Sarah’s Journey Ch. 013


013 Wait! I did what!? Where!? Pt.1

Back at my place I checked emails, made dinner, showered, watched TV a bit, making sure to put my sports bra on while I slept as the Dr instructed as well as remembering my skin cream. I got in bed and laid there replaying the last 60 seconds before I walked out of the pool, and wondering what had gotten into me, this was so horrendously out of character for me. Is this what they meant when I read that larger breasts with give you confidence? That echoed in my head as I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I was headed to the beach with my new bikini. I opted for the less covering one I bought that had triangles that covered most of the front of my now huge DD breasts, but absolutely nothing else. Looking in the mirror I was filled with erotic aghast, I had boob bulging out everywhere, top, sides, bottom, and cleavage for days! The longer I stared the more turned on I got. Finally tearing myself away from the mirror, I threw on a loose fitting cover up that was at least 50% see thru, it didn’t obscure much. Then I grabbed my beach bag and headed out the door.

After arriving at the beach I headed out on the sand to find a spot to set up camp. Walking several hundred yards north I finally found a spot that was fairly low population, mostly people walking by and a nice alcove that the sun was just starting to shine on. I actually did want to tan a bit and was still mentally reeling from how brazen I had been yesterday. As made apparent by me not even noticing if I was getting looks from the people as I walked along.

Getting my spot all set up, including my sun umbrella that I lugged out there, I sat down on my towel, opened a can of wine and just relaxed watching the waves as the sun started to shine over the cliffs and warm my back.

Authors Note: Yes here in California canned wine is a thing. And drinking before 1000hrs doesn’t make you an alcoholic it makes you a pirate!

After 20 minutes or so the sun was sufficiently warming my little alcove. Having finished my canned wine, I took off my cover up and stuffed it in my bag. Noting that my top had shifted but was still in place to keep me legal I adjusted it and turned over to lay down. The sand was harder than the lounge chair at the pool and had no give at all. The weight of me laying on my breasts was starting to become painfully obvious, I couldn’t lay my head on the ground comfortably and my back was starting to hurt. Again some of the challenges Jamie mentioned that I was starting to experience. Getting up in annoyance I pulled back the towel and did the only thing that logically came to mind. I started digging a hole.

After a few handfuls I made a mental note to buy a small shovel for my beach gear. I scooped out what I thought would be enough and laid down. Nope still didn’t feel comfortable, again more hand digging I made it deeper and wider on all sides, as my oval shaped boob storage started to take shape. Again laying down. Dammit still, really I mean really!? More digging this time I dug what I thought would be an oval shaped hole that was going to be too big and just let my boobs hang as I laid there. I looked down it had to be 9-10″ deep probably 18″ wide and 12″ across. That had to be way too big, it looked like you could put a blanket in there and put a toddler in it comfortably.

Putting the towel back and laying down again my breasts pressed the towel down in to the hole. As I got situated I was comfortable and not confined but a bit amazed as while not too big of a hole it was comfortable but I could still feel the bottom with my nipples and the sides all the way around. Uşak Escort It wasn’t tight or too small my boobs were comfortable. That really put into perspective the amount of space they took up!

Finally getting comfortable and laying on my front like I can’t do anywhere else I drifted off to sleep.

I was woken up by a bit of noise from what sounded like guys horsing around. I could see out of the corner of my eye that they had come around the rocks and noticed me. Ok maybe this isn’t going to be terrible and they don’t have to be that damn loud once they get settled. As it was obvious they didn’t want to set up very far away. I could hear more hushed conversation now as they had obviously spotted me and my T-back bottoms and my size 4 ass. Finally they got quiet and I could just see one of them heading over toward me. Jesus, I thought. He stopped at a very respectable distance away and surprisingly politely said.

“Excuse me would you mind if we set up here as well?”

“There’s plenty of beach isn’t there?” I asked seeming slightly annoyed.

“Well yes there is but this is a really prime spot, and it’s away from the screaming kids and older crowd.”

He made a good point. I raised my head and looked over, there were 3 of them in their mid 20’s I guess. All were in pretty decent shape and obviously worked out, often. This was definitely a gold star for their case.

“Are you planning on being that loud all day?” I asked directly.

“Oh, sorry about that, I guess we can get a bit loud and rowdy. It doesn’t help that we’ve had a few already this morning.”

“I suppose it’s ok, just please keep the noise reasonable.”

“Absolutely, thank you for being cool with us.”

He ran back to his buddies and grabbed the other handle of the cooler and they started heading this way. There was a decent amount of space in this area but they set up like they were part of my claimed spot. Normally I’d be bothered by my space being invaded, but I was trying to not be grumpy. I was at the beach, it was warm, I had wine in a can, and they weren’t unattractive. All were handsome, had varying shades of blond hair and blue or brown eyes. So I decided to just roll with it.

They got their stuff set up and towels laid out and sat down, immediately opening beers. And politely offering me one.

“What is it?” I asked

“Bud light” he answered.

Really Bud light? Amateurs I thought, then again they weren’t much over 21.

“Sure I suppose.” I answered. I rolled over to my right so I’d definitely make sure they got a full frontal view of my boobs.

As I rolled over and my boobs rolled up out of the cavern I dug, I sat up facing them on the edge of my boob storage hole. All froze and just stared.

“Holy Shit!” one almost yelled.

Both of his friends reflexively reached over and slapped the back of his head. I held out my hand and took the beer that was frozen in space it seemed. I took a drink and said thanks. The silence lingered as their looks of awe were still on their faces. Now that I was awake, I was feeling much better about my decision to allow them to set up next to me. I took a drink of the beer and the 3 of them just sat there in silence. I looked at them and slowly said, “So?”

“Oh, sorry. We don’t mean to stare, it’s just…” he trailed off.

I just smiled and said “Just what?”

“Well you’re tough not to stare at. That’s all. Sorry we’ll try to be more respectful.”

Smiling I replied with a laugh, “It’s fine, if I wasn’t ok with being stared at, I probably wouldn’t have worn this bikini.” “Besides I’m pretty easygoing as long Uşak Escort Bayan and guys aren’t rude or creepy.”

There was a general air of relief amongst my 3 new beach mates. As they got more comfortable with the idea that I was totally fine being looked at. Truth of it was that just having them there wanting to be around me was fantastic. I feared that I was turning into an attention vampire. But it was so erotic to me it was like a drug.

As the 3 relaxed a bit we chatted for a while. I sat there drinking the beer they gave me just chatting, all the while loving watching them ogle me or rather my breasts that were only covered on the fronts by the yellow and black string bikini top. Sitting there with an almost obscene amount of breast bulging out everywhere looking like I would lose the triangles of the top that only sat on the fronts of my breasts unable to even start covering any more, of the tops, sides, or the bottom. I’m not sure what’s more sexy side boob or under boob, It didn’t appear that they could decide either.

As they got more comfortable with me obviously not complaining about their stares, the tension eased a bit and they got a big more relaxed. I asked if they were going to get in the water. They weren’t sure as it was pretty cold. Sitting there I was having a tough time also scoping out their trunks and what was underneath. As we chatted I noticed that they were shifting a bit like the guy yesterday at the pool.

Smiling I asked, “You all uncomfortable?”

3 shocked looks came back at me. “Sorry, not trying to be creepy, just, umm…”

“If you aren’t comfortable don’t suffer on my account.” I said secretly hopeful.

“We didn’t want to, well; offend…” one said trailing off as seems to be common I’m finding out.

“Hey don’t worry, I’ll tell you if you’re making me uncomfortable, I promise.” I said with a grin, a quick glance at their trunks, and a wink as I drank my beer.

Still not sure what to do or say they still sat in silence.

“C’mon guys, if you need to adjust something just do it.” I said as I put my beer down and adjusted my top that didn’t need it then giving my bottoms a quick adjustment by running my fingers under the sides of the front covering, giving my lips a much needed stroke as they were already wet.

One said, “We wore speedos under our board shorts so if, well…” he paused for a long time as I waited for him to finish with a smile.

“So you wouldn’t be too obvious if you got hard?” I asked, causing a reaction of surprise and shock amongst all 3 of these 20 something guys.

“Well yes that’s pretty much it.”

“Well you don’t have to be so shy or worried on my part. I can turn around or walk away if you all would prefer.” I said. “I’m good either way.” I added hoping to put them at ease a bit.

Still sitting, obviously uncomfortably, they looked at each other not sure what to do or say.

“Really guys?” I said in a prodding manner.

“You don’t care if we take our trunks off do you?”

Finally! I thought. Not taking my attention away from them and trying to be a bit more obvious about checking their packages out I said. “Do I look like I’d complain?” with a smile and another wink.

The grins they all had were classic. Looking at each other the guy furthest away stood up and pulled down his board shorts facing partly with his back to be, but enough I could still see him from an angle.

Took his shorts off and then adjusted the swelling bulge in the front pocket of his speedo. Now it looked like he was holding the material with a decent enough semi hardon that was Escort Uşak curved over forward and pointing down. I could definitely see pretty good detail of his cock, the slight ridge where the head was, tucked down in front below his balls it seemed.

He turned to see if I was looking, and I made sure to be obvious that I was, even leaning over to my left a bit so emphasize that I was trying to get a better look, making sure that my breasts shifted over and fell to the left with me letting my nipples slide under the material that almost covered just the fronts of my breasts. He looked back with a half nervous smile. I could tell he was warning up to the fact that I was ok watching him and his penis. I smiled big, back at him as I leaned sitting up straight again, and managing to twist my shoulders just enough to pull my top gently enough to expose a bit of my right areola.

“See now what was so hard about that?” I paused, “Ok I can tell what’s almost hard about that. I meant what’s the big deal? Ok, well it looked like it might be a big deal but it’s tough to tell.” I intentionally stammered. “Ummmmmm, can I get another beer?”

With all 3 of them either smiling or politely laughing, and obviously all of them noticing my intentional nipple slip or exposure, the other 2 stood up and rather brazenly yanked down their board shorts, now, proudly exposing their awkwardly arranged bulges. I guess I can see how that might be uncomfortable for a guy.

One looked like his went straight to the side and curled around and down toward his balls, that definitely looked uncomfortable. With a bit of trepidation and confidence he pulled his waste band out and reached in to adjust his stiffening penis forward and down like the last. The 3rd guy sitting in the middle, had stood up and his board shorts already on the ground had his cock pointing up toward his hip and securely tucked away and covered. But definitely more obvious and showing much more definition. It was definitely easier to try and judge his size like that, I had wished all of them pointed theirs like he did.

Looking at the 3rd guy, I was pretty diligently staring at his well displayed penis and he looked big to me. I was guessing he was probably about as big as the last guy I saw at the pool. Maybe 5-6″ long and similar width? Which to me looked pretty damn big!

“See wasn’t that easier? I’m not offended at all, or complaining either for that fact.” I said with a sexy grin on my face.

“We’ve never actually had a girl be so cool about that, honestly. They all act grossed out or offended even when we try to be sneaky and hide having to adjust.” One said while noticing my right nipple that was almost uncovered.

“I don’t see why. I mean isn’t that just something that happens to younger guys?”

“Well yes but in this case, well, with you here and, no offense, how hot you look and the suit you’re wearing or lack there of makes that reaction almost impossible to prevent.” the guy closest to me said.

“So just by me being here and having a bikini that might show a bit more than others makes it impossible for you all to not get hard?” I asked in the best sincere tone I could muster.

“Well honestly yes. You’re really hot, but as small as your top is and as huge as your breasts are, yes that’s very stimulating to most all guys just to see.” the middle guy said.

I was appreciative of his honesty. “I didn’t think I’d have that disturbing of an effect. I could put my cover up on, it’s just here in my bag?” I inquisitively offered.

“NO!” all three of them almost shouted at the same time. By now I was almost beyond turned on and could feel myself starting to drip wetness down my inner thighs. This was electric, I felt a bit of guilt but also loved how turned on I was. And apparently they were in some sort of agreement judging by how their, rather undersized, speedos seemed to be straining.

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