that I was the cause, Dave and Phil drained by fucking me twice each, hubby from frequent masturbation!

Dave and Phil had to go to work on Monday but spent the evening at our cottage, as they did on the Tuesday. We had intended leaving for home Tuesday afternoon but put our departure back until the guys had left, not reaching home until around 5am.

It had been an incredible break. The two guys fucked me eleven times between them over the three days and hubby’s excitement more than matched my own. He certainly didn’t need to ask if I’d be keen for something similar in the future!

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