Sex Cam Live Ch. 01

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Hi, my name is Paul. I am 18 and just got to college. I have always been kind of horny but always pretty shy so I was still a virgin. I have always been and still am kind of a bigger guy. I weigh 300 pounds. However, I am 6’7″ tall. I am white and kind of a nerdy guy. When I got to college I really wanted to come out of my shell. Well, I found it hard to get over my inhibitions, so I decided I may have to cheat a bit. I went online and found a website called Sex Cams Live. It was great it was regular people around the country letting loose on cam. I would jack off on cam for a couple hours a day.

After a month or two on there I met my first person on there from my area. Her name was Maria. She was 24. I would meet her online every night for a couple weeks. She said she had a boyfriend but it was ending soon. She asked me out one day. She picked me up in her car, and we went to a Mexican place. Meeting her in person was great. When she walked out of the car I could see her in all of her beauty. She was 6 foot tall and 230 pounds, which was just fine for a guy my size. She had short blonde hair pulled behind her ears. She had beautiful eyes with dark make-up around them. She was wearing a low cut red sweater. Maria then walked up to me and got in close and whispered in my ear, “Let’s make dinner quick.”

When we got inside Maria, despite her Scandinavian looking heritage, she spoke in Mexican to the waitress and we got a great seat. A minute or to later poker oyna we received a giant margarita. I was surprised given I was not 21, but she said drink up.

Over dinner I learned a lot more about her. She told me she was going to go in seminary right now, but was starting to question it. I also learned she was a huge feminist and loved artists like Annie Difranco. She also told me she was a virgin. All of this information threw me off and I wasn’t sure how to handle it. So I told her I was a virgin, and she kind of smiled. After the second margarita we headed to her apartment. Her place was very cluttered, but that was alright because I was a slob too. We immediately sat down and she asked me what I wanted to do. She suggested a game, so I suggested trivial pursuit. We played a game and had fun but it was kind of getting boring.

Maria then asked if I knew how to make everything more fun and I didn’t know. So she opened up a drawer and pulled out a joint. I had never smoked weed before and declined. She looked disappointed then said, “Well how about porn?” I told her that was cool. She then threw in a Girls Gone Wild. While we were watching it she lit up. After she took a hit she turned around quickly and kissed me. When she kissed me she exhaled into my mouth. I immediately inhaled and had my first kiss and first hit of weed at the same time. Without saying one word to each other we smoked the rest of the joint that way.

After the joint canlı poker oyna I said, “You surprised me with that kiss but I liked it.”

Maria said, “You need to be bolder to get what you want, it’s a lesson, Paul.”

She then grabbed my hand and put it on her one of her 44DD tits. I proceeded to massage it. She seemed to like it so I became bold and pulled off her sweater to reveal her tit and that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I was surprised at how perky her huge tits were without a bra to support their weight. I didn’t let it bother me for a second and started to lick her right tit. Her large areola got very bumpy and her nipple became hard. I told her that was hot. I then unzipped her pants and pulled them off. Now she was only in her red satin panties. I was stoned as shit so I started to rub her legs and became fascinated with them because she didn’t shave. I then notice her arm pits were not shaved either. I told her I found it very sexy and she said she would show me sexy.

Maria stood up and went to her comp and turned on Sex Cam Live and put on her web cam. She then pulled the futon out to make it a bed and started to dance. She pulled off my shirt and started to lick my nipples. She made her way down my belly and unzipped my pants and pulled off them and my briefs quite quickly. I could tell she was horny. I was rock hard and my 8″ inches seemed to impress her in person, but instead she told me she loved my big balls.

She internet casino then began licking my balls and jacking my cock with her hand. I then lifted her up a bit and brought her tits to the level of my cock and stuck it in between her cleavage. She knew right away what I wanted and used her tits to work my cock. After a few minutes I told her I had to cum and asked her what to do. Maria just responded, “All over my tits, Paul.” That put me sent me into true ecstasy and a huge stream squirted up into her face. The next went to the left and sent a line of cum over her tit. She then put her head down and began to suck the dribbling cum out of my cock. She also used my still hard cock to wipe the cum off her face. As I lay back she stood up and licked the cum off of her nipple.

I told her sorry for cumming so quick, thinking I was not going to be able to get hard again. She said she had an easy fix for that and opened the weed drawer. She pulled out two joints, and said one for each of us. After smoking them and exchanging many smoky French kisses I was again horny.

I pulled off her panties to reveal her smoothly shaved pussy, which was a stark contrast to her stubbly legs. She then straddled me and rubbed her wet pussy on my cock. I got hard an hour after cumming and told her lets make it worth it. I asked her if she had a condom. Maria then reminded me that we were both virgins and she had the Depo shot, so no worries. She then stuck it in her and began riding me on her futon. It was a blurred experience of fucking and passion. I came inside her that night, and she fell asleep on top of me with my cock popping out of her sloppy cum filled pussy. That is the story of my first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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