Sex Is Magnificent


I’m 22, finished college, have started a decent job with some potential. I’m no Brad Pitt but then I’m not the Hunchback of Notre Dame either. I wrestled in school so am fairly well built. I’m just shy of six feet, dirty blond or light brown hair cut very short. Blue eyes. Wear glasses. I’ve thought of Lasix but can’t bring myself to let anyone cut into my eyes, too scary. Almost as scary as women. For some reason I’m just no good with women. I’ve dated. A little. I’ve kissed and hugged and felt a little, outside clothes. But that’s it. I’m still a virgin. I’m no prude. I don’t want to be a virgin. I masturbate and think of sex. I watch sexy things and read sexy things on the Internet. I think I might know what to do if I ever got in position to do it. But I haven’t yet. Maybe I’m too nice, maybe just not aggressive enough. Whatever. Anyway, there it is, that’s me.

I’m at a party. I live upstairs in the apartment building. I was probably invited so I wouldn’t complain about the noise. I know the people throwing the party but not all that well. And I don’t know anyone else in the place. It’s crowded. Something like forty or so people in a living room and kitchen. Acros the room I see about the most desirable woman I’ve ever seen. Red hair. Not bright orange but not real dark, just a nice red. Green eyes. Nice face, sort of a girl next door face. Smiles nice. Great boobs. Nothing outrageous but really, noticeably there. She’ll be able to feed babies well. Slimmer waist leading to very female hips, then really shapely legs. Lovely calves. Really sexy to me. Not skinny like some anorexic models but not fat, either. Maybe 10 or 15 pounds more than a model. Just right. Healthy. As perfect as I’ve seen in my life. I’ll probably jerk off later, thinking of her.

I go into the kitchen to get a beer. There’s an empty chair at the breakfast table so I sit down and sip from the cold bottle. I’m not great at socializing, talking to strangers. I’m no hermit, I like social occasions, particularly with people I know. And I’m content here, even though I’m not mixing well. The red head comes into the room and looks around. I think she’s looking at me. She smiles and walks over and actually sits on my lap. This perfect girl is right up against me. I can feel her breast against me, the weight of her body on me. “Hi,” she says. She reaches and sort of grabs the bottle that I’m holding. “Can I?” she asks.

“Sure.” She takes the bottle and gets a good swig out of it and hands it back.

“It’s crowded,” she says, smiling.

“It sure is,” I reply, my arm can’t help but be around her waist. “I’m Dave,” I tell her.

“Nancy,” she replies, smiling. Then takes the bottle again and another swig.

Sitting on my lap, I’m looking sideways right into the cleavage of those lovely boobs. I mean, the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen is sitting on my lap. I’m getting a hard on. It’s embarrassing, she’ll feel it. I mean, she’s sitting right on it. I’ve got to do something or she’ll just get up and walk away. Then before I can say anything, she sort of swivels a little or something, moving her bottom on me. She looks at me and grins. Not smiles, gives me a sort of dirty grin.

“I guess you like me.”

I know what she means. She feels my hard on pushing into her. “I’m sorry,” I say, “I can’t control it. You’re very lovely.”

She moves her bottom some more, purposely feeling me. “I saw you looking at me in the other room,” she says.

This is embarrassing. What do I say. “Well, yes. I’m sorry if it bothered you.”

She almost laughed. “Bothered me? Here I am sitting on you. I liked it. I like feeling you against me. It’s really what I came here for. Can we go to your place?”

What the? “Uh, yeah, sure, I’d like to.” I sit the bottle on the table. She stands up and reaches for my hand as I stand, and then turns and starts to almost pull me through into the other room and across it to the door. We go through and I close it behind us. In the hall she steps up against me and looks up. Even I can figure this out, I put my arms around her, lean my head down and kiss her. She has her arms around me and kisses back.

“Now where?” she asks as we break the kiss but still hold each other. It feels as if she’s purposely pushing her hips against me as she leans back a little.

“Oh, uh, upstairs. I live upstairs.” I turn a little and head to the stairs. She grabs my hand and follows. After just a couple steps she’s ahead of me, almost pulling me along. What is this? She’s in a hurry. A hurry to get fucked? Anyway, we get to my small apartment and inside the door. Facing me, she unzips my fly and reaches in and pulls out my cock. My very hard cock. The first time a girl has ever held it. She looks around and pushes me a little back towards a chair until my legs hit it. She pushes more and I sit down. Through all of this, she has hold of my cock and she doesn’t say anything and I don’t say anything. It takes seconds. She straddles me, lets go of my cock for a Kartal Escort moment to reach up under herself and it looks as if she’s pulling her panties to the side. Her other hand is on my shoulder, balancing herself. She grabs my cock again and moves to get herself over it.

‘Wait a minute,” I blurt out.

“Don’t you want to fuck me?” she asks, poised with her breasts right in front of my face.

“Yeah, I want to very much. But not like this. This isn’t sexy. I need it to be sexy.”

“Sexy?” she almost yells. “How can it not be sexy to have me push your cock right up into me?”

“Nancy, you’re gorgeous. You have a fabulous body. I want more than anything to fuck you. But I want us naked, in my bedroom. I don’t want some quick wham-bam and it’s over.”

“Well I have to have you fuck me. I need your sperm in me. So if you need naked, lets go do it.” She jumps off me and heads into the bedroom, reaching behind her to unfasten her dress. I jump up and follow her, my hard cock bouncing in front as I move.

“What’s the hurry? This ought to be enjoyable, sexy, even romantic, with lots of foreplay and arousal.”

By then she’s stepping out of her panties. She’s completely naked. Wow, she’s terrific. An absolutely fantastic body. Even better than I imagined. She climbs onto the bed, lays on her back and spreads her legs, bending her knees and opening her pussy completely to me. “O.k., I’m naked, I’m on the bed. I want it. C’mon Dave.”

I climb onto the bed, poise myself over her, up over her, so I can get to her face. I lean down and kiss her. Her hands reach in between us to grasp my cock. She pulls on it, trying to get me in her. “What the Hell is the big hurry, Nancy? I want to fuck you as much as you but I want to let you know how much I appreciate your beautiful body.” I slide down a little and start licking a breast, caressing the other with one hand while I hold myself up with the other. I get a nipple in my mouth and lick and suck. I really want to take my time but I’ve thought of this so often, I can’t hold back and slide down more to get my mouth to her pussy.

“Dave, stop it. I want your dick in me, not your tongue. I can’t get pregnant from your tongue.”

I look up at her, my face inches from the first pussy I ever saw this close up. One that I really, truly want to taste. Get my first taste of pussy. “I’ve never heard of a girl that didn’t want a guy to lick her pussy. But you said pregnant. What is this? All this is just to get you pregnant? Why would you want me to get you pregnant? Why should I want to get you pregnant?”

“Look, can you just shove that damn cock of yours into me!” She sounds as if she’s angry.

“I will. I want to. But what’s the deal here. The sexiest, most desirable girl I’ve ever seen is naked in my bed. But this is too weird. What’s all this about getting pregnant?”

“Oh, fuck,” she says. “I have to run into someone like you. Okay, look, I got married three months ago. I had sex for the first time. We fucked a lot. I got married to have kids and raise a family. I haven’t got pregnant. He filed for divorce because I wasn’t pregnant. I need to get pregnant. Truth is I never liked fucking all that much. I mean he’d climb on and bang away and once he came, he’d roll off. Well, we argued and he moved out and filed for divorce. But he’s come back fairly often, just to fuck me some more. So, I want to get pregnant before we’re divorced so it will be his baby legally and he’ll stop the divorce. I’ll never claim you as the father. But I need to get pregnant. So I just want you to get it in me and cum in me.”

By then, I’d moved off her and was laying to the side. I had a hand on her pussy, feeling around and had managed to slide a finger into her after finding the opening. “Nancy, that isn’t going to work. Your husband fucked you and came in you a lot, right?” She nodded yes. “Well what makes you think my cumming in you is going to be any different.”

“I went to a doctor. I can definitely get pregnant. I mean, I’m fertile. Right now is the right time. I realize it might not work this time either but I’ve got to try and you’re the one I’m with. So damn it, fuck me.”

“I will. But another ten or fifteen minutes shouldn’t change your fertility. I want to savor your beautiful body, Appreciate those lovely breasts, taste your delicious looking pussy. Lick your clit and make you cum. Then fuck you.”

“Look, Dave, I’ve never experienced any of that. My husband just fucked me. So I can’t understand why you can’t, too.”

“But you actually didn’t like it that much, did you?”

‘No. My Mom told me I wouldn’t but that it was what you had to do to have babies and to keep the man around.”

“Well, one reason you might not have got pregnant before is that you never got sexually aroused. You never had an orgasm. You never got your vagina all lubricated to give the sperm something they could swim up through to your uterus. I know, people get pregnant even Yakacık Escort from rape but without arousal, the chance of succeeding is lowered. So relax for a couple minutes and let me try to arouse you. And when you’re really ready, you’re going to want me to fuck you.”

“I already do. But since I ran into some weirdo pervert, go ahead and do whatever. But make sure you unload your cum in me when this is all over.”

I slide up over her again and kiss her as I feel a breast. I had never done any of this before so I know I’m not going to be that great at it. In my mind, I’m sort of glad she never had either so she won’t know whether I’m any good at it or not. From everything I had ever read in all the stories in Literotica, if I did it right, I should be able to get her into orgasm. So I start at it. I softly feel and suck on her breasts, kiss all over her body, lick her belly button. A really nice, “innie” belly button. If I had anything, I could have put something in there and licked it out. Then down to her pussy.

She spread wide, just as she had to begin with so that I could fuck her. I get my chin down on the bed so I can get my tongue to her slit. She’s a real red head. Her pubic hair is all above the slit and it’s a reddish blond. And not a whole lot of it. Her pussy is like two vertical lips, pink and wrinkled. I use both hands to pull her lips apart and see inside. Pink to red. I shove my face up against her and push my tongue in and lick around. I do as I had read, lick up and down. I try to lick back to her anus but I can’t get my face down into the bed enough. I do find a little bump that must be her clit and I lick that. It actually changes. I can feel it with my tongue so I pull back and look at it and feel it with a finger. It’s like a pink worm sort of crawled out of her a little. I flick it back and forth with my tongue. I hear her. She’s moaning and catching her breath. I feel around with my fingers and slide one up into her, just below my chin. An interesting feeling. Her vagina isn’t just lips and an opening, it’s more like a membrane that I can feel. I pull out and get another finger next to the first one and slide the two back into her. I lean in again and start flicking my tongue on her clit and also sliding my fingers in and out of her.

Her catching her breath has become little yells or pangs of sound, one coming with each flick of my tongue. Her hips start to move, to bounce a little. I reach up blindly with my free hand and get hold of a breast and squeeze the nipple with a couple fingers as I lick her clit and finger fuck her. Her little yells have taken form, sort of “Ohs” or “Ahs”, and her whole body seems to be moving. Her hips jumping around. Then I hear her actually say something, “Fuck, I’ve never felt this before,” and then louder noises, almost screams. But short, sort of staccato screams. And then I can feel fluid around my fingers. I slide my mouth down a little and try to suck her whole pussy in. I’m getting her stuff all over my face. My chin is actually dripping. Both her hands come down and grab my head, pull my hair. So I slide my fingers out, move up over her and aim my cock into her. I push with my hips and I can feel myself forcing my way through a tight canal. I just keep pushing and pushing and it feels as if I might pull my foreskin off it’s so tight.

I look at her face. Her eyes are closed, she looks like she’s concentrating, studying hard or something as I push more and more until I can feel my pubic hair hit hers and we’re belly to belly. Her eyes open and she says, “Ohmigod” like it was all one word. I pull my hips back and then push in again. She’s back to an “Oh” as I push back in. I pull back again and push in again. She just says “yes” and her hips start moving to push back at me. On maybe the third or fourth push and pull I start moving faster and harder. Her hips start reacting back the same way until we’re really pounding against each other. She’s grunting with each movement and her face looks as if she’s working, really concentrating on what she’s doing as she grunts over and over with each stroke.

I had been hard for so long I ‘m afraid I’ll cum from just looking at and tasting that terrific body and I can feel down in me that I’m not going to last much longer. I’m not thinking rationally at all, just so aroused by it all that I pound even faster and harder. Then her grunts turn into a wail, a scream, and I can feel her whole insides gripping my cock with sort of a spasming or rippling which gives me such a jolt that I start shooting out the biggest load of my whole life and at the same time I can feel fluid coming out of her. I have my cock pushed in as far as I can and just hold it there as I shoot off over and over.

And then I’m done and know it. I’m done in every way. I pull back and almost flop to the side of her. I lay there on my side, my sticky cock against her hip, one hand over her stomach. feeling her body. She turns her head to me and moves as if she Kadıköy Escort wants to kiss so I move also and we kiss. She turns on her side and we have arms around one another and our sticky bodies against one another and kiss. I’m pooped. Physically and emotionally. My first fuck ever has been astounding. I just look at her. She looks back and then grins. Her arms sort of pull on me a little, partly a hug and partly, I think, a happy reaction.

“Wow, I never expected that. I’ve never felt anything like that before in my life. Is it a one-time thing or can it happen again?”

“It can happen as often as you want. You just experienced good sex for the first time. You just had a couple orgasms. But I don’t want to act like some expert because that was my first time, too. I’ve read about it and seen pictures but I’ve never actually done all that with a woman before. I’m just as much a ‘Wow’ as you are. Because I’ve never felt that before, either. I mean, I’ve masturbated a lot but nothing like we just had.”

“So we can do that again?”

“Oh, yeah. Again and again. Thousands of times if you want.”

She wiggled against me, rubbing her pubic hair against me, pushing against me. “I’d like that. What do I have to do to get it all started?”

“Well, I think it’s going to take a little time for my cock to get erect again. So we can do something else for a little while. I can see that you’re pretty sticky down there, leaking out my stuff and all, and I’m sticky down there from being inside you. So maybe what we ought to do is clean up some. Maybe we can take a shower together and help wash each other. I’d like that because I think your body is beautiful and I’d love to feel you all over.”

“O.k., let’s do that,” she says as she starts to move off the bed. So I move, too, and look back to realize the bed clothes probably need washing as much as we do. But since they’re just going to get another load on them soon, at least I hops so, then I might as well wait and wash them later.

My shower is above the bath tub with a curtain to keep the water in the tub and off the floor. It wasn’t designed for romance. But it does force the two of us to be in almost constant contact as we maneuver around. I want to wash her bare handed so that’s how I start. I soap my h ands and run them over her shoulders, then down onto her breasts. I spend a lot of time on her breasts, feeling them, lifting them, caressing them, I even lean down a little to lick her nipples and then suck on them some as I reach around to do her back. It’s obvious that she needs to turn for me to do her back right, though. So I work down her back, onto her butt. A very lovely butt, firm, round. I work a h and into her crease. I kneel down behind her to do her legs. I get her to spread them a little so I can work down one and up the other. I finger her anus as I wash between her legs, just touch her pussy lips slightly, and then get her to turn around. I have her spread her legs slightly so I can work up each leg again, then wash up onto her stomach some. A surprisingly firm stomach. Not exactly flat but just appealingly curved, certainly not fat.

And then I’m at her pussy. I wash it, rinse it, get a finger in it, use my hands to pull her thighs back some so I can lean in and get my tongue to her, particularly licking up to her clit. I just want to tease, to get her aroused but I stay at it a while, probably longer than I should, before I finally stand up and hand her the soap.

She ends up copying what I did, washing me in the same way and following the same pattern. By the time I’d turned for her to do my back, then turned again as she’s on her knees to do my front, my cock was recovering. Not erect yet but starting. Well, as she looked up at me and grinned and used both hands to wash me, it grew and grew. She grasped it with one hand and pulled on it a little. “This is amazing, the way you change,” she says, looking up at me as her hand holds my cock, her other hand holds my balls that she’s just washed. “You’re way bigger than just a minute ago. I was wondering how in the world this thing did what it did to me but now I can see it was the big version that did it, not the little one. It’s very cute, very sexy. It must be about ready, isn’t it.”

“Yeah, it sure is,” I replied, looking down at her. “Does it look good enough to kiss, to taste?”

She grinned and kissed the head. My cock jumped a little. “Oh, it liked that, didn’t it?” she says and then sticks her tongue out and licks up and down one side and then the other. “You said taste it?” she sort of asks, looking up at me.

“From what I read, some girls like to suck on it, put their lips around it and get it in their mouth and suck on it.”

She doesn’t ask any more, just puts her lips around the head and sucks on it, takes a couple inches into her mouth and sucks on it and licks it.

“Nancy that’s unbelievable, I love it. But if you keep it up, it’s as if it’s inside your vagina and it will give you a mouth full of sperm. So maybe you should stop and we should get back into the bedroom and start all over.”

She pulls her head back, my cock popping out and jumping in front of her. She grins and stands up. “I liked that, it’s very sexy some how.”

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