Scared being with a older man


The sight of a young woman’s body, her scent sending unspoken signals to me. Taking a virgin is so powerfully addictive.

I had watched a very attractive college girl walk into my neighbor’s backyard BBQ. A real beauty, her 32-B breasts topped off her petite and not quite five foot tall body. She has long silky softly styled black hair down to the middle of her back. My neighbor introduced me to April, as we chatted April told me about herself; she is 19, she is single, she is not currently dating anyone, and she is attracted to older men. I Suggested that we leave the party and go to dinner. I sat at the bar nursing my drink when April entered. She smiled nervously as she saw me. She walked over. I was surprised she had showed up. I hadn’t been one hundred per cent sure she would. April looked absolutely sensational. Her hair shone like earlier but her makeup tonight was flawless, accentuating her stunning dark eyes and her lush red lips. My cock is already standing to attention almost to the point of embarrassing me. I took a quick look round and could see most men in the restaurant were craning their heads to get a look at her but she only had eyes for me. I can’t say I blame the other men. She is dressed in another figure hugging dress, this one a black cocktail dress, low enough at the front to see some cleavage and short enough to expose more than half of her superb thighs. Her heels are what I think women refer to as killer heels. They must have been at least 5″ high. April is already a tall lady but is now an almost perfect height to match my six foot plus.

I stood as she approached, taking her hands in mine and kissed her on both cheeks. ” Glad you made it,” I said, “what would you like to drink.” ” I nearly didn’t,” she replied, ” I’ll have whatever it is you’re drinking but you’d best make it a double.” She laughed nervously. I could sense she is trembling. We were escorted to our table and ordered. The food when it came was truly wonderful and I wish I could say I enjoyed it. But I just picked at mine and so did April. We did however manage to polish off a bottle of very good Italian red wine, which helped. As we drank, April became more relaxed. She is almost back to her normal flirty self. The waiter brought the bill. It is time. I looked across at April. ” Are you ready to go,” I asked. ” I think so,” she replied with a weak smile. We were soon standing uncomfortably together, face to face in the living room. ” Do you want a drink?” I asked politely. ” No I’m fine,” April replied. As I have said before she is a classic beauty, she oozed sex appeal from every pore. Her tight fitting dress seemed moulded to her shape. Nice breasts not to big, nice hips and nice ass, she definitely has an hourglass shape but it all came together nicely. Her shapely legs are spectacular and are enhanced by her high heels. She is perfect for 19.

I close the gap and she smiles nervously. I held her eyes with mine as I reach up to run my fingers down through her hair, which cascaded over her shoulders to just brush against the top of her tantalising cleavage. I stood there breathing heavily as the sexy young woman stood in front of me. My eyes glowed with lust. She is a very hot 19 year old, she looked even better tonight. I undid my belt and popped the button on my jeans. I lowered the zipper on the front of my jeans and lowered them. My briefs came into view, stretched tightly by the club of my swollen cock. I stayed like that and allowed the pretty young college student see my prick as it throbbed evilly in my underwear.
April stood motionless afraid to do anything for a few seconds as I stared at her, ” I can’t…I need to leave!” she suddenly screamed as it echoed throughout the penthouse. She tries to scream again, ” HEL..” is cut off as my hand came swiftly across her mouth as I move my face closer to hers. ” Shhhhhhh!” I moan as I gritted my teeth, ” Don’t yell April!” I grinned widely, ” You like being watched don’t you? I seen the way you looked at me at the party and at the restaurant. You like teasing men don’t you?”

Her mouth is covered by my hand as her eyes widened. I move my hand up her tight black dress and cupped her breast. April whimpers underneath my grasp as she struggles to move. I press my body against hers into the corner. She closes her eyes as I release her chest and move my hand up until it wrapped around her thin throat. April’s breathing is constricted with my hand over her mouth and the other around her neck. She moves her head from side to side and tries to raise her knee to my groin but to no avail. April feels lightheaded. Her breaths are short and quick. Her eyes watered from having my large body pressing against her. I growl, ” Don’t scream! You promise to not scream? I’m not going to hurt you!” My hard bulge in the front of my briefs pressing against her thigh. April nodded slowly as I pull my hand away from her red lips and the other off her neck. ” You like older men…You have never been with a older man before.” I said as I sway back and forth in front of her, ” I’m not gonna hurt you! I stroked her cheek with the back of my hand as April shuddered in fear. Both hands inching their way down her body until they slowly grab a breast that protruded from her tight dress, in each and squeezed harshly. April winced in pain and whimpered, ” Please just let me leave.” She looks from side to side and is about to yell again as she looks to escape and failed to hear what I had said, “… them out,” is all she heard. ” I’m sorry,” as she shook her head to clear it. She glanced at me with watery eyes, ” I.. I didn’t hear what you said. Can I go?”

My eyes are hot as I look at her hungrily in her tight dress that covers her breasts. I didn’t repeat what I said for a while. I keep my greedy gaze on her tits. I love watching hot sexy young women they always dress sexy and I always undressed them with my eyes, ” Take them out,” I repeated. ” What?” her voice barely controlled. She writhed her ass against the cold wall, ” You want me to do what?” ” Take them out!” I growled. ” Can..Can I just leave please?” She suddenly found it hard to talk. Her face is flushed. She found herself squirming as I rubbed my crotch in front of her. In a soft voice she said, ” Can I just go?” ” I want see your tits!” I fight to control myself. My fingers curled into fists. I’m not about to let April leave. April seen my clenched fists and she seen my face redden in rage as I move towards her, ” I said fucking take out your tits bitch!” I release my fingers as I swung an open hand that slapped her across her face as she winced in pain, ” Owwwwww!” April cowered in the corner as I formed a fist again, ” You want more?” ” Okay! Okay! Please don’t hurt me!” She tentatively reaches up and undid the strap around her neck as her face burned from my slap, ” Please. Please.” she pleaded, ” I just want to go.” ” Hurry up!” I growled again as I rub my cock over my pants with my hand. She pauses before lowering her dress, ” Please. Please just let me go. I’m sorry!” ” Fucking take them out!” I growled.

April stood straight up in front of me. Her fingers shaking as she pulls her black dress down below and her beautiful, creamy, shapely breasts. Her nipples stood tilted upwards in hardness. It seems to her that her firm tits are tighter, more swollen, her nipples ready to burst. Her tight dress rested below her beautiful mounds of flesh. ” Oh fuck yes!” I groaned as my eyes focused on her shapely mounds. After a few minutes with me staring at her chest, ” Can I go now?” April quietly whispers. ” You’re a fucking hot college whore aren’t you?” My cock strained to be released from the tight confines of my underwear. ” You like teasing’? Getting my dick hard and then leaving without taking care of me?” She stood in front of me with her tits free as I stared at them. She watches as I trembled with lust as she stood in front of me on display, ” I didn’t..” April coughed, ” I didn’t know. Please? I just want to go home.” Her tits arched out in beautiful, springy mounds of creamy flesh, erect nipples tilted upward, rubbery in hardness. ” Are we done now?” she whispers. bayan escort gaziantep ” I’ll fucking tell you when we’re done!” I growl. My eyes are melting with heat, and she can tell my cock is throbbing in my underwear.

I move closer, my eyes never leaving her naked tits. She feels my body press against hers, and she turns her head to the side as her thin, painted, moist lips tremble. April closed her eyes. She jumps and tries to back away but her body pressed against the wall as my fingertips stroke above her throbbing nipple. My other hand moves up her slinky dress until my hands cup her tits. ” You’re such a fucking tease,” I grumbled. ” Dressing like a rich whore. Always teasing.” A whimper escapes her constricted throat when I press my hand into her soft tit, her nipples searing my palm. Then I dig my fingers into her tit, she whimpers again, louder this time. I blew my putrid breath directly into her face. April cringed as I breathed hotly as I feel the hard bodied woman’s bare breasts. I squeezed the firm softness of her mounds. I move my hand all around. I took her nipple between my forefinger and thumb, twisting it lightly and pulling at it. ” Owwwwww!” She squeals. Her entire body feels flushed. I pull my hands away as I bent down and sucked her nipple between my lips. My shaved beard tickling her chest. I placed it between my teeth and bite down harshly and pull my face away as her breast pulls from her body. ” Pleas..” April gasped. ” Please don’t,” she whimpers. She is quivering against the wall as I suck her nipples. She tries to fight the shivers up her spine. I rub her hard nipples with my tongue and roll them between my teeth.

I release her nipple and lick them up and down with my thick rough tongue. I squeezed and pinched her firm mounds as I kissed and sucked them. I licked her entire chest until I finally spoke, ” You taste good!” I grabbed her chin roughly with my hand, ” You want to taste me?” My breath is almost unbearable as I spoke directly into her face. She stares into my eyes, ” No,” she swallows as she shook her head, ” Please no..” I traced my index finger around her painted lips until I forced it into her mouth. ” I always thought you had a pretty mouth!” April gagged at the taste of my finger as it moves around in her mouth. It is beyond disgusting as her stomach heaves again. I squeeze her face in my hands, ” Fuck on your knees!” I hissed. ” Teasing whore is done teasing,” I hissed as I sway back and forth in front of her. April’s back is pressed against the wall. It feels colder on her bare skin of her upper back. I move my hands to the top of her shoulders. I grimaced, ” Did you fucking hear me?” Her lips trembled as she feels me pressing her down against the wall. She opens her mouth and is about to scream but it is as though I knew it and roughly place my hand on her mouth and force her to her knees. I stood over her as my body filled with rage. I slapped her cheek again with my open hand as I pulled it off her mouth that echoed throughout the small confines of the stairwell, ” I said don’t fucking scream!”

” Ouch!” She looks up at me as her eyes watered and her face stung from my slap, ” Please just let me go..” Her eyes fogged over as she begs, ” Please don’t…” Her body trembling, ” Please…” I squeezed her shoulders so April can’t move up from the floor and growled, ” You know what to do. Your not leaving until you do!” April stared up at me. She is almost sick, ” Please don’t..” ” I’m not going to tell you again bitch,” I gritted my teeth. My fingers tangled in her hair as I pull her hair back until it smacked against the wall, ” Owwwww!” April yelps. ” I can do it fucking harder!” I groan, ” You want it harder?” ” No,” April shook her head. April swallows hard as she is face to face with my briefs. She glances up at me as I rest my hand against the wall above her head to steady myself. She stares at my briefs and the damp spot. She didn’t want me to hurt her so she reluctantly reaches out and grabs a hold of the briefs around me hips and pulls them down. My briefs dropped around my ankles and my huge cock sprang out at her. April turned her head and gagged. April reared back frightened by what she saw and the back of her head struck the hard wall. Her wide dark eyes marveled at the site of my long and thick cock as it bobbed stiffly in front of her face. It is at least nine inches long and thicker than a soda can with a pointed head that is equal to the shaft that formed a smooth point. It is so thick that it looks deformed. April’s eyes watered watching it hovering between my legs. My balls hung low behind the shaft.

My crotch is covered in sweat. Black and gray pubic hair framed the fat cock. April breathed through her mouth as she fought the heavy feeling in her stomach. ” Go on bitch!” I hissed. ” But don’t fucking bite me or I’ll knock your fucking head off!” I cackled as it echoed in the room. I captivated the young woman with the hypnotic display of my fat cock waving in her face. I humped forward as April placed a hand on each of my thighs as she dodged the contact of my thick cock. She tries to avoid my cock but eventually the hot, spongy cock head made contact with her perfect face. April has never been this close to a man’s cock in her life. My cock left a residue against her smooth cheek and she inhaled sharply at the sensation. Her nipples were hard and stuck out obscenely from the tips of each breast. I groan deeply as I reach out and grab a clump of April’s long black hair, ” Teasing whore!” I harshly pull her face to my crotch.

She fought my strength as she examined my cock and balls closely as she reached out and took the disgusting cock into her tiny hand. With her eyes on fire, April had my cock in a tight grip, the head bulging obscenely outwards from my thick shaft. She can’t even wrap her fingers around the shaft. She squeezed my cock hard, making the head bulge more, leaning closer and closer, as if mesmerized by the bulging head, the widening of my huge piss-hole. A bead of clear fluid gleamed from my slit, and she ran her thumb over it, smearing it across the hot head of my cock. Her breathing has increased until she is gasping softly. The sight of my cock is unbearable. April’s face is so close to the head of my cock now that her eyes are closed. She ran her tongue over her lips; her hot breath blew on my twitching cock. She feels my hands in her hair as I pull her face closer to my disgusting crotch. Very slowly, almost hesitantly, April kisses the tip of my revolting cock. It left a bright red lipstick smear. I groan deeply as my prick jerked with a delicious throb in her tight grip as I stared down at the sexy young woman who is having her first experience with a man’s cock. April’s head pulls back as she stares at my prick. Her lips are only an inch away from the tip as she whispers, ” Please..” The hard bodied woman can’t tell if she meant to please stop or to please continue. Her body answers the question as her hot tongue snakes out, touching the smooth flesh of the head of my cock and then again as she laps my pre-cum onto her taste buds. The taste made her want to vomit so she stopped breathing and kissed my prick once more, this time parting her lips and moving it slowly into her mouth. With my head firmly planted between her thin red lips, she laps heavily at my disgusting piss slit coating her wet tongue with my pre-cum.

She placed her parted lips on the head of my cock, near my piss-hole. With her tongue pushing just past her lips, she moves toward my gaping hole. When she has her lips around my cock head, she held her tongue inside her mouth. For a moment she froze, and then she gave my piss-hole a little suck. The juice oozed from the hole and is as slippery on her lips, and she feels the disgusting cock harden and grow hotter in her squeezing fist. She tongues my piss-hole. The taste of my juice surprised her. It is an exotic taste, unlike anything she has ever tasted. Carefully, she slips her lips downward, then stops. Her tongue is pushed back into her mouth, but she moves it around the hot, smooth surface of my cock slowly. Soon her pussy is soaking wet, her clit pushing outwards into her moist panties as it throbs with the beat of her heart. I moan as I watch the tip of my thick cock as it rested between her lips. April pushed her lips down a little more, the head of my cock now firmly between her lips. She found the hot smoothness in her mouth exciting, and her tongue brushed back and forth, licking my cock flesh, moving across my piss-hole. April pulls her mouth off my cock, stares at it, then glances up at my hardened face. Her eyes swung back to my cock, and she closed her wet, hot lips around it again. Her tongue fluttering faster. She stroked the thick cock with her dainty fingers with her lips tightly wrapped around the spongy head. She sucks up and down on the head of my cock while her hand jerked my shaft. ” Suck it,” I moan as I grab a handful of her hair and force my cock into her face. My thick cock forced itself into her tight tiny mouth.

April feels my head force its way past her lips as her mouth stretched as it is filled with my fat disgusting prick. It is so fat and the taste is horrid. She gags as she took my still cock into her open mouth. Her mouth is stretched open as her teeth scrapes my shaft. She winces as tears run down her face; gagging from its girth. I pull my cock out from her wet mouth, ” I said no biting whore!” She turns her head to the side as her stomach heaves. She fought the feeling of throwing up as her mouth and eyes watered. ” I can’t help it.” Her eyes watering as she looks up at me, ” It’s,” as she coughed, ” It’s too big.” I smile and laugh at the kneeling woman that echoes in the room. I then shrugged my shoulders as I can’t remember the last time that a woman’s teeth actually sucked my dick. Maybe I forgot what it felt like. I push myself forward, issuing an animal grunt as I tried to fill her mouth again. April kept her mouth closed.

As she stroked my fat cock she moves her head down and licks my ball sack. She closes her eyes and kisses them gently before opening her mouth further and taking one of my inflated balls on her lips. She sucked on it gently and moved onto the other all the while jerking my cock in a steady rhythm. She returns to the tip as my pre-cum slowly drips from the slit. She traces her lips along the tip covering them like lipstick. She took my head back into her mouth. She wills herself to take my cock further but each time she feels her teeth scrape the sides. A fire begins to burn inside of her as she reaches and tentatively takes my large hairy scrotum into her small hand. Still suckling on the big head, she squeezes my hot balls and is rewarded by a grunt from me and syrupy pre-cum into her mouth. She swallows it greedily and begins to bob her head on the tip of my prick. I release her hair as she slowly strokes my balls and cock as she sucks on my bloated cock head. I humped forward forcing myself in and out of her wet mouth as she continues to tease and squeeze my big swollen testicles as her tiny hand strokes my long cock. April can’t fathom why her body is enjoying my cock. She sucks on the tip that flows its delightful delicious pre-cum. Her stomach fluttering at the thought of my cum soon shooting into her wet mouth. She strokes me harder and tries to take me deeper but scrapes the shaft again with her teeth.

I jump back in pain, ” Damn bitch! No fuckin’ teeth!” I sneered, as I stared at her small wet oval mouth. Her drool dripped off her chin. I put my hand behind her head and pulled her to her feet. She looks at me in disgust with my hand wrapped around the back of her head until I forced her small mouth against mine. My tongue shot into her wet mouth. April’s hands immediately rose up to my chest as she whimpers and tries to push me away but I keep a tight grasp on the back of her hair as I force my tongue deep into her wet mouth. April tries to squirm away but my hand is too strong as I kissed her deeply. My tongue is horrible. My mouth tasted of cigars and alcohol. April’s tongue darted into my mouth as she returns my kiss. Her hand reached between them as she stroked my thick cock as my thick tongue darted in and out of her mouth.

I ended our kiss and spun her around and pressed her face against the wall. My hand held the side of her face against the wall. April’s hands shot out to either side of her body but she didn’t press off the wall but stayed that way as I grind my naked cock against her ass. She looks over her shoulder as I force her dress above her tight ass until it is bunched around her hips. I lean forward planting wet kisses on the side of her face. Her breasts scraped against the wall. I remove my hand from her face and slowly kneel down behind her. I reach up and place my fingers in the band of her panties and slide them down until they are stretched between her ankles. Her legs are spread shoulder width apart as she is bent slightly at the waist forcing her perfect ass out towards me. I suck and kiss the cheeks of her ass as I rub them roughly with my hands. I inhaled deeply as I smell her scent. I lick and rub as I spread her cheeks with my thumbs. Her puckered asshole glistening in the light. Underneath I see the wetness of her pink pussy only inches from my face, the shaven area around it, the delicate crinkle of her asshole. I move my hands up her slim thighs to her ass, holding the cheeks in my palms, and then I press my mouth to her pussy.

I open my mouth and suck her juicy pussy hungrily, my tongue licking at the slit, then at her swollen clit. When I begin to jab my tongue in and out of her pussy, April wiggles her ass, pushing her cunt back hard on my sucking mouth. She moans in ecstasy, ” Ooooohhhhhhhh.” I suck at her cunt harder, my tongue diving deep into the wetness, sliding up and down the puffy slit, from her clit to her asshole, back down again. The frenzied way I’m licking and sucking at her cunt sent April in a wild frenzy. She can’t think about who is licking her aching pussy; all she thought of is the ecstasy that my lips and tongue are giving her. She feels tingling down her spine and it burns deep inside her cunt. She smashes her ass back towards my sucking mouth. My thick tongue seems to go deep in her cunt, and I’m stabbing it back and forth like a cock, fucking her desperately with it, my lips sucking at her, my mouth filling with hot, slippery, but delicious cunt juices. My nose pressed hard against her tight asshole.

I suddenly stop and stood up as I press her body against the wall. Her face flattened against the side as she glances back as I press my face against hers, ” You enjoyed that licking didn’t you?” April’s face still pressed against the wall. ” Yessss,” she hisses. I turn her head back further over her shoulder as I press my mouth against hers. Her body pressing hard into the wall as she feels my fat cock being forced between her legs from behind. My tongue shot out as I sloppily lick her lips. When I finish April looks into my eyes, ” Please…” she murmurs.

I press her face against the wall scraping her cheek against the wall as I step up to her ass. She feels me rub the hot head of my thick cock against her thighs, lifting it to rub along the cheek of her ass, then the other side. Her cunt sucking inward with pleasure. Her juices seeping from the lips of her wet pussy. ” Such a young whore,” I moan as I slide the hot head of my cock along the back of one thigh now. April feels the wetness of my piss-hole smearing her flesh, and her cunt seems to burst into flame. She sways her ass, leaning over, her hands braced on the wall. ” Please…,” April whimpers again. I stare down at the split of hard naked ass, pulling my cock upward, as April gasps again, feeling me rubbing it along the juicy slit of her cunt from behind. ” Oh God!” she moans as my cock presses into the entrance of her pussy. April bites her bottom lip as I force the tip of my cock head it inside of her. ” Owwwwwwww!” she cries as my thick cock head stretches her. ” Owwwwwwww!” April cries again that echoes in the room. She bites harder on her bottom lip. She has never had a cock inside of her, she is a virgin. April knew it was going to hurt and while her mind still told her to run her body can’t wait to feel it, ” Please…” she whimpers and her mind finally relents, ” Give it to me!” I grinned as I press harder, I grip her waist with one hand. I pull my cock out and raise my hand to my mouth and spit into it. I rub my spit onto the tip of my cock, ” Tight bitch aren’t you.”

April trembling as she feels my cock return to her cunt as I shove my cock into her, ” Argghhhh!” April cries out as I stretch her pussy open. I took her by her hips and whisper hoarsely, ” Look at me!” The second she did I thrust myself into her. I hear her scream from the pain of my entry, I feel her hymen tear and blood covering my cock.
Her back tensed and she struggles for a moment when I said ” Yessss….yes….come on my cock…yesss!” At the same time she feels herself creaming my fat cock as I force it deeper into her. ” Oh fuck yes,” I mumbled pushing my cock into her hot wet pussy. ” Ohhhhhhhh!” she whimpers, her ass moves back, her cunt sliding over my thick cock. April closes her eyes tight as my cock slowly fills her pussy as her sensitive lips stretches around it. Her body trembling, causing her ass to shake. She feels the roughness of my hands wrapping around her hips. I’m thrusting back and forth until April feels my wiry pubic hairs pressing against her naked ass as my cock is buried completely inside her cunt. Her fiery pussy clinging to my cock, contracting around it. April feels weak. My cock is inside her cunt as she leans over. She spreads her feet wider on the floor, pressing her ass tightly against me. With my cock in her cunt, I force her dress higher. April feels me pressing against her, my obscenely thick cock throbbing hotly up her cunt. She feels me dig my fingers into her hips, and my cock pulling back. She feels the head almost slide out of her cunt, and she holds her breath, not wanting me to take it out. But I only pause, looking down between the split of her ass to see my cock glistening with the blood of a virgin. I then slammed it back in, harder. ” Ohhhh God!” April grunted as she pushes her ass back at me as I slam into her pussy. ” UHHHHHHH!” She hears me breathing and grunting hard, as she wiggles her ass. Feeling the wet heat of her cunt gripping my cock, I’m thrusting in and out faster, fucking her with my long thick cock.

April squealing and crying out with each thrust of my cock into her. Her pussy exploding with juices with every thrust. My thick cock buried deep inside her pussy, spreading her open, filling her with it. She feels the throbbing veins, the ridges and the friction against the tender wall of her vagina. Her mind is reeling, her passion is intense. She pushes her ass back at me, grinding against me in a frenzy. She can’t fathom that she allowed me to take her virginity. The only thing she is concerned about at this moment is the deeply satisfying thrusts of my cock. Each time I ram up into her cunt, her tits smash against the wall, her nipples rubbing against the wall, creating more heat in her pussy. The hot, wet friction of my cock is about to make her cum soon, and the lips of her cunt are grabbing at my cock each time I pull back, holding it tight, her clit hard. My cock making wet, squishy sounds in her cunt. ” Please,” she whispers, ” Fuck me!” My reply is a grunt and a thrust, so hard and deep that her head bangs against the wall but April didn’t care. ” Please fuck me!” she cries out again, louder as she wiggles her ass against me. ” Fuck me!” Digging my fingers into her hips, I yank her ass back as I thrust forward. I stare down at her sexy tight twisting ass. The wet heat closing around my cock is making my balls hard. I see the crinkling tightness of her asshole as I withdraw and slam back into her tight cunt. April is sobbing as ecstasy overwhelms her, pressing her cheek against the wall, eyes closed tight. Her cunt gripping my cock tight like a vise. She is about to cum for the first time in her life, the thrilling rapture filling her from head to toe.

My balls swing in unison with each thrust of my cock as they slap against her sensitive hard clit. Her wet swollen lips rubbing my cock as she lets out a loud moan, ” Ohhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!” She rams her ass against me, wanting me deeper as she came, but my cock is buried all the way inside her. Suddenly her cunt convulses, ” I’m cumming! Ohhhh OMG…I’m cumming!” I gritted my teeth, ” Fuck yes whore!” as her cunt tightens down on my cock, her rippling orgasm massaging it. My fat cock slamming in and out of her tight pussy. The sloppy sounds of our fucking filling the room. When the contractions of her cunt stop, she twists her ass vigorously, back at me. She is gasping. ” Oooooh! Fuck yessssss!” I grip her hips tight as I thrust back and forth, still watching her naked ass twist and grind. Each time I slam my cock up inside her cunt, she feels her body trembling against me. She breathes hard, her lips parted, eyes still closed. She can tell she is going to cum again, her cunt in spasm while her clit throbs with hardness. ” Oooooh, yes, yes!” she sobs. ” Ooooh! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She turns her neck straining, clutching at the wall desperately to keep from falling. Her knees are bending, her legs shaking from weakness. I lean over her grinding ass, my hands sliding up from her hips, causing her dress to bunch around above her waist higher, then I cup her tits, my cock sliding in and out like a piston, faster and faster. My grunts louder than ever. I squeeze her tits hard as her orgasm overwhelms her, she is squealing in ecstacy, ” Agggghhhhh!”

My fat cock sending her another orgasmic burst, creating an exquisite wet tightness around my cock, ” Ohhhhhh!” She moans. I’m slamming into her harder, ” Ohhhhhhhhh! Fuck yes.” April screams as her body shakes in bliss as another wave of orgasms shoot through her. As I made the young whore cum again, I can’t hold back any longer. I press hard against her naked ass, and then my cock swells inside her cunt. ” Ooooooh God!” she cried out when she feels the hot, strong spurts of my cum splattering along the satiny tissues of her fiery cunt, filling her. ” Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!” Straining hard, I squirted over and over into her, ” Fuck yes! Fuck yes!” I groan as I thrust into her. ” Oohhhhhhhhhhh,” April moans. Each searing spurt of my cum sent her cunt into stronger convulsions. She came so hard, she can hardly stand it, ” Oh my God! Oh my God! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” She is hyperventilating as her breath is sucking the air from the room. When the flood of my cum stops, I pull my hands off her tits sliding them to her hips. I hold her naked hips a moment as I slowly recover. Then as my cock softens, I pull it from her pussy. Her swollen pussy gapping open as our cum mixed with blood seeps from her cunt and sliding down her thighs. April struggles to breathe as she remains against the wall, her naked ass jutting out towards me. Her hands on the wall prevented her from sliding to the floor. She is so weak, she can’t close her legs, and she rests there with her dress at her waist, her ass exposed, her cunt dripping our cum down inner thighs.

When she felt strong enough, she straightened up and turned around, still breathing hard. Her back smacks against the wall as she stares at me as her chest heaves. I stare at her as I admired her body. My cock hung limp but still as thick as her wrist. My underwear and pants at my ankles. She stares into my eyes as she pushes her hand between her legs and cups her cunt. My thick cum tinged with blood fills her hand as her cunt is still open from the girth of my fat cock. She jerks her hand up as it is coated with our cum but mostly my cum. She quickly pulls her dress down over her slender hips and then over her ass leaving streaks of white semen on the material. She steps out of her panties and left them on the floor and kicked them away. Her body shaking as she relishes in the multiple orgasms I had brought to her. She collapsed into a chair and threw her head back and stared at the ceiling of the room. Her hand rubbing her inner thigh as she slowly pushes it under her dress as she feels my cum leaking out of her. The young college student sat there in a daze. She can’t fathom the demented thoughts that fill her mind.

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