Sexy Mandy Eats a Mom to Be


Mandy Collins admired her reflection in the full-length mirror in the ladies’ powder room at the exclusive Donahue’s Restaurant in Costa Mesa. The dinner with a video producer had gone for shit, and Mandy was bored and horny.

The producer was a chatty little fart and was itching to get into Mandy’s panties. He bragged how he could do this and do that for Mandy’s career, but Mandy cut him short.

“Two million, and we can wrap up this little pow-wow right now, and I’ll take you in the men’s room, and you can bust a nut in me. Otherwise, pay the check, and don’t waste my time.”

The little tub of lard opened his mouth with a string of linguine drooping over his lip.

“Two million he stammered.”

“I have to pee, be gone when I come out!” ordered Mandy stepping away from the white linen-covered table.

Mandy loved to look in any mirror anywhere. Her proud tits looked scrumptious packed inside the black silk cocktail dress along with the five strands of pearls plunging into the crevice of her magnificent cleavage. She was a boob lovers dream.

She puckered her red-lipsticked buttered lips, kissing the mirror, giving her reflection a pouty smooch.

“Why waste your kisses on the mirror when you can be kissing me?”

Mandy turned at looked at the blonde princess standing next to her. She didn’t look a day older than eighteen, and the big belly bulging under her men’s red dress shirt made the little horny beast in Mandy’s gut do a flip flop.

The blonde-haired sweetie, unmistakenly pregnant, just looked at Mandy with a tantalizing smirk.

“Before you ask, I’m nine months along and ready to drop this little bundle of joy. I’m fucking horny, and you’re a lady who looks like she knows how to play patty cake with a wet twat.”

With that proclamation, Mandy watched the sassy bitch open her Gucci handbag and take out a pack of Virginia Slims.

“Give me a light,” she said, handing Mandy a small gold lighter. “I’m Lucy, by the way,” she added, holding the long white 120 cigarette to her frosted pink lips.

Mandy held the flame to the cigarette pursed between the young girl’s full lips. She moaned as she watched the bitch draw in a mouthful of boob expanding cigarette smoke.

Opening her alligator skin handbag Mandy took out a pack of Nate Sherman Black and Gold cigarettes. She “Ved” the long black smoke in her fingers.

Not uttering a word, Mandy cupped her hand around Lucy’s small hand, kissing the tip of her unlit cigarette to glowing ash of the young girl’s Virginia Slim. Inhaling on her gold filter-tipped cigarette, Mandy touched the teen’s silk shirt covered tit, squeezing it firmly. She felt the nipple press into the palm of her hand.

The teenage slut purred and stamped her tall red spiked heel into the marble floor, when Mandy pushed against her, pressing the girl’s buttocks against the sink edge.

“Cunt!” snapped Mandy, her open mouth covering young Lucy’s lips. She tasted the girl’s cigarette and salvia when their tongues touched.

Pushing her dark nyloned covered knee between Lucy’s legs, Mandy felt the girl hump her pubic mound against Mandy’s belly. The girl’s mini skirt bunched under Mandy’s probing knee cap as she lifted her leg, nudging the teen’s swollen stomach.

“You want to be fucked? You want to cum?” quizzed Mandy taking a pull on her black cigarette as her knee applied pressure to the girl’s belly.

“Oh, God, Yes!” Lucy blurted, taking another drag on her 120 Virginia Slim. “Make me fucking cum!”

“You shouldn’t be smoking, young and so pregnant.” soothed Mandy kissing the young girl again, Ankara escort her mouth suctioning the teen’s tongue.

Breaking the French Kiss, Lucy laughed, “I shouldn’t be making out with a woman my mother’s age in a ladies’ bathroom either.”

Looking at the hot teenage girl in the eye, Mandy grabbed the lapels of the red shirt, popping the black pearl buttons like popcorn. She deftly flipped the front of the dress shirt open, letting the girl’s milk swollen breasts tumble out.

“Oh, Fuck!” murmured Mandy appraising the girl’s thick brown nipples capping her puffy caramel-hued aureoles, each the size of silver dollars.

With a stinging slap, Mandy brought her palm across the massive tit, making the young girl yelp.

“Hurt my tits! Hurt my titties! you bitch!” Lucy groaned, glaring at Mandy, teasing her with her smokey taunts.

“You want to hurt! You want to be fucked! You want to cum!” screamed Mandy dangling her cigarette. She took Lucy’s nipples between her long red lacquered fingernails, her sharp nails squeezing the nipples, making the girl shiver.

A stream of milk spurted from the tip of Lucy’s nipple, spraying Mandy’s dress top, bathing her 38DD breasts with sticky nectar.

“You will be getting the dry cleaning bill for that little trick you bitch.” snapped Mandy dipping her beautiful face into Lucy’s bosom as she lip locked her mouth on the squirting nugget.

Tasting the mom’s milk, Mandy let it fill her mouth. It was thin but sweet. She smacked her lips, savoring the liquid as she swallowed it in one gulp.

“Take me to the handicapped stall. Do me there.” begged the teenager as she snapped a final pull on her cigarette. Mandy watched Lucy flip the half-finished smoke into the sink.

Without saying a word, Mandy placed her black cigarette between her red lips and took the girl’s hand, leading her through the empty restroom to the open handicap stall.

Pointing at the toilet, Mandy silently motioned for the pregnant slut to hike up her red mini skirt and sit on the white toilet bowl.

“What are you going to do to me, lady?” Lucy smiled, bunching up the skirt under her swollen belly. With some discomfort, she settled her buttocks on the seat. Spreading her legs, she planted her red cum fuck me spikes on either side of the toilet giving Mandy a delicious view of her clean-shaven pubic mound.

“I’m going to play with your baby!” Mandy laughed, squatting between the girl’s wides stretched thighs.

“Owwwwww, Yes!” whimpered Lucy taking another cigarette from her handbag. “Mind if I smoke?”

Mandy didn’t answer; she just took a long leisurely drag on her cigarette, then leaned into the gap between the girl’s legs and gave Lucy’s inner thigh a smokey kiss.

“What would your mother say if she saw you like this?” asked Mandy taking another pull on her cigarette and looking into the girl’s green eyes. Nonchalantly she dropped the black cigarette into the open gap between Lucy’s thighs the butt sizzling when it hit the water,

“She would probably be down between, my legs with you!” snickered Lucy exhaling a perfect ball of smoke toward the ceiling.

“Wouldn’t be the first time she had her lips on mine.” added the teenager pointing at the pouting lips of her young pussy. “Lick me, bitch!”

“Looks yummy.” purred Mandy touching her long red nails to the engorged labia, gently parting them, exposing Lucy’s blood congested clitoris.

“Kisses for little Lucy.” soothed Mandy looking up at the green-eyed girl as she planted a creamy red-lipsticked kiss on the bulge of Lucy’s pubic mound. She watched as the girl’s Ankara escort bayan eyes rolled back with pleasure.

Mission accomplished, she thought kissing Lucy’s clit, she circled her tongue tip around and over the nickel-sized cum button, zeroing in on the tip of the girl’s clitoris.

“Oh, Shit!” blurted Lucy sliding her asscheeks forward, giving Mandy a better shot at her cunt. “Suck my clit! Lick it! Lick it! Oh, lady, that feels wonderful!”

Smiling, Mandy thought, “Here I am, Mandy Collins porn star squatting between a preggo teenage slut’s legs, my mouth hovering over a toilet bowl sucking her clit and the little bitch doesn’t even know my name!”

Nipping the swelling bud with her perfect teeth, Mandy planted a final kiss on the young girl’s clitoris with a flourish.

“Hey! Lady, What are you doing? I want to cum!” the little bitch whined, shooting daggers with her green eyes at Mandy as Lucy took an agitated drag on her cigarette. “Put your fucking mouth back where you had it!”

Deciding it was time to take control of this little pussy party, Mandy open-handed smacked the big hump of Lucy’s baby ripe belly, just hard enough to get the girl’s attention.

“Shut the fuck up!” commanded Mandy grabbing her purse off the marble floor. Never taking her eyes off the insolent bitch, she fumbled inside the bag till she found her lipstick and cigarettes.

Giving the teenager a wicked smile, Rolling out the ruby red bullet of lipstick Mandy buttered a thick creamy layer of gloss on her mouth. Giving the slut another evil smirk, Mandy pursed her gold filter-tipped cigarette between her lush lips.

Sensing the evident pleasure coming her way. Lucy double pumped her cigarette, a dreamy smile replacing the sneer on her noble, beautiful face.

“Hot Lady! Hot mouth!” she purred, streaming her smokey exhale across her belly. “What’s on your mind, lady?”

Mandy, the Queen of Control, placed her manicured hands on the watermelon hump of the girl’s stomach, running her long sharp red nails over the smooth, taut skin, she searched for the kick of tiny feet under her fingertips.

“Hello, baby! Can Mandy come in and play with you?” asked Mandy, playfully tattooing the pink skin with a perfect red lip print. She added another kiss next to its twin, then looked up at the young slut. “Well?”

“Mommy Lucy says yes!” grunted the teenager taking another slow drag on her cigarette. “Knock yourself out.”

Like a busy little bee gathering pollen, Mandy kissed her way across Lucy’s baby bump…making a beeline down the underside of the ready to drop tummy.

Smooching a red trail of lipstick kisses, Mandy stopped to snap a hit on her cigarette, then kissed the bald peach of Lucy’s pubic mound, moving down to open mouth the girl’s clit.

“Ummmmmmmmm.” sighed Lucy lifting her buttocks off the toilet seat. “The lady follows orders, rather well.”

Laughing, Mandy licked her index and forefinger coating them with her gleaming saliva. Waving her wet fingers at Lucy, Mandy pushed them forcefully between the teenager’s pink puffy labia, sinking them to her knuckle.

“Oh, God! Fuck Yes! Fuck my cunt!” Lucy grunted as her vagina was clenching the probing finger’s. “Fuck, Lucy! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!”

“Work your Kegels bitch!” Barked Mandy, feeling the girl clench her buttocks. “Work em, you slut!”

Loving the feel of the young bitch’s cunt squeezing her fingers. Mandy felt her mouth fill with saliva as she watched Lucy’s urethra swell as a small trickle of urine seeped from the delightful peephole. Not able to resist the mouth-watering Escort Ankara treat, Mandy leaned into Lucy’s pussy and licked the pee oozing from the girl’s bladder.

“Oh My God! I love it! Love it!” screamed the young sweetie looking at the grin on Mandy’s puckered lips as she double snapped the smoke from her Black and Gold cigarette.

Folding her remaining fingers inward, Mandy dug her sharp nails into the welcoming orifice, working her four-carat diamond ring against the tender pink folds, purposely abusing the insolent young tramps cunt.

Satisfied and feeling like the cruel and aggressive slut she had become, Mandy laughed and jammed her fist into the tiny mouth of the pregnant beauties vagina. Dragging the mammoth diamond across the gaping pussy mouth, Mandy’s sunk her fist deep into the cunt.

Feeling the mouth of the teenager’s vagina clamp on her wrist, Mandy exclaimed, “Bingo! Homerun! Two Points! Touch Down!”

Her Virginia Slim dangling from her pursed lips, Lucy grasped the sides of the toilet bowl, powering her crotch upward, engulfing Mandy’s forearm, which was followed by a shrill high pitched yelp of satisfaction by the young girl.

“Holy Fuck! Oh God, Fuck my insides. Your fucking fingers are inside my cervix!” cried Lucy squirming her buttocks on the mature woman’s buried fingers. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck my insides, make my cunt cum!”

With a diabolical laugh, Mandy fluttered her long nails inside the donut of Lucy’s dilated cervix, which was followed by a wet gush of the teen girl’s orgasm. Her hot juices squirted around the plug of Mandy’s fist.

The sound of the teenager’s orgasm splashing into the toilet bowl water echoed in the enclosed stall along with Mandy’s snicker.

Frenching her inhale Mandy directed the stream of smoke at Lucy’s fist filled crotch and asked already knowing the answer, “Good cum, baby?”

Slumping back against the toilet tank, Lucy’s cigarette dropped from her whimpering lips, hitting the marble floor.

“Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh!” was the only sound escaping Lucy’s lips when Mandy pulled her fist out of the young girl’s belly. With an audible wet boot leaving the mud sucking plop, Mandy’s fist emerged wet and coated with cunt slim.

Another noisy spurt of Lucy’s cum sprayed across Mandy’s expensive black party dress soaking the silky material, mixing with the mother’s milk already staining the cocktail dress. Running the palms of her hands across the dress front, Mandy stood up and wisecracked.

“The name is Mandy Collins, Porn Star, and you little bitch. You will get a dry cleaning bill for my dress!” she laughed, taking a final pull on her black cigarette then dropping it on the floor of the ladies’ room.

Pushing open the stall door Mandy sashayed through the restroom past two matronly white-haired women who stood there with a surprised look on their faces as the tall, disheveled blonde with the soaked dress walked by them.

The older patrons made their way to the open stall door and giggled at the sight of the young girl with the bloated belly fingering her cunt. They both flipped open their ancient phones taking snapshots of the hot little slut pleasuring herself.

Returning to the spacious dining room, Mandy was surprised when she saw the chubby producer still sitting at their table. A big cigar jammed in the corner of his mouth and his finger’s laced across his sizeable belly.

“Mandy, sweetheart! You got the two mill baby doll!” he beamed, standing up.his hard on visibly tenting his suit trousers. “Shall we make that little trip to the men’s room, honey?”

Laughing Mandy touched her fingers to the pussy juice soaked dress clinging wetly to her tits and belly. “A porn star’s work is never done!”

Shaking her head in mock defeat, Mandy placed her hand on the producer’s erection, guiding him towards the men’s room.

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