Sex For The Aging


Frank and I have known each other for almost forty years. We married sisters and live a thousand miles apart and therefore getting together is a bit of a problem. We have managed to visit each other every summer and with Frank being sixty-eight and me seventy- two we kid a lot about all of the problems associated with growing old. but the years have treated us fairly kindly. No serious health problems so far. Unlike many in-laws we get along great and look forward to our annual get togethers.

I had acquired a forty-two foot cabin cruiser since we last saw each other and planned to treat him to an overnight fishing excursion down the bay. The stripers would be running about the time they got here and the gals would love a few days alone.

The fishing had just been so-so. While we could hear boats pulling in some decent catches on the VHF ship-to-ship radio we only caught a few throwbacks. It was time to anchor for the night and pour some strong sundowners. I found an ideal little cove to drop the hook and we were set for the night. Frank liked scotch and I’m a bourbon man and we sat out on the afterdeck sipping our drinks and talking about everything under the sun. Nothing escaped us: politics, sports, sex and weather.

The evening was great. Little or no wind and the boat lay at anchor hardly rocking at all. The temperature was hovering around 75 so it would be a nice night for sleeping.

We agreed that one of the biggest disappointments in aging was our decreased ability to get hard ons. Frank blurted out that if his wife would only agree to give him blow- jobs his soft cock would rise to the occasion without a problem. I roared because her sister, my wife, felt exactly the same…. putting a cock in her mouth was a “nasty disgusting thing”

After our second sundowner I asked if he wanted to go into the cabin and see some hot videos. The previous owner of the boat left them to me when we transferred ownership. He jumped at the chance saying with a laugh “Sure, we might as well see how we used to be able to do it”

I plopped one in and sure enough it was of a guy in his twenties bonking a young beauty. She was one good-looking piece of meat and he was really pouring it to her after the first few minutes of foreplay. Frank was breathing a little hard looking at the action and said something to the effect of,

“My cock was never that big even when I was younger. Now it is a rare day when I can even get it half-hard.”

“I know what you mean. If my cock ever sprang to life again I would think it belonged to someone else.”

With that I unzipped my cargo shorts and let it out for some air.

“Frank, look at this thing. It’s not even twitching and we have been looking at some great sex for the last twenty minutes.”

He replied, “I never thought I would be looking at your cock today but as long as it is show and tell take a look at mine.”

He pulled down his shorts and let his out and like mine it was as soft as an uncooked noodle.

There we were…two old geezers sitting on a sofa looking at a young stud and his honey going at it while we leaned back with our soft cocks out watching them. I let my hand drape over my cock and had my fingers in jack-off position and I started to stroke it lightly. Damn, it pulsed a little, just a little, but it showed there was still some life in the thing yet.

“Hey Frank, look at this. It is starting to rise to the occasion. Not much of a rise but it is pulsing.”

“Well, let’s see if I can match you.” He said as started to stroke his ever so lightly.

I wasn’t sure if it was the booze loosening us up but all of a sudden it dawned on me that here we were, two old, and I mean old, friends sitting around watching some porn flicks and looking over at the other one and watching him stroke his cock to see if he could get a rise out of it.

About the time the first flick ended we had each beat a little, and I mean little, life into our respective cocks.

Out of the blue Frank asked, “Charlie, have you ever had sex with a guy?”

“No I haven’t Frank. Have you?”

“Not really but looking at your cock right now is making me wonder what it would be like to touch yours.”

“Hell, wonder no more. Put your hand on it and see if you can do any better with it than I have.”

“Really, you wouldn’t think I was odd?”

“Hell, I would think you were a king if you could get this thing hard once again. C’mon over.” and I slid my butt to the far edge of the sofa.

He slid over and very tentatively slid his hand over so the palm so of it was resting on my soft shaft. He let his fingers drape around it and then caressed it very softly. Damnit, I could feel something deep inside of me with just that little bit of his touching.

“Frank, keep that up. I can feel something.”

He then started to let his hand move up and down the shaft and soon had me hard enough to let him wrap his fingers around my shaft. Holy shit, I had a hard-on and he was the cause of it.

He started to move his hand faster Betturkey and faster and it wasn’t long before I was actually shouting at him, “Frank, I’m going to come.”

“Let it go old buddy.” He replied.

Another few strokes and I was shooting my load. Well, it sure wasn’t the kind of load I used to fire but it gave me the exact same feeling. Instead of a long stream of white-hot juice, this was a much smaller load and it was almost clear. I sure didn’t care … I had actually had an orgasm with a hard on. The ones I had when I jacked myself off were with an almost soft cock!

He kept stroking it until he had milked every drop out of me. Whew, it felt terrific.

“Well Charlie, what do you think. Isn’t turnabout fair play?”

“Oh, you mean you want me to jack you off?”

“Well, if my hand on your cock was able to get it hard, I’m thinking your hand on mine ought to do the same thing. At least it’s worth a try …No?”

I turned somewhat face him to let my right hand try. Like him I slid my hand over to his lap before letting it actually touch his cock. He was uncircumcised and I wasn’t sure how to handle a cock like his. The foreskin fascinated me and I first used my fingers to slide it back and uncover the head of his cock and then let it slide back. I kept that up for a few minutes before slipping my fingers under his shaft to see if I could get it at least hard enough to stroke. Sure enough I could feel it throb a little.

“Charlie, this is the first time I have had that feeling in years. Don’t stop now.”

Sure enough he was soon as hard as a steel rod and after a few more strokes he was shooting his load all over the front of him. Like mine it was almost clear.

“WOW, that was something else. Now if we could only get our wives to do that we would have less to complain about.”

We each leaned back on the sofa without saying another word until the tape finished.

He came out with, “Well, that was a pleasant way to spend a little while.”

“It sure was. My cock feels terrific. In fact, I can feel my whole lower body tingling from it.”

“I know what you mean. What do you think … are we now gay?”

I roared and said, “If that is gay, call me gay anytime you like.”

We each went over to the galley sink and grabbed a handful of paper towels and wiped off before we pulled out shorts up.

“Frank, I have a couple of very juicy steaks for the grille and I can throw a potato in the cabin microwave so we should be set for dinner in a little while. I forgot to grab some vegetables but a nice steak and baked potato with a couple of drinks ought to hold us. What do you think?”

“Sounds great to me?

Even if I must say so myself I cooked the steaks to perfection. He liked his well done and I am a medium rare guy myself I put his on the grill about five minutes before mine and that made the difference. The baked potato was perfect and coupled with a couple of very nice drinks our appetites were well satisfied.

It only took a few minutes to clean up and we sat there as the sun was setting.

“Say Frank, I’m going to strip down and go for a little swim. You can join me if you would like or just sit where you are and have another drink while I splash away.”

We were both in the water in a few minutes and it felt wonderful. After swimming around the boat a few times I announced I was going back aboard for a cockpit shower and another drink. He swam until I finished my shower and then climbed the boarding ladder to join me. There was a supply of towels in a cockpit locker and we dried off and resumed watching the sun go down while we sipped our sundowners.

He started the conversation I knew was coming with; ” Can you get over it. Neither of us have had a hard on a years and yet when we touched each other’s cock they sprang to life. I’m wondering if we watched another video would they stay asleep or would the rise to the occasion again.”

“Well, the only way to find out is to go back below and put another tape on.”

We sat on the sofa naked as jaybirds watching the latest tape. It was a real orgy with two guys giving two gals all they could handle. I had my hand on my cock and was stroking away and I got it half hard but nowhere near as stiff as Frank was able to. Of course, I had just shot a wad an hour or so earlier and maybe I wasn’t completely recharged yet.

I looked over at Frank and he was stroking himself so hard I was fearful he was going to hurt himself. “Frank, take it easy. You’ll damage the thing.”

“Yeah, you’re right but I was remembering how great it felt when you were doing me that I wanted to feel that way again.”

“Well, how about I stroke you until I get you hard and then let you take it from there.”

“Oh Damn, I would really appreciate that.”

I reached over and slid his foreskin back again and let my fingers just trail over the soft moist head of his cock. I could hear him moan a little with that and I then wrapped my fingers around his half-hard shaft and stroked Betturkey Giriş it very lightly. I didn’t feel any movement in it so I tried something an old girlfriend used to do to me and that was I used my other had to caress his balls while I was stroking his cock. That did it. He was once again harder than a steel rod. “OK Tiger, you can take it from here.”

He didn’t slow down one second. He was beating himself faster than he had before and he was biting his lower lip with passion and his eyes were getting bigger than I had ever seen them. His breath was faster and deeper than it was the last time and it wasn’t a few more minutes of that and he was shooting his wad down on the carpet in front of him.

“Damn Charlie, you can sure get me aroused.”

“Glad to be of service. Maybe later you can do the same for me.”

“You bet. Just tell me when you’re ready.”

I flipped the TV on to a news channel and we watched what had happened in the world that day.

About seven I went back out into the cockpit and saw we were still the only boat anchored in the cove. That was great for we wouldn’t bothered with any loud partying from other boats.

Frank came out and joined me and we just sat there talking until it was bedtime. I told him that he would be sleeping up forward and I was going to pull down one of the berths in the main cabin. As he was walking towards his I asked, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” as I pointed to my soft cock.

“Oh sure,” and he soon had his hand on my shaft and sliding it up and down very slowly. I don’t know how he knew it but I loved to be jacked off that way. It really didn’t take me a few minutes before there was some precum showing at the tip of my cock and he could feel it start to throb. He kept up the stroking and then dropped his other hand to my balls the way I had done to him and it didn’t take long. I was letting go with what looked to be a bigger stream than I had earlier. Whew, it felt terrific and I was drained.

“That should do it for one day Frank. I never dreamed this would happen but I’m damn glad it did. How about you?”

“Damn I thought I had died and went to heaven. It was awesome.”

I slept like a baby and awoke to the smell of bacon and coffee. He had managed to get breakfast started without waking me with any galley noise of pots and pans clanking. I get up and went out into the cockpit to see that another boat had come into the cove since we had retired and fortunately hadn’t made any noise. There were a couple in the cockpit and as usual I had slept in the nude so I figured I better get some clothes on before they were screaming about my indecent exposure. They had launched their dinghy and were rowing over by the time I had gotten back out to the cockpit.

They were certainly not spring chicks with the woman looking to be in her sixties and the guy the same. The reason for their visit was to ask if we had any milk we could spare for their coffee. I said that we didn’t but we did have coffee, milk and bacon and eggs we could spare but only if they came aboard and had breakfast with us. They laughed uproariously and scampered aboard.

They introduced themselves as Sarah and Matt and weren’t married but had been seeing each other for years. She was a nice looking woman with a decent shape and he was just an average guy. We sat in the cockpit for a little while before I went below to start the bacon. The eggs were going to be scrambled so they weren’t getting a choice as far as the way they like their eggs cooked. Scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee were going to be it.

The conversation rambled all over the place and finally got back to Frank and my favorite….sex. Frank joked about getting older and no longer being able to ‘get it up’ and Matt jumped in with it all depends on the encouragement the cock is given.

Sarah got in with, “A blowjob is a fantastic prescription for a hard on.”

I had to respond with, “I’m sure you’re right but some wives won’t do that route.”

Sarah laughed and said, “About time to dump the wife or get a girlfriend who will.”

I replied with, “I guess you’re right.”

Breakfast was great and they were most appreciative of our hospitality. They rowed back to their own boat, pulled their anchor and were motoring out of the cove in a very few minutes. Sarah cupped her hands and yelled, “Remember, a blowjob will cure most soft-dick problems” and we all roared and waved goodbye as they picked up some speed.

Frank responded to her cheer with, “I wish someone would tell my wife that.”

I answered him with, “Frank, did you ever think our wives would be happier than hell if we never got another hard on for the rest of our lives. They have had all the sex they ever want.”

“You’re probably right,” he muttered as he wandered back down into the main cabin.

I followed him a few minutes later and he was sitting back on his favorite spot on the sofa with a tape playing and his dick was a soft as it was the previous afternoon even though he was Betturkey Güncel Giriş stroking it.

I immediately dropped to the floor along side of his legs and looked up at him and asked, “Do you think she was right. A blow job will cure everything?”

“Probably so but I wish she would tell my wife that.”

I turned so my face was level with his knees and looked up at his face. I could see it was filled with wonderment as I moved a bit. I went up on my knees and reached out to touch his cock again. He made no move to stop me since it and I had become close friends the previous night. As I caressed his cock I moved my face up near his crotch and finally made the big move. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and let my lips and tongue slide his foreskin back. From there on it was as if I was getting a BJ. I simply did all of the things I knew turned me on and I soon found they did the same for him. I wasn’t on his cock more than a couple of minutes and he was board hard. I pumped my head up and down and it wasn’t long before he was squirting his come in my mouth. He had moved his hands so that they were holding the back of my head and pulling me down further on him. I could look up and see him thrashing his head from side to side and could hear his moans with each spurt of his come. It was over pretty quickly but he was breathing hard and his cock was still dribbling his come. I stayed right there until I had milked him dry and then fell back and leaned against the sofa along side of his legs.

“I think that old gal was right.” A BJ sure worked for you.

“Mmmm, that is the first one I have had in many years.”

“Glad I could be of service. Yours was the first cock I ever had in my mouth.”

“I can’t thank you enough.” he answered.

“Oh yes you can.” I said as I slid up on the sofa along side of him.

“How?” he asked.

I put one had behind his head and gave it a strong pull down to my crotch.

“You mean you want me to suck you off now? He stuttered.

“You bet Frank. Get down on your knees in front of me and get to work. My cock apparently needs the same encouragement that yours does.” “Geez, I never did that before. You’ll think I am a closet queer.”

“Not any more than you will think that of me and by the way, what’s so bad about that?”

He made a move to get up and I kept up the pressure on the back of his head so he really couldn’t move very much.

“C’mon Frank. Take it in your mouth and get it over with. You know you are going to suck me off before this day is over”

I kept up the pressure and could feel his resistance to it waning. It wasn’t much longer and he had my soft cock buried and it didn’t take it long before it was as hard as steel.

“Suck me deep Frank. I would love to touch the back of your throat with my cock as I am shooting my load.”

As soon as he had more than a few inches in his mouth he started to gag so I let up with the pressure and his head came up an inch or so. A minute or so later I pulled down again and once again I was buried to the hilt. I could feel his chin hitting my balls as he was bobbing up and down. It wasn’t long before I took him by the ears and pulled him down far just as I was shooting my load. He was trying to gag but my hold wouldn’t let him and I could feel him start to retch but my cock was filling his mouth. My load filled his mouth and I took my hands off his ears. To my surprise he dropped right back down on me. It was as if he wanted it in to the hilt and didn’t want to let me go. Damn, this was turning out to be one of the best BJ’s I ever had. He then started to go all the way up so just the head of my cock was being held by his lips and then he would slowly drop down on it until his mouth was nestled in among my pubic hair. He was enjoying it as much as I was!!

It was more than just a few minutes later when he came up and looked at me. “Charlie, I don’t know what came over me. I really enjoyed making you feel good. Your old cock turned me on more than I can say. Look at me.” He was pointing down at his crotch and sure enough his cock was harder than steel right then.

“Frank, jerk it off while I watch you.”

He did and it wasn’t long before he was again shooting his load on the carpet.

“God, Charlie. I loved it while you were sucking me off but I was in my glory when I was doing it to you.”

As he was saying this he was letting his fingers roam up and down my shaft. He was tracing the veins in my cock and then letting his fingers lightly touch the ring around my cock head. Since he was uncircumcised he wasn’t familiar with a cock that had been cut and seem to enjoy exploring it.

“Sure Frank, we will just have to work it out so we can get together more often. Both of us are too old to go out looking for pussy and we know we are safe with each other so I can’t think of a better arrangement. Can you?”

“Not at all.” As he reached up and gave my cock a small pat.

We cleaned up the inside of the boat with me assigning him to do the clean up of the loads he shot on the cabin carpet. I started the engines letting them warm up for the trip back to the marina and then had Frank go up on the foredeck to pull the anchor. It wasn’t long before we were heading out of the cove and on our way back home.

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