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Life in The Village, through the eyes of Tom Grant, the only teacher at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)
(re-written from my 2013 version)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?


From Chapter 30

I dare to hope what she is going to tell us. My heart starts thumping. My nostrils flare. My eyes fill with water and I start to sob heavily but silently through my quivering bottom lip, in anticipation of what I might hear next.

The mood around the table is… how can I describe the combination of emotions? Joy, relief, regret, fear, anger, hope…

“Thank you, Angela. I”ll call you and we can catch up,” Uncle Bill says. The call is terminated. Even Uncle Bill grabs some tissues.

“Amelia!” Mum calls loudly and heads for the stairs. “Amelia!”



Chapter 31 – Italian Stallions

How many ways can five guys hug and back-slap each other? I was never much good at permutations and combinations in maths class! Anyway, with Uncle Bill joining in, everyone gets a hug from everyone else!

Our exuberance at the news that Andy didn”t die is tempered by some wisdom from Uncle Bill. “Boys, it”s great that your young friend is not dead, but, at the moment, he is not exactly `living” either. But, as they say, `where there”s life, there”s hope!” Depending on the extent of his injuries, it may take a very long time for him to recover. And there is an unfortunate possibility that he might yet die from his head and internal injuries. Or, he could be left with extreme physical and mental disabilities. You need to be prepared for those possibilities as well.”

It”s a very sobering thought. I don”t want to imagine him other than how he was a week ago – full of happiness and enthusiasm and a wizard on the waves.

“However,” Uncle Bill continues, “rather than throw a totally wet blanket over your happiness, let me take you all out to dinner. Tom, I”ll check with your mother to see if she, your dad and Amelia want to join us. Boys,” he says, addressing Simon and Luke, “if you would like to join us, can you please ask permission from your parents?”

Conveying the `good” news about Andy and Uncle Bill”s proposal for dinner, Simon and Luke both get the `thumbs up” when they telephone their parents.

Mum and Amelia appear, or should I say, Sis appears leaving Mum trailing in her wake on the stairs. She heads straight for Will and throws herself at him in a hug. “Oh, I”m so excited that our Andy is still alive!” she gushes.

“Only just, cousin, only just!” he replies. It”s the first time that I remember him calling her that.

I add my two cents worth, “In a coma, on life support, but hanging in there.” I then shudder, recalling Marty”s situation after the snake bite. I dare to hope that the outcome might be similarly positive.

She looks at me blankly, obviously not knowing whether to give me some of her usual sarcasm or some sibling affection (which would be rare). A long, silent hug suffices, and dispels a lot of past enmity – both real and artificial.

Uncle Bill puts the dinner proposal to Mum and Amelia. Sis has cinema plans with friends, reminding us that it is Saturday night, after all. Mum declines politely, saying that she and Dad were looking forward to a `quiet night”. I could take that a number of different ways, but choose to accept it literally. The thought of my Mum and Dad `going at it” in bed seems much less savoury than Uncle Bill with Monika or Angela, or Will with me for that matter.

Uncle Bill takes out his phone and makes a call. His burst of fluent Italian, including the word `Giuseppe”, is sufficient clues for me to tell where we will be having dinner. However, the conversation is a lot longer than a simple dinner reservation. He looks at Will and me a number of times and smiles. He says to Simon and Luke, “Can you boys be here around seven o”clock? I have a table booked for 7:30.”

“That”s plenty of time for a shower and to get ready,” Simon replies. Then, to me and Will he asks, “What are you two going to wear?”

To Uncle Bill I say, “Thank you.”

To Simon and Luke, I suggest, “Why don”t you come up and see what we pick out?” I see a twinkle in Will”s eye and he”s trying hard to hold back the smirk on his face.

I can”t believe that I”ve just been able to invite Simon and Luke to join Will and me in my bedroom, right `under everyone”s nose” and usually-probing eyes (aka. Sis).

Will quickly leads the way with Luke close behind – very close. Will”s squeal near the top of the stairs is identical to when he was goosed at Movie World.

I look at Simon. He simply smirks and shrugs his acceptance of `boys being boys”.

We two take the stairs at a more leisurely pace and when we enter the room, see Will and Luke `practising wrestling moves” on the bed. They can”t have been more than fifteen seconds ahead of us. Talk about fast workers!

“Can”t get enough of it, eh?” Simon shoots at neither of them in particular, only to be met by `the finger” from Luke and lip licking from Will.

By the time I select the slacks and shirt from the wardrobe that I think Will and I will be wearing to show Simon, Will and Luke are already doing a 69 on each other. “Very tempting!” Simon says, nudging me.

“I don”t suppose a 5-minute `quickie” will hurt,” I reply, fishing out my semi-hard cock.

We enjoy our interlude of mutual manual stimulation before calling `time” for the sake of propriety.

Will and Luke complain but reluctantly accept the reality of their unfinished business.

“If you”re that desperate, I”ll finish you off at home!” Simon throws at Luke.

“Done! Let”s go!” Luke returns immediately.

“Hey, what about me?” Will complains.

“I”ll be back for you as soon as I see Simon and Luke out,” I tell him. Then add, “Freeze! Stay right where you are.”

“I”m already frozen stiff!” he retorts, looking at his crotch. That”s a cause for laughs all round.

Luke”s untucked shirt conceals his arousal as we walk past the family and they exchange parting pleasantries.

“See you around seven,” I call down the front steps as they depart.

As I re-enter my bedroom, I am greeted by a wonderful sight. Will is now fully naked, lying with his legs somewhat apart, directed towards the door, displaying his cock in full arousal, supported by his big round balls and framed by his thatch of dark curly pubic hair. Beyond is a set of perfect abs and pecs and, in the background, a big cheesy grin. In an air of expectation, his hands are folded behind his head.

I walk up to him, take his flagpole in my hand and give it a few quick jiggles. He sighs approval. I proceed to strip off all of my clothes but, instead of joining him as he anticipated that I would, I head into the bathroom.

“Hey!” Will calls. “Haven”t you forgotten something?”

I poke my head back around the door frame and tease, “No! I said that I”d be back for you, but I didn”t say I”d do it on the bed. Wanna help me save some water?”

“Hell, Yeah!” he is quick to reply and follows me, bouncing-cock-first, into the shower.

Having been primed by Luke, Will doesn”t last long, spurting his stuff all over my body. I decline his offer of getting me off too, telling him that I”d prefer it in bed later tonight.

“Hell Yeah!”


We dress and join Mum, Dad, Amelia and Uncle Bill in the lounge room. The doorbell rings. “I”ll go!” Will says, jumping up.

Expecting him to greet Simon and Luke somewhat differently, I”m surprised to hear him simply utter a friendly but polite, “Hello.”

Then I hear the reason for it. “Hello Thomas. Is Amelia ready?” A juvenile female and mistaken identity are not what Will was anticipating. Sis springs to her feet and heads for the door. I follow and stand next to Will. Amelia relieves that now-familiar confused look that Will and I often experience by introducing `my cousin” to her friend.

“Hi Jackie,” I say. “Haven”t seen you for ages. How are you?”

“Fine, Thomas. Thank you,” she replies, still puzzling over the uncanny likeness between `cousins”.

“Later!” Amelia calls as she disappears down the steps with her friend, just managing to avoid colliding with Simon and Luke coming the opposite way.

I introduce the boys to Dad who (in typical accountant fashion) asks what subjects they are studying at school. Neither is doing Economics or Business Studies. The `conversation” flags quickly.

Luke notices, and comments on, Will”s painting. “Nice picture,” he says. “Where is this?”

“That”s the school where I teach,” I say, pointing to the neat building framed by the gum trees in the foreground.

“And that”s the weir where all the kids swim,” Will adds.

“And that”s the artist,” Uncle Bill tells them, indicating Will.

“No way! Really, who”s the artist?” Simon asks. “It”s signed `LW”. Who”s that?”

I smile at Will then say to Simon, “The `W” is for `William” or `Will”. The `L” is for a long ordu escort story!”

Uncle Bill and Will chuckle, knowing the truth of it.

Hey. If you”re not just `pulling my leg”, you are really good!” Luke compliments Will.

There are many good come-backs to that comment, I ponder, but none can be delivered in parental company!

“OK, guys. Let”s go,” Uncle Bill tells everyone, jiggling his keys. Towards Mum and Dad, he directs, “We”ll leave you two in peace for a couple of hours.”

Will rides up front. I”m sandwiched between Simon and Luke. Sports cars are not designed for frolicking in the back seat by two, let alone the freedom for three to be comfortable. However, it does provide an undeniable excuse for `closeness”.

The heat from two young, male bodies pressed against my own soon causes an expansion between my legs. And it doesn”t take long for their roaming hands to find it! Discrete reciprocation rapidly makes me harder. All the while I try to maintain nonchalant conversation with Will and Uncle Bill in the front.

At one point in the journey, Will swivels in his seat to reply to a comment from Luke about his art work. He takes in the mutual fondling at a glance and flashes me a knowing smirk.

“Nearly there, Giuseppe,” Uncle Bill relates to his hands-free phone. I don”t know whether he”s aware of what”s happening in the back but his comment serves as sufficient notice for `hands off and cool down”. Fortunately, there is nothing unusual about needing to adjust one”s clothing after clambering out of a two-door `chick magnet”.

We are greeted by Mr Verdi himself who remembers Will”s name and mine. We introduce Simon and Luke. Uncle Bill comments in Italian and although I don”t understand his reply, Mr Verdi”s `molto buono” seem to indicate his pleasure at having all of us there, or his approval of our two friends.

He leads us to a large booth in the rear corner of the restaurant. Its orientation screens it from most of the other patrons and takes advantage of a cityscape of brightly-coloured buildings and neon signs on one side of the road and the illuminated beachfront with its row of magnificent Norfolk Island Pine Trees on the other, overlooking the sand and surf.

To my surprise, already seated in the booth are two very handsome young men.

Mr Verdi introduces them. “Gentlemen, may I present my son, Tony, and my nephew, Rocco.”

I immediately recall Mr Verdi”s previous comment about the friendship between his son `who will give me no grandchildren” and `one of his male cousins”. These guys in front of us are both gay too. I wonder whether Uncle Bill and Mr Verdi have engineered this meeting. Obviously! But why?

Tony and Rocco slide out of their seats in the booth to greet us. Mr Verdi introduces Uncle Bill to them and he, in turn, introduces each of us to them. As I shake hands with them and unwaveringly engage their eyes with my own, I feel an instant connection – not quite a surge of electricity, but definitely an exchange of hormonal energies. Their beaming smiles with their gleaming white teeth acknowledge it too. And, I”m not slow to perceive the extended duration of their handshakes.

Tony, whom I will later discover is 15, is tall for his age and boyishly slim without being at all skinny. His penetrating black eyes are framed by his finely chiselled jaw and prominent cheek bones on baby-smooth skin. His tanned face is topped by immaculately coiffed thick and wavy, raven-coloured hair. He reminds me of a dancer – not as an exponent of rap – more like classical ballet or flamenco. His fingers, consistent with his slim body, could belong to a concert pianist.

The one inconsistent feature that I observe is his large feet, in patent leather slip-on shoes, which directs me to check out the middle part of his anatomy. You know the saying, `large shoes; large cock”. Well! The bulge of his ample endowment which is amplified by his fine slender figure, would definitely add weight to some people”s `size” theory!

Will nudges me. Was I staring? I promptly return my gaze up to Tony”s eyes. He nonchalantly lowers the palm of one hand, rests it on the front of his trousers momentarily, and smiles as if to acknowledge and approve of my attention.

Rocco, who shares the family hair colour, but has his styled short, is, by contrast with Tony, sporting a trendy two- or three-day beard that defines, yet obscures, his jaw line and lower cheeks. His eyes are, unsurprisingly, as dark and vibrant as Tony”s. He has a small scar at the outer corner of one eye that adds to his `rugged”, manly appearance.

He is the same height as Tony but is built more in the mould of a footballer or competitive swimmer – muscular without carrying any `extra” weight. His hands are large, yet cared-for; manly. He too has a `chunky” endowment; discernible, but nestled between his large thighs, it is less prominent than his cousin”s. I would guess his age to be about 19-20.

Uncle Bill suggests that we get acquainted with them while he spends a few minutes talking to Mr Verdi.

The young Italian stallions slide back into the booth seating, with their backs to the view – first Tony, then Rocco. Will slips in next to Rocco. On the other side we position ourselves – me, facing Tony, Simon opposite Rocco, and Luke on the end, facing Will.

We share ages. I am in total disbelief that Rocco is almost the same age as Will � but not quite 17. They are equally surprised that I am almost 5 years older than Will. Tony and Rocco attend the local Catholic College: Simon and Luke the public high school. More surprises when Will tells them that he and I go to the same school… except that … he is a student and I am his teacher.

Their expressive faces evince many unvoiced questions.

We continue to take turns around the table, each sharing something of ourselves. Topics cover career aspirations, sport, travel (or lack thereof), music and other interests.

While conversation is at Will”s end of the table, concerning his love of horses, I feel something nudging my knees apart. Tony is staring intently at me and raises an eyebrow. I oblige by moving my right knee, thereby giving his foot the access that it seems to be seeking. As I feel his socked foot slide slowly up my leg and thigh, I slide forward against the table, ostensibly to better focus on Luke”s comments about Will”s art while, at the same time, concealing from Simon any visibility of Tony”s probing foot.

To ensure that the focus remains at the other end of the table, Tony asks Will to describe some of his encounters with the local wildlife `out there”. As Will gets into horses, sheep, emus, snakes and the like, Tony, without fuss, places his left hand, open palmed, on the table, then quickly contracts his fingertips a couple of times. It”s a `come hither” sign. I take that to mean that he wants my foot.

I use my left foot to liberate the right one from its casual shoe, and extend it until I can feel the booth seat, then move it slowly upwards. Tony squeezes my foot between his knees to indicate that I”m `on target”. Then I feel his left knee move aside.

I”m glad that the table is of a perfect width to allow our feet to reach each other comfortably. No need for stretching nor contorting of legs.

With my toes, I feel up and down the inside of his right thigh above his knee, but I suspect that is not what he wants. After a brief confusion of feet and legs for “accessibility” under the table I feel one of his feet gently start to massage my package which responds by noticeably firming up and stretching the material of my trousers. He smiles at me and winks his left eye which nobody else can see.

With his right hand above the table, he takes a drink of water from his glass. It diverts no attention from Will. However, at the same time, he too leans closer to the edge of the table and I feel his other (concealed) hand take hold of my foot and guide it to what must be his engorged cock, which has snaked its way down his right thigh. What on earth is his shoe size??

Using his hand, he `clutch starts” my foot to synchronise rubbing with his own, then releases it and moves his hand back above the table. I slow down when he slows down and press harder when he gives me the cue. He looks into my eyes and smiles.

All the while, conversation continues, oblivious to our covert little game, until Uncle Bill returns and takes the seat at the seventh place setting, at the `head of the table”.

Tony”s foot disappears. My own searches until it finds its slip-on shoe, which I manage, with only minimal difficulty, to restore to its proper situation.

Uncle Bill speaks up, “Guys, dinner tonight will be a little different to what you might expect. I”ve asked Giuseppe to serve a selection of pastas and sauces so that you can sample them and develop some preferences that you might want to order next time.”

At the `next time” comment, Tony flashes me a huge grin. So does Rocco. Will smirks and raises an eyebrow.

He adds, “But make sure that you leave room for dessert or, should I say, desserts.”

Rocco makes a comment in Italian to Tony who nods and smiles. He then suggests that the `young guys” at the table (which incurs a mock, hurt expression from Uncle Bill) should start osmaniye escort with cold drinks and progress to coffee later. There is no argument from any of us.

Rocco speaks in Italian to the waiter who scans the faces at the table and nods. I only understood the words `cafe” and `forte” in the brief exchange, so I expect some `strong coffee”.

Uncle Bill orders a red wine. Even I know what `shiraz” is.

Our drinks, with only a couple of ice cubes, look like Coke or Pepsi but taste different – not as sweet. I”ve had chinotto once before, but this isn”t quite the same. Anyway, analysis aside, I”m really thirsty so it disappears quickly. Will downs his just as rapidly, with Simon and Luke not far behind. It”s more refreshing to drink than a glass half full of ice which fast food places serve. The waiter soon brings a second round without being prompted.

The selection of food is amazing, announced by the waiter as he lays each onto the table. `Lasagne, cannelloni, spaghetti, meatballs, tortellini, marinara, boscaiola…” Some I recognise, others Uncle Bill explains. Occasionally Tony and Rocco add some `local knowledge” to his descriptions.

I near the end of my lasagne and am into my third drink when I feel the urgent need to pee. I”ve already seen Simon jiggling his knees and occasionally grasping the front of his pants. I guess that he needs to go too. I am about to excuse myself when Luke beats me to it. “Sorry, guys, I need to go to the bathroom,” he winces.

“Me too,” I add.

“Better make that three! I was just about bursting.” Simon joins in, seemingly relieved that he”s not the only one.

We all slide out of our seats. Tony and Rocco laugh. Rocco turns to Will, “So, don”t you need to go too?”

“No… Yes… Well, I didn”t until you suggested it,” he replies, sliding out.

“Come to think of it, I”d better go now as well, instead of hanging on,” Rocco jokes.

“OK! The power of suggestion has got to me,” Tony throws in, and slides out after his cousin and Will.

There is a brief non-English comment by Uncle Bill to Tony and Rocco. They all laugh. The Italian for `incorrigible” is not so different that I don”t understand, but it sets my mind working about the sudden need for us all to relieve ourselves at the same time, and the possible addition of `strong” shots of caffeine in our drinks for their diuretic effect. That would account for the taste as well.

There is an obvious urgency in our stepping to the long stainless-steel urinal and in unzipping. Now would not be the time for a zipper to get stuck!

It must look a proper sight; the line of six guys crammed shoulder to shoulder – Tony then me, Luke, Will, Rocco and Simon.

Normally in a toilet I would be hesitant to rely on any more than my peripheral vision to discern another guy”s equipment. However, on this occasion, with everyone just `hanging out”, I”m not the only one who takes advantage of the opportunity to `check out” the others. Wow! What a collection!

Tony, unashamedly, reaches to his right and takes hold of my garden hose at full flow. “Nice piece of equipment there, dude,” he says aloud, waving it back and forth. I decide to extend his game, reaching for Luke to my right. The others can plainly see what is happening and that starts a chain reaction down the line until Rocco has a grip on Simon. It reminds me of a `Mexican wave” at the football ground.

“Other way!” Will says. In a moment, everyone is grasping the person to his left. I relish the feel of Tony”s fire hose in my left hand. It”s even longer than Will”s, by about an inch, and quite thick by comparison. I can see that he and Rocco share the same Verdi gene pool for this part of their anatomy too.

Tony”s flow starts to diminish and I milk out the last of his urine and give it a few shakes to dispel any lingering drops. It feels strange doing this to another guy, while Luke does the same to me. Then Tony reaches for mine again, nudging Luke to release me. We enjoy a few seconds of mutual shaking, pumping and swelling before Tony says, “OK. Let”s go. We don”t want to arouse suspicions by being too long.” He looks into my eyes, then adds, “Maybe later, eh?”

I think, `just the six of us coming in together is quite sufficient to arouse Uncle Bill”s suspicions. Extra seconds would be almost irrelevant”. Anyway, I tuck my still-engorged member away, with some difficulty. I”m sure that it”s even more challenging for Rocco, and especially for Tony!

We wash our hands – cold water, use the auto hand drier and file out. As we slide back into our seats, I see that the table has been re-set. All of the pasta and sauces have been replaced by a selection of desserts. The waiter takes our coffee orders and disappears.

“Are you all having a good time?” Uncle Bill asks, looking up and down the two rows, and smirking to nobody in particular.

I try to put myself inside his head to work out why he has organised with Mr V. for us to meet Tony and Rocco, and why he invited Simon and Luke along as well.

If it was just Will and myself, I could consider that Uncle Bill might be playing Cupid or matchmaker of sorts. But Why? Is he trying to break up Will and me so that he can take him away with him? Or provide us with other gay experiences? Or construct a scenario to amuse himself by observing our interactions? None of these makes much sense! And… why would he invite two guys, whom he had only just met, along to dinner with four gay guys without knowing anything of their sexual preferences? Or was he just being courteous and hospitable after the drama of the last 24 hours, thinking that it would relieve the stress for us all? But, then, why would he arrange for Tony and Rocco to be present? No answer makes sense!

It”s bugging me.

I”m drawn back to reality from yet another reverie, this time by Simon nudging me and asking, “Tom, hey! I said, `what dessert would you like me to pass you?””

“Oh, sorry, Simon,” I reply. I peruse the layered tiramisu, the longer-than-usual cannoli tubes with both vanilla and chocolate creamy fillings, the custard-filled profiteroles and the pavlova � meringue magnificently decorated with fresh fruits atop a thick layer of fresh cream. “Umm, actually, I”d like to try all of them. Maybe I”ll start with the cannoli. I”ve had them once before. I”ll finish with the pavlova.”

Will looks confused, but follows the lead of everyone else… in denying himself nothing!

Uncle Bill settles for a small serving of tiramisu with his espresso coffee and he seems to delight in watching the litter of piglets at the food trough.

Eventually, feeling `stuffed” (or is the proper, and less offensive, word `sated”?) I decline all additional offerings.

Uncle Bill, sipping from a very small glass that the waiter has brought, asks, nodding to Will and me, “Did you boys bring your new phones? Do you remember how I showed you to create a new contact and record the details? Why don”t you try it out with both Tony and Rocco?”

Now what is he up to? Yes, I would like to have their phone numbers and email addresses, but why would Uncle Bill suggest it? Does he think that we would be too shy to ask for them openly? Well, maybe he”s right about me. I think that Will is far less timid than when I met him almost three months ago.

With Simon”s help next to me, I set up Tony and Rocco in my new phone. I wonder whether it”s easy to transfer all of the information in my old one to this new one. Just in case, I include Simon and Luke as well. All good practice!

“Facebook? WhatsApp?” I reply to Tony”s questions. Uncle Bill didn”t cover that stuff. “I might need a lesson from somebody.”

Tony then asks if he may look at my `new toy”. He makes some appropriate `wowing” noises and then, handing the phone back, repeats the words that I heard from him earlier. “You”ve really got a nice gadget there, dude.” Then he adds, “Thanks heaps for letting me look at it.”

I engage him eyeball to eyeball. He”s deliberately using the double entendre so that Uncle Bill will think he”s referring to the phone, while I know that he”s really commenting on something far more personal. “You”re welcome to check it out, anytime,” I reply. Will and Rocco smirk at me from their side of the table.

Knowing that the evening is coming to an end, I add, looking first at Tony and then Rocco, “It was great to meet you both.” Then, focussing on Tony, I say, “I”d really like to keep in touch.”

He smiles, knowingly.

We conclude our discussions by comparing back-to-school expectations and I share that, all too soon, Will and I will be travelling back. Only two more days here.

We slide out and there is much hand shaking and hugging as we say our good byes.

While Uncle Bill and Mr V. settle the finances for the evening, I”m not shocked, but surprised, when Tony and Rocco also `do the Italian thing” and kiss us all on both cheeks. My `incorrigible” mind thinks of two other cheeks which I”d like them to kiss. I”ll bet that they”d do it too! And Will would be up for that, for sure.

We drop Simon and Luke at their apartment block and Will and I agree to `catch up” with them before we leave on Tuesday.

The car trip from their place to ours is only going to take a minute; fractionally ostim escort more if we encounter a red traffic light, so I waste no time seeking answers from Uncle Bill. “Now, what was that all about?” I put straight to him, surprising even myself at the forcefulness of the question. “Why did you and Mr Verdi scheme to bring Tony and Rocco to dinner with Will and me? There has to be some ulterior motive in your head, or you wouldn”t have done it! Mind you, I”m not complaining about meeting them, but what were you thinking? I”d really like to know!”

Uncle Bill begins, “Well, Tom, I …”

“And another thing…” I cut him off, “Why did you invite Simon and Luke along, knowing that Mr Verdi”s gay son and gay nephew would be there?”

Before he gets a chance to reply, Will rests his hand on my arm and, in an encouraging voice, says, “Hey, Tom, lighten up a bit, bro. I”m glad they were there and I was happy to have Simon and Luke along with us too. I enjoyed the food, and when we…” He stops short of total self-incrimination.

Uncle Bill pulls into our driveway and switches off the car.

“Just give me a chance,” Uncle Bill asks.

I apologise to them both for my rudeness, and I shut up to listen.

“Let me answer your second question first,” he starts. “I invited Simon and Luke thinking that the end of their day deserved to be a lot happier for them than how it started. And, considering how friendly you have seemed with them all day, I didn”t think you”d mind taking their mind off your friend, Andy, for a while.”

I thank him for his consideration. So does Will.

He continues, “And I would have taken the four of you out, anyway. However, after a previous conversation with Giuseppe, I thought that I”d kill two birds with one stone, if you”ll pardon the expression.”

“I still don”t get it,” I say, but without the attitude.

“I didn”t want to say anything beforehand, but having you meet Tony and Rocco was more for their benefit than for yours.”

“OK. I can understand you wanting to show off your two handsome sons…”

“Two handsome and gay sons…” Will throws in.

“Yes, I concede that was part of the plan,” Uncle Bill replies.

“What plan?”

“You are two handsome… and gay boys.”


“Tony and Rocco are also two handsome and gay boys, and…”

“Yes? What?” The attitude is back. Then I suddenly realise that I have cut him off again, and apologise, “Sorry!”

He continues, displaying a large measure of parental patience, “And… they are two handsome, gay, lonely and bullied boys.”

“What do you mean, dad?” Will asks.

“Giuseppe told me that, because of his appearance, Tony has been teased and bullied at his school.”

I comment, “I can see why. If I had to, I would describe him more as `beautiful” than `handsome” – cattle fodder for the animals in the football team, I”ll bet!”

“Exactly. And, from the first time that Rocco went to his assistance and stood up for his cousin, he was branded a `fag lover” and a `poof” himself. Despite any attempts by the school administration to alleviate the bullying, the boys have told Giuseppe that it still occurs, but covertly. It seems that there are never any witnesses to the shoving, tripping, name-calling and `little accidents” that occur. And they are careful to never leave any bruises as evidence. And, Tony and Rocco are determined not to let them win by transferring to another school as Giuseppe has suggested.”

He continues, “However, the lack of friendship and support, and their exclusion from all interactive activities in the classroom and playground, is starting to take its toll on both of them emotionally. It occurred to me that you boys might be able to encourage them and perhaps become friends with them if you were to meet and `hit it off”. When I suggested the meeting to Giuseppe, he was very grateful. And, tonight, seeing Tony and Rocco so happy, he wouldn”t even let me pay for dinner. He is hopeful that you might make a real difference in his son”s life, and his nephew”s, too.

“I had no idea that they were unhappy,” Will says. “It wasn”t obvious tonight.”

“Will, I think that was entirely due to yours and Tom”s presence,” Uncle Bill tells him. “Giuseppe did inform them that they might meet a few guys and possibly make some new friends tonight, which is the only reason that they agreed to come along. You definitely brightened their lives just by being there, and by treating them so `normally”, despite their practical joke of the caffeine shots in the sports drinks which were designed, I”m sure, to get a look at your `stuff” in the toilets. Let me say, I didn”t expect you all to return so soon. I hope that Simon and Luke were not upset by the attention.”

“No, it was all good,” Will laughs but adding nothing else about Simon and Luke or the bathroom activity.

Uncle Bill adds, “I could tell that Tony and Rocco were happy. I could read it on their faces. Yours too, for that matter.”

I think, `Hmm. He”s right. Our simply being there wasn”t the only reason that Tony was happy!” I thought that he would be submissive and Rocco the dominant one when I first saw them, but after Tony”s little game under the table, I could have it totally wrong.

“You know?” Uncle Bill throws in, becoming quite philosophical, “You can never have too many friends – people who know your faults and secrets and, yet, who still like you, can be a great blessing to you. If you are there for them when they need you, they”ll relish the chance to return the favour.”

I”m expecting to hear `you know, it”s more about giving than receiving,” but that doesn”t come. However, I reflect that this appears to be an attitude by which he lives. Since Will and I arrived, Uncle Bill has done nothing but give… Will”s introduction to Monika, the phones, the tablets, the assistance from Angela, the dinner, AND the land and house.

None of this is the `duty” of an uncle or father. These are the actions of a friend. I regret having nothing to give him in return – beyond thanks and appreciation. I am about to say something `soppy” when Will, yet again, is `quicker out of the blocks”.

“I see what you mean,” he says, “sort of like you and Monika and Angela, eh?”

Expecting a returned jibe from Uncle Bill, which is my life-long memory of his usual responses, I am a little surprised when he simply adds, “We all have needs, son. Friends offer each other help in times of need, if it is within their means to do so. I hope you remember that when you are rich and famous.”

I”ve never seen this side of Uncle Bill before – or was it always there and I was just too self-absorbed to recognise it? I”m beginning to understand why Mum loved… loves him.

Thinking of friends and friendships, some names spring to mind that I didn”t even know two weeks ago… Simon, Luke, Andy, Joey, Jarrod, Tony, Rocco. I wonder which, if any, of these might be more than sexual liaisons, and become friends. I have a real desire to be Andy”s friend, if God allows it. Even Tony and Rocco are `friends in need” – albeit with very potential benefits. LOL.

And I wonder about my relationship with both Marty and Kurt back in The Village. What will these become?

Uncle Bill”s phone rings. He glances at the screen and, covering the mouthpiece, says to us, “Please tell Susan that I”ll be back on Monday. But, for now, I wish you both happy dreams.”

It”s obvious that we have been `dismissed”. As we get out and close the door, I hear, “Hello Angela. Where are you?”

Will and I enter the house to see Mum and Dad snuggled together on the lounge. She has her head on his chest and he has both arms wrapped around her. “Hello, boys,” Dad says. “You”re home earlier than I had expected.”

“Yes,” I reply. “It seems that Uncle Bill had an after-dinner engagement.” Neither of them picks up on my words or asks the `what?” question, but Will knows what I mean.

“Was it a good night?” Mum asks.

“Yes, Uncle Bill arranged something like an Italian banquet, if there is such a thing. Pastas and sauces and desserts…”

“And there were some really big cannolis,” Will adds. I dare not look at him or I swear that I will burst out laughing!

I add, “Oh, Uncle Bill said that he”ll be here on Monday with the architect and will see you then,” I tell them. “Right now, I think we”ll hit the sack. It”s been a long day.”

“Good night boys!” comes from both of them.

We head upstairs, Will in the lead. At the top, I cause him to utter the `squeal of the wild goose”!

“Hey!” he says. “You”re good at that, too!”

“Yes, and I”ve got something better than a finger for you!” I tell him, then ask, “What was that comment about big cannolis?”

He laughs, “Hey, I”ve just decided that, apart from custard tarts, I like big Italian cannolis too!”

“Well, I”ve got a big, Aussie cannoli full of cream for you!”

“Hell, Yeah!” he chirps, stopping and bending forward provocatively in front of me. I cause him to squeal again and then lock the door behind us.


(to be continued)


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