Scavenger Hunt

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Anal Toy

Elisa was sitting in the library studying when he sat down next to her. The university library was quite spacious, covering several floors, and there were a number of little places that were reasonably quiet and private. Elisa had found one and now found she was being interrupted anyway.

She gave the young man a look, the sort of look that says go away, you’re bothering me. The way he smiled at her you’d have thought it was a come hither look.

“Hi, I’m Brian,” he said. “Um, you know that this is fraternity week and the various fraternities are engaged in hazing potential new members?”

“Yes, I know,” said Elisa. If she kept it short and offered no encouragement he’d go away. She hoped.

“Um, well, I’m up to join one of the frat’s and as part of my testing I have to gather everything on my scavenger list.”

“So he was on a scavenger hunt, was he?” mused Elisa. “He want’s something.”

Helpfully she just looked blankly at Brian, his scavenger hunt a matter of complete indifference to her.

“Um, yes, well, one of the things on my list is a pair of girl’s panties. Ah, I have to ask for them in a public place and the library is considered a public place.”

Elisa looked around, noting shelves of books but not another person in visible range.

“Public, uh?” she grunted.

“Officially it’s public,” protested Brian. “It’s not my fault if there’s no-one else around. Um, could I please have your panties? I really need them.”

Elisa tried to feel outraged but only succeeded in giggling. She almost pitied the poor man, having to beg for a pair of girl’s panties in the library.

“Well, I’m a fair and reasonable person,” she said. “I know the sort of thing that happens during Frat week, and it just so happens that I have a couple of spare pairs of panties in my bag. I’ll let you have one.”

Brian reddened, shaking his head.

“No. I’m sorry. Perhaps I should have been clearer. They have to be the panties that the girl is currently wearing. Um, if you could slip them off you could always Uşak Escort put on the fresh pair.”

Elisa gave him a slightly harder look. Was he having her on? She snapped her fingers.

“Let’s see your list. If you’re lying you can take a hike. If you’re being truthful, I’ll consider it.”

Brian had no hesitation in passing over the list. Scanning it, Elisa raised her eyebrows, wishing him luck on a couple of the items. He had, she noted been correct about the panties. He had to ask in a public place and get the panties the girl was actually wearing.

She managed not to giggle, imagining him asking some girl out on the street for her panties. He’d get arrested for sexual harassment. She looked hard at Brian.

She sighed. He looked nice and earnest and slightly desperate. If she turned him down he just might finish up getting arrested. From what she’d seen of the list, that was a real chance with a couple of other items as well. She might as well give the poor bastard a break.

With a wry smile she hitched up a little on her seat and, with a little wriggle, slipped off her panties and handed them to him. Slightly red, Brian promptly stuffed them in his pocket.

“Ah, thank you,” he mumbled. “Um, if you’ll excuse me for a moment. . .”.

To Elisa’s surprise she found Brian’s hand resting on her knee and sliding along the inside of her leg, up under her skirt and cupping her mound.

Eyes wide and mouth open she gaped at him. What the hell?

“What do you think you’re doing,” she hissed.

“Um, I, ah, I need to make sure that you actually took off the panties you were wearing,” protested Brian. “The guys will ask me if I checked and I’d look a right idiot if I had to say no.”

“OK, you’ve checked,” returned Elisa. “Now move your hand.”

“Not like that,” she protested as Brian started rubbing his hand up and down, squeezing her mound and gently massaging. “I meant take it away.”

“Why? You feel nice. Don’t you like it?”

“Whether I like it or not is totally Uşak Escort Bayan irrelevant,” pointed out Elisa. “As you, yourself, pointed out, this is a public place. Someone may come past at any moment and find you pawing me, so if you don’t mind.”

Elisa squirmed a little. While she didn’t want him to touch her like that she was reluctant to kick up a fuss. Just too, too embarrassing.

“Actually, I don’t mind at all,” said Brian, a finger slipping between Elisa’s lips and exploring further. “Stand up.”

“Stand up! Why should I stand up? And take your hand away,” snapped Elisa.

“I will. I will,” protested Brian. “Right after you stand up.”

Glaring at him, Elisa pushed her chair back and stood, seeing Brian push his chair back at the same time. True to his word his hands dropped away, leaving Elisa breathing hard and feeling relieved and just a little disappointed.

She promptly received another shock when he unzipped and an erection came springing out of his pants.

“Now sit down again,” Brian said softly.

Elisa looked down at him, knowing full well what he was suggesting.

“Are you mad,” she asked calmly. “We’re in the library, for god’s sake, and I don’t even know you.”

“I know,” said Brian, a funny little smile on his face. “Exciting, isn’t it.”

He reached down and caught hold of her skirt, tugging her towards him. Also giving himself an excellent view of her pussy, Elisa seethed, finding herself approaching him. Then she was standing astride him and he was coaxing her down onto his lap.

Elisa was feeling totally perplexed. She just couldn’t believe that this idiot would suggest that she just sit on his lap like that. What was worse, she was actually doing it.

“He’s not insane,” she thought. “I am.”

Even while thinking that she felt herself lowering herself onto his lap. Felt his erection pressing between her legs, pressing against her lips, moving up into her slit, moving up into her.

Elisa sat there, looking at Brian, feeling Escort Uşak totally out of her depth. She felt him push firmly against her and she found herself starting to move on him.

“Just take it slowly and quietly,” breathed Brian. “There’s no hurry and we don’t want to make any noise, do we.”

“No, we definitely don’t want to make any noise,” thought Elisa as she rocked slowly back and forth, feeling Brian sliding about inside her, tantalising her sensitive nerves.

Elisa rocked, feeling Brian joyfully pushing against her when she moved towards him, his cock sinking deeper, and seeing him relax as she moved back, dragging his cock back out.

Elisa knew she should be more concerned about someone coming but somehow that worry couldn’t compete with the feel of Brian inside her. Her movements had changed now, and she was rising and falling, moving almost completely off Brian and then sinking back down.

She was gasping now, her movements coming faster as she bounced hard upon Brian’s willing weapon, letting it pierce her again and again. Little moans were coming from her lips and she knew what was going to happen.

She was going to scream. She just knew it. But she couldn’t. Not here. Elisa was now giving little squeaks that were slowly becoming louder as she bounced towards a climax.

With a gasp of desperation Elisa lunged forward, biting Brian her on the side of the neck. At the same time she gave one last hard bounce and climaxed, shuddering in her need.

Elisa heard Brian yelp softly as her teeth dug in, then she heard him groan as her climax hit and she could feel him responding, spilling his seed into her.

Opening her eyes, Elisa found herself looking at Brian’s smiling face. She gasped, hurriedly getting up off his lap.

“That did not happen,” she told him fiercely and turning, she bolted for the ladies room.

Returning, she was relieved to find him gone. Picking up her book, she started back to studying again.

It was a short while later that another young man came in and settled into the chair next to her.

“Hi,” he said. “I’m Adam. Say, did you know it was Frat week?”

Elisa looked at him and smiled a death smile. The smile relaxed a little as she watched him depart rapidly, throwing a hasty apology behind him.

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