Schoolgirl Confessions


I have heard it said that you can never be too rich or too thin but whoever said that obviously didn’t know Angela Tubinello. We all watched her waste away to nothing, her hair growing lifeless, her skin patchy as she convinced herself and her body that she didn’t need food, her Daddy’s money or anything or anyone here at St. Charlotte’s. Her whole life she had been the good girl who always did the right thing and where did it get her? Six feet under at Park Lawn cemetery. Now I obviously was taking a different path here at Charlottes for the Harlots as we affectionately called our dear alma mater. I had been here 6 years now and was counting down the days until graduation. College stretched out ahead of me. I was bright, the class valedictorian, the smartest girl in school with the worse reputation! Oh I was a good girl all right, very good at being extremely naughty that is.

It was a bright, autumn day. The sky was blue and dotted with white puffy clouds as I rushed across campus to make it to my AP English class. The leaves had been painted with scarlets, yellows and gold. We had a test today and although I might take my reputation lightly, or entertain a lax moral standard, my study habits were impeccable and my school work untarnished. Mr. Dominic Garity was just pulling the door shut as I slipped through, throwing him an impish smile, “You are late, he whispered with a scowl.

“Oh just a moment or two”, I responded lightly as I slid into my desk, “Test today, right?” I had been busy during the lunch break and I couldn’t help grinning as I remembered.

“Right,” he replied, pulling the door shut. His scowl deepened as he took in my appearance, hair mussed, knees grass stained, and I laughed quietly to myself when I realized my blouse was buttoned wrong.

I returned his gaze and winked mischievously at him, causing him to blush and glance about to see if anyone else had noticed. He quickly passed out the tests and I demurely started on mine. Mr. Garity walked about the room quietly at first, ready to answer any questions. Once all the girls had started on their tests he made his way up to the front of room where he busied himself at his desk. Occasionally I would feel his dark brown eyes on me. After finishing the test I brought it forward and handed it to him. As our hands touched I felt the warmth of his tanned skin and I couldn’t help wondering if that tan was all over. He was an attractive man, in his mid 20’s, but he seemed quiet, and thoughtful. All the girls had a crush on him at some time. It was rumored that he had been a priest but he seemed young for that.

As I turned in my test he mentioned an award or competition or something he wanted me to enter. The prize was a summer internship and a cash award. Since my parents divorce I had been searching for something to do next summer. Anything would be better than going home, watching my mother drink and listening to my father’s excuses. This seemed like the perfect opportunity

It was later that day, only about five but already getting dark when I remembered the application Mr. Garity had mentioned. It was Friday and most of the staff had already left but as I walked past the parking lot I saw his car still parked in the lot.

I slipped quietly up the stairs and down the now deserted hallway. It was strange to be here at night without the hallway filled with chattering girls, laughing and moving from class to class. The hall loomed shadow-filled ahead of me, lit only by the red glare of the exit signs and a small puddle of light that poured out of the open door of the English department offices. You could hear the sounds of the clock hands moving and the rattle of old pipes under the drinking fountain. Somewhere downstairs a door slammed shut and a voice could be heard telling someone goodnight.

I stood for a moment at the door to Mr. Garity’s small office. His dark head was bent over a thick stack of papers before him and as I watched he absent-mindedly removed his glasses and rubbed his dark brown eyes. Did I hear a sigh or only imagine one? He stretched, lifting his arms above his head and leaning back in the chair. I took the opportunity to knock lightly and step into the room.

“Miss Gallagher?”, he said, surprised, glancing to the functional clock on the wall.

“Yes I was going by and remembered the application you mentioned.” I smiled taking a seat. He lowered his arms and ran his hands through his hair glancing over his desk looking for the application.

“Oh, of course,” he replied handing it to me, his voice becoming more excited. “When I saw this I immediately thought of you. şerifali escort You are more than qualified and have a real gift. I have no doubt you would do well in this competition.” He then leaned forward earnestly, “Miss Gallagher, Colleen?” he paused searching for the right words. “May I be frank with you? I have been your teacher now for over a year and I want you to know I have never met a person your age with such a gift for writing and expressing yourself. You are bright, intelligent, but I worry about some of the choices you have been making lately.”

“Choices?”, I asked crossing my legs, my short plaid uniform skirt slipped higher. I let my hands slip down over the plaid fabric of my skirt, tugging at the hem, exposing the soft tanned skin of my thighs.

He shifted in his chair trying to tear his eyes away from my legs. His face reddened slightly but he went on, determinedly. “Yes, choices”, he continued. “For example, this afternoon, your tardiness and appearance.”

“My appearance? I wear the same old blue plaid skirt, white blouse and blue sweater that all the girls here do.” I answered, looking innocent. I pouted slightly, my full lower lip jutting out. My tongue flicked out wetting them.

His eyes followed the wet pink tip of my tongue. He closed his eyes, looking for strength. “I’m not sure what you were doing before class but I do know what it seems like when you come rushing in, your hair mussed, your knees grass-stained. Colleen, even your blouse was buttoned wrong!”

“Was it?” I asked, standing up I took a seat on the edge of his desk swinging my long leg. I picked up a photo frame on the edge of his desk and glanced at it, then back to him. He looked uneasy, his eyes staring at my leg. “Are those our tests?”

He shifted in his chair, obviously uncomfortable and nodded, “Yes”, he shuffled the papers, “Yes these are your classes test papers. Of course you did well”, he rambled on nervously. He looked terrified and I felt a surge of power deep inside of myself.

Sensing his uneasiness I leaned closer. “What are you doing Colleen, he whispered? His eyes were fixed on the button of my blouse, as he stared I slowly reached up unbuttoning a button. I could see his response as he swallowed hard, sitting back in his chair, trying to put distance between himself and the temptation I presented.

“Were you really going to become a priest,” I asked?

“Yes, I studied for six years.”

“Perhaps I should make a confession”, I smiled.

“No Colleen, I cannot take your confession. I left too soon.”

“I know, but wouldn’t you love to hear what some people’s sins are? Hmmmm? I wonder what you do that is naughty”, I said with a smile. I stood up and walked to the narrow window in the rear of his small office. Dusk had fallen and the world outside this small office seemed very far away. Turning back to Mr. Garity, I leaned over his shoulder whispering in his ear, “I know what I do.”

Sweat dotted his brow and his hands shook as he grasped the arms of his chair, “We all have sins, we all have to control.”

I moved to the side of his chair, “But is control any fun, Mr. Garity”, I asked with a grin? My blouse gapped open as I unbuttoned another button, as he was looked up, unable to tear his eyes away from the sheer silk of my lacy bra now visible.

“Life is not always fun Miss,….ummm…Colleen.”

“I spun his chair around and leaned over him, looking down, “Mine is!”

My hair tumbled down over my shoulder, teasing him. He could smell the youth in my hair and skin, and he closed his eyes as he inhaled my scent. I leaned over him, smiling down, I asked. “Do you know what I was doing this afternoon before your class?

He shook his head.

“Do you want to know,” I asked.

He nodded no, then yes, then said, “If it will help you….to be on time I mean,” he stammered, opening his eyes. “What are you doing”, he begged.

I knelt down before him, my hands on his knees, shoving his legs apart. “This afternoon I was on my knees just like this,” I whispered. “Do you know why?”

His cock was raging. I glanced down and could see the evidence of his arousal pressing up against the wool of his trousers. “No”, he uttered in a small tight voice. I moved closer and he put out his hands as if to stop me, “You really should go,” he whispered.

My green eyes were hooded, filled with passion as I confessed in a throaty whisper, “I was sucking a big hard cock!” My pink tongue flicked out wetting my lips.

He looked lost, stranded. His hand reached silivri escort out as if to push me away but his fingers brushed the side of my face and slid along the column of my throat. “We should go…” he made one final attempt to stop me.

“Do you really want me to stop confessing? Hmmm? Don’t they say confession is good for the soul?”

He was weakening but shook his head no.

“You are concerned about my soul, aren’t you Mr. Garity?” My hands slid out over his knees and up his inner thighs

He looked up as if God had left him stranded and I continued, “I had met Tom Jenkins, you know him don’t you? He plays QB for the University.”

“Yes I know Tommy.”

At first we kissed, his lips on mine, his hands sliding all over me”

Mr. Garity stared at me, lost in my eyes, imagining the sweet taste of eighteen. As he stared I unbuttoned my blouse further, “Then his lips slid lower, see? I spread the white uniform blouse open, showing him the bite marks on my fair skin. His hand reach out slipping through my hair, down over my shoulders. His finger traced the curve of my breast lightly teasing the hard nipple visible through my sheer bra.

My hands slipped down, and I moved closer, my head lowering to press against his hardness. I rubbed my face back and forth and I could feel his hands tighten in my hair, feel his hard erect cock pulse beneath me. I lifted my head just enough to see so that I could unbutton his trousers, slowly unzipping them. I tugged down and he lifted his hips, his cock springing free, jutting out. I moaned softly and licked my lips, my head lowering to taste him, to suck his cock into my warm wet mouth

Fluorescent lights snapped to life suddenly bathing the dark shadows of the outer office of the English Department in glaring light. Whistling could be heard and the uneven clatter of the janitor’s wheeled cart. Dominic stiffened his hands on my shoulders tightening. “Ole”, he whispered panic coursing through him. He shoved me down in the corner of his desk, hurriedly trying to straighten his shirt. Scooting closer to his desk he hid his hard jutting manhood and open pants behind the desk. I scrunched down, no more eager than Mr. Garity to be caught in such a compromising position.

“Working late again Dominic,” Ole asked?

“As a matter of fact I am Ole.” Holding up some of the tests he continued, “Have to get these tests graded for first semester grades.” He sighed as if he was continuing to work.

Ole spoke up, “You know Dominic you need to relax more, get out, have a little fun. You work too hard!”

I smiled at his words, mischief coursing through me. I carefully reached out teasing the tip of his softening cock with my fingertip. It was damp and I smeared his pre-cum about. His cock jumped in response and I covered my smile as I glanced up noting Dominic’s attempt to keep a straight face.

Yeah I suppose he agreed.

Ole continued, “I mean it Dominic, you work way too hard. I mean I suppose my work isn’t as demanding as yours. Bout the worse thing I have to deal with is some girl flushing the wrong thing down the toilet or peeling gum off the bottoms of desks but even I need a break sometimes. Like this Sunday, I’m going to the game.” He nodded, warming up, “Yep, my brother in law’s a pain in the ass if your know what I mean, but he’s got Packer tickets so I can be nice to him for a few hours” He laughed heartily, “After all it is the Packers, and I’d do most anything for them,!”

I wrapped my warm hand around Dominic’s hard shaft, my hand stroking slowly, up, down, up down.

“Yeah,” Dominic jumped, gasping at my touch, “Oh yeah, gotta love the Packers.”

I let my fingers slip down, cupping his soft velvety balls, rolling them about in my hand. I could see Dominic’s jaw harden as he tried desperately to behave normally.

Ole moved about the outer office, emptying some trashcans, wiping some shelves and with a last admonishment to not take life so seriously he flipped off the lights and exited the office.

Dominic waited just an instant before jumping up and shutting the door, locking it behind him. He came around the desk, his face scowling, “What were you doing?”

I grinned up at him, “Having some fun, didn’t Ole tell us to do that?”

He reached down pulling me to my feet, “You have to go.”

I pulled away backing up and sitting on the edge of his desk. He came towards me, “Colleen, you have to leave, this isn’t right. We shouldn’t be doing this.”

I sat back on the desk, my hands slipping down to lift my şirinevler escort skirt. “Are you sure this isn’t right?” I whispered. If so, why am I sooo wet, so aroused? As my skirt lifted my fingertips slipped into my white panties slipping them down over my thighs. My fingers slipped along my wet slit, teasing the hot little nub. I groaned, “Ohhh don’t you want to touch me here? Feel how wet I am, feel how horny you are making me.” My fingers stroked in and out, in and out.

He stepped closer his hands on my shoulders, “God forgive me” he whispered before pushing me onto my back on the desk, lifting my legs. He turned his head, his lips slipping along the inside of my knee, his teeth nibbling. He tore the white panties away and positioned his hard cock at the entrance of my tight little pussy. He bit his lip, looking for something, anything and only finding my long legs wrapping around him, locking him to me.

He glanced down and I saw his hesitation, the battle between what he wanted to do and what he had always been told was right. I took the decision away from him, arching up, my feet locking behind him and pulling him closer. I reached up with my hands, undoing the front opening clasp of my sheer bra, letting my young full breasts spill free. My hands cupped them, offering them to him. Dominic leaned down, his mouth closing over them my pert breasts so sweet and young. He licked my nipples and I moaned softly, reacting to his touch, my hands slipping through his hair. I gasped as he took my hard aching nipple between his teeth nibbling softly. The tip of his hard cock pressed against my heated pussy, teasing the hood. Our eyes met, “Fuck me,” I begged, and he did. His cock slipping into my tight, warm wetness with ease.

He moaned as his cock slid deep into me and he leaned over kissing me, savoring this moment when our bodies lay so intimately joined. His hips moved slowly back and forth, in and out of my tight young cunt. My mouth opened under his, our tongues entwining and at that moment I could feel everything. The hardness of the desk beneath me, the wood inside of me, the feel of his lips on mine, his chest pressing against my aching aroused nipples.

Our lips broke apart and I gasped for air, my breathing rapid and excited. My head fell back, and I moaned his name as his cock slammed into me over and over, faster and faster. His hands were spread to give him balance and his hips thrust harder, faster. I cried out as I felt my own orgasm sweeping over me and he reached down covering my mouth with his hand, trying to quiet my passion. My pussy convulsed around him, my body trembling, shaking. He stared down at me watching as I came beneath him, my skin flushed, my nipples hard, the slick juice of my tight pussy washing over him and then with a deep thrust he filled me. His hard cock pumping into me. His cum filling me. He thrust against me, one, two, three times, groaning softly then fell over me. His breathing ragged, his heart racing. I heard him whisper softly, “Oh my God, forgive me.”

I wrapped my arms around him and nuzzled against him. He accepted my caress for a moment then stood suddenly turning to cover himself and zip his pants. When he turned back he was more composed and I sat up my hand slipping down to feel his hot cum slowly oozing out of my well fucked pussy. He looked away, biting his lip. “We shouldn’t have done this,” he whispered. “I shouldn’t have done this. Please you have to leave”

I stood up moving closer. I could feel the wetness on my thighs and I leaned against him and he flinched at my touch. “It wasn’t your fault,” I consoled him. “I had decided I wanted you months ago and I always get what I want.”

“But I should have been able to resist,” he answered.

“Because I am younger? I am 18, plenty old enough to make my own decisions,” I insisted. ” And I had decided I wanted you!”

“No, not your age,” he said quietly, “Although I should have considered that. I am your teacher, I should have known better. I think you should report this. I will resign.”

“NO,” I exclaimed. Grasping his shoulder I spun him around to face me. “Don’t do anything that stupid. You are a wonderful teacher and reporting this will not help either of us.” I quickly closed my bra and buttoned up my blouse. “I know you won’t let this happen again, no matter how much I would love it, so I will not press you on it.” I stepped closer and kissed him, whispering against his lips, “But you better be free the day of graduation next spring because I am going to do things to you that you can hardly imagine!”

I stepped away and snatching up the application I left the room. He stared after me, then down, noticing my panties left laying on the floor. He reached down picking them up, bringing them to his nose. He sniffed the sweet musky scent of me and stepped to his desk. Opening the calendar on his desk he stared at the month of June and circled June 1…graduation. A slow smile spread over his face.

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