Seducing Jennifer Pt. 05

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Part 5

“I hate you both!” Jennifer screamed as she stamped back up the stairs to her room. Her door slammed resoundingly, shaking the entire house as she shut herself into her room.

“Oh God,” I moaned. I was shaking like a leaf in the aftermath of my massive orgasm combined with the humiliation of having been seen fucking another woman by the girl I loved and desperately wanted. And the fact that the other woman was her mother did not help.

“Hold me and tell me how much you love me,” Mrs. C. whispered, curling into my arms. “No woman likes to be fucked and left lying there with come all over her.” She wiggled against me, smearing my copious emissions against my flushed skin.

“But Jennifer; she saw…I don’t know how much, but for sure she saw me coming….”

“And she liked what she saw, too,” Mrs. C. said comfortably, nuzzling my sweaty neck. Shivers racked my glowing body. “Did you notice that she had her hand in her panties? I think she liked it a lot, although she’s not ready to admit it yet. She’ll come around. In the meantime, now we don’t have to worry about telling her, do we?”

“Telling her?” I said stupidly. “You were planning to TELL her?”

“Of course, silly.” She reached down and squeezed my deflated prick. “You can’t keep something like that a secret for long.” She grasped the base of my cock between thumb and forefinger and shook it like a noodle. It traitorously began to rise once again. “Now kiss me like you mean it. I know you haven’t had enough yet.”

I ravaged her mouth with my tongue and felt my cock stiffen in her hand. “You’re so horny, Jack. Did you really think my virgin daughter would be able to satisfy you all by herself?”

We made out on the couch until I was once again frantic with lust. poker oyna I wanted nothing more than to plunge my full length into her steamy snatch once more.

“Enough!” she finally said, pushing me away. “It’s getting late, and you should be getting home before your parents get worried.”

“Noooo!” I groaned. “Couldn’t we just, uh, do it one more time?” After what we’d already done, it didn’t seem like it would make things any worse to do it again.

“We could,” she mused, “but I think it would probably end the same way. With you squirting another load into me. That’s not what you were supposed to learn tonight.”

“I pulled out in time last time,” I protested.

“Maybe you thought you did, but you really didn’t. Go ahead; put your finger in me and you’ll see.”

I cupped her syrupy mound in my hand and slipped my middle finger into her. Come leaked out around my probing finger.

“Some of that is me, and some of it is you, Jack. What you need to learn is that when you think you’re just about to come — you’re already coming. We really have to work on that.”

My mouth went dry at the thought of the consequences of coming in Mrs. C’s apparently unprotected cunt. But my cock was still raging. I desperately wanted to fuck her again, regardless of consequences.

“I really should let you sweat it out for a couple of weeks,” Mrs. C. continued, “and if you had done this to Jennifer that’s exactly what you would be doing. But I’ll let you off the hook this time. I’m not fertile at the moment. So all that sperm you pumped into me is not going to cause a problem.”

Waves of relief washed over me. “So we can do it again?” I croaked.

“You horn dog,” she giggled, squeezing my dick harder. “Against my better judgment, I guess canlı poker oyna I can help you with your little problem one more time. But not here. We both need a shower, so we might as well kill two birds with one stone.”

She rolled across me, stood and pulled me to my feet. I followed her to the bathroom, her hand on my stiff prick. Inside, she closed and locked the door. “No interruptions this time,” she chuckled. She settled her come-glazed body onto the toilet seat. “Pardon me, but I really need to pee. And I know you’d like to watch, wouldn’t you?”

Numbly I dropped to my knees and she obligingly parted her slim thighs so I could see clearly as she released a golden stream of urine into the toilet. It was an amazingly erotic sight. I never actually realized where a woman’s pee-hole was. My cock throbbed, even though my own bladder was full to bursting. She finished and daintily blotted herself with a wad of tissue.

“Oh, Sweetie,” she purred. “You need to pee too, but you can’t with your cock in that state, can you? Poor baby. Let’s get into the shower and see if we can fix that.”

She turned the shower on and adjusted the water flow, and with steam billowing around us we stepped in together. She came into my arms and kissed me fervently. The feel of her wet body in my arms was heavenly. My cock rubbed against her slippery belly as she handed me a bar of soap and turned her back to me. “Wash me,” she ordered.

I rubbed the soap against her wet body and washed her thoroughly from head to toe, particularly enjoying the feel of her plump breasts and erect nipples, her rounded ass, and her furry mound. After a time we switched positions and she returned the favor, finishing up by thoroughly exploring my cock and balls with soapy hands internet casino and even slipping a slender finger into my clenched asshole. I knew that shouldn’t have felt good. But it really did. My cock became even harder, if that was possible.

“Now Jack, I’m starting to wonder if you may be a bit too much for me,” she said, turning me to face her and holding my rampant cock in her hand. “Honestly, what I would like most right now is to fall into bed and sleep for a week. But I guess I sort of promised to get you off one more time—”

She sank to her knees and took my cock into her mouth as the warm water played over us. She firmly cupped my balls in one hand and teased my asshole with the other as she bobbed up and down on my dick. I combed my fingers through her tangled blond hair as she deep-throated me. Time seemed to stand still as she slowly increased the tempo, and when I suddenly realized that she had worked two fingers into my ass, and was taking nearly my full length into her mouth at every stroke I knew I was at the point of no return. “I’m coming!” I shouted, pulling back to extract my cock from her greedy mouth. Her fingers worked my asshole expertly as burning wads of come blasted onto her face, only to be washed away by the shower spray. She grabbed my cock with her free hand and milked me dry, even as the fingers of her other hand busily massaged my prostate gland. I shuddered as the last drop of my load oozed out the tip of my prick.

She stood and embraced me but turned her cheek when I tried to kiss her. “So do you think you pulled out in time, Jack?” she said, her eyes glinting mischievously.

“Yes,” I moaned. “I didn’t want to but I did.”

“No, you didn’t,” she said. “Look here.” She opened her mouth, revealing a substantial wad of my slimy come on her tongue. “That was your first shot. Right into my mouth.”

She kissed me then, letting my salty load dribble into my mouth. “You bad, bad, boy. Obviously you are going to need another lesson.”

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