Savitri Was Fucked By My Husband

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I am Amulya age 29 figure 34 32 36 Complx: Fair married to Kunal just 20 months before. My husband is a nice person. Before our marriage I had many affairs since school but now I am busy in my office works. Now due to heavy workloads, I really do not have the time. About my wants, I prefer to watch sex happening than involving myself in sex practice. Just after our marriage, we had sex regular, but slowly all disappeared.

Kunal age 31 figures well built complexion fair works in an IT firm as Accounts officer. I am working in HR department. Both of us stay in Kolkata. We are three members in our house. I’m Kunal and Savitri our maid servant. She is only 20 years old and with slim figure of 30 36 28 and a bit Black skin. Savitri is typical maid with no sexy looks and outfit. Once Kunal lost his job and had to stay in home for about a month.

And as I was in the night shift I had to stay off from home from evening 4 till 10 in the morning. Five days past Kunal lost his job, I found him very much soft towards Savtri. May be they treat each other like brother and sisters. But many times I doubt about Kunal. One day I caught with fever and remained at home. Doctor told that the virus may easily get transferred so I had to rest on a separate room and only twice in the day Kunal used to come and speak to me only for

5 mins and help me to take medicines. During these days Kunal seemed to have passed maximum time with Savitri either gossiping or watching serials with her on the TV. I could confidently understand the hidden desires of my husband, but still he is so shy and at the same time loyal tour relationship. But I am not at all possessive for my husband and that made my hidden desire to watch my husband enjoying with other woman.

Kunal has a habit of sleeping late night. Even Savitri go to her bed after finishing all her works. One day intentionally I went to bed and took medicines from Kunal early and pretended as if I have consumed all and covered my face with the blanket as usually I sleep in that manner and no one can see inside the blanket. After half an hour I uncovered my blanket and found the lights to be off. I placed a big pillow and covered that again with the blanket, so that nobody doubts me.

I approached towards the kitchen and found Savitri washing utensila and Kunal standing there and chatting with her. Savitri was facing the basin and Kunal was just standing behind her. As from one of his friends I heard that he was an always soft towards unfair complexion, let’s see now. From behind the other parallel window I peeped in and could see them

Kunal- now I suppose why the dish remains unclean these days. You seem not to concentrate on your work.

Savitri- Why Dada? I clean like this only since I am here and nobody complained.

Kunal – Your process is not right while you wash and rinse. Let me show you the correct way. You stand here, I ll show you from behind so that the marks can be identified.

Kunal made her more comfortable to stick to her back and hold her palm over his and started rinsing the utensils. Slowly his fingers played with her fingers and it seemed as if she too learning obediently.

By now I could see Kunal’s 6 inches cock was straight hitting the back of Savitri.

Kunal – Now you try Savitri! As soon as she involved in the work, Kunal slowly moved his hand towards the waist of her and placed his plam over the Salwar on her navel. For the first few minutes he gently caressed over the Salwar and even Savitri’s speed over the washing seemed decreaing. Then suddenly

Savitri jerked her hands – Dada, What r you doing. This is wrong. I’m your sister like.

Kunal – See Savitri, nothing is wrong, this is ok. I want to help you as a brother. You need man someday.

Savitri –Boudi is ill. She will be shocked to your attitude. You belong to her. She loves you

Kunal – But I am crazy about you since you are 18 you are very special.”

Savtri – I am not for you, not for anybody. Please go away and she rushed towards her room.

Accordingly I made my way towards my room. The next day I called Savitri and chatting general about her future plan of getting married or about her family relatives.

Savitri- Boudi, I am very upset with myself. I wont get married in life becoz I m not pretty enough, my complexion is unfair. I ll remain incomplete forever without love.”

Me- Someone will love you without any condition. Rather love has no condition so what if you are not fair as others.

There must be someone who thinks of you and even cares foe you, who never care for your complexion or caste or how sexy you are. Always remember that anybody irrespective of caste, religion, relationship, age, etc can love you and will show you his love. Only you have to accept it. Woman can be incomplete without love but she is incomplete without sex in it. You have to look out for him, who sexually can make u complete woman.

Savitri – I think you r right. I should give myself a chance.

Me – You should and remember whatever you do I shall always support you in any critical situations

Savitri – Promise!

Me – I give you my word, Savitri! By now, I was confident that my words have clean her minds and the picture shall be different. That day the night came when again I covered myself with blanket.

It was 10.30 when I could hear Kunal saying your Bhabi is asleep, you finish your work and go to sleep, I ll switch off the main door light. Let me watch TVafter fifteen mins I walked towards my door and could see only the kitchen light and drawing room lights are on and both of them are at the kitchen. I made myself comfortable to the parallel room and from a distance could see both of them.

Savitri was standing and washing. Slowly Kunal came again and held her from the back. His arms covered her waist and gently he started kissing her neck. Savitri dropped the bowl and held the basin front tight andd started breathing heavily. Savitri, Dada, you again, why this to me ahhh it feels so good. I am sorry Bhabhi! I can not control further. She turned quickly and hugged my husband with lust.

While my husband kept on kissing her all over her head chiks and stopped towards her lips. I could hear warm breathe of Savitri was falling on Kunal’s face. She opened her eyes and both gave a look towards each other as soon as Kunal extended his lips towards Savitri’s. She widened her brown lips. Kunal gave a deep smooch to her. In response she too quickly took the tongue of Kunal deep into her mouth and both sucked each other’s tongue for about 4 minutes.

Savitri, Dada, I too have longed for this.

Kunal put off her salwar by now and exposed her in bra. By this I too became wet. Savitri with a worry– Dada, Why clothes? We can love each other

Kunal pressed one of her boobs. She squeezed and closed her eyes.

Kunal – I want to suck your boobs, your nipples and make you mad and squeezed again.

She surrendered and Kunal unhooked her bra. Size was small but looks very tight and round tennis ball shaped. The brown nipples were erect. Kunal grabbed one began to play with the tip of the nipple, meanwhile he hold other one and began sucking it. The moan of Savitri clearly depicts that she was at her heaven and enjoying every bit of it.

Savitri – Oh aaaahh, Dada Boudi ei sab jante pele khub kasto pabe go ahahh.

Dada if Bhabhi comes to know then she will be angry and upset aaaahh) Soon, Savitri’s moist boobs began to shine. My husband was squeezing them hard and the entire breast was within his palm. Quickly he put off his T shirt and began to feel her bare body more cozy. Looking at the hot scene going on, I started rubbing my vagina and found already I have released once.

My husband now started licking all over her bare body and kept on kissing her ears eyes, neck shoulder, armpit, once he sucked again hard her nipples and moved up and both played with their tongues. Kunal licked her navel and kneel down to open her pyajama’s nara

Savitri – Ei jo, ebar ki korbe? (Hey, what’s up now?)

Kunal – Tomake nagno kore dekhte chaai, tomar gudher sadh nite chaai (I want to see you naked, want to eat and taste your vagina)

She was restricting a bit, but Kunal pulled down the pyajama and exposed her in her red panty. He took Savitri in his arms like a baby and walked towards the drawing room and dropped her over the sofa. Savitri placed her head on handrest and lay straight. My husband kneeled down and began to kiss her toes and feet. And slowly he caressed her knee and extended to her thigh. He kept on kissing her and rubbed his nose all over her thighs.

I could see his hands are moving close to her panty. Kunal now rubbing his thumb over Savitri’s Panty particularly the pussy lines thatare marked over the panty. Slowly he used all his fingers to feel the entire vagina zone and rubbing it hard over the panty. Savitri, our so called maid raised her waist up and was shivering with joy. I could see her lusty eyes were feeling this for the first time. Moreover she is virgin, so this itching seemed endless.

Kunal also seemed to have reached at height. Losting no time, he put off her red panty and made her nude. Even her pussy looks wet froma a distance. The cunt was deep brown with patches of hair surrounding the pussy lips. My husband stretched savitri’s thin legs apart and started caressing the vagina by his bare fingers. Savitri slowly shaking her hips up and down.

Savitri – Ohh. Dada, it feels so fantastic, no one did this to me before. You are such a good person ahh Aamar Gudh aar sojyo korte parche na, kemon ekta chulkani hochhe.

Aami parwa kori na Boudir jonye tumi aaro jore aaro beshi kore aamar gudher sange khalo (My pussy cannot withstand further, it was itching for something. I don’t care for Bhabhi now play hard more hard with my vagina) my nipples are full erect by now and enjoying my husband’s fuck season. As soon as Kunal placed hid tongue edge on Savitri’s cunt flesh, she shivered and held his head tight against her cunt. Kunal took away her hands from his head positioned himself and slowly

I could see him inserting his tongue inside the cunt flesh. He licked all the surrounding part and again put the tongue further deep and began to lick hard. Savitri this time failed to control the joy and shouted Oh Kunal, ahhh ummm eat well ahhhh lick hard, more more, lick every drop of my cunt juice. Now I really don’t care about any of your wife, I am yr woman now, love me, what ever you feel oohhh ummmm yes more mm.

Kunal – yes Savitri, chhhoopss, I’m doing that since long time I am hungry for this brown cunt. Then softly, Kunal again started rubbing over the pussy and witjin 4 mins, Savitri shaked her ass and few deops of white fluid seemed to oozing out through the cunt walls. By now her total body movements had came to a stand still. That shows that she cummed her 1st part husband got a break and moved above and laid over her small boobs for a while.

Savitri after taking rest for 5 mins – Dada, I want more

Kunal – yes, now the actual enjoy will be served

Kunal stood up and slowly pulled down his Bermuda 5 inches erect cock with red bulb exposing bare was out. Seeing this Savitri said ‘eeshh’ and covered her face with hands of shy. Savitri too stood and hugged my husband and they again began to play with each other’s tongue and mouth with passion.

Within no time Kunal pulled up Savitri in air and she crossed her legs along his waist, held his neck and continued smooching.

Kunal Aami ebar tomake choodbo (I ll fuck you now.)

Savitri with a wild look “Chodo Aamake go! Thapan diye Chodo. Gudhta mere khal kore dao (Fuck me dear. Fuck me hard. Crack my cunt)

My husband is tall and with a weight of 72 kgs was comfortable holding a 39 kgs weight girl in his arms and it seemed to be quite light. He placed Savitri just over his waiste such that his cock bulb touches the cunt lips. He loosened Savitri and she began to shout as her pussy is now getting pressure from the cock to bury inside. Kunal held her up again and released quickly to ldig her pussy more. This time Savitri shouted loud.

And her eyes were big and in tears. Almost 50 % of the cock had went in and few drops of blood could be seen on the floor as he continued with few other strokes. Savitri could not bear the pressure – Kunal leave me, I am hurt, its paning.

Kunal – First time it happens, slowly you ll love it and he gave a deep stroke and continued with another few rounds of stroke. Savitri screamed and slowly she seemed to be normal. My maid lost her virginity by my husband and these thoughts made me finger my pussy more hard.

Savitri – now I feel so good. Umm it’s good keep on giving these strokes. Keep moving your cock in. I like it, I love it and she also moves her ass up and down to grab my husband’s cock at the edge. The 5 inches normal cock semed to tear her cunt flesh. Kunal was enjoying a young and virgin cunt and sometimes gave hard strokes. The thaap thaap sound began to echo throughout the house.

My husband fucked her hard for another 10 mins and she kept on moaning hard. She was at heaven, and that could be cleared by her voice.

Kunal – you are true sex goddess. Your pussy is holding my cock so nice. It’s so lovely smell I can get ooooh Savitri, your cunt is heaven to me.

Savitri – keep me fucking like this dear, I am yours forever from now. Whenever you feel itch at your cock do not think of Soma.

I know she is a bitch, but I lll be more bitchy to you at fuck. I all keep you satisfied. She shall be fit by day after tomorrow. Hope we can have another fuck session. At this Kunal grew wilder to give her strokes and by now almost seemed to be at the edge and began to fuck her very hard. Both of them moved their ass to and fro simultaneously and he fucked savitri in such a beautiful way, that he never fucked me like this.

It seems as if a Giant was fucking a small girl. Kunal asked Savitri, if she is comfortable for abortion, she told yes. And quickly, my husband shaked his ass hard and it seemed as if he had unloaded all his cum inside her. Kunal dropped her over the sofa and lay once again over her boobs. If you loved the story then comment

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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