Scarlett’s Dorm Ch. 02


After my late night last night I was certainly in no mood to wake up today, rolling over I squinted at my alarm clock. It was 11:30am, I groaned audibly as I made my way from my bed to the shower, losing my tight black boy shorts and lace bra along the way. After a quick shower and some necessary time straightening my jet black hair in the mirror, I ran though the errands I had to run today.

First on the list was a trip to the bookstore to get my course books that I would need starting next week. Since it was my first time out and about in my new college town I decided to have a little fun with it. I slipped on a short black cotton skirt and busty black tank top. The spaghetti string tank top was complimented by the strings from my hot pink push-up bra, which brought a great deal of attention to my exposed cleavage which pressed nicely against my thin frame. To top it off I slid on a matching hot pink thong underneath my frilly cotton skirt instead of the boy shorts I typically wear with it. After an extended inspection in the mirror and a quick bite to eat I grabbed my little booklist and purse and made for the door, where I put on my cute black belted mid-calf boots.

As I made my way to the elevator I came to the realization of a slight oversight, while the heel of my boots were slight, it appeared to be enough to bring the bottom level of my skirt quiet close to the bottom of my bare ass cheeks. While I deliberated as to whether I should go back to my dorm room and change my boots I noticed a girl from my floor holding the elevator door for me. Guess that settles that I thought as I slipped into the elevator.

The bookstore was several miles away and required that I get on one of the campus buses to get there. The day was overcast and a bit windy, but the air was comfortably warm. The windy conditions teased my skirt up over portions of my ass on occasion, forcing me to walk with a hand on either side of my wind slippery skirt. I felt nearly bottomless as the cool wind continued to rush up and underneath my skirt.

Soon I had made my way to the bus stop and took shelter in the small enclosure. Here I scanned the bus routes and figured out which bus to wait for, which was said to arrive at this stop in a few minutes. Since I had some time I took a seat on one of the small benches inside the enclosure, doing my best to place my skirt between my ass cheeks and the dirtied plastic bench.

My time at the bus stop alone was short lived. Two guys had walked their way to the bus stop as well and were laughing and joking with each other as they approached. They noticed me immediately, with their eyes collectively scanning my body up and down. I looked up briefly, giving them a slight smile concealed partially by my razor sharp black hair.

“How’s it going?” the one guy asked as we made eye contact briefly. His tone was overly smooth and hinted at more devious motives then just plain curiosity. Sensing that he had every intention of hitting on this little bus stop hotty, I crossed my legs casually, letting the frill of my skirt slide up my smooth pale thighs, exposing a great deal more leg in the process.

“Pretty good, how are you?” I responded, adjusting my hair to look up at him. He was tall, probably around six feet in height, with a muscular build that was nicely toned from the campus weight room. His short black hair, green eyes along with his body made him quite attractive. During the conversation I learned that his name was Courtland and that he and his friend, Harper lived on the second floor of my dorm building.

“I’m doing pretty good myself. A little hung over from a crazy night but good. What you up to today?” he asked. This started a casual conversation between me and the two guys that lasted until my bus arrived. Both of them seemed to have taken a liking to me and were pleased to hear that I was waiting for the same bus as them.

When it arrived, the bus was packed full with students, checking the number on the side of the bus again, I frowned as the bus door swung open and not a sole was getting off. It was standing room only now and most of the hand rungs were occupied with chatting students already.

“After you,” remarked Harper as he gestured for me to get on the bus in front of them. I obliged and walked up the few steps of the bus, realizing mid-step that my skirt began to betray me once again and was sliding up slowly over my ass cheek. With a quick motion I held my skirt in check şişli escort but not before the damage had been done. Looking back I saw the smile on Harper’s face as the three of us made our way onto the bus.

I found a ring to hold onto near the back of the bus, once situated I looked up to see the less graceful Harper push his way through the crowd towards me. Harper was slightly shorter than Courtland, but also seemed more muscular and stocky because of it. He had a head of hair similar to that of Courtland but with deep blue eyes that I found to be attractive in a devious kind of way. Soon enough Harper had found an empty ring directly behind me, pressing his body slightly against mine.

“This shit is crazy,” he muttered.

“Yeah, I hope it’s not always like this,” I said, turned my head over my shoulder.

It was nearly a minute before Courtland had made his way to the back of the bus through the crowd as well, taking a ring slightly in front of me. The bus jumped to a start and I leaned back unintentionally into Harper. He grabbed my hip with his free hand to steady me, before giving the side of my stomach a playful squeeze as the bus continued to accelerate and press my ass back into his crotch. Once the bus was up to speed I was able to straighten myself and lift my ass from his crotch slightly and manage small talk with him about school.

The conversation went on like this until acceleration from a stop light pressed my ass into his crotch again, this time the smooth fabric of his jeans was replaced by a hard bulge that now pressed firmly between my ass cheeks. It was the undeniable feel of a hard downwardly pointed cock. I had felt the sensation before frequently while grinding against guys at the dance clubs or house parties but never in a setting like this. Before long I felt his hand on the side of my stomach once again, but the playful squeeze had turned into a slow massage. With people on every side his advances went unnoticed to the other passengers.

Making a slight glance out the window I noticed that my stop was close. I figured I could only get into so much trouble in the next few moments that I might as well play along. Placing both my feet slightly closer to him I began to flex and grind my soft ass checks into his erect cock. His hold on my hip grew tighter to hold me in place as I did this slight motion. His cock strained against the fabric of his jeans as my ass cheeks positioned themselves on either side of it, wiggling against the sides of his thickening cock.

As my stop neared I casually rang the bell for the bus to stop but not before I glided my ass over his crotch once more, teasing his bulge. To his credit he never made much of a fuss but a glance back at him showed his deep concentration in the matter at hand as well as crushing disappointment as I lifted my ass off of his crotch to exit the bus. He disappointedly let go of my side and watched me melt into the crowd in front of him. After some skillful maneuvering I made my way off the bus and onto the sidewalk, where I started my short walk to the bookstore.

The guys had remained on the bus but I expected to see them again, being in the same building and all. As I made my way into the bookstore I realized that the crotch of my thong was soaked and that my face was flush and hot seems that I had gotten quite worked up on the bus. Caught in the moment I barely realized how wound up I was and now my body was screaming to be satisfied.

I clumsily got out my booklist from my purse and looked around. The bookstore was packed with students trying to find their books and the scene was utter chaos. Squeezing my way through the first aisle I began my search. It was nearly impossible to navigate as I would feel my helpless little skirt slide up this way and that, but being as horny as I was now I didn’t mind these slight tugs. Trying to concentrate on finding my books was proving very difficult and took me the better part of an hour.

Five books heavier and several hundred dollars lighter I exited the bookstore and began my short journey to the bus stop. With a heavy bag in each hand I found the front and back of my short little skirt at the mercy of the wind, riding up my smooth thighs and flashing briefly my tight hot pink panties and ever dampening crotch.

On the bus ride back I was fortunately able to grab a seat and finally put my heavy bags down. The bus once again jumped to a start and rumbled taksim escort its way down the road. I let out a soft unexpected moan as the vibrations from the bus massaged against my crotch. Hesitating to move I sat there and enjoyed the vibrations until I felt my face grow slightly flush and that now was probably a good time to stop. I could play with my dildos in my dorm room for the rest of the afternoon I reasoned. With that I uncrossed my legs, adjusted my skirt and tried to regain my composure.

By intention or not I found Courtland in the dorm lobby on his cell phone, relaxing on one of the many couches that dotted the area. As I made my way to the elevator I saw him get up and end his phone call.

“Looks like you have quiet the load of books there,” he said.

“Yeah there a bit of a pain I have to say,” I responded.

“Need some help with them?” he asked as he slipped into the elevator next to me.

“No, I’m fine thanks, I’m a tough cookie,” I said with a sly smile. Setting my bags down, I pressed the seven button on the elevator. Courtland leaned in and pressed eight with his big hand, lingering in front of me and taking a long look at my exposed cleavage.

“Yeah you look like a rough and tough little thing alright,” he said with a devious smile.

“I suppose I can be,” I said. Backing away from him slightly and leaning against the steel tube handrail that ran the back length of the elevator and bent along both its sides. Leaning back with my legs crossed at my ankles, he looked me up and down again, enjoying the shortness of my skirt and the flirty way my eyes looked up at him through my hair.

It was too much for him as I saw him turn slightly and jam the emergency stop button on the elevator. The old elevator came to a slow screeching stop between the third and fourth floor. He made a quick advance across the elevator and moved my hair back from my face, kissing me in such a fit of lust that my body craved. I reacted by kissing him back, making out with him roughly against the back wall of the elevator. His large hands groped at my breasts through my low cut tank top, before sliding their way up my shirt for a better feel. His hands continued to my back where I felt the clasp of my bra surrender itself as both tank top and bra were roughly tugged up over my chest, exposing my breasts completely from the bottom up.

We both moaned slightly as he more then filled his hands up with my smooth pale breasts. His warm hands felt amazing against them and he continued to massage them in both his hands, occasionally pitching and twisting at my nipples.

Courtland was nearly a foot taller than me and leaning down to both kiss me and grope my chest was proving a bit difficult for him. Placing a hand on either side of me I lifted myself up onto the handrail in the back corner where I had the most room to sit. Courtland pressed his body in between my legs, kissing me roughly. Next he brought his muscular arms underneath each of my legs and lifted them both up over the railing, dropping my legs between the wall and the railing. I leaned back away from him to inspect my predicament. My legs were immobilized, spread at a right angle between the back and side walls of the elevator. My skirt rode up around my waist exposing my ass cheeks to the cold metal handrail and thanks to my big breasts I had no idea that the wet crotch of my pink thong was now on display for Courtland. Courtland didn’t seem to notice my predicament right away either as he continued to greedily squeezed my breasts.

“You’ve got the biggest tits for a girl your size,” he muttered, cupping them both and enjoying their weight in his hands. Next his hands ran lightly over my stomach, “Damn flat stomach too.” I bit my lip as I again became conscious of how wet I was under my thong. Almost on cue, his hands slid down over my skirt, and down to my crotch. He began to massage the wet spot of my thong. I let out a long low moan as he sped up his hand, massaging my clit through the fabric of my thong. Moments later I felt his large fingers push the fabric of my thong directly over my pussy hole, pumping the fabric in and out of my pussy as deep as the abused thong would allow.

The penetration was slight but I felt once again my body soaking its juices into my thong, craving for it to press deeper. With each pump of his fingers I let out I soft moan.

“Oh…oh…oh…oh…oh,” I whispered as I began to topkapı escort breath heavier as my desire for him to penetrate me with his fingers was making me dizzy with lust. My hips began to buck against his hand as I tried to grind my clit into his palm.

“You like that don’t you?” he asked, massaging my crotch with his entire hand now. I bit my lip and stared at him, my chest heaving up and down as I tried to contain yet another yelp as he vigorous massaged the fabric of my thong over my clit.

“Too bad this pesky thong is in the way,” he said. Our eyes met again and a devious smile came across his face.

“And here I thought you said you worked out a lot,” I teased, slightly out of breath.

“I do,” he shot back, a bit more defensively then I thought he should have but it had the intended effect. He his slid his hand along the inside of my thigh and up towards my waist, grabbing the fabric of my thong in his one hand pressing his other into my chest, mashing my breasts together as he pushed me back against the wall and pulled violently on my thong strap.

I winced as the thong strap dug in tightly to the top of my buttocks and along the pussy wet crack of my ass cheeks. He pulled again, harder this time and pressing my breasts into me and myself firmly against the corner of the elevator. My breasts spilled out over the top of his large hand and pressed up near my chin, with my twisted tank top and bra falling in against my neck. As he continued to stretch the material of my thong in his muscular grasp I began to take long slow wet licks of the top of my breasts, looking up at him through the fringe of my jet black hair. This image was too much for him it seemed as my thong strap along my hip snapped with one final violent tug.

The frayed and ripped thong surrendered its grasp around my hip and fell from my leg, exposing with it my now helpless pussy. Courtland did not waste a second as he plunged two fingers deep into my soaking cunt. I fell forward into him at the sudden invasion, only to be pressed firmly against the corner of the elevator again. His fingers pumped deep into my wet inner walls as I began to moan uncontrollably.

My legs began to shake erratically in their improvised holsters as he began taking full pumps in and out my sopping wet pussy. An audible squishy sound filled the air along with my soft moans and the sound of my own wetness through me into orgasm. I leaned forward into Courtland again and clawed into his back through his shirt as I muffled my scream against his shoulder.

Once again Courtland pressed me back against the corner of the elevator by my breasts and continued to piston his fingers deep in and out of me. Sweat began to pour down my face as I continued to move my hips against his hand. I finally resolved to remove my tank top and bra from around my neck, peeling the damp fabrics up and over my head and onto the floor. In nothing more then a short black skirt and boots I quivered my legs uncontrollably, tightening my pussy around his large fingers, milking them in and out of my tight hole. I felt another orgasm send shocks through my body, this time I lost my balance and fell forward into Courtland as I writhed against his body, this was met by his muscular hand on my left breast and a firm push against the corner once again, back to my helpless finger fucking position by his tireless arm.

Then with a sudden clank of metal the elevator started upwards again, much to the surprise of both of us. Courtland quickly backed up and wiped his soaked hand against the side of his jeans. He went back to the emergency button and pressed it again, this time the elevator did not stop, but keep going up to the seventh floor. After much exertion I was able to lift one of my wobbly legs from its place and steady it on the ground, followed slowly by the other. Quickly as I could I began to untwist my tank top from my bra as we were now almost to my floor.

“Don’t want to forget this now,” Courtland snickered as he threw my frayed thong into my book bag.

I was finally able to untangle my tank top and bra. Looking at how close we were to my floor I did not have time to put on both. I slid on my tank top over my head. As I was doing this Courtland snatched my black push-up bra from my hands.

“Hey, I’ll need that eventually,” I said.

“Room 218 if you want it back,” he answered. I rolled my eyes and went to make a move for it, but he hid it behind his back just as the elevator doors squeaked open. Two girls were busy talking to each other outside the elevators, waiting for an elevator going down. I hurried past them still a bit out of breath and walked down the hall to my room. Once in my room I threw myself on my bed, my legs still shaking.

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