Sex with a Stranger Ch. 02

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Asswink Booty

Jessie couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She had just been eaten out by a woman for the first time, a stranger, and her body was still recovering from the strongest climax of her life. Knowing more was to come made her shiver in anticipation.

She looked over at the woman — she didn’t even know her name, and that also added to her sense of excitement. The woman stood up, and with her back to Jessie, began undressing, pulling her top over her head and kicking off her pants. She had no bra or panties, obviously having been prepared for a night of passion. She turned back around to face Jessie on the bed. She was tall, with long brunette hair, small perky breasts with large pink nipples and a landing strip of dark pubic hair. Jessie could see a little wet peaking out from her pussy lips and licked her lips in response. She was beautiful, and Jessie felt a thrill of exhilaration run through her, knowing the pleasure this woman had just given her, and that woman was turned on by her as well.

The woman smiled sensually at the sight of Jessie on the bed, breathing heavily, perspiration covering her skin, juices still wet on her thighs. Now naked, she sat back down on the bed, and Jessie felt herself moving almost unconsciously, to sit up and kiss her softly, tongue flicking out to lick her luscious top lip, then moving down to take one of her pinkish nubs in her mouth and suck. The woman put her hand on the back of Jessie’s head, thrusting out her chest. Jessie moved to her other nipple and suckled until both were turned into hard points.

“That’s nice,” she murmured, letting Jessie play with her breasts for several minutes. Then she pulled away, ignoring Jessie’s protests. antalya escort “But I have something else in mind.”

“You are mine to play with,” she said, standing up, and walking over to the nightstand. Jessie looked over curiously, sexual tension building. She had already mentally given in to going along with anything. Giving up control completely turned Jessie on more than she realized. But then again, before tonight she had never imagined having sex with a woman either.

She saw the woman open the drawer, pull something out, and turn back around. Jessie let out a gasp when she realized the woman was holding a double-ended strap on, eyes wide at the size of the attached dildos. The two cocks were at least 8 inches long each and thick, bigger than anything that had ever been inside her.

“Don’t worry baby,” the woman said softly, rubbing up and down the shaft of one of the cocks in her hand. “I know you’ll be able to take it, every bit. You need a good fucking, and that is what you are going to get.”

Jessie couldn’t take her eyes off the large, flesh-colored dildos attached to the strap on, as the woman grabbed some lube off the night stand. She poured some on the dick facing her, stepped in the leg bands and inserted it slowly, until it was completely inside her, eyes closed with a slight smile on her face. She reached behind her to fasten it behind her.

She walked back toward the bed, fake dick sticking out in front of her, and stood directly in front of Jessie’s face. “Suck my cock,” she said in a commanding tone. Jessie responded immediately, reaching up with one hand to grab the large unit and leaning forward licking the firm head with her tongue. She kemer escort slid the head into her hungry mouth, sucking, then pulled off to lick up and down the shaft.

“Good girl,” the woman murmured. “You deserve a reward. Get up on all fours.”

Jessie felt pride at the compliment, and did what she was told, body shivering in anticipation. She had never had such a huge dick inside her, real or toy, and the thought of that monster thrilled her, but also scared her. That combination was a major turn on, and she could feel the wetness rolling down from her pussy.

She closed her eyes as she felt the woman’s lube covered fingers caress her still swollen clit, and fingers slip inside her. She couldn’t stop a moan from escaping her lips, and she pushed back with a desperate craving.

“Oh baby, you need this don’t you,” she said, voice deep with desire.

“God yes,” Jessie sighed. “Please”.

The fingers were removed and quickly replaced with the tip of the large dildo. She pushed forward, and Jessie’s pussy entrance stretched to accommodate the girth from the large head. Inch by inch she thrust slowly, until the woman’s fake dick was fully embedded inside her, pussy against Jessie’s ass. The woman stopped there, letting her adjust to this new thickness.

Jessie couldn’t stand it, blind need taking over, and she pushed her ass back against the woman’s pelvis.

“Ok baby, I can tell what you want. Get ready for the fucking of your life.” She pulled all the way out except for the tip. Jessie let out a painful whimper of protest at this new emptiness inside her, and then the woman slammed completely back inside her wet and juicy konyaaltı escort pussy.

All the breath inside Jessie was pushed out with the pressure. The woman grabbed Jessie’s waist firmly and began pounding her cunt relentlessly. Jessie was like a rag doll, unable to do anything but hang on with her hands to the pillow underneath her as she was being fucked hard and fast.

The massive dildo filled her to the hilt, intensity building, and Jessie couldn’t do anything but take it, being used, grunting and moaning helplessly as she was pushed to her peak.

The woman dug her fingers into her skin, the slight pain added to the to the undeniable pleasure of the rutting, and Jessie knew she wouldn’t hold out much longer.

“Fuck, you are so tight,” the woman growled, unbelievably ramming faster. “You are going to make me come.”

Just then, Jessie completely lost all control, screaming out unintelligibly, pussy contracting around the fake cock buried inside her, juices spurting out around it, at the same moment the woman slammed into her one last time and froze as she also climaxed around the dick inside her, her own juices flowing out, down, to mix with Jessie’s juices.

Jessie collapsed down on the bed, dildo pulling out, and the woman dropped down beside her, cock resting against Jessie’s hip. She turned her head to look at the women.

“That was amazing,” she said quietly, completely exhausted, body still throbbing with the after effects of another amazing orgasm.

She reached over, running her fingers over the side of Jessie’s cheek gently. “I agree, you are something really special.” She leaned over to brush a gentle kiss against her lips.

Jessie felt so relaxed, she closed her eyes for a quick rest. The woman stood up and pulled a blanket over her prone form.

“Get some rest sweetie, you earned it.”

Jessie barely heard her, as she drifted off to sleep, body wrung out from pleasure, completely satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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