Sarah’s first time. -Sarah


Sarah’s first time. -SarahMy sister Sarah decided she wants to write stories on her experiences and post them here. This was written by her enjoy.I had just turned 19 at the time and only really had one serious boyfriend until then. I was also very inexperienced, like never had sex kind of inexperienced. I had jerked off my at the time boyfriend from time to time but I mostly did it to make him happy. It just wasn’t my thing. I wasn’t incredibly attracted to him so nothing ever happened, which is why we eventually broke up. Not to say my drive was small, it is the opposite actually. I was and still am horney a lot of the time, but I could satisfy myself to get by. I had played with toys, inserted dildos and the like for those times I really needed something a little more. However I wanted my first time with a man to be amazing, and that “right moment” feeling never came up. A few years back my sister and her husband were coming up to visit like they did every year since they started dating. I liked him much more than her last husband but that isn’t hard to do. He was an ass and arrogant to put it mildly. This guy was calm, quiet, and mostly kept to himself. I found him rather boring actually. Nonetheless he made her happy and that is all that matters. They arrive and I help them unpack. I noticed they are much more affectionate than normal, but I don’t give it much thought. Over the next couple of days I notice they are almost inseparable, and incredibly close.On the third night I ask her what was going on. She told me they were now open and allowing people to join them in bed. And the night before they arrived she had sex with both him and his best friend, at the same time. They were having the time of their lives and it has brought them so much closer. This was crazy to me. I knew people did this but I never really thought about what would I do with two men, until then. I kept thinking about it more and more and it was turning me on a little. I was walking toward the room they were staying in because I had to find out details of the experience. I walked up to the door tuzla escort which was slightly cracked open and I see them kissing. He is in his underwear and she is massaging a massive bulge. I turn around head straight to my room. I am so horney from what I just saw I needed to get off really bad. I pull of my shorts and I had soaked through my white thong and I can see my pussy though it. I grab my dildo and I fuck myself fantasizing about how large his dick must be to make a bulge that large. The next two days are torture. I am constantly turned on and looking at him to try to get more information on what is going on down there. I never found him attractive before, but now I have this uncontrollable urge to see him naked. The last night they are there I enter the room to get the information I am looking for. I try to strike up a conversation with my sister because I cant just ask her out of the blue how large his dick is.I start asking about why did they suddenly decide to open the relationship… you know beating around the bush. He walks in, gets his clothes and walks into the shower. The whole time I am taking peeks. I hear him turn on the shower and enter. The thought of him naked made me so wet. Next thing I know I blurt out this question. “So if I were to go in there and fuck him, you would be ok with that?”I froze, because I had just realized what I just told her. I had just indirectly told my sister not only was I sexually attracted to her husband, but I at that moment I had the desire to fuck him. I stand there, panicking. Expecting her to go off on me. Her reply does nothing to make the moment less awkward for me. “Sure if I ok it first.” I suppress the urge to ask her to let me fuck him, but I want to ask her. This conflict goes on in my head and I cannot decide what to do next. She breaks the awkward silence by saying. “How about I turn off the lights, you stand in that corner and watch us, if you want join in.”I hear the shower stop. The lights go out. I run to the corner of the room. He comes out. There is no turning back at this point. They start making escort tuzla out and I am shaking I am so nervous. She kneels down and pulls out his dick and starts sucking it in front of me. I am so turned on by what I am seeing. I start to play with myself. Then she stops and presents me what I can only describe is the most delicious looking dick I have ever seen. And I had to have it. My thong is soaked completely though. I decide to undress and finger myself.He grabs her and I see him enter her and she is just wrapped in pleasure. My pussy is on fire at this point. I need him inside me, now. Not long after this my sister cums very hard and seeing this erases all reservations I had about this… I needed to know what that felt like. She flips him over and starts sucking on his dick again. And she signals me to join. I walk over and what I see is insane to me at that moment. Right in front of me is only the second dick I had seen in person. And it was three times longer and at least twice the thickness of my boyfriend’s. One of his balls was the size of my boyfriend’s entire sack. Seeing this gives me the urge to have him cum inside me. I tell her this and she nods. She starts licking his massive balls and I take that as my sign.I grab this massive dick and put it in my mouth. I am incredibly nervous as this is the first time I had ever done this. He starts moaning loudly so I take it he likes what I am doing. I feel him pulse and she has me stop and she tells him to fuck me. I have no idea what to do so I just lay on the bed next to him thinking he will know what to do with me. He gets on top of me and I am visibly nervous. He whispers in my ear “Your pussy is drenched but are you sure you want to?” I nod and I suddenly feel his head at my opening. So many thoughts are running through my mind. Will he enjoy me? Am I attractive to him? Will this be amazing or suck bad? What does he think of my unusual nipples? He spreads his legs wide and gets into position, forcing me to open mine as well. He lays on me, our bodies in full contact. He whispers again “I love your body tuzla escort bayan and I especially love your tits.” I smile at him and I relax and I feel his massive dick start to enter me slowly. It feels incredible.He gets as much of it inside me as he can and I feel him hit my cervix. It feels sooo fucking good. I am now getting fucked by my sister’s husband, it feels so bad… but it feels so right at the same time. I get into it and I wrap my arms and legs around him. He senses I am starting to enjoy myself and he picks up the pace. Each time he bottoms out on me I feel this tingling sensation everywhere. I start to feel like I am going to cum.“Oh my god this feels so good” I whisper to him“You feel incredible as well.” He replies.“Dont stop baby I am about to cum.” I whisper into his earHe starts to take shorter strokes to stay deep and it sends me over the edge. I start to shake and I have the most insane orgasm. It feels like it lasted forever and I literally see stars when it is over. I asked if he came and after that I just hear muffled sounds. He starts to fuck me again and each time he pushes in I see flashes. I come too and he whispers “Are you sure you want me to cum inside you?” “Yes, please I want to experience all you have to offer.” Looking back that was an odd response but I was just out of it at that time.He starts to moan, I feel his dick swelling and it gets to be a bit much. I start to say something but I don’t remember what. Then he pushes in as far as he can and he moans deep and loud. I open my legs as far as I can to get him as far inside as possible. I want to please him, I want him to have the best orgasm ever. I feel this massive dick, deep inside me pulse hard and I feel his cum rush into me. I am in heaven. Pulse after pulse I feel every load that is pumped into me and I do not want it to end. I want all of his cum. I feel it start to wither so arch my back and put my tits in his face and his cock pulses hard again a few more times and with it some more massive loads of cum.He is spent and I fall asleep with this man’s seed inside me. I wake up in the morning next to him, and her. And I realize that he pretty much has a free pass to me forever. I want him all day every day but that cant be. So I settle for having him whenever I can get him. And I am ok with that.

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