Serenity Valley Ch. 4

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Chantell and Sierra stayed in the city for a few more days. Sierra had told Chantell about the gathering this weekend and they would need to get back to Serenity Valley to prepare for it. They shopped in a few more stores, picked up supplies for the gathering and visited a few sex shops.

There was going to be four couples at the house this weekend and it promised to be an exciting, adventurous, and have plenty of surprises in store. It was going to be a weekend Sierra and her invited guests were never going to forget.

The four couples that were invited were unknown to the others. The only thing they had in common was that they knew Sierra and a few had met Chantell. Invited were Dianna and her wife Corliss, Alice and her girlfriend Martha, Sheree and her girlfriend Josie. Dianna had met Chantell and Sierra when Chantell’s car broke down and she had towed it to the ranch. Chantell met Alice when they went to her about getting it fixed. Alice was the lone mechanic in Serenity Valley. Sheree and Josie had met Chantell through an online acquaintance from a chat room that they frequented although they have never met in real life they were very good friends and talked almost every day.

Sierra owned Serenity Valley and was very popular as Mayor, but it was her social gatherings that became the talk of the town for weeks to come. Some people in town disapproved of the things that went on at her ranch, but others secretly wished that they would be invited to one. Sierra was known to many as Mistress Sierra, but she had yet to reveal that side to Chantell. Chantell was pretty naïve when it came to sex. She had only one relationship in her whole life. When that relationship had soured she ended up stranded for a few days, after her car broke down and into Sierra’s arms.

Sierra broke the dam when she first made love to Chantell by the pond and the flow of sexuality was not going to be plugged anytime soon. Sierra had taken her to a club in New York where Chantell got to see a highly erotic couple engage in sex on the stage of the club. It was one of the most fervent evenings of Chantell’s life thus far.

Dianna and Corliss had always remained faithful to each other. They had met online in a chat room and Dianna and her teenage daughter moved from Indiana to Texas to be with the woman she fell in love with and married. They have been married for four years and will love each other forever and a day.

Alice and her girlfriend have only been together for the last six months, but you could see the passion and love in their eyes when they looked at each other. Alice had a secret and that was probably the main reason Martha stayed with the sometimes rough and over bearing woman. But Alice had a huge heart. Alice was going to change someone this weekend, only she did not know it then.

Sheree and Josie are from Australia but they happened to be in the states for the weekend. Josie is a lesbian and Sheree is bisexual. Sheree has a very loving husband. They have been best friends for many years and had many adventures together. This was a vacation for Josie. She has leukemia and has been in and out of hospitals while she valiantly battled this horrific disease. To Sheree’s credit, she never deserted Josie in her hour of need. She and her husband had Josie moved into the guesthouse and watched over her through all of the battles, hospital stays and her treatment program. Josie’s friends give her all the love, support and prayers every second of every day, but it is Sheree who won’t allow her to give up the fight for her life. This weekend was one they would never, ever forget.

The day before the party there was plenty of work to do. The house had to be cleaned and the guestroom made up for the nurse who was going to stay this weekend for Josie, should she need anything. The caterers came in to prepare food for the weekend, with the part-time cook instructing them. The cook had been to many of these gatherings and knew what Sierra expected. The horses were all groomed and the yard was looking immaculate by the next morning.

On Friday morning about ten, the first couple arrived. Sierra and Chantell answered the door together.

“Chantell!” Shouted two voices as one.

“Oh my god Sheree and Josie, antalya escort how good it is to finally meet you two in person. I have waited so long for this. Josie you look fantastic. I see this vacation is adding some color to your face.” All of this was said in the span of ten seconds as the three women hugged tightly and kissed each other on the cheeks.

“I would like you to meet our hostess for the weekend. Sierra this is Sheree and Josie, my very good friends.” Once again all three women hugged and Sierra welcomed them to her home.

“I am please to meet both of you. Chantell has told me quite a few things about you. I am glad you were well enough to attend my little soirée. I am pleased that Chantell will have someone to talk to. Please make yourself at home. I have a nurse on duty for the weekend should you need anything.”

“Thank you for allowing us in to your home. Your generosity is appreciated. You have a beautiful home here. It will be nice to relax for a few days,” said Josie.

Sierra and Chantell took their bags to their room and helped the two women unpack. They were both a little tired and decided that a nap was in order, but they were too excited to sleep. So they put on their suits and went to the pool.

When they arrived at the patio door they looked out to see Chantell and Sierra naked and sunbathing. They took one look at each other and a huge grin appeared on their faces. They removed their suits and walked out to the pool.

“We thought you two were going to take a nap,” said Chantell, when she saw them approaching. Any other time Chantell would have been embarrassed and covered herself up in front of strangers. But if Sierra had taught her anything it was, that with her sexy body and long legs, she had nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

“Well we laid down but we were just too excited to rest. Besides we are still running on Aussie time. So we thought we would take a swim and what do we find? Not one, but two incredibly sexy women lying naked by the pool and sunning themselves.”

“That’s the nice thing about having a house in the middle of nowhere,” said Sierra, “you can have the freedom to do anything you desire.”

The women spent the next several minutes talking about the things they had done this week. Sheree and Josie talked about all the friends from the Lesbian Lounge (the chat room) and laughed about all the crazy and wonderful people that hang out there. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves.

Sheree got up and grabbed a hold of Josie’s hand pulled her to the pool and pushed her in, laughing as she jumped in after her. They swam a few laps and ended up in the corner snuggling against each other. Sierra and Chantell just continued chatting and watching Josie being happy and relaxed.

“It’s so good to see her, I can’t tell you how much I love them both and have worried so much about Josie. Sheree has been her rock and will never leave her side,” said Chantell.

Sierra reached over and took Chantell’s hand and kissed it. Chantell snuggled against Sierra and continued to watch the couple in the pool.

Josie snuggled against Sheree’s bosom and wrapped her arms around her. She loved Sheree very much and it showed clearly through each touch. She ran her fingernails up and down Sheree’s back and kissed her neck. She ran her tongue along the shoulder blade and down to her breasts. She ran her tongue all around the nipple not quite touching it. Placing the nipple ring in her mouth she tugged on it while Sheree moaned. When she pulled the nipple into her mouth, she used her tongue to flick it against the ring. She trailed a path between her breasts and did the same to the other nipple. Even though the water was cool, she felt a burning in her loins and wanted someone or something to put it out.

Both women climbed out of the pool and lay down on a couple of towels. They shared soul searching kisses, their tongues not getting enough of each other. They were working themselves into a fever pitch and were totally unaware of their surroundings.

Chantell and Sierra were also being busy kissing and caressing each other in a very similar passion, they broke apart the kiss and watched Sheree lower her head and antalya rus escort take Josie’s breast in her mouth. They could see the sweat running down her skin and her hips arch.

“I will be right back,” whispered Sierra.

Chantell wondered what Sierra had in store but then nothing came as a surprise lately.

Chantell watched the young couple a few minutes, then went over to join them. She lay down next to them and kissed each woman. She had secretly been attracted to them and had never let them know that. She valued their friendship above anything else, but now that they were here she couldn’t and wouldn’t hold back any longer. She and Sheree teamed up on Josie’s breasts. The licked and sucked and gently bit the nipples. Each seemed to match the others moves and it was driving Josie ecstatic. Together Chantell and Sheree moved down her breasts past her stomach and teased the each pussy lip. Pulling each lip into their mouth and sucking the already moist slit.

They were on all fours when Sierra returned to the pool. She was wearing the strap-on that they had bought in New York and approached Chantell from behind. She reached around and cupped Chantell’s breasts in her hands. Her thumbs teasing the nipples, making them harder. Sheree upon seeing this took one nipple in her mouth and sucked it deeply. Sierra handed Sheree a strap on and Sheree was more than eager to use it.

Chantell placed her cunt over Josie’s mouth and raising her ass for Sierra, while Sheree positioned herself between Josie’s legs. Sierra kneeled down behind Chantell and kissed and licked that glorious ass that she loved and craved. She ran her tongue into the crack of her ass and licked it from stem to stern. It was one of the most sensitive spots, Sierra knew it and took full advantage of it. She took her middle finger and inserted it into her, probing as deeply as she could manage.

Josie’s tongue was doing the dance of joy on Chantell’s clit and Sheree was doing the same thing to Josie’s clit. Sierra and Sheree looked at each other and exchange a look that said they shared a secret. As if reading each other’s mind they each entered their partner’s orifices. Sierra put the head of the fifteen-inch dildo into Chantell’s ass. At the same time Sheree inserted the small dildo into Josie’s flaming cunt. The two women being fucked let out a long moan. Chantell was in the position to take Josie’s clit into her mouth and eagerly sucked it, to take her mind off the pain, yet pleasure she was feeling in her ass. This was the first time that she had anything there. It was starting to ease as Sierra pushed the dildo in deeper. Stopping every few inches to take the pressure off.

Josie was in a place she had not been for a long time. She had a dildo in her pussy, a fiery cunt on her face and her clit was being sucked like never before. Sheree was very happy where she was too. She was making love to her best friend and squeezing all three women’s breasts alternately.

The dildo in Chantell’s ass was getting deeper and deeper when Sierra turned on the special features. She turned the vibrating, pumping and circular speeds to ten. Chantell was the first to achieve an orgasm, but she wasn’t going to be the last.

Josie felt the dildo hit her g-spot and just that little bit of contact sent her into orbit. Both women with the dildos kept going. They matched thrust for thrust. Each move seemed to be choreographed. Chantell reached up with her hand and thrust three fingers into Sheree, which was enough to put Sheree into the same orbit as her friend. The women broke apart long enough to change positions and dildo’s.

Sierra assisted Josie in putting “The Monster” (as she lovingly called it) onto Josie’s throbbing cunt. She turned on the built in “butterfly” and showed her the settings and explained how they worked. Chantell was attaching the other dildo to her pussy. The women switched positions, with Sierra lying down, Sheree sitting on her face, while Chantell was between her lover’s legs and Josie was behind Sheree’s ass.

Josie knew that Sheree loved getting it up the ass and that the anticipation was becoming impossible to bear. She knew her friend’s fantasies and desires antalya ucuz escort very well. She also knew that this was the largest dildo Sheree had ever used before. She smacked Sheree’s ass, leaving red handprints all over her smooth white skin. She knew that Sheree was enjoying it by the moans escaping from her lips. She took the tip of the dildo and ran it up and down her crack. Then she spread her ass cheeks wide apart, opening the hole for Josie’s tongue and fingers. She rammed her tongue in and out and when she felt that it was nice and wet she stuffed two fingers in. Twisting her fingers roughly in her ass she felt the hole loosen a bit more and she thrust another finger in. It wasn’t long before she could get a fourth finger in. It was as if Josie was trying to reach her clit through her asshole. She then pulled her fingers out and without hesitation slammed into her ass. She didn’t pause to let Sheree get used to it, instead she thrust the dildo in as far as it would go. Sheree screamed, not from pain, but from pleasure so intense that it seemed to enter her bloodstream looking for quickest way to escape, which were her mouth and cunt. Sierra’s face was soaked with cum pouring from Sheree’s pussy and she tried to catch it all, but there was just too much.

Chantell was giving her lover the attention of her tongue. When she saw Josie put four fingers into Sheree’s ass an idea formed in her head. She started with one finger into her lover’s juicy cunt and probed the insides of Sierra. She pulled that finger out and sucked the juices from it. When she placed her hand there she put two fingers in this time and again felt every inch inside. Then a third and fourth finger went in.

Sierra spread her legs farther apart giving Chantell all the access that she desired. When Chantell inserted her thumb Sierra realized that she was being fisted. She had only been fisted once before and didn’t enjoy it. But there was something different this time. Maybe it was the love she felt for Chantell, maybe it was the sites and the smells around her. Maybe it was just because it felt so damn good. Chantell felt the g-spot with her fingers. She tried to grasp it between her fingers, when she did she managed to give it a light squeeze. Little flashes of light exploded around Sierra’s eyes and her heart was racing, but the profound pleasure she felt was overwhelming her, she lost her focus and went into a daze. Chantell was undeterred at this point, she knew she had done something extraordinary for her lover and thrust the dildo into the hilt. Sierra was in the throes of multiple orgasms. There were so many that there was no way to count. She was unsure as to whether it was one long continuous one, or many small ones.

Josie was still fucking the tight ass of Sheree, she was pulling the dildo all the way out and ramming it back in to the hilt. She turned the settings to ten on all levels and just kept ramming. Faster and faster she went. She grabbed a handful of Sheree’s long blond hair and entwined it into her fingers. She pulled Sheree’s head back and bit into her neck. Deeper and faster went Josie hips. She was so close to orgasm herself, but wanted to wait for her lover. It was just a few more strokes when Sheree let out another scream and came again and again. The four women collapsed upon each other, forming a mountain of sweaty bodies. Breathing became ragged and minds were cloudy but they were all intoxicated by the multitude of orgasms that they had each experienced.

To be continued…

Author’s note: This chapter is dedicated to Josie and Sheree and the love they share. Josie does in fact have leukemia and is courageously fighting this horrible disease with the help of her friends from Lesbian Lounge (which is a real chat room) and her rock Sheree. This author has been going there for almost four years. The ladies and yes some men from that chat room never fail to make me smile and brighten every day. I would mention your screen names but that would take volumes to write. Corliss and I love you all very much. This story is also dedicated to Nikki-D (you know who you are). She too is fighting leukemia and has our love and support as well. If there is ever anything that we can do for them, we will without hesitation. I would greatly appreciate it if the readers would send a line or two to the ladies mentioned above to my email so that Corliss and I can forward them to the respective parties. It might make them smile. By the way, there will be a chapter 5 and 6 and 7. I promise. Hugs and kisses, Dahkme.

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