Sex With my Son And His Girlfriend On Vacation


I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a hard cock against the top of my butt crack. It took me several seconds to remember that I was on vacation in Ensenada, Mexico, and that my seventeen-year-old son, Toby, traveled with me. One second after that, I knew it was Toby’s cock that I felt.He didn’t move. I listened and heard his soft breathing. He was asleep and had his mouth open just a little. I moved my ass against him, enjoying the sensation of his cock, even though his pajama bottoms bunched between us. I slept naked, as I always do.I continued to wriggle my ass, just small movements, but squeezing gently against his cock. Toby’s left arm draped over my side and I pulled his hand up to my breast. I rubbed myself using his hand and felt my nipples harden. I was getting aroused, but I didn’t want to wake Toby up.Sliding up the bed several inches, I felt the tip of his cock snuggle between my ass cheeks. His hand fell off my breast and I pushed it down until it touched my cunt. Using my hand on top of his, we both rubbed me around my clit.Toby’s cock seemed harder, although maybe I imagined that. I wiggled my ass. My own breathing got heavier. I remembered Toby fucking me in the ass a while back, a happy memory, and I pushed his hand a little harder against my clit. He moaned in his sleep. I thought about the dozens of times we’d had sex.Jerking my ass up and down, just an inch, really, against his cock, I felt a sudden wetness. It wasn’t huge, but it was noticeable, and I reached back and rubbed his cock with my hand. I got some cum on myself, but mostly it stayed inside his pajamas. After about ten seconds, I stopped rubbing, Toby stopped cumming and I got us back into normal spooning position, just a little cum on my ass. I fell back asleep a minute later.That morning, we walked to Hogaza Hogaza on First Street for breakfast, basically omelets and coffee with some sweet Mexican bread. Toby didn’t say anything about his middle-of-the-night orgasm, so I didn’t, either. I figured either that it embarrassed him or that it happened all the time. I suppose it was possible he didn’t even notice. I didn’t really check his pajamas for cum stains when I did the laundry and it wouldn’t have mattered if I did. He left cum stains pretty much everywhere his cock got close to, including places it shouldn’t touch at all, like his pillowcase.After breakfast, we went our separate ways, mainly because Toby wanted to look around by himself. I figured he wouldn’t get into a ton of trouble and that it would be good for him. After all, he was going to UCLA in two months – Wow, hard to imagine. I’d be living alone. I walked along the Avenida Adolfo López Mateos, kind of a main drag, I think, in what seemed like a fairly run-down city.But some of the shops were OK, especially Ankara escort the ones selling silver jewelry. There were a lot of people, kids mostly, selling tourist crap and trying to entice you to enter the stores. I realized that this apparently resulted from cruise ships stopping by, something that did nothing for the city, in my opinion.I looked at dresses but found nothing but junk. Maybe I missed the best stores? What I wore, a short, simple floral dress with a ruched top, had been inexpensive, but it was better than what I was seeing. Similarly, looking at college clothes for Toby, I didn’t find the quality to match the shorts and aloha shirt he wore today.Toby and I met up for lunch at La Guerrerense, which I’d read was really well-regarded, even visited by Anthony Bourdain, but it turned out to be a sort of food stand. Great fish, even though we ate it standing up. We separated again and Toby went to the bus station to meet up with Emma, his girlfriend for the past few months.The three of us got together for dinner, then walked to Hussong’s, where in theory the margarita was invented. We all got one. Toby had a fake ID but he didn’t need it, and Emma was eighteen. She didn’t get carded, either.Emma and I had a second margarita, while Toby nursed his first. I enjoyed the atmosphere. It was a saloon that had been around for more than 100 years and looked it, with a long, worn wood bar and floors that had been stepped on billions of times. The cantina even had decent music in addition to very good drinks. We returned to our room at the Hotel Eiffel slightly buzzed.Emma had stayed home an extra day because she had to work. She made the trip by way of her mom dropping her at the trolley station, taking the trolley to the border, walking across, and taking the bus to Ensenada… pretty easy, pretty cheap and the whole trip didn’t take a lot more time than driving, a little more than four hours instead of three.We put the TV on for background noise and I opened Tecate beers for everybody. After chatting for half an hour, it was clear that the kids didn’t really want to talk to an old mom, so I got ready for bed. This included a shower, which was in a corner of the room but had no door or anything to prevent Toby or Emma from watching me. This was, I supposed, what you get for paying less than $100 a night for a triple room. They didn’t stare, but they did look. Perhaps, as a result, I spent less time washing my cunt and extra time washing my boobs.It took me maybe twenty minutes and I climbed into the bed that the kids weren’t sitting on, wearing a white button-down sleep shirt with nothing underneath. I wore the shirt so Emma wouldn’t be scandalized by my being naked in front of my son, although that ship had already Ankara escort bayan sailed. The shirt barely covered my hips and you could sort of see my nipples through the fabric. I flashed Toby as I got under the covers and a smile quirked the corner of his mouth.An hour later, the kids got ready for and into their bed, waking me up. They turned off the lights. Everything was quiet for maybe a minute, then I could hear whispering. Bed sheets being moved. More whispering, followed by the sounds of kissing. Murmurs of “shhhhhh”. Some soft groans, enough that I rolled onto my side so I could see what was happening.Through half-open eyes, in light from the street through mostly closed drapes, I could see Emma’s naked top half under the naked top half of my son. Their bottom halves were still covered by a sheet. They were kissing, Toby with his hand on a breast. Emma continued to make soft groaning noises. I thought about ignoring them, I thought about masturbating, and, in the end, I switched on the overhead light.“I’m sorry to bother you two, but it’s a lot easier to fool around with the light on. I won’t watch, but, please, you might as well see what you’re doing. And you needn’t be so quiet.”Emma, bless her freckled face, blushed under unruly red hair. She was a lovely girl, with small breasts, but a dynamite body and a very pretty smile.She said, so softly I could hardly hear her, “You can watch if it’s OK with Toby. It’s OK with me. But Toby is, you know, your son.”Toby simply said, “It’s fine, mom.”He kissed Emma some more, their mouths open to each other, and he went back to groping a breast. After a couple minutes, he moved himself down a little and began to kiss her neck, soft kisses, taking his time. He moved further down, kissing lower on her neck, then her chest, then the top of a breast, then a nipple. I could feel myself getting wet watching my son make love to his girlfriend.He sped up, though, teenager that he was. After a brief stop to suck both nipples, he kissed his way down her abdomen. He kicked off the sheets. She spread her legs further and he licked her pussy. He continued licking her for perhaps two minutes before he pulled himself up and inserted his cock. She was doubtless very wet.I’d begun to masturbate under the covers on my bed. Nothing frantic, just slowly rubbing my clit. I was pretty certain that they didn’t notice. I think I did it to be part of what I was watching, not in an effort to have an orgasm. I still wore my shirt.Watching Toby fuck Emma, I felt a twinge of jealousy, but just a twinge. I was happy for him, for his opportunity to make love to another beautiful girl. His hips pistoned back and forth and I occasionally caught sight of his cock. His ass was narrow, tight. Emma’s Escort Ankara head rested on the pillow, her eyes closed, her arms around Toby’s back.Toby began to groan and Emma joined in, their moans coming closer together, higher in pitch, until she shouted, “Yes!”, and Toby jammed himself forward, penetrating her as far as he could. His hips jerked with each spurt inside her. Neither of them said anything, but they both had smiles on their faces. I really doubted that Emma had cum, but I had no idea what Toby thought. After his last jerk/spurt, he lay on top of Emma as though exhausted, which seemed unlikely. A minute later, he pulled out of her, his cock shrunken to its more usual sullen size.I’d continued masturbating, but still slowly, really just watching.“You guys are pretty hot,” I said. “Lovely to watch. Thank you.”Emma smiled shyly and Toby looked proud, although I wasn’t completely sure what he was proud of? Still, they both looked happy and Toby appeared satisfied.I got up and sat on the side of their bed. They were both completely naked, obviously, and neither made a move to grab a sheet to cover up. Emma lay between Toby and me. A little cum oozed from her pussy.I put my hand on Emma’s knee and asked, “Are you tired, Emma? Kind of a long day, bus ride and all…”“Not really, no,” she said in her whispery voice, although she growled a little. She’d talked at a normal volume at dinner, but now, naked and in bed and recently fucked, she could barely be heard. “Sex sort of energizes me.”I rubbed her thigh, her smooth young skin, back and forth with my hand.“Have you ever had sex with another girl?” I asked, trying to sound like I barely cared about the answer.“No,” she said, looking away, “not really.”“’Not really’ sounds sort of like ‘sort of,’ which sounds a lot like ‘yes’.”She paused for half a minute, biting her lip, looking uncomfortable. I continued to rub her leg, my fingers coming to within an inch of her pussy, loving the feel of her silky soft skin compared with the suggestion of cotton I got from mine.Emma looked away and said, “I’ve sort of had sex with my mom.”Holy shit! I totally hadn’t seen that coming. I was beginning to think that everyone enjoyed some sort of incest, well, OK, not everyone, but it seemed to be a whole lot more common than I’d thought.I switched to rubbing her arm, up and down, brushing the side of her breast as though by accident.“What does ‘sort of’ mean?” I asked. Toby appeared as dumbfounded as I felt.“Well, we would kiss, touch each other, suck each other’s breasts, and finger each other’s pussy. I guess we just did what two people do. Two women.”“You just kissed like this?” I asked, and bent over to kiss her softly, our lips barely touching. Her mouth opened a fraction and our lips played with each other, quick caressing kisses, each lasting less than a second.“Turn over, Emma,” I said suddenly, “let me give you a massage. I’ll un-energize you a little.”She lay on her tummy, her arms down at her sides. I pulled her toward the edge of the bed and I stood next to her. My god, but she had a tiny ass.

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