Sex on the Beach Pt. 02


Emma’s POV

A week had passed since the first time we ventured to the cove, and we’d returned twice since when the parents hadn’t been watching us closely. Keegan and I had been sneaking off while everyone was busy, and it wasn’t until we’d found ourselves with the house to ourselves that we let loose. We knew all the parents were on the beach, and that Amy, Lucy, and Thomas had gone to town by themselves to do who-knows-what. All we knew was that we could be as loud and rough as we wanted.

“Ohhh, right there,” I moaned, bent over against the arm of the couch as Keegan rammed into me from behind, “and keep it coming!”

“Yes… Emma that feels good,” he replied breathlessly, with his hands gripping my ass so tightly I thought he was going to tear me apart. “Bounce on my cock, baby…”

I rocked my ass on his, feeling him going faster and faster against me. I always got such a rush fucking somewhere public, and this time was no exception. Knowing anyone who walked close enough to our patio could easily look through the window and see my tits bouncing and mouth agape made my pussy catch fire, and as dog walkers and girls in string bikinis walked past I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

“You like that, huh? You like getting fucked on the same couch our parents sit on?”

My mind drifted away from me, as I imagined us all sitting in the lounge playing UNO or whatever game my dad chose, and Thomas or Amy leaning against this spot on the couch which I was dripping on… would they notice it? Smell it? Know what we’d been getting up to? It left me feeling buzzed, and I could feel my wetness getting stronger and stronger…

“Please, more,” I gasped as he pulled out. “You can’t leave me hanging like this Keegan, I’m so close to cumming…”

He moved across to the armchair in the corner of the room facing the narrow kitchen entrance, sat down, and beckoned me over. My heart beat faster, knowing last time he fucked me like this was in front of his sister. I moved off the couch, in awe of his throbbing member, and turned around shyly to get ready to sit on him. His hands guided me, and as soon as I felt his head slip into my cunt I groaned.

“Are you gonna fuck me rough? Are you gonna make me cum hard, Keegan?”

“Yessss…” He hissed as I sat on him, “Fuck, that feels so good…”

We got into a rhythm punctuated by gasps and moans as we hit each other’s sweet spots, and as he started to rub on my clit I swore I heard a door opening.

“Mmmmm,” he hummed, “close to coming, you little slut?”

“Ahhh,” I gasped nervously, feeling my nipples harden at the thought of somebody potentially hearing. “Yes?”

“I can’t hear you,” he whispered, rubbing faster as he thrusted harder into me.

“Y-yessss…” At that moment, I felt a wave of pleasure starting to overcome me. “Yes, yes! Ohhh Keegan, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna uh-” At that moment, a figure appeared in the doorway. But I was too close to cumming, and I could feel my body reacting without me being able to control it. “Fuck! Yes! Ugh!” My cunt contracted and squeezed Keegan’s cock as my eyes shut, and I could almost feel someone’s gaze going all over me, eyeing me, wanting me…

“Baby, yes, fuck!” Keegan’s cock began to pump inside me, and I could feel my body relax. As I opened my eyes, I saw a figure suddenly darting away from the door. Who was it? My mind began to worry, but I calmed as I realised it could be Thomas, Amy, or Lucy. It was probably them, sneaking in for one of the beers our parents had in the fridge, and getting an eyeful of us in the meantime.

Keegan came down from his orgasm, and I slipped off him, aware of his cum dripping down my leg. He ‘hmm’ed appreciatively as I turned around, and got up.

“Honey, you have no idea how much you turn me on when you’ve got my cum going down your leg,” he whispered deeply into my ear.

“And you have no idea how I feel when I feel you cumming inside me,” I countered, leaning up to him for a kiss. I heard the patio door shut, and Keegan started.

“I’ll check that, hold on,” he said, walking off completely nude. I laughed a bit, wondering who was there, and followed. The door was closed, and nobody seemed to be there. “Odd.”

“Spooky!” I teased, wrapping my arms around him. “I wonder who that could’ve been!”

“The wind, probably,” he said. He turned around, and looked down me. “Anyway, I can think of something a bit more important than worrying about a door.”

“Which is…?”

“Getting all this cum off you.” He grinned, and I smiled back. “Shower?”


Jax’s POV

Well. I can’t say I was entirely to blame for forgetting to bring out the beers Renee asked me to bring.

“Jaxie, where’s the beer?” she asked as I came back from my trip to the house.


“Oh Jax,” my best friend Trent guffawed. “Take two, buddy?”

“Yeah, probably won’t hurt,” I said jokingly as I turned around. “Whoops!”

Truth is, when I walked into the kitchen I wasn’t expecting to hear the sound Niğde Escort of fucking. I opened the door, and heard a voice that sounded suspiciously like my son asking a girl if she was, quote, ‘close to cumming, you little slut.’ I certainly did not expect to hear Emma’s cherubic voice moaning back. My cock was immediately hard, despite my best intentions, and I pulled down my shorts out of pure arousal. Admittedly, this wasn’t the first instance where I’d seen Emma in an untoward light. The first time was when she’d bent over to get some meat out of a cooler on her first day here, and I remembered how fresh and wet it looked. I’d felt myself getting hard, and I tried to distract myself by checking out my wife. For all my efforts, it proved useless, as that night I couldn’t resist looking at her when she wasn’t looking. She was probably a B cup, and in her short skirt and tight top I wanted to do nothing more than tear them off her and feast on her supple legs and cute tits. When everyone went upstairs to bed, I immediately gave my wife our ‘horny’ look, and that night we fucked roughly. It took all of my willpower not to picture Emma on the bed, but I managed.

The second time was when all our kids went off for a walk on the beach. They came back covered in sand and very giggly, but Emma’s swimsuit showed off a perfect little cameltoe on the front (that looked rather damp) and a perfectly cute little ass behind. My eyes lingered there for a bit longer than they should’ve, and that night I dreamed of her making her swimsuit all wet rubbing on her hand. I woke up with a raging boner, but luckily Renee took care of it for me.

The minute I heard her moaning though, I knew I had to see her. My cock exposed (and rock hard), I walked over slowly to the lounge, and poked my head in.

God. It was hot. Ignoring my son on the couch (whose face was completely obscured by Emma anyways), Emma looked absolutely fuckable. Her mouth was open, her lips were hot and wet, and her whole body looked perfect. Her breasts… I always wanted to be faithful to my wife from the day we married, but I did have a secret penchant for watching porn on my computer when she wasn’t home, and Emma’s tits looked like the sort I’d have come into a tissue over when I was younger. And her pussy, oh god, was wet and getting pounded. Never mind that the pounder was my son, she looked hot as hell.

“Oh fuck Keegan, I’m gonna cum!” I nearly jumped when she said that, but I realised she’d been quietly moaning before that. Her body twisted, and I took ahold of my cock, giving it a good tug. She started to pant, and then squealed as the hand on her clit sped up. “Fuck! Fuck!” I gritted my teeth, and eyed her up as her legs started spasming and she started fucking my son’s cock harder. Her little cunt was dripping, that was for sure, and if she was alone in her room, hands between her legs and leaking cum, I would’ve fucked her on the spot. God, she looked that hot. I was opening touching myself now, aware that if she opened her eyes she’d see a man more than twice her age stroking himself. The thought turned me on a bit more than what it should’ve, and as she let out a final squeal I wished it was my cock she was riding.

Keegan then started to show signs of cumming, and as soon as he started talking I darted away from the doorway between the rooms and picked up my trunks. Quickly, for fear of being caught, I clumsily got my suit back on, and then got out of the kitchen, shutting the door behind me. I darted off, and as soon as I realised what I’d done I felt my cock involuntarily throb. I leaned against a nearby tree, and mulled over what I’d just seen. A cute little 18 year old, getting fucked by my son, and cumming all over the couch.

Well, I guess I knew where I was sitting that night.


One lazy afternoon later, I was sitting in the armchair where Emma had leaked all over it. The other parents were outside, having some final rays of sun before night, and I had been asked to start prepping dinner. The meat was defrosting, the salads were yet to be assembled, and I wanted to have some down time after what happened that afternoon. The room smelled vaguely of sex, and so I opened the windows before Renee got in. Didn’t want her suspecting anything.

I got out my book, and before I had a chance to react Keegan bolted down the stairs, and stopped when he saw me. His face looked exactly how most young men’s faces look when they’ve been caught after fucking, and I laughed.

“What are you still doing inside?”

“Uh, well Dad, I was working on my summer assignments, and they were taking forever, so I thought I’d get some sun before the day’s out.”

I laughed. “Keegan,” I responded humorously, “I’m assigning you some summer assignments too.”

“Oh s- I mean, what? Why?”

“I want you to get out everyday. You’re spending too much time up there, and we’re on vacation. You know?”

“Ah, oh. Okay Dad, uh… right. I’ll get on that now!”

“Good son.” He walked off, not even noticing Niğde Escort Bayan my ‘down with the kids’ slang, and I laughed to myself before realising that meant that Emma was likely to come down soon. My cock involuntarily hardened, and I sturdied myself. It was going to be fine, I assured myself, it’s only Emma.


Emma’s POV

Keegan and I didn’t even make it into the shower. He got to licking our cum off my legs, and then it descended into us 69-ing each other on the bathroom floor. When I came for the last time, we both cuddled and made out on the tiles before realising that at some point, everyone was going to be home. Keegan left first, and I’d leave after a few minutes.

I got into my room, and decided on wearing a short denim skirt (no panties, Amy’s rule) and a white halter neck crop top. I left my bra off, as I knew our parents wouldn’t really care (and I couldn’t be bothered), and it might lead to us taking another trip to ‘the cove.’ I fixed my hair, rolled my skirt up a bit more, and slipped down the stairs. I walked into the lounge, only to see Jax on the couch, with a book in his hands. He looked up, and the way he looked at me… I couldn’t even begin to describe it, but I could see his pants… tightening? His eyes met mine, but as I looked down at the book he was reading I could feel his gaze lingering on my breasts. My thighs tightened, and his eyes shot down to there. As I looked at his face, I felt a rush of adrenaline go through me as I realised he was… he was checking me out. His eyes went back up to my chest, barely registering I was watching, and I saw his hand leave his book and rest on his thigh.

I looked up his body, and for the first time I felt arousal pooling in my body over him. Keegan’s body was lean and hairless, while… it turned me on to think of it, but Jax’s body was hairy and muscular. I knew he worked as a ‘tradie,’ but seeing his muscular front made my privates dampen. I nervously looked at his crotch, and realised that under his trunks was a very big erection. It seemed to get larger the more I looked, and when I looked up at his face, I realised he’d been watching me. My nipples hardened, and his eyes dropped to them as they poked against the fabric, begging to be let out.

“Emma,” he said deeply, and my thighs tightened even more. “Do you want to sit down?” He put his book down, and patted his thigh. My heart felt as if it was going to leap out of my chest as I moved closer, and as I slowly sat down, he whispered, “good girl.” My pussy ached, and once I was sitting on his right thigh, he grabbed my hips and moved me just in front of his erection. “Fuck,” he whispered very quietly, and I inhaled quickly. His hands sat on my waist, and they seemed to burn through my skin. My horny mind mused whether he’d take his hands lower, and pull up my skirt, or go higher, and play with my tits… All I knew was that his breath was hot on my neck, and it appeared he was biding his time.

“Jax, what’re you doing out here?” I asked, still a bit confused.

“I thought I’d catch up on a bit of… summer reading before dinner.” I could hear my parents outside, laughing as Renee told them some joke that may or may not have been about Keegan’s shy exit. “I mean, it’s just some salads, right?”

“I thought you’d be barbecuing,” I said, and he hummed underneath me.

“Well, I’ve got something hot to attend to right now,” he said, his voice dropping. I giggled, rather uncharacteristically, and he hmphf’ed. His hands slid up my sides, resting just below my breasts. His hands skirted around the edges of them, and I hummed gently as his fingertips would almost touch them, but just fall short of them.

We were quiet, and I was almost nervous to say something until his hands started to slide back down to my hips. “I haven’t seen much of you this vacation,” he whispered. “What have you been up to?”


“There isn’t much to do in this beach town. Go walking on the beach, sure, go to the shops, fine, flirt with the local guys…”

“I haven’t!” I said defensively, and he pulled me closer towards him, in what would have been a hug if his massive erection wasn’t poking under the front of my skirt, and if I hadn’t sighed as I felt the fabric rub against my clit.

“I’m sure you haven’t…” He leaned his lips to my ear, and whispered, “you’re too good for that.” His hands started to move downwards, across my tummy, and then my skirt. “You deserve better.”

“Jax…” I sighed, not hiding my arousal. If he was going to flirt, I wasn’t going to hold back.

“I’m sure you’ve wondered what it would feel like to have a man’s hands on your body…” His fingers took the hem of my skirt, and pulled upwards at a painstakingly slow pace. “A man who knows what he wants…”

“Yes…” I could feel his cock throbbing against my pussy, and I rubbed against it.

“And knows just how to make you feel good…”

“Please…” My skirt was now over his erection, and I gasped when I saw how big it had gotten. Escort Niğde It seemed… far too big to possibly be real, and made Keegan’s look tiny in comparison.

“And make you come all over my cock…”

“Daddy… oh-” It slipped out before I could stop it, but he groaned.

“Is that what you want, Emma? Do you want to come all over my cock?” His hands had stopped pulling at my skirt, just barely covering my pussy.


“Tell me.”

“Yes… I want you to make me come all over your cock…”


“Yes D- Daddy?”

“Once more, baby girl?”

My pussy gushed a little bit, and I replied, “Please Daddy…”


This one word made me quiver with lust and fear, but as I got up, I noticed Jax looked incredibly horny. It was almost like when Keegan’s face went hyper focused on me, but Jax looked hungry with something incredibly arousing. I unbuttoned my skirt, and as it fell to the floor he hissed. I bent over to let him get a good look at my pussy as I worked on my halter top, and I could hear a zip being unzipped as my top came off and hit the floor. I stood up, turned around so he could get a look at me, and froze when I saw his thick, veiny cock pointing straight into the air.

“Oh my god… that’s so big…”

“You like it, Emma?” It throbbed, and I felt my fingers straying onto my pussy. “Don’t touch yourself yet, baby… I want to make you scream myself…”

“Jax… it’s… oh…”

“Come here, baby.” I walked over, and he grinned as he saw me walking apprehensively towards him. “It’s much bigger than you expected, right?”


“It’s hungry for your wet little cunt, Emma…” That word coming out of his mouth made me go weak, and he grinned as my thighs clenched. “It started to get hungry when you flashed yourself at me when you arrived… and then it couldn’t stop thinking about you when I could hear you fucking my son.”

“You heard that?” I gasped, and he grinned.

“I’ve needed to fuck you so bad, Emma… you and your cute little pussy…”

“That’s… oh…” I sat down, and his hands guided me to how we were sitting before. His cock pulsed against my pussy once I got behind it, and I sighed as he rocked his hips against me.

“God, the things I’ve wanted to do to you…”

“Ohhh…” I gasped quietly, as his fingers, which were so much bigger than any I’d had touching my pussy before, stroked up and down my slit. His cock throbbed against me, and I sighed.

“You like that, baby girl?” He whispered into my ear, and I felt myself involuntarily rub against his cock. “Mmm… you do,” he said, answering his own question. “I shouldn’t want a girl more than half my age, but with you, you’ve been parading around with barely anything on.”


“With your little pussy showing, god… it’d make any man want you, even when he knows it’s wrong…”

“Ahh… I… shouldn’t want you like this either, but… oh…” His fingers sped up, and I moaned. “Fuck, daddy…”


Jax’s POV

I involuntarily imagined Frank at that moment, being the one touching her, and my cock burned. Her calling me daddy, when her own daddy was outside not far away from us, was making me very hot and extremely bothered. Amy then entered my head, and I groaned as I thought of her sitting on my lap. Both girls in fact, rubbing themselves on their daddy’s cocks, and…

“Daddy, oh fuck, daddy…” My fingers had sped up faster of their own accord, and she sighed. “Daddy, that feels so good…”

“You want to cum?”

“Please… please daddy… fuck!” My fingers rubbed on her clit, and she squealed. “Oh fuck daddy, please… I’ve been good, I promise…”

“You call going around in barely any clothing good?” I whispered into her ear, and she sighed as I sped up. “You’re a good girl, but the things you make me feel…”

“Oh… Fuck… D-daddy…”

“You’re close, aren’t you?”

“Yes Daddy, yes!”

I slowed down, and she yelped angrily. “I wanted you to cum on my cock, remember?”

“D-daddy… please… I want to come so bad…”

“Bend over.”

She obliged, and I thought for a moment about how badly I wanted to fuck her for the past few days. Her little pussy was dripping, begging to be taken roughly, and I wanted so badly to just pin her up against a wall and feel her cunt squeeze my cock. However, I stood up, and pushed her onto the armchair across the room.

“Daddy… they might see…” I turned around, and saw Frank and Thomas laughing while sharing their beers.

“They’re only going to be focused on their beers, baby girl.”


God, this daddy name calling was driving me crazy in a sinful way. “How would you feel if you knew I saw you and Keegan fucking, and that I stroked my cock watching you beg him to fuck you harder?”

“Horny as fuck, daddy…” She looked up at me, and I wanted to do nothing more than kiss her and fuck her in plain sight of her father and friend, but I did see she had a point.

“We’ll move, but in case they walk in, I know you’ll enjoy it.”


I grabbed her by the hips, and pushed her onto a wall, positioning my cock against her pussy. “Baby, tell me how you want it…” My fingers rubbed her clit, and she groaned.

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